Yaphet Kotto Net Worth

Yaphet Kotto Net Worth is
$5 Million

Yaphet Kotto Biography

$5 Million: Yaphet Frederick Kotto (born November 15, 1939) can be an American actor, known for several film roles, and also starring in the NBC tv series Homicide: Existence on the road (1993–99) as Lieutenant Al Giardello. He also made an appearance reverse Robert De Niro in the humor thriller Midnight Run (1988) as FBI agent Alonzo Moseley. He portrayed the primary villain Dr. Kananga/Mr. Big in the James Relationship movie Live and Allow Die (1973). He made an appearance reverse Robert De Niro in the humor thriller Midnight Run (1988) as FBI agent Alonzo Moseley. Kotto was created in NEW YORK. Yaphet Kotto is usually a favorite actor.S. Yaphet Frederick Kotto was created on November 15, 1939 in NEW YORK, NY, USA. Kananga/Mr. Apart from as an actor, he wrote two books: Royalty, and

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Quick Facts

Full NameYaphet Kotto
Net Worth$5 Million
Date Of BirthNovember 15, 1939
Height1.9 m
ProfessionRecord producer, Actor
SpouseTessie Sinahon, Rita Ingrid Dittman
ChildrenFred Kotto
ParentsAvraham Kotto, Gladys Marie
NominationsNAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance By A Supporting Actor In A Comedy Or Drama Special
MoviesAlien, Live and Let Die, Midnight Run, The Running Man, Across 110th Street, Truck Turner, Friday Foster, Brubaker, Witless Protection, The Thomas Crown Affair, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Blue Collar, The Star Chamber, Raid on Entebbe, The Monkey Hustle, 5 Card Stud, Nothing But a Man, The Puppet Masters, Two If by Sea, Extreme Justice, The Park Is Mine, Sharks' Treasure, Fighting Back, Ministry of Vengeance, Warning Sign, Badge of the Assassin, Hangfire, After the Shock, Terminal Entry, Man and Boy, Out-of-Sync, Intent to Kill, Eye of the Tiger, Bone, Drum, Tripwire, Stiletto Dance, Terror in the Aisles, Desperado, The Liberation of L.B. Jones, Tomorrow's a Killer, Almost Blue
TV ShowsHomicide: Life on the Street, For Love and Honor

Interesting Facts

1 At age 33, he is the youngest actor to play a main Bond villain.
2 With the death of Joseph Wiseman on October 19, 2009, he is the earliest surviving actor to have played a main Bond villain. He played Dr. Kananga (Mr. Big) in Live and Let Die (1973).
3 He was the first black actor to play a Bond villain.
4 Along with Richard Belzer, Kyle Secor, Clark Johnson and Sharon Ziman, he is one of only five actors to appear in both the first and last episodes of Homicide: Life on the Street (1993): Homicide: Life on the Street: Gone for Goode (1993) and Homicide: Life on the Street: Forgive Us Our Trespasses (1999).
5 Resides in Baltimore, Maryland [August 2012]
6 He made guest appearances on both of the longest running prime time dramas in US television history: Gunsmoke (1955) and Law & Order (1990).
7 Spends the majority of his free time living in the Philippines.
8 Within a week of the divorce from his first wife Rita, he married Antoinette Pettyjohn.
9 Although he didn't enjoy filming Midnight Run, the character of Agent Alonzo Mosley remains his favorite. He later played the same role for the film Witless Protection.
10 His parents divorced when he was 3.
11 Yaphet means beautiful in Hebrew.
12 His father, Njoki Manga Bell, was the great-grandson of King Alexander Bell, who ruled the Douala region of Cameroon in the late 19th century, before the nation fell into the hands of Germany and, later, France and Britain. Fleeing the Germans, Manga Bell emigrated to Harlem in the 1920s and changed his name to Abraham Kotto (the surname is from a relative).
13 Along with his wife, Tessie, they operate an artists retreat resort in Southern Leyte, Philippines called "The Running Man Institute," which was founded in 2001 and is focused on working with people in the entertainment industry to build their creativity, as well as to relax and read up about holistic health.
14 Turned down the role of Lando Calrissian in 'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back' (1980). He feared that Lando would be killed in the movie, and that he would be forever typecast.
15 Campaigned for Steve Forbes during his bid for the Republican nomination for the Presidency in the 2000 primaries.
16 His father was a Cameroonian (African) Jew, and his mother, whose family was from Panama, converted to Judaism. In an interview, he said that being fully Black and Jewish gave other children even more reason to pick on him growing up in New York City. However, he remains a devout, practicing Jew.
17 Moved from Littleton, Colorado to Canada, because he felt it would be safer to live there. Two years after moving, he saw the news coverage on Columbine, and recognized some of the kids fleeing the school.
18 Has a Bay Area hardcore punk band named after him.
19 He is the son of a Cameroonian crown prince.
20 Oldest son, Fred, is a very successful San José Police Dept. California (USA) officer.


1 Often plays police detectives and military officers


1 [on turning down the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)] I think I made some wrong decisions in my life, man. I should have done that but I walked away. When you're making movies, you'd tend to say no to TV. It's like when you're in college and someone asks you to the high school dance. You say no.
2 [on Anthony Quinn and Across 110th Street (1972)] I can't stop laughing about Mr. Quinn. He wouldn't let me have anything. When I told him about how rough I had it as a kid in Harlem, he told me how he was hanged by the neck in Russia and left for dead. I told him I'd love to win an Academy award. "Don't bother, I'll lend you mine". "You don't know how rough it is coming up black in America". "Listen Yaphet, until you have been a Mexican, you don't know what rough means!" When we were shooting 110th in Harlem... I said to him: "Finally, I'm with my people". "Your people? My great-grandmother was a slave in Alabama!"
3 If you're a black actor, you really don't have too many choices. If you keep turning things down, you might as well hit the unemployment office. If I didn't sometimes take small parts in small films I wouldn't get to play anything, and I do have to eat.
4 (On when he decided to become an actor) I was roaming around Manhattan looking for work; in fact I had just come from an employment center in New York called 'Warren Street' where you can buy a part-time job for about ten bucks. On this particular day I didn't feel like delivering lunches, or pushing a dolly truck through lower Manhattan, so I went up to 42nd Street around Times Square, which at the time looked like a circus: porn theaters on one side of the street and b-movies on the other. I stopped before one particular theater and there were gangster photos all over the marquee. The movie must have cost about seventy-five cents, so I went in and sat down and saw On The Waterfront. I was so blown away after that day - it was Brando's performance that made me leave the streets to become an actor.
5 (On Live and Let Die) There were so many problems with that script. I was too afraid of coming off like Mantan Moreland. I had to dig deep in my soul and brain and come up with a level of reality that would offset the sea of stereotype crap that Tom Mankiewicz wrote that had nothing to do with the Black experience or culture. The way Kananga dies was a joke, and well, the entire experience was not as rewarding as I wanted it to be. There were a lot of pitfalls that I had to avoid, and I did.
6 (On filming Alien) All of the scenes were challenging, particularly when you know you have to act against sets that were huge. The special effects determined where you could walk. Then you ask yourself how can you survive in acting against a monster. Will you be remembered? Ridley Scott was cool. He gave us a ninety-page outline detailing each of our characters and then he disappeared behind the camera. That's how he directs; he operates his own camera. The Alien script was tight. It was one of the best scripts I have ever read, so there was very little improve.
7 (On filming Midnight Run) That was another difficult shoot. DeNiro is very spontaneous and it always helps to work with an artist like that. But Marty Brest! He shot so many takes of the scenes that I lost all joy in doing the film. It became hard and tedious work. Then he stopped eating during the shoot and became thinner and thinner each day, until he looked like a ghost behind the camera. When I met Marty at the Universal Studios with DeNiro, he looked healthy and strong, but as filming went on, he began to turn into someone you'd see in Dachau (Concentration Camp). It was weird. I got sick and for the whole of the film I had a fever and was under the weather for most of it. I was shocked when it came off so funny. It sure wasn't funny making it.
8 (On Homicide: Life on the Street) I felt like I was a beggar doing Homicide. Begging to act. Begging for scenes. The writing was not obviously for me. It mainly focused on others. I went from a movie star playing leads to a bit player doing one line here and one line there. The rest of the week I would be hanging around Fells Point waiting to come in and do my one line. When I asked if they could write more for me to do, they'd say "You're doing great. You're the anchor of the show. "Anchor? I'm an actor, let me out!" I finally ended up writing for the show and gave myself something to do. Nine years of not acting.
9 I do have a favorite kind of director, which is the kind who allows me to create. Some haven't allowed me to create and I think by doing that they don't need an actor. They need a puppet.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1969 Bronze Wrangler Western Heritage Awards Fictional Television Drama The High Chaparral (1967) David Dortort (director)

Leif Erickson (actor)

Perry Fluker (actress)

Len Glascow (actor)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1999 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Homicide: Life on the Street (1993)
1998 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Homicide: Life on the Street (1993)
1997 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Homicide: Life on the Street (1993)
1996 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Homicide: Life on the Street (1993)
1977 Primetime Emmy Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama Special Raid on Entebbe (1976)



The Park Is Mine 1985 TV Movie Eubanks
Hill Street Blues 1985 TV Series Calvin Matthias
Warning Sign 1985 Major Connolly
Playing with Fire 1985 TV Movie Fire Chief Walker
Women of San Quentin 1983 TV Movie Sgt. Therman Patterson
For Love and Honor 1983 TV Movie Sgt. China Bell
The Star Chamber 1983 Det. Harry Lowes
The A-Team 1983 TV Series Charles 'East-Side Charlie' F. Struthers
Fantasy Island 1983 TV Series Big Gus Belly
Fighting Back 1982/I Ivanhoe Washington
A House Divided: Denmark Vessey's Rebellion 1982 TV Movie Denmark Vessey
Othello 1980 Othello
Rage! 1980 TV Movie Ernie
Brubaker 1980 Richard 'Dickie' Coombes
Alien 1979 Parker
Blue Collar 1978 Smokey
Roots 1977 TV Mini-Series
Crunch 1976 TV Movie Crunch
Raid on Entebbe 1976 TV Movie President Idi Amin Jr.
The Monkey Hu$tle 1976 Daddy Foxx
Drum 1976 Blaise
Friday Foster 1975 Colt Hawkins
Sharks' Treasure 1975 Ben Flynn
Report to the Commissioner 1975 Richard 'Crunch' Blackstone
Truck Turner 1974 Harvard Blue
Live and Let Die 1973 Kananga Mr. Big
Across 110th Street 1972 Lt. Pope
The Limit 1972 Mark Johnson
Bone 1972 Bone
Night Gallery 1971 TV Series Buckner (segment "The Messiah on Mott Street")
Man and Boy 1971 Nate
Night Chase 1970 TV Movie Ernie Green
Gunsmoke 1970 TV Series Piney Biggs
The Name of the Game 1970 TV Series Wyman Jackson
The Liberation of L.B. Jones 1970 Sonny Boy Mosby
Daniel Boone 1968-1969 TV Series Jonah / Luke
Mannix 1969 TV Series Gabe Johnson / Gabriel Dillon
Hawaii Five-O 1969 TV Series Lance Corporal John T. Auston
The High Chaparral 1968 TV Series Sgt. Major Creason
Bonanza 1968 TV Series Child Barnett
5 Card Stud 1968 Little George
The Thomas Crown Affair 1968 Carl
The Big Valley 1966-1967 TV Series Damien / Lobo Brown
Tarzan 1967 TV Series Kesho
Cowboy in Africa 1967 TV Series Musa
Death Valley Days 1967 TV Series Abraham
NBC Experiment in Television 1967 TV Series
Nothing But a Man 1964 Jocko
4 for Texas 1963 uncredited
Alien: Isolation 2014 Video Game Parker (voice)
Witless Protection 2008 Ricardo Bodi
Stiletto Dance 2001 TV Movie Captain Rick Sands
The Ride 2000 TV Movie Carter
Homicide: The Movie 2000 TV Movie Al 'Gee' Giardello
Homicide: Life on the Street 1993-1999 TV Series Al Giardello
Law & Order 1997 TV Series Al Giardello
The Defenders: Payback 1997 TV Movie Judge Williams
Almost Blue 1996 Terry
Two If by Sea 1996 FBI Agent O'Malley
The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century 1996 TV Mini-Series Kaphe Kamar
Out-of-Sync 1995 Quincy
Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan 1995 TV Movie Marty Talbot
The Puppet Masters 1994 Ressler
The Corpse Had a Familiar Face 1994 TV Movie Detective Martin Talbot
Dead Badge 1994 Captain Hunt
SeaQuest 2032 1993 TV Series Captain Jack Clayton
The American Clock 1993 TV Movie Isaac
Extreme Justice 1993 Larson
It's Nothing Personal 1993 TV Movie Lt. Riley
Intent to Kill 1992 Video Captain Jackson
Chrome Soldiers 1992 TV Movie Perry Beach
The Trials of Rosie O'Neill 1991-1992 TV Series Kelly
Civil Wars 1992 TV Series Judge Louis Decker
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare 1991 Doc
Hangfire 1991 Police Lieutenant
After the Shock 1990 TV Movie William McElroy
Father Dowling Mysteries 1990 TV Series Lt. Fleming
Tripwire 1989 Lee Pitt
Ministry of Vengeance 1989 Mr. Whiteside
Prime Target 1989 TV Movie Gilmore Brown
A Whisper to a Scream 1989 Jules Tallard
The Jigsaw Murders 1989 Doctor Fillmore
Midnight Run 1988 Alonzo Mosely
Murder, She Wrote 1987 TV Series Lt. Bradshaw
Perry Mason: The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel 1987 TV Movie General Sorenson
The Running Man 1987 William Laughlin
Terminal Entry 1987 Col. Styles
In Self Defense 1987 TV Movie Lt. Tyrell
Desperado 1987 TV Movie Bede
Tomorrow's a Killer 1987 Harris
Eye of the Tiger 1986 J.B. Deveraux
Harem 1986 TV Movie Agha Kislar
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1985 TV Series Convict
Badge of the Assassin 1985 TV Movie Detective Cliff Fenton NYPD


Homicide: Life on the Street TV Series written by - 2 episodes, 1997 - 1998 teleplay by - 1 episode, 1999
The Limit 1972 story


The Limit 1972


The Limit 1972 producer


Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1985 TV Series performer - 1 episode


Making Witless: The Cast on the Cast 2008 Video short special thanks
Freddy vs. Jason 2003 special thanks


King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen Documentary post-production Himself
I'm Mosley!: An Interview with Actor Yaphet Kotto 2016 Video short Himself
Making Witless: The Cast on the Cast 2008 Video short Himself
Inside 'Live and Let Die' 1999 Video documentary short Himself
TV Nation: Volume One 1997 Video documentary Himself
Biography 1996 TV Series documentary Himself
The World of James Bond 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself
TV Nation 1994 TV Series documentary Himself
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1994 TV Series Himself
The Making of 'Midnight Run' 1987 TV Short Himself
Bond 1973: The Lost Documentary 1973 Documentary short Himself
Salute to Oscar Hammerstein II 1972 TV Special Himself
The David Frost Show 1970 TV Series Himself
The Joe Namath Show 1969 TV Series Himself

Archive Footage

Le mec qu'on n'écoute jamais dans les films 2016 Short
Premium Bond with Mark Gatiss and Matthew Sweet 2015 TV Movie documentary Mr.Big
Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2007-2013 TV Series documentary Parker / Doc
Top Gear 2012 TV Series Mr. Big
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy 2010 Video documentary Himself
Maquillando entre monstruos 2007 TV Movie documentary Parker
The Beast Within: The Making of 'Alien' 2003 Video documentary Parker / Himself
Best Ever Bond 2002 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)
Baadasssss Cinema 2002 TV Movie documentary Himself
Twentieth Century Fox: The Blockbuster Years 2000 TV Movie documentary Parker
The Alien Legacy 1999 Video documentary Himself
Anatomy of a 'Homicide: Life on the Street' 1998 TV Movie documentary Lt. Al Giardello
Clay Pigeons 1998 Parker - 'Alien' (uncredited)
Hollywood Mavericks 1990 Documentary Smokey

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