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Vivine Wang may be the wife of H. Roger Wang who’s a Chinese origin American businessman. She actually is a philanthropist and offers been actively taking part in the many charity functions exactly like her spouse. The few has two kids, both are daughters. The elder one is definitely Dorothy Wang is definitely of 28 years as the younger one is known as Janice Wang. Business Involvement and Tv Sting Vivene offers been energetic in her husband’s businesses. Recent Occasions Vivene Wang, experienced filed complain against Bear Stearns workers stating that they influenced her spouse Roger Wang to get company shares in 2008 by giving fake data regarding company’s monetary condition. –> Net well worth Wang earn earnings from all of the businesses including resorts, Chinese retails product sales and real estate.2 billion. She maintains a cordial relationship along with his hubby. Golden Eagle International provides been enlisted in Hong Kong STOCK MARKET. In the lack of proper evidence age Vivine age isn’t clear. Wangs provides refused to help make the payment for share after JPMorgan Chase and Co. Though now she’s started to come in a favorite show Rich Children of Beverly Hills occasionally. It would be much more exclusive and funny method for her to invest some quality period. Though she had produced several appearances, but provides been very much well-known in the news headlines. Personal lifestyle Vivine Wang is an all natural and a straightforward one. Everyone net worth is just about $3. They are married together since quite a long time. With mutual respect towards one another, they have never considered divorce ever within their longer tenure of romantic relationship. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. She’s been a competent person in decision producing regards the economic and essential decisions of business. began buying Bear Stearns at an enormous discount.


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