Thomas Weeks Net Worth

Thomas Weeks Net Worth is
$3 Million

Thomas Weeks Biography

If somebody likes watching Television shows that cope with cars and mechanics, after that Thomas Weeks isn’t a new name for them. Yes, What i’m saying is the Thomas Weeks from Discovery Channel’s Misfit Garage area. According to online resources, Thomas bought his 1st automobile, a ’57 Chevy, at age twelve. He didn’t wish to be an employee therefore he began a machine store building motors, painted car bodies, and began one of the initial Dallas drive-in claims. Despite the fact that his dad taught him all of the methods and bits about the parts and solutions of the vehicles, It had been the buying and the next selling of the automobile was what attracted him. If reviews about him should be thought, Weeks bought his initial car at the mere age group of twelve that was a ’57 Chevy. Well, simply no, don’t believe that he drove the automobile illegally at the mere age group of 12, he just bought it, set all the issues with the car plus they sold the car once again. Thomas Weeks’s current net well worth is approximated to be about 800 thousand dollars by 2016. Weeks never wished to work employment and that was the primary reason built a store that handled building motors, painting the bodies of the automobile and that’s not really it, he was among the 1st in Dallas to start out the drive-in statements.com. Thomas began a team together with his mates

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Net Worth$3 Million

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