The Olayan family Net Worth

The Olayan family Biography

$12 Billion: The Olayan Group (Arabic: مجموعة العليان‎), is a Saudi conglomerate established in 1947 by Sulaiman S. In the 1950s, Olayan made trading and insurance firms, and began buying NY and London marketplaces. His boy Khaled S Olayan (born July 1945) and his three daughters Lubna, Hayat and Hutham Olayan all take a seat on the Plank of The Olayan Funding (OFC) the keeping entity for the Olayan Group’s functions in the centre East. The Olayan Group traces its origins back again to the General Contracting Firm (GCC), founded to focus on the structure of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline alongside the American contracting firm Bechtel. Olayan (5 November 1918 – 4 July 2002). The group can be the bottler and distributor of Coca-Cola in Saudi Arabia. Presently, the group has actions in construction, trading, meals processing and restaurants, washing products, plastics, paper, dietary fiber, other industries and workplace equipment. Since that time, the group provides diversified its actions with the establishment of affiliates and partnerships in lots of industries.


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