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Victor Vincent Fuentes can be an American singer who all performs as a business lead singer and rhythm guitarist of post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil. Another greatest way to obtain his income pathways is normally he also indulges in songwriting. The artist can be has offered for releasing Pierce the Veil’s most commercially album, Collide with the Sky that was rated to no 1 U.S Rock and Choice charts. Besides his band, he also offers covered well-known singer Gotye’s song ‘Someone that I utilized to understand’.14 million followers on Twitter. There are plenty of successful album he made up of his touchy musical bands and lyrics that have been rated as #1 US rock Music. He studied graphical design in his bachelor. He’s also a skilled rhythm guitarist. Afterwards he signed to Equivalent Vision Information for his band. Victor Vincent Fuentes, popularly referred to as ‘Vic,’ can be an American musician more popular as the business lead singer of the band Pierce the Veil. In 1998 he shaped a band called Early Times and transformed their name to Before Today and released their just album A Special event of an Closing. Personal Existence: The American singer offers been into many relations, but he’s not married nor offers wife or kids. The singer was in a romantic relationship with Australian singer Jenna Mc Dougall in 2014. Later the few got a split. He also offers dated singer Laura Christine previously years. Afterwards he was discovered dating Cara Crawford and Rachel Cohen respectively. The singer provides switched therefore many girlfriends at his youthful age group of 33. The real amount about his annual income is unfamiliar but his net well worth is reported to be around $5 million. The singer was also rumored as he’s gay however the statements were artificial as he provides cleared that he’s not gay in a few of his interviews. He do his senior high school at Objective Bay SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in San Diego. He’s known as business lead singer of hardcore band Pierce the Veil. They split up within couple of months. Vic Fuentes was created in the entire year 1983 in the town of NORTH PARK in California. By his effort and his efficiency in different levels, he has approximated net well worth of $5 million. Loved by his followers, Victor has 1. Brief Bio: The famous business lead singer was created on February 10, 1983, in NORTH PARK, CA. He’s the son of mom Vivian K. Fuentes and dad Victor Gamboa Fuentes and offers one brother called Mike Fuentes. Mom Vivian K. He’s very 5 ft and 6 inches high fair and well character lovable by everyone.68 meters, and he keeps Mexican ethnicity. The artist takes on hardcore, progressive rock and experimental genres songs along with his band. He provides been into music since 1998. 17 Vic Vincent “Vic” Fuentes well-known as Vic Fuentes was created in February 10, 1983. Vic also made an appearance on a number of the displays on Television and his appearance was limited to guest appearance just. His labels are Equivalent Eyesight and fearless and he’s connected with Pierce the Veil and Cinematic Sunrise. He hasn’t would rather speak a term about his private information. Fuentes and the mom Victor Gamboa Fuentes. The daddy of Vic may be the previous Mexican jazz musician and presently, he’s also operating as a painter. Through the very early age group of 7, he began playing guitar and he finished his schooling from the Objective Bay High School. He’s primary vocalist and rhythm of the band Pierce the Veil. During his University education he studied the topic graphical design and he also prepared within once to join his lifestyle among the musical profession. In the beginning of the profession he was involved with the neighborhood punk band displaying his talent and amazing performances within the band. They don’t have any programs to get wedded as of this moment and the couple does not have any kids either. He’s now aged 33 yrs . old and his elevation is five foot and six inches. That is also the reason for his low profile about his needs and wants among the general public and individuals. Vic has mentioned he comes with an affair along with his girlfriend but hasn’t mentioned with whom he’s getting into it. The reason being why there’s low ratio of his controversy and rumor among individuals. Vic even hasn’t mentioned about his partner and his current like zone. The non-public life of Vic can be very curious that produced his fans to learn even more about him, his exclusive curiosity of sleeping during his leisure time makes surprised towards his supporters as his hobby. He also loves eating an excessive amount of with the brand new taste and selection of the dished through the lunchtime. But also he’s happy with himself in preserving his fit health insurance and body. He enjoys making fresh friends but will not shares the key of his life. Profession: Along with his early childhood, he was very much discovered to music and usually keen to play guitar and vocals. Victor is well known along with his nickname as Vic and his amazing elevation of 5 feet 6 in . also attracts his character. sixty-one on the united states Heatseekers Albums Chart. Vic Fuentes net well worth: Vic Fuentes can be an American singer and musician who includes a net worthy of of $1 million. Once he was noticed with the girl Danielle Perry. He’s best known to be the business lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band Pierce the Veil. Fuentes used the band Before Today on the album A Special event of an Closing in 2004. He produced the post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil along with his brother Mike Fuentes in 2006 in NORTH PARK. His peak up profession was were only available in early 1998 as a business lead singer and in the beginning of the profession, he was occupied with the neighborhood punk band displaying his talent and fantastic performances within the band. The band’s second studio album Selfish Machines premiered this year 2010 and reached #1 on the united states Heatseekers chart. Pierce the Veil’s third studio album Collide with the Sky premiered in 2012 and reached #1 on the united states Heatseekers, US Choice, and US Rock charts. The band’s most effective singles are “King for a Time” and “The Divine Zero”. Fuentes also made an appearance on the Isles & Glaciers 2010 album The Hearts of Lonely People. Post-hardcore group Pierce the Veil’s business lead vocalist and guitarist Vic Fuentes chose music as a means of channelizing his anger correctly as he previously experienced self-harm. And the consequence of his decision is seen to everyone: superstar ‘Vic Fuentes’. He entered the music sector professionally in 1998 and since that time he has been section of several bands, including “Isles & Glaciers” and “Before Today”. Fundamentally a singer and guitarist, Vic aswell has performed some keyboards on information of “Pierce the Veil”. He and his brother Mike Fuentes has jointly in the and. In August 2011, the band was signed by way of a recording label known as ‘Fearless’. A well-known musician who started the trip of his lifestyle on 10th of February 1983 as Victor Vincent Fuentes happens to be referred to as Vic Fuentes. Indigenous of NORTH PARK, California is something of Irish and Mexican heritage. He’s a boy of Victor Gamboa Fuentes and Vivian K. Victor devoted his melody ‘A Match Into Drinking water’ to his girlfriend who was simply incessantly fighting cancers. Vic aswell went to Clairemont SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. His curiosity in music was produced when she discovered to play Nirvana’s “Arrive when you are”. Vic penned his 1st lyrics in sixth quality. Vic can be Hispanic by ethnicity. He includes a slim constructed with height of 171 cm. 32 yrs . old Vic Fuentes is well known for being extremely possessive about his personal existence. He has were able to keep himself concealed from the seedy gaze of paparazzi and mass media. Even his marital position isn’t clear. The melody was very popular among the youth at that time of time. Currently, he’s dating Danielle Victoria Perry. however his pierced nasal area has attracted much interest. Like a great many other celebs, Vic also have confidence in creating adjustments in society, hence has participated in a number of charities events, like the Warped Tour Annual Charity Bowling Tournament. He and his band support TO CREATE Love ON HER BEHALF Arms basis. Vic and Mike shaped a band known as “Before Today and released an album titled “A Special event of an Closing, in 2004. Following the band was dissolved they shaped band called “Pierce the Veil” in 2007. The band included Tony Perry and Jamie Preciado as business lead guitarist and bassist, respectively. Accessing his private information, Vic was discovered dating Danielle Victoria in 2014. The debut album titled “A Flair for the Dramatic” premiered on 26th of June 2007. On 19th of June 2007, their 1st music video “Currents Convulsive” was premiered. He provides written a tune known as A Match Into Drinking water on the 3rd album of the band. The income of Vic can be very effective and his net well worth isn’t publicly mentioned among individuals but it is usually assumed that his sum of quantity and net well worth is saturated in its range with raising purchase. The album contained tunes, such as “Chemical Children and Mechanical Wedding brides”, “Currents Convulsive”, “I’d Rather Die Than Become Famous”, “Yeah Boy and Doll Encounter”, “Diamonds and just why Men GET THEM” and “The Balcony Picture” amongst others. The band’s adopted up album “Selfish Machines” premiered by Equal Eyesight on 22nd of June 2010. The majority of the tunes in the album had been penned by Vic himself. Their third album “Collide with the Sky” to enter the market on 17th of July 2012. On 24th of September, 2013, “Selfish Machines” was reissued, alongside remixed production. In 2012, his band dropped its most recent album titled “Collide with the Sky”. Although critics criticized the album, it were able to make its place in amount of American Billboard charts, like 200 and Best Heatseekers chart. The album reached quantity twelve on the Billboard 200 chart and offered a lot more than 27,000 copies. Critically praised album included tracks, such as for example “King for a Day time”, “A HUNDRED Sleepless Nights”, “A Match into Drinking water” and “Stained Glass Eye and Colorful Tears” amongst others. He collaborated with the band known as “Isles and Glacier” on the album titled “The Hearts of Lonely People” that was released on 9th of March 2010. Early Lifestyle (Childhood): Born in musical history family in NORTH PARK, California. Unfortunately he hasn’t revealed his net worthy of. to know more concerning this accomplished musician, check out wiki. Vic Fuentes is usually a favorite singer from USA. During his college way of life, he utilized to play tunes in an area punk band. He’s also popular to be the post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil. It is stated that his tunes had a somewhat recovery impact and that helped his followers in relieving stress and depression. Five ft and six inches high, Vic Fuentes was created as Victor Vincent Fuentes in NORTH PARK, California, United states to Vivian K. Fuentes and Victor Gamboa Fuentes. He has one young brother called Mike Fuentes. He’s also an American and is certainly of white ethnicity. Initially the band had not been very much known among the music fans however, the situation changed when their tunes were presented in the “Tony Hawk’s Proving Floor”, a game display. Previously many girls arrived to his life but also for really small span of period. The band started obtaining popular form 2007, plus they started obtaining high fame. He hasn’t been wedded and he does not have any wife. Vic offers clearly maintained a obvious difference among one another within enough time and his choice. Vic dreamed to a musician since he was a kid. When he was simply seven yrs . old, he started learning guitar. He was enrolled at Clairemont SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and Mission Bay SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. He also attended NORTH PARK Condition University with a significant in graphical design. He started his musical profession, when he was in Objective Bay SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and that was because the past due 1990s. He started playing for 3 Simple Terms during that period. He created a musical band Early Instances in 1998 along with his brother Mike Fuentes. We can not wait for their following album. This helped him reach a net well worth of $6 million US dollars. In 2006, he produced an American post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil and their debut album A Flair for the Dramatic was finally released on 26th of June 2007. He’s also known for his well-known quotes. Based on the current development, Vic is certainly having affairs with Daniele Victoria who provides represented numerous agencies nowadays. Vic celebrates his birthday on 10 February and he was created in 1983 and he was created in NORTH PARK in United states. The name of his dad is normally Victor Fuentes and Victor’s mother’s name is normally Vivian Fuentes. It really is known that his dad proved helpful as a musician and at the moment he functions as a painter. He generally chooses about his life style and taste meals as he loves consuming too much with the brand new taste and selection of the dished through the lunch time. Vic finished his schooling from Objective Bay SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and he afterwards enrolled himself in NORTH PARK Condition University. He got a level in graphical design from the university. His childhood was spend in California along with his parents. Vic began his profession at an age group of 15 and he did several music displays. Among the famous music contains King for a Day time. His band needed to be renamed due to copyright violation and the brand new name of the band was Before Today. He previously a tour that got him all over the world in European countries, Asia, Australia, SOUTH USA and North America. Later on in 2007, he documented another music with Pierce the Veil and the tracks became really well-known. Vic documented another two albums with the band and the name of the albums had been Collide with the Sky and Selfish Devices. It really is known that Vic continued a tour of Australia, Europe, SOUTH USA, North America and also Asia. The band do many such tours and participated in a number of musical festivals. From an extremely young age of 7, Vic started playing your guitar. So several popular girls were romantically associated with Fuentes based on very similar rumors and handful of pics. Probably the most popular melody he wrote was Bulls in the Bronx and the melody was added in Collide with the Sky. Therefore, if he discloses the name of the lucky gal in his lifestyle, it would be a genuine deal with to his admirers. Another melody he wrote was I Don’t Care IN CASE YOU ARE Contagious and this melody was added in selfish Devices. They did play jointly in a band referred to as 3 Simple Globe when they had been in the senior high school. Their debut album A Flair for the Dramatic premiered in mid 2007. Vic was created in NORTH PARK, California of USA and he’s 32 yrs . old in her age group and professionally Vic is usually a Musician and his instruments are majorly Vocals and Guitars from days gone by 1998 till the existing time. It really is known that he includes a girlfriend and he’s in long term romantic relationship with Danielle Perry. He’s the business lead singer and the rhythm guitarist for Post-hardcore band known as Peirce The Veil. The non-public and professional lifestyle of Vic is quite different from one another. The salary of the 34 year outdated superstar isn’t known but his net worthy of is approximated to end up being 5 Million US Dollars. Vic includes a lot of enthusiast pursuing on Instagram and snapchat. He frequently uses twitter to talk about some quotes aswell. He’s also a songwriter and offers created ”A match into Water” on the album Collide with the Sky for his previous girlfriend who was experiencing breast cancer. He performed in high regarded music festivals and got included right into a supergroup that was temporary known as Isles& Glaciers. Victor Vincent “Vic” Fuentes may be the business lead singer and rhythm guitarist of post-hardcore band ‘pierce the veil’ and established fact for high vocal range. He studied graphical design at San Diego Condition University but he pulls out his research before seeking his musical profession. Immensely skilled since childhood, Vic discovered to play guitar at a tender age group of 7 and began playing in an area band ‘3 Simple Phrases’ during his senior high school. Along with his young brother Mike, Vic co-founded a band called ‘Early Times’. He’s presently dating Danielle Victoria who’s the business lead vocalist of the pop-punk band Tonight alive. Before splitting up, the band released their just album ‘A Special event of an Closing’ in 2006. His lady friend’s list includes many titles like Laura Christine, Rachel Cohen, and Wally Llewellyn and so forth. The band has recently released four albums; ‘A Flair for the Dramatic, Selfish Devices and Collide with the sky’ and their most recent album ‘Misadventures’. During his period with the band, Vic toured Asia, European countries, Australia, THE UNITED STATES and SOUTH USA and had possibilities to play several music festivals such as for example Rock am Band and Rock in Recreation area and Slam Dunk Event. Later, he joined NORTH PARK Condition University for the additional music education. He and his brothers attended the Objective Bay SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Similarly, his tune ‘I Don’t Care IN CASE YOU ARE Contagious’ was focused on a fangirl whose boyfriend passed away in a vehicle accident. Family members and Personal Lifestyle: Vic Fuentes was created to Vivian K. Fuentes and Victor Gamboa Fuentes. He wrote ‘Million Dollar Homes’ as a tribute to his parents, who was simply together for all their life. The best amount collection selections had been Bulls in the Bronx, Collide with the sky, plus much more. In the last couple of years he offers dated a few models. He is not through any kind of cosmetic surgery procedures; CONNECTED WITH: Vic Fuentes was nominated to find the best vocalist award by Choice Press Music Awards in 2014 and 2015. The band gets popular year by calendar year as they may earn much more amount within their future lifestyle. He has in the band together with his brother Mike Fuentes. Early Lifestyle and Career: The primary lead singer of Pierce the Veil began his profession at his young age group of seven, and he discovered guitar simultaneously. The band has gathered plenty of cash from their concerts. She actually is regarded as the cover style of an album referred to as Black Market. He’s also a keyboardist for a few of the bad information. He takes on in a band regarding his brother known as Mike Fuentes and both brothers visited Mission Bay SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. –> From his biography, he was created in California and his parents are Victor Gamboa Fuentes and Vivian K Fuentes. Vic has mentioned he comes with an affair along with his girlfriend but hasn’t mentioned with whom he’s engaging in it. He was created with a youthful brother known as Mike Fuentes, half sister and two half brothers. He provides some romantic relationship with Nick Martin who’s an actor in Sleeping With Sirens. The band got renamed to Before Today and it signed the agreement under Equal Vision Information. After attending the Objective Bay SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, he attended the NORTH PARK Condition University and he do studies in the Graphical design. He stopped to review once the band he was in known as Before Today, was signed under Equal Eyesight Information. The album peaked at amount. The album is normally Collide with the Sky. This is for his ex girl when she was struggling due to breast cancer. He’s today the boyfriend for Danielle Perry who was simply at a cover style of Black Marketplace Album in fact it is from Rise Against. He’s a pal to Curtis Peoples and he was a co-article writer of King for a Day time and it had been a Gold Solitary. It is said that certain of the lover inspired Vic to create this music. After playing for 3 Simple Words as well as Curtis People among others, he shaped the group along with his brother Mike known as Early Instances. After releasing the three EPs, the band got to rename their band due to copyright violation. When Vic Fuentes was 7 yrs . old, he learned how exactly to play your guitar. The band released one album known as A Special event of an Closing and afterwards, they split up. The brothers included Jaime Preciado who’s a bassist and Tony Perry who’s a guitarist plus they formed a fresh band beneath the name of Pierce the Veil. With the band, he could discharge two albums: Collide with the Sky and Selfish Devices. Vic was a area of the band for just two years prior to the band made a decision to split because of noncooperation of users. His brother, Mike Fuentes, can be a musician in the same band. But Vic is usually fairly secretive about his personal time with girls. He’s known to possess high vocal range. Who’s Vic Fuentes: Multi genre musican from America. Immediately after his completion of schooling from the school he joined NORTH PARK Condition University for the additional education. His brother Mike

Quick Facts

Full NameVic Fuentes
Net Worth$1 Million
Date Of BirthFebruary 10, 1983
Height1.68 m
ProfessionSinger-songwriter, Guitarist, King for a Day, Caraphernelia, Bulls in the Bronx
EducationMission Bay Senior High School, San Diego State University, King for a Day, Caraphernelia, Bulls in the Bronx
ParentsVivian K. Fuentes, Victor Gamboa Fuentes, King for a Day, Caraphernelia, Bulls in the Bronx
SiblingsMike Fuentes
Music GroupsPierce The Veil, Isles & Glaciers, Before Today, Cinematic Sunrise, King for a Day, Caraphernelia, Bulls in the Bronx
NominationsKerrang! Award for Best Video, Kerrang! Award for Best Track, King for a Day, Caraphernelia, Bulls in the Bronx



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