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Khaled Albaher can be his brother. Early Existence (Childhood): Slim Albaher was created Sulieman Albaher in NY, Brooklyn and elevated there too. He is close friends with fellow New York-born YouTubers Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar. Interesting Information: He created an individual YouTube channel known as SlimmySlim94 in December of 2012 which would later on turn into a second SlimMofication channel. He was signed by Ampli-Truth Productions. Personal Existence: His family can be from Yemen. He includes a young brother named Hamzah;Who’s Slim Albaher: Actor and comedian who’s area of the YouTube collaborative channel SlimMofication along with Mohamed Nakeeb and his brother, Khaled Albaher. Developing up, he was always the course clown/center of attention.


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