Thomas Kretschmann Net Worth

Thomas Kretschmann Net Worth is
$8 Million

Thomas Kretschmann Biography

German actor, Thomas is noted for his function of Hauptmann Wilm Hosenfeld in The Pianist, Captain Engelhorn in the 2005 remake of King Kong and Main Otto Remer in Valkyrie. Shifting to his personal existence and relationship position, he hasn’t been found steady with some of his girlfriend. He was qualified to become an Olympic swimmer before getting an actor. It could thus be perfectly stated that despite rumors, he’s not really gay. Accounting his personal existence, till right now he hasn’t wedded anyone but has experienced plenty of serious relationships. Presently, he is dating a striking actress with whom is definitely spotted frequently at various occasions and places. In one of his recent affair, he has elevated three kids: two sons and a child. He presently lives and functions in LA, California. A global known Actor, Thomas Kretschmann born on September 08, 1962

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Quick Facts

Full NameThomas Kretschmann
Net Worth$8 Million
Date Of BirthSeptember 8, 1962
Height1.76 m
ProfessionVoice Actor, Swimmer
ChildrenNicolas Kretschmann, Stella Kretschmann, Sascha Kretschmann
PartnerBrittany Rice, Brittany Rice
Music GroupsJazzanova
NominationsNika Award for Best Supporting Actor, European Film Awards Audience Award for Best Actor, Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best actor
MoviesThe Pianist, Avengers: Age of Ultron, King Kong, Hitman: Agent 47, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Valkyrie, Stalingrad, Downfall, U-571, Dracula 3D, Blade II, Head in the Clouds, Wanted, Cars 2, The Stendhal Syndrome, Open Grave, The Young Victoria, Hostel: Part III, Grimm Love, Immortal, Transsiberian, Central Intelligence, In Enemy Hands, La Reine Margot, The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden, Jungle Child, The Celestine Prophecy, In Tranzit, Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II, Eichmann, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, King Conqueror, Next, Prince Valiant, United Passions, Schneeland, Separation City, The Sinking of the Laconia, Total Reality, Die Ratte, Frankenstein, Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps, The Warrior's Heart, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Rua Alguem 5555: My Father, Green Sails, Coppia omicida, Plastic, The Big Bang, Esther, Feindliche Ubernahme -
TV ShowsDracula, The River

Interesting Facts

1 He starred in two World War II films with the same title: Stalingrad (1993) and Stalingrad (2013).
2 Now living and working in Los Angeles [2000]
3 Was hired to voice Johan Krauss in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) but Guillermo Del Toro considered that his voice and the mechanical noise of the character's suit didn't mesh well. The job went to Seth McFarlane.
4 He played Count Dracula in Dracula 3D (2012) and his arch nemesis Professor Abraham Van Helsing in Dracula (2013).
5 Considered buying a house in the Bahamas while filming Der Seewolf (2008) (aka The Sea Wolf).
6 Modeled in Hugo Boss perfume advertisement.
7 Made his stage debut in "Macbeth," directed by Katharina Thalbach.
8 He has played a Nazi officer in 10 movies so far and, in Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II (2005), he played Pope John Paul II, who (as the movie shows) fought against and tried to protect people from the Nazis.
9 Aged 19, he began a month-long trek from East to West Germany to escape Communism, during which he lost part of his finger to frostbite. He crossed 4 borders with nothing other than a passport and the equivalent of $100 in his possession.
10 He has three children: two sons, Nicolas (born 1998) and Alexander 'Sascha' (born 2002), and one daughter, Stella (born 1999), with his ex-girlfriend, Lena Roklin.
11 Collaborated again with his The Pianist (2002) co-star Adrien Brody in King Kong (2005). Incidentally, both of Kretschmann's roles with Brody are as captains, albeit of a very different type. In The Pianist (2002), he played a Nazi officer with a conscience; in King Kong (2005) he plays a tough boat captain guiding a film crew.
12 Has played a Nazi officer in 11 different, completely unrelated films: Krigerens hjerte (1992), Stalingrad (1993), U-571 (2000), The Pianist (2002), In Enemy Hands (2004), Downfall (2004), Head in the Clouds (2004), Eichmann (2007), Valkyrie (2008), The Sinking of the Laconia (2010) and Stalingrad (2013).
13 Started working as an actor at the age of 25, after being trained to be an Olympic swimmer.
14 Received the Max Ophüls Prize for best young actor in 1991.


1 [on his title role in Eichmann (2007)] I was born long after the war but I still carry this collective guilt around. It's not as much fun for a German to play a part like this than it would be for, say, Ralph Fiennes. It's a very juicy part, but I couldn't get myself excited to go and play Eichmann. Strangely, I have lots of Jewish friends in LA. My wife is Jewish. They were all excited that I play him, so I wanted to do it for them.
2 Leaving [home] is kind of a strange thing - the world opens up but, at the same time, it gets smaller. The more you see of the world, the smaller it seems. After I did the film Stalingrad (1993), I left Germany, and I did a couple of films in France and lived there for about three years, and a couple of films in Italy, and lived there for two years. Then I came over here. The more you get familiar with different countries, the more you think, "Where am I going to live for the rest of my life?" You think, "OK, Germany sucks - don't want to live there; France, no; Italy - the food is nice, but I don't want to live there". In the end, you have nowhere to go anymore.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2007 Best Actor Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival Rohtenburg (2006) Thomas Huber
2006 Capri Legend Award Capri, Hollywood
2006 Best Actor Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival Rohtenburg (2006) Thomas Huber
1991 Best Young Actor Max Ophüls Festival Der Mitwisser (1989)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2014 Nika Nika Awards Best Supporting Actor Stalingrad (2013)
2010 Fright Meter Award Fright Meter Awards Best Actor Rohtenburg (2006)
2010 German Television Award German Television Awards Best Actor (Bester Schauspieler) Die Grenze (2010)
2004 Audience Award European Film Awards Best European Actor Immortel (ad vitam) (2004)
2003 Chainsaw Award Fangoria Chainsaw Awards Best Supporting Actor Blade II (2002)



Jungle 2017 post-production
Let the Right One In 2017 TV Series filming Inspector Eriksson
The Blue Mauritius 2017 pre-production Holtz
Discarnate 2016 post-production Dr. Andre Mason
Stratton 2016 completed Grigory Barovsky
Emperor post-production Jakob Fugger 'The Bank of Europe
The Man in the Box filming Martin (rumored)
The Stalking Moon pre-production Aurick Fenstermacher
The Saint 2016 TV Movie Rayt Marius
Central Intelligence 2016 The Buyer
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 2016 Airplane Passenger
Hitman: Agent 47 2015 Le Clerq
Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015 Strucker
United Passions 2014 Horst Dassler
Plastic 2014/I Marcel
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014 Baron Wolfgang von Strucker (uncredited)
Dracula 2013-2014 TV Series Abraham Van Helsing
The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden 2013 Documentary Friedrich Ritter (voice)
Stalingrad 2013 Kapitan Kan (as Tomas Krechmann)
Open Grave 2013 Lukas
The Frollo Show 2013 TV Series Fegelein
Kinect Fun Labs: Kinect Rush - A Disney Pixar Adventures: Snapshot 2012 Video Game Professor Z (English version, voice)
Dracula 3D 2012 Dracula
The River 2012 TV Series Captain Kurt Brynildson
Hostel: Part III 2011 Video Flemming
What a Man 2011 Jens
Cars 2: The Video Game 2011 Video Game Professor Z (voice)
Cars 2 2011 Professor Z (voice)
Dschungelkind 2011 Vater Klaus Kuegler
The Cape 2011 TV Series Gregor Molotov
The Sinking of the Laconia 2011 TV Mini-Series Admiral Dönitz
The Big Bang 2010 Frizer
Die Grenze 2010 TV Movie Maximilian Schnell
King Conqueror 2009 Archbishop of Tarragona
Romy 2009 TV Movie Harry Meyen
Flashforward 2009 TV Series Stefan Krieger
Separation City 2009 Klaus Becker
Wanted: Weapons of Fate 2009 Video Game Cross (voice)
The Young Victoria 2009 King Leopold
Valkyrie 2008 Major Otto Ernst Remer
Mogadischu 2008 TV Movie Kapitän Jürgen Schumann
Der Seewolf 2008 TV Movie Wolf Larssen
Wanted 2008 Cross
In Tranzit 2008 Max
Transsiberian 2008 Kolzak
Warum Männer nicht zuhören und Frauen schlecht einparken 2007 Paul
Bionic Woman 2007 TV Series The Man
Eichmann 2007 Adolf Eichmann
Next 2007 Mr. Smith
Die Wilden Hühner und die Liebe 2007 Christian Slättberg
Partition 2007
Grimm Love 2006 Oliver
The Celestine Prophecy 2006 Wil
24: The Game 2006 Video Game Max (voice)
King Kong 2005 Captain Englehorn
Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II 2005 TV Movie Pope John Paul II
King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie 2005 Video Game Captain Englehorn (voice)
The Karate Dog 2005 TV Movie Gerber
Snowland 2005 Aron
Frankenstein 2004 TV Movie Victor Helios
Head in the Clouds 2004 Major Franz Bietrich
Downfall 2004 Hermann Fegelein
Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 2004 Roscoe
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2004 Major Cain
Immortel (ad vitam) 2004 Nikopol
In Enemy Hands 2004 1st Watch Officer Ludwig Cremer
Karen Sisco 2003 TV Series Nicholas Pell
My Father, Rua Alguem 5555 2003 Hermann M.
24 2003 TV Series Max
Der Solist - Kuriertag 2003 TV Movie Philip Lanart
The Pianist 2002 Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
Der Solist - In eigener Sache 2002 TV Movie Philip Lanart
Blade II 2002 Damaskinos
V.I.P. 1999-2001 TV Series The Owl
I cavalieri che fecero l'impresa 2001 Vanni delle Rondini
Ein tödliches Wochenende 2001 TV Movie Christian, Manager
Der Solist - Niemandsland 2001 TV Movie Philip Lanart
Feindliche Übernahme - 2001 Robert Fernau
Relic Hunter 1999-2001 TV Series Kurt Reiner
Green Sails 2000 TV Movie Robert Fowler
U-571 2000 Capt.-Lt. Gunther Wassner
Poison 2000 TV Movie Johnny Krieger
Die Diebin 1999 TV Movie Tim Kaiser
Der Solist - Kein Weg zurück 1999 TV Movie Philip Lanart
Esther 1999 TV Movie King Ahasuerus
Der Tod in deinen Augen 1999 TV Movie Billy Tanauer
Total Recall 2070 1999 TV Series Nick Blanchard
Das Traumschiff 1998 TV Series Niko Waldkron
Nina - Vom Kinderzimmer ins Bordell 1998 TV Movie Michael
Coppia omicida 1998 Domenico
Die Mädchenfalle - Der Tod kommt online 1998 TV Movie Magnus Sieber
La principessa e il povero 1997 TV Movie Migal
Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei 1997 TV Series Robert Michalke
Prince Valiant 1997 Thagnar
Il tocco - La sfida 1997 Cristopher
Total Reality 1997 Commander Tunis
Unter die Haut 1997 TV Movie Santos
La dernière fête 1996 TV Movie Joseph
Marching in Darkness 1996 Gianni Tricarico
La sindrome di Stendhal 1996 Alfredo Grossi
Anna - Im Banne des Bösen 1995 TV Movie Stephan Richter
Brennendes Herz 1995 Junger Gustav Regler
Nachtbus 1995 Short
Tödliche Besessenheit 1995 TV Movie Sebastian Goebel
Wir zusammen allein mit dir 1995 TV Movie Wolf Jensen
Ich liebe den Mann meiner Tochter 1995 TV Movie Michael
Derrick 1990-1995 TV Series Roland Ortner / Eberhard Kraus
Ainsi soient-elles 1995 Franck
Jenseits der Brandung 1994 TV Movie Paul Augustin
Affären 1994 Andi
Queen Margot 1994 Nançay
Engel ohne Flügel 1993 Achim
Die Ratte 1993 Sven
Stalingrad 1993 Hans von Witzland
Krigerens hjerte 1992 Lt. Maximillian Luedt
Shining Through 1992 Man at Zurich Station
Rothenbaumchaussee 1991 TV Movie
Die Männer vom K3 1991 TV Series Dieter Koller
Der Mitwisser 1989 TV Movie Paul
Radiofieber 1989 TV Mini-Series
Der Alte 1989 TV Series Karsten Winterberg
Molle mit Korn 1989 TV Series Heringsbändiger
Westler 1985 Soldier


The Making of Plastic 2014 Documentary Himself
Das ist Spitze! 2013 TV Series Himself - Candidate
Dschungelkind: Premierenfeier 2011 Video documentary short Himself
Making of 'Dschungelkind' 2011 Video documentary short Himself
Zweiohrküken 2009 Himself (uncredited)
NDR Talk Show 2009 TV Series Himself
The Journey to 'Valkyrie' 2009 Video documentary short Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2008 TV Series Himself
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2008 TV Series Himself - Guest
Through the Eyes of Director Timur Bekmambetov 2008 Video documentary short Himself
Resident Evil: Diary of an Apocalypse 2007 Video documentary short Himself
The 2006 European Film Awards 2006 TV Special Himself
Recreating the Eighth Wonder: The Making of 'King Kong' 2006 Video documentary Himself
The Eighth Blunder of the World 2006 Video short Himself / Captain Englehorn
Die Johannes B. Kerner Show 2006 TV Series Himself
King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries 2005 Video documentary Himself
Beckmann 2005 TV Series Himself
Universum der Unsterblichkeit 2005 Video documentary short Himself
The 100 Greatest War Films 2005 TV Movie documentary Himself
Hitlers letzte Tage - Der Film 'Der Untergang' 2004 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)
A Story of Survival: Behind the Scenes of 'The Pianist' 2003 Video documentary short Himself
The Making of 'The Pianist' 2003 TV Short documentary Himself

Archive Footage

Lego Marvel's Avengers 2016 Video Game Wolfgang von Strucker
Resident Evil: Retribution 2012 Major Tom Cain
The Frollo Show 2012 TV Series Fegelein
Hitler Rants Parodies 2009 TV Series Hermann Fegelein

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