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“Jonathan Solofa Fatu Jr . He appeared along with his brother and ” Tamina “, the girl of WWE Hall of Famer, Superfly “Jimmy Snuka” this year 2010 on primary roster and attacked the Hart Dynasty to stamp their authority. ” Jimmy” gained $120k in 2015, $60,000 in 2013 and almost $80,000 in the entire year 2014 as his income from WWE. He presently sits on $3 Million net worthy of and owner of $6.According to Forbes 2015 income, Jonathan Solofa Fatu (Jimmy Uso) is earning $105,000 each year while winning reward is $35,000 At this point you know just how much Jimmy Uso earns. Both brothers wrestle as a group but earns differently. He’s one of the person in The Usos also referred to as The Usos Brothers along with his true brother ” Joshua Fatu” who wrestles as ” Jey Uso “. I would recommend why not he choose an open problem for the U. I believe, it is now time for WWE tale makers to click directly on the spot and make use of him in several new tale lines. I believe he is a really great and unique kind of addition to WWE but presently he is having to wrestle by itself because his brother is normally injured.S name to wrestler John Cena or you will want to he produce some strange friendships before his brother will come in. He is one of the well-known legendary Samoan Anoa’i family members, which includes well-known wrestling personalities like as his father ” Rikishi”, his amazing uncles The Crazy Samoans and ” The Rock ” / ” Dwayne Johnson”. I believe he can also consist of himself in acquiring revenge of his brother by crushing the physical power ” Cesaro “. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California, USA may be the place where he was created. Jimmy Uso is among the greatest professional wrestler who was simply born on 22-Aug-85 .3 Million worthy of house. He includes a market worth of $525,000. Forthcoming year anticipated payroll of Jimmy Uso is normally $150k. He arrived at the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in the entire year 2009.” is normally a Samoan wrestler who uses the name Jimmy Uso ” for wrestling.


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