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Yolandi Visser Net Worth is
$10 Million

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YoLandi Visser is a lady vocalist in the group Die Antwoord who includes a one girl. Yolandi Visser includes a girl Sixteen Jones with her bandmate and previous partner Ninja. Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser and Ninja not really married but possess a girl, Sixteen Jones: Exceptional singer and celebrity, Yolandi Visser opened up her eyes first-time on 1st December, 1984 in Interface Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Yolandi posesses South African nationality. That they had signed a agreement with the well-known American record label ‘Interscope records. Yolandi’s dad was a priest and mom was a housewife. Aside from this, there is absolutely no information obtainable about her personal lifestyle. Throwing some lighting toward her personal lifestyle, popular singer and celebrity Yolandi Visser’s presently dating skilled South African rapper, Watkin Tudor Jones Jr. her longtime boyfriend Watkin Jones can be popularly referred to as Ninja. Yolandi and Ninja’s love tale started when she shifted down to Cape City in 2003. Visser was created in 3rd March, 1984 in South Africa. Gradually, she started acquiring rapping as her enthusiasm. In the entire year 2006, Yolandi Visser announced that she was pregnant. Additionally it is known that she didn’t inherit anything from her parents and rather she worked well hard to have success and glory. Yolandi and Ninja haven’t got married; but nonetheless they really love one another. Lovely singer Yolandi Visser still shares same like and companion with her longtime boyfriend Ninja. They doesn’t appear to be closing their relation later on aswell. 31 years aged Yolandi Visser is usually a gorgeous woman who has impressed everyone with her amazing singing and performing talent. She’s well-maintained slim figure. Gorgeous singer, Yolandi has interesting blue colored eyes. Many distinctive component of Yolandi is usually her hair style. She’s demonstrated her breasts in a few of her videos. She’s also bleached her eyebrows white. Actually, she wished to look switch her picture and she do that by bleaching locks and eyebrows. Professional Profession Development: Yolandi Visser began her music profession with being truly a part of digital/ hiphop band ‘The Construction Company’. Rumor: Rumors sated that the primary reason on her behalf divorce was the irresponsible behavior of Ninja in film Chappie. She was a romantic relationship with rapper Watkin Tudor Jones Jr. However, immediately after a 12 months the band users separated their ways. From then on, Yolandi Visser became a band person in South African digital band known as ‘MaxNormal. Ninja and Yolandi remain working jointly after twelve years. The band was shaped by electric powered bass guitarist Tag Buchanan in 2001. Yolandi’s longtime boyfriend Watkin Tudor Jones was also an integral part of band. Yolandi became well-known when she shaped the rap band known as ‘Die Antwood’ with her boyfriend Ninja in 2008. Till day, the band offers released five albums. The band released 1st album titled ‘$O$’ in 2009and released its last album titled ‘Chappie’ in 2015. Yolandi in addition has been part of several films such as for example 2015 released technology fiction film ‘Chappie’ and 2011 released movie ‘Umshiniwami’. Additional crew users of her group are Ninja and Hi-Tek.55 million. You can view her videos and also her interviews on YouTube. Yolandi Visser stepped into music market in 2001 and quickly rose to be the celebrity singer of South Africa. She weighs only 45 Kilograms. News and Info Source: Initially of her profession, she was component of music and arts group called The Constructus Company. She later on became a member of the “MaxNormal. Her gorgeous body and her entertaining attitude makes her therefore likeable. She sang in addition to appeared in several music movies for both the groupings. This legend in the producing has her unique method of presenting herself on the stage. Just how she dresses up and her bizarre however unique make-up is a thing that draws in and compels her supporters to love her even more. Visser is certainly popular due to her scorching body and sexy hip and legs. She’s bleached her locks reducing off both sides of locks. She actually is known on her behalf unique hairstyle and the only person who is permitted to cut her locks is Ninja. She’s an average high with a elevation of 5 feet 4 inch. She’s a weight of 53 kg. Her Profession!: Her musical profession started back 2001 and continues to be is involved in the music picture. Yolandi is also well-known for her outrageous and provocative style options onstage and in music movies for singles like “I Fink You Freeky. Before forming Die Antwoord she’s also proved helpful in the South African group ‘MaxNormal. From an early on age, she wished to turn into a rapper.55 millions. She’s toiled hard and experienced plenty of ups and downs to become a musical diva. It really is her presentation design that makes her stick out in the concert. She actually is most widely known as the vocalist for the rap group “Die Antwoord”. She’s also appeared in films such as for example Chappie and a brief film Umshini Wami. The previous few understood each since their start. The group includes Visser, Justin de Nobrega (referred to as DJ Hi-Tek) and Watkin or Jones (referred to as Ninja). All band associates give us a flavor of different cultures. She’s also been connected with other functions including Aphex Twin, Marilyn Manson, Diplo, Flea, Dita Von Teese, and Jack Dark. They released their 1st album in ’09 2009 and it had been known as “$O$” which became hugely effective in Visser’s home nation. In addition they made their promotional video clips for just one of the tracks “Enter the Ninja”, which also became extremely popular world-wide. The group mainly sings the Zef music, which is definitely catered for the people in the Cape City. However the two have not really spoken anything about their personal existence. There is absolutely no clear information regarding her personal existence.dieantwoord. She dated to rapper Watkin Tudor Jones Jr. She was raised in Slot Alfred, Eastern Cape of South Africa. Visser in addition has appeared in many Television shows as well. Romantic relationship:: She’s experienced a long-term romantic relationship with her band member Ninja. The former few knew one another since their childhood. Though they aren’t wedded, she became pregnant along with his child plus they have a girl called Sixteen Jones. The few dedicates the majority of the music to her. Her girl is seen in the video “I Fink U Freeky”. “Not really splitting up”: For the ever well-known Yolandi, rumors come on a daily basis and they are created by twisting whatever phrase she speaks around. As an celebrity she starred in the film Chappie as Yo-Landi in 2015. As an actress, she’s starred in the 2015 film “Chappie” and the brief film “Umshini Wami”.O-LANDI VI$$ER (@prawn_star) on Sep 9, 2016 at 7:01pm PDT Sexy! Yolandi Visser was created in Slot Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa in March”, that her popularity increased over night. Time for a few Champagne! Champagne Baby ? It really is known that Anri was dating Watkin Tudor Jones for a long period and it is stated that the few was in a romantic relationship for a long period. Visser was linked within an affair turned wedded romantic relationship with Ninja, her band member.? An image published by ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER (@prawn_star) about Jan 26, 2017 at 7:58pm PST She actually is popular about the social sites aswell. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook aswell as on Instagram. Sixteen can be an associate of the band ‘The Boy with the Rainbow Encounter’. She’s a net worthy of of $3.55 million. She actually is best known to be the business lead singer in the rap, rave, and zef group Die Antwoord. Her sizzling hot bikini images are also on the web. Her complete biography is on Wikipedia aswell as on IMDb. 13 factual statements about Yolandi you must understand!: p> Her height is normally 5 foot and 1 inches. Anri du Toit who’s popularly referred to as Yolandi Visser (age group 32 yrs) may be the well-known vocalist from the band called Die Antwoord. Yolandi Visser net worthy of 3.55 million dollars. When there is information of Yolandi Visser pregnant, people begun to dig more to get the dad of Yolandi Visser kid. After conference Ninja, she began rapping with him. She’s ventured into movie market aswell and hence we are able to see her in films like Tokoloshe and Umshini. Her hot bikini photos are also on the web. Her Functions:: Anri du Toit, most popularly referred to as Yolandi Visser by her enthusiasts was created on 1st December 1984 in South Africa. Yolandi has high feeling of style and she actually is often seen tinkering with her hairstyles and clothing. Among the top feminine vocalists in South Africa, her tracks are strike in youtube and additional social press sites. She started to get achievement after she remaining The Constructus Company. Anri had been thinking about music since an extremely young age group and she began her career with an organization referred to as The Constructus Company which was an idea album and she also caused MaxNormal TV.S $ 3. Except her genuine name and stage name, Yolandi is well known by yet another name ‘Anica The Snuffling’. She is seen in quantity of hit music video clips. Yolandi even includes a girl with Ninja called Sixteen Jones. You can find out about Yolandi Visser interview, band profile and tour dates from their recognized site Along with singing, she’s also ventured into film. Her latest movie is usually Chappie (2015) while she may also be seen in Television show- Flash. She’s an ideal toned body. Yolandi Visser elevation is 5 feet 4 inch while her excess weight is usually 53 kg. Yolandi is particularly known on her behalf hair. There is absolutely no information obtainable about her parents in fact it is as yet not known if she’s a sibling or not really. Yolanda is usually dating Ninja, the energetic band member and childhood friend. Anri can be energetic on twitter and she’s a lot more than 38 thousand supporters. Yolanda Visser girl name can be Sixteen Jones. It is stated that Ninja is fairly supportive and is assisting her in looking after their child but gleam rumor that their dating romantic relationship is dragging close to a finish. Their raps are well-known in Afrikaans along with in English. Therefore, we must await truth to turn out. In the event that you watch the tune I fink U Freeky, you can view her daughter. She actually is a good mom. The true name of Yolandi Visser is usually Anri Du Toit and she was created on 3rd March beneath the zodiac indication of Pisces. Her precise year of birth isn’t known but according to a few of the online information, she was created in the entire year 1984. The rumour of Yolandi Visser wedded is fake. Her educational qualification isn’t known either. Anri was created in South Africa and her childhood was spent in South Africa.Television. The place is usually near Eastern Cape. She later got an opportunity to use Die Antwoord and she didn’t skip the golden chance to use them. Additionally it is known that she works with a whole lot of charities. Afterwards,she was provided a location in Die Antwoord. Max Regular is certainly a known hip-hop group in South Africa. She proved helpful in several music movies for the business. Anri may be very relaxed and right down to earth. In 2015, she also worked well in a film called Chappie. The film made huge selections at box office. A few of the albums she worked well in are Suck upon this, Mount Ninji and Da Good Time Kid. Both of these albums had been released in 2016. Another popular album she worked well in was 5, this album premiered in 2000. Relating to Visser her college was filled with artistic freedom so when she came touching the other creative children of the institution; As of today, there is no information regarding the albums releasing in 2017 but she actually is definitely going to to push out a few of albums for certain.? Anri also provided birth to Watkin’s girl and the name of her girl is certainly Sixteen Jones. Anri under no circumstances got wedded to Watkin and she afterwards split up with him due to some personal problems. As of this moment, Anri is one and she lives by itself with her child. Yolandi was delivered to research in boarding school located in Pretoria. Within an interview, she also exposed that she actually is not likely to get wedded as her concern is her profession and her child. The annual income of Anri isn’t known but her net well worth is known to become over 3.5 Million US Dollar. She offered birth to child Sixteen Jones. This singer frequently uploads photos on Instagram and she’s a huge enthusiast following on Instagram aswell as on Facebook. Yolandi made a decision to provide birth to the kid. She actually is the article writer and backup singer of her band. Yolandi Visser is her stage name while she was originally called as ‘Anri du Toit’. She also mentions that performers like Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Nine Inch Fingernails, PJ Harvey and Aphex Twin fueled her curiosity in music. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. –> Interesting Specifics In 2015, Yolandi’s net worthy of is approximated to end up being 3.5 million USD. Make sure you get back to us to learn about any other superstars you love. Her complete biography is on Wikipedia aswell as on IMDb. Her trademark is certainly her white blonde locks. Yolandi is known on her behalf singing style. Personal Lifestyle Yolandi stated that her childhood was regular and she generally got herself into fights and referred to as ‘the small punk’. At age 16, her parents send out her to a boarding college. Anri also proved helpful in Stress in 2012 and the songs were broadly cherished by the youth. she began developing severe interest in artwork and music. The actual fact that Yolandi was used may very few, the person who used her was a priest. In 2003, Yolandi fulfilled Ninja for the very first time and it was the start of her new lease of life. Early Existence (Childhood): Born as a Anri du Toit in the Slot Alfred, Eastern Cape of South Africa.Television’. They constantly stays with one another but never admitted they are in a romantic relationship. The initial album was $O$ (2009) which became quick strike in Africa. You can even go to her fansite to learn even more about her. Yolandi Visser was created at Interface Alfred, Eastern Cape a town in South Africa on 1 December 1984. Profession Experience Currently Yolandi may be the vocalist of South African rap & rave group ‘Die Antwoord’ which group was shaped on 2008 in Cape City. Yolandi Visser – Net Worthy of 2017: She’s a net well worth of $3. Visser’s net worth in recent times is estimated to become around U. Die Antwoord phone calls its lifestyle and musical design by the name ‘Zef’ which is normally slang in Afrikaans and means common. A singer and celebrity, Yolandi Visser happens to be one. She started her profession in 2001 with ‘The Constructus Corporation’. Her music are viral online, specifically on YouTube where they receive an incredible number of hits and wants.Television’. In 2015, Yolandi and Ninja been employed by in a film ‘Chappie’ which is normally directed by Neill Blomkamp. Chappie is normally a Sci-fi drama film. Before this film Ninja and Yolandi are also starred in the brief movie ‘Umshini’ back 2011. Trip with Die Antwoord Her group Die Antwoord offers released total three albums. Their debut album premiered in ’09 2009 by the name ‘$0$’. Her star indication is Sagittarius and is one of the white ethnical history. But later on they established their personal record label ‘Zef Recordz’ in 2011. The next album was ‘Ten$Ion’ in 2012. Last album in 2014 which goes on the name ‘Donker Mog’ Yolandi Visser net well worth: Yolandi Visser can be a South African singer and actress who includes a net well worth of $10 million.: Appear at Yolandi! She actually is best known to be the business lead singer in the rap, rave, and zef group Die Antwoord. The group released their debut studio album $O$ in ’09 2009 and had even more achievement with their second album Ten$ion in 2012. Their third album Donker Mag in 2014 and 4th album Mount Ninji and da Fine Time Kid in 2016 both had large amount of achievement and reached #1 on the united states Dance charts. Visser in addition has released an album with The Constructus Company and two albums with MaxNormal.Television. As an celebrity she starred in the film Chappie as Yo-Landi in 2015. Furthermore, the diversity has produced this group a lot more well-known in the audience, specifically youngsters. There’s no information concerning her family history and education. Yolandi Visser was created in Slot Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa in March 1984. You can view her videos along with her interviews on YouTube. The group released their debut studio album $O$ in ’09 2009 and had even more achievement with their second album Ten$ion in 2012. Their third album Donker Mag in 2014 and 4th album Mount Ninji and da Great Time Kid in 2016 both had large amount of achievement and reached #1 on the united states Dance charts. Visser in addition has released an album with The Constructus Company and two albums with MaxNormal. The majority of her childhood was spent in Slot Alfred. Sometimes it should be really unexpected to these superstars to learn the rumors which come out of something they state in a different context. She’s also been connected with other functions including Aphex Twin, Marilyn Manson, Diplo, Flea, Dita Von Teese, and Jack Dark. She’s sung songs in lots of genres which include electronic, hiphop and rave She actually is well known as a vocalist in the South African Rap/Rave/ZEF group “Die Antwoord”. An image published by ¥ There is absolutely no turning back because of this talented and well-known lady, who offers been inspiring hundreds of thousands with her beautiful tone of voice and power loaded musical performances.” Yolandi Visser made an appearance in a number of of their music/artwork video clips. They released their 1st album titled ‘The Ziggurat’ in 2003. however the couple didn’t continue their relationship plus they separated later on. The few offers been blessed with one child called, Sixteen Jones but she’s not really revealed her daughter’s time of birth in her bio. Her current romantic relationship status is usually single. Who’s Yolandi Visser: 32 years aged skilled and passionate south African singer and celebrity. She actually is best known on her behalf association with the rap/rave ensemble Die Antwoord. She’s also appeared in films. Watkin Tudor Jones may be the initial name of Ninja. From her childhood, her enthusiasm was to become a rapper. Read even more: Yolandi Visser Net Well worth Yolandi Visser net well worth: Yolandi Visser is usually a South African singer and actress who includes a net well worth of $10 million. Interesting Facts: The majority of her songs focus on her girl. Her trademark is certainly her white locks. She got collaborated with the music and artwork groups The Constructus Company and Her net worthy of $3. She actually is probably the most successful feminine vocalists in South Africa. Personal Lifestyle: Visser dated her very own childhood friend and band member Ninja. After birth of her girl Sixteen Jones, both tied their knot with eachother. Today they are separated. The band began executing in 2002. Anri Du Toit described by her stage name as Yolandi Visser was created on December 1, 1984. You may also visit their official site to learn more about them and also can download their most recent tunes from there. She actually is known on her behalf vocal in the south African Rap/Rave/ZEF bunch Die Antwoord. Visser can be an celebrity, starring in the 2015 film Chappie and the brief film “Umshini Wami” both films co-starred Ninja.? After spending a lot of time with both of these organizations, she got an present to become listed on “Die Antwoord” which she approved. The Singer is well known on her behalf affiliation with the popular musical band Die Antwoord RAP/RAVE group comprising Yo-Landi Visser, Ninja (Watkins Tudor Jones) and Dj Hi-Tek( Justin de Nobrega). There is also the official website, www. She was once wedded to Ninja her fellow musician (Watkin Tudor Jones) however now they are divorced. The group obtained its stardom following the start of the video of their tune ‘Enter the Ninja’ from their album ‘$0$’. After offering thoughts to it, she finally made a decision to join Die Antwoord as a lady rapper.55 million. She actually is a nationality is usually South African nationality and belongs to White colored ethnicity.

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Quick Facts

Full NameYolandi Visser
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of BirthDecember 1, 1984
ProfessionActor, Singer
NationalitySouth African
ChildrenSixteen Jones
Music GroupsDie Antwoord, MaxNormal.TV, The Constructus Corporation

Interesting Facts

1 Has a daughter (Sixteen Jones) with her musical partner, Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones).
2 Real name of ¥o-Landi Vi$$er: Anri du Toit.
3 Vocalist for rap-rave band Die Antwoord.


1 Child-like voice




Tommy Can't Sleep 2017 Short Rat Girl (as ¥o-Landi Vi$$er)
Chappie 2015 Yo-Landi (as ¥o-Landi Vi$$er)
Die Antwoord: Ugly Boy 2014 Video short Yo-Landi Visser
Die Antwoord: Fatty Boom Boom 2012 Video short Yo-landi Visser (uncredited)
Die Antwoord: I Fink U Freeky 2012 Video short Yo-Landi Visser (uncredited)
Umshini Wam 2011 Short Yo-Landi Visser (as Yo-Landi)
Star Trek: USS Yolandi Video short Yo-Landi (rumored)


Song to Song 2017 writer: "I Fink U Freeky", "Fatty Boom Boom" - as A. du Toit
The Bad Batch 2016 writer: "Fish Paste" - as Anri Du Toit
La tête haute 2015 writer: "I Fink U Freeky"
Chappie 2015 writer: "Happy Go S*cky F*cky", "Cookie Thumper", "Beat Boy", "Never Le Nkemise", "Evil Boy", "Baby's On Fire", "Fatty Boom Boom", "Enter the Ninja" - as ¥o-Landi Vi$$er
Die Antwoord: Ugly Boy 2014 Video short writer: "Ugly Boy"
Blended 2014 writer: "I Fink You Freeky" - as Anri Du Toit


Tommy Can't Sleep 2017 Short as ¥o-Landi Vi$$er
Picnic 2004 Documentary short


Tommy Can't Sleep 2017 Short uncredited


Tommy Can't Sleep 2017 Short as ¥o-Landi Vi$$er


Die Antwoord: Ugly Boy 2014 Video short executive producer


Tommy Can't Sleep 2017 Short presenter - as Die Antwoord


Chappie: Jozi - Real City and a Sci-Fi Setting 2015 Video short Herself
Chappie: Keep It Gangster 2015 Video short Herself
The Vice Guide to Everything 2010 TV Series documentary Herself - Die Antwoord
Tokoloshe 2010 Video documentary short Herself - Host
Picnic 2004 Documentary short Herself

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