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Tommy Wiseau Net Worth is
$500 Thousand

Tommy Wiseau Biography

Who’s Tommy Wiseau: Champion of NY International Independent Film & Video Festival, maker and Tommy Wiseau is a director. He’s also an actor. interrelate by the dialogue produced on screen, and also lay plastic material tableware and actually footballs about the theatre. He was created on 3rd of October 1955. This as well makes appearances at many of such occasions, filming for photos by fans and sometimes lecturing target audience prior screenings. He’s an extremely friendly person. He’s five ft and eight ins in his elevation. His net worth is definitely $500 thousand dollars. Personal Life: Additionally it is quiet difficult to find any point about his love existence in the press. It looks like he is not married however in his life. Accomplishment: He has won NY International Independent Film & Video Festival for just two instances. Rumor: He once experienced a near-fatal motor vehicle accident in California. In 2008, Tommy Wiseau started to work on Television, when he produced it display called “The Neighbors”, where he also made an appearance. In 2004 he returned to this function when he directed a documentary known as “Homeless in the us”. This film is definitely a parody and was aired on the Humor Central channel. He spent the majority of his formative years in New Orleans, Louisiana, but has traveled backwards and forwards between Louisiana and France for some of his life. He’s most more popular for his 2003 film, “THE AREA”, which has turn into a cult preferred. This actor’s very best known creation is noted to become a film entitled as THE AREA, launched in year 2003. Multiple organizations have scheduled late-night time showings of the film involving outfits and interactive dialogue all over the world. Creation on the film, which celebrities James Franco as Tommy, began in December 2015 and finished in January 2016.”, and offers released another film entitled, “THE HOME That Drips Bloodstream on Alex”. He also wrote, directed, and starred in the pilot for “The Neighbors”. The task was not found by any systems. In 2014, Seth Rogen’s production organization announced that it experienced acquired the privileges to a script known as “The Disaster Artist” which is founded on a publication of the same name that was written by Tommy’s Space co-celebrity Greg Sestero. Since that time, he has made an appearance on “Tim and Eric Awesome Display, Great” Work! The film offers been talk with extremely positive essential response and is defined for a December 2017 theater launch. At South by Southwest, the film received a standing up ovation. Around this writing, the film includes a 93% approval ranking on Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, all this work in addition has added up to the entire sum of Tommy Wiseau net well worth. He has gained a huge component of his net worthy of and fame due to his profession as an actor, although he’s also referred to as a filmmaker. Thus, general, cinema sector has been normally the one to make his name famous in addition to increasing the entire estimate of Tommy Wiseau net worthy of.”. The film itself was described by many film critics as “among the worst movies available”. However, after that, the film has obtained a cult film position. In 2004 he done another creation as a director known as “Homeless in the us”. Later, he equally centered on making a fantastic career in acting therefore attained an excellent fame in the market. It’s been announced that the entire quantity of Tommy Wiseau net worthy of today is really as much as 500 thousand dollars. Tommy Wiseau is normally also known as among those superstars who conceal their early lifestyle. He has mentioned that at one stage he was surviving in France.S. He finally bought and lent big retail areas prevalent in and about SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA as well as LA, creating him independently wealthy. According to Sestero, he offered on many different careers in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay region, comprising cafe busboy in addition to medical center server, and he also continuing business named as Road Fashions USA which retailed asymmetrical blue denims at quite reduced charges. Tommy Wiseau might have been born in america or in France. In interviews carried out after launch of THE AREA back in yr 2003, this actor mentioned an age which simply described that his birth yr is 1968 or 1969. This year 2010 he made an appearance in a brief film called “THE HOME That Drips Bloodstream on Alex”. No one, not even those near him, in fact knows. Tommy Wiseau offers mentioned that his biggest influences in film market are Marlon Brando and James Dean. Tommy Wiseau net well worth: Tommy Wiseau can be an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer who includes a net well worth of $500 thousand dollars. In ’09 2009, Tommy Wiseau made an appearance as a guest on the display known as “Tim and Eric Amazing Show, CONGRATS! In 2003, he directed the production called “THE AREA”. This year 2010, he made an appearance as a guest in another display called “La La Property”. Thus, most of these appearances produced his name a lot more known and in addition added up too much to the entire size of Tommy Wiseau net well worth. In 2011, Tommy Wiseau made an appearance in a Youtube series known as “Tommy Explains everything”, where he provides his opinion about various problems. The corresponding spending budget was assessed to become $6 million, the financing which stayed as a basis of conspiracy. He created THE AREA in 12 months 2003, this film offers been mentioned by many critics as you among the worst films made ever and also attained cult film placement. He too directed 12 months 2004 centered documentary entitled as Homeless in the us as well as 12 months 2015 sitcom entitled as The Neighbors. You might be wandering about obtaining details of net well worth of Tommy Wiseau, you may get it below: Tommy Wiseau Biography: Wiseau is actually quite personal around his initial existence. In lots of interviews being carried out, he offers asserted to possess resided in France for a while before. Moreover, he as well claimed that he was raised in New Orleans, situated in Louisiana. He explained having a whole family members prevailing in Chalmette, situated in Louisiana. Furthermore to directing it, Tommy Wiseau also made an appearance in it. Nevertheless, actor called Greg Sestero asserts in 2013 chronicle entitled as The Disaster Artist that girlfriend of his brother attained replicas of Wiseau’s U. Nevertheless, he has stated that he grew up primarily in New Orleans, Louisiana. settlement papers as wellas perceived that he was created quite before than what he mentioned. Talking about his profession in film market, Tommy Wiseau is mainly referred to as a director of the earlier mentioned film called “THE AREA”. Tommy Wiseau has mentioned that he was created in 1968. The film was an enormous critical failing, but subsequently became a cultural phenomenon. Tommy Wiseau can be primarily defined as a Polish-American structured actor and film maker. This film was founded on an unpublished novel of 540 pages, compiled by him. Furthermore, he produced appearance on Tim and Eric Awesome Present, Homeless in America, THE HOME That Drips Bloodstream on Alex, CONGRATS! Viewers typically reach there by gaining wigs similar with their preferred personas; Early Lifestyle (Childhood): There is absolutely no any official state about his birthplace but he provides been living in america since quite a long time. The relevant account developed in that which was called The Room’s season from 2010 till 2011 i.e. “Love can be Blind” International Tour. This is achieved by film being shown in UK, Denmark, Germany, Australia along with India, etc. Interesting Information: He is most widely known for his curly dark hair. In year 2004, this actor as well produced along with appeared in a short documentary entitledas Homeless in the us. In season 2010, he as well acted in a short film entitled as THE HOME That Drips Bloodstream on Alex, named a parody horror structured film, composed and created from functions of sketch humor based group called as Studio8. In imminent film edition of The Disaster Artist, James Franco is ready to depict this actor. It really is known that Franco as well won one Golden World award due to carrying out as James Dean back 12 months 2001. This actor authorized of choice, and actually that of Dave Franco perfroming Disaster Artist friend/writer named Greg Sestero. Just how much is usually Tommy Wiseau Net well worth in 2017: Tommy Wiseau is principally known as an actor, maker, screenwriter, and director having net well worth of $600 thousand US dollars by 2017. This film was straight criticized by critics, nevertheless eventually changed as a “cult classic” through late-evening based display performances at theatres located around the world., Bump, Tommy Explains everything and also the Tommy Wi-Present, grossing him high income. For production of THE AREA, Tommy Wiseau attained high fame when you are a producer for the reason that. In 2015 he also directed it sitcom known as “The Neighbors”.

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Quick Facts

Full NameTommy Wiseau
Net Worth$500 Thousand
Height1.74 m
ProfessionScreenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Actor
EducationLaney College, Vincent Chase Workshop, Jean Shelton Actors Lab, Stella Adler Studio of Acting
MoviesEnter the Samurai, Cold Moon, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, The House That Drips Blood on Alex, Homeless in America, The Room
TV ShowsThe Neighbors

Interesting Facts

1 Got his SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card by writing, producing, directing, and starring in a commercial for a company he owns.
2 While Wiseau said that he got the funding for The Room by importing and selling leather jackets from South Korea, some crew members of The Room said that the money came from an organized crime money-laundering scheme, though Wiseau said that is highly unlikely.
3 Often drinks red bull while filming.
4 Is independently wealthy and does not rely on film making to live.

Net Worth & Salary

The Room (2003) $350,000


1 Friendly person
2 Curly black hair
3 Characters enter the scene saying "Oh hi [insert name of character]"


1 I was born on Planet Earth.[2015]
2 Well, you have to think positively, number one. And do what works for you, number two. Stretching, you can do all kinds of different stuff. Some people can not do 100 push-ups, they get tired, but I can. I don't encourage people to do something that hurt themselves. Enjoy yourself and think positively. If somebody is negative, just let it go, you know? Don't listen to something negative, let it go.[2015]
3 I like a lot of classic movies, like, for example, Citizen Kane (1941), James Dean movies, etc, etc.
4 I like acting better than anything else, but, you know, directing's good.
5 I'm not here to criticize anyone.
6 I'm not a god, I'm just a simple guy.
7 I studied movies for many years, but I am professionally an actor because I, my background is actually a stage actor and acting.
8 We have many Lisas, Marks, Dennys, Johnnys, and other characters from The Room (2003) in America and in the entire world.
9 My background is in psychology and I'm also a stage actor. That's my background.
10 When people sometimes misquote me, I don't know if they understand what I'm saying.
11 I'm satisfied with the way The Room (2003) turned out, and I don't want to change anything.
12 As a director, it's my job to provoke, and when people decided 'The Room' be called a phenomenon, or whatever you call it, it's fine with me.
13 You cannot have the drama without comedy.
14 I am pro-freedom.
15 I inspire myself.
16 As a filmmaker and an actor, my job is to react towards people, but I want a reaction from them.
17 When I was little kid, I used to want to be a rock star.
18 I want to be always actor.
19 When I was a little kid, I wanted to be, like, you know, a movie star, you know? Or, I always have interest in movie, you know? Because I like the visual aspect of the movies, et cetera.
20 I always say that you don't have to like The Room (2003), but you will discover something - maybe a tiny little thing - and say, 'Wait a minute, maybe I want to see more.'
21 As a director, I have to feel realism from actors, and they can't be plastic.
22 All topics, issues, and subjects in The Room (2003) add to the depth of the characters in the movie, and they are equally important.
23 Express yourself, don't hurt yourself.
24 I'm going to do more movies and travel.
25 I like vampires.
26 I am pro-expression. I am pro - you know, as long as you don't hurt anyone.
27 You can laugh, you can cry, you can express yourself, but please don't hurt each other.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2004 Audience Award New York International Independent Film & Video Festival Best Feature Film The Room (2003)
2004 Documentary Film Award New York International Independent Film & Video Festival Best Social Documentary Homeless in America (2004) Kaya Redford



Cold Moon 2017 post-production Rodeo Official
Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan 2017 post-production segment :"The Making of Samurai Cop 2"
The Disaster Artist 2017 completed Henry
Best F(r)iends 2017 filming Harvey Lewis
The Neighbors 2014-2016 TV Series Ricky Rick / Charlie
Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance 2015 Linton
The PET Squad Files 2013 TV Series Jacque
The Tommy Wi-Show 2011 TV Series T.W.
The House That Drips Blood on Alex 2010 Short Alex
Playboy Adventures 2006 TV Series short Doctor
The Room 2003 Johnny


Corsica Arts Club: California I Follow 2015 Video short
The Neighbors TV Series written by - 3 episodes, 2015 based on a book by - 3 episodes, 2014 - 2015 based on the book by - 1 episode, 2015 creator - 1 episode, 2014
Homeless in America 2004 Documentary short
The Room 2003 written by


Corsica Arts Club: California I Follow 2015 Video short
The Neighbors 2014-2015 TV Series 4 episodes
Homeless in America 2004 Documentary short
The Room 2003


Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance 2015 executive producer: TPW Films
The Neighbors 2014-2015 TV Series producer - 3 episodes
Homeless in America 2004 Documentary short producer
The Room 2003 executive producer / producer


The Trap Door 2011 Video special thanks: TPW Rentals
Little Blue Pill 2010 thanks
Shut Up and Talk 2015 TV Series special thanks - 1 episode


Enter the Samurai 2017 Documentary completed Himself
MoreHorror in Hollywood 2015 TV Series Himself
Shut Up and Talk 2015 TV Series Himself
Flickers! 2014 TV Series Himself
Fashionably Nerdy Geek Chic TV 2014 TV Series Himself
Tommy Explains It All 2011 TV Series documentary Himself
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 2009 TV Series Himself
Homeless in America 2004 Documentary short Himself - Interviewer

Archive Footage

Leet Fighters 2013 TV Series Johnny
The Frollo Show 2011-2012 TV Series Johnny
The Room Rap 2009 Short Johnny (uncredited)

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