Sister Souljah Net Worth

Sister Souljah Net Worth is
$500 Thousand

Sister Souljah Biography

When she was a decade older, she moved to NJ, where a large amount of African American family members were living. Consequently, the product sales of her created works also have added up too much to the full total size of Sister Souljah net well worth. Souljah obtained notoriety when Expenses Clinton criticized her remarks about competition in the usa through the 1992 presidential marketing campaign. These comments resulted in what is now referred to as a Sister Souljah second. Talking about her profession as a documenting artist, Sister Souljah made an appearance on a few information by the hip-hop group known as Community Enemy, to which she was afterwards accepted as an associate. Sister Souljah offered as the executive director of Daddy’s House Social Applications Inc. which really is a nonprofit company for urban youth that’s financed by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Poor Boy Entertainment. Her just studio album 360 Levels of Power premiered in 1992 and she also appeared with Community Enemy. Her autobiography No Disrespect was released in 1995 and since that time she’s published four novels. It’s been claimed that the full total estimate of Sister Souljah net worthy of reaches just as much as 500 thousand dollars, based on the current calculations. Sister Souljah established fact for several actions of hers, such as for example being truly a recording artist, writer, film maker and activist. In 1992, Sister Souljah became known on her behalf remarks about competition in the usa, that have been criticized by Costs Clinton through the presidential campaign. In addition, it became referred to as a Sister Souljah minute. For this reason, Sister Souljah provides collaborated with Dark and Nobel, which can be an firm, which delivers books to prisons in the complete nation. Sister Souljah was created in an unhealthy family and grew up in bad circumstances.Sister Souljah Net Worthy of: Sister Souljah can be an American writer, activist, recording artist, and film producer who includes a net worthy of of $500 thousand. Sister Souljah disliked the training system in the usa as she believed that the teaching strategies didn’t include any information regarding the African origins of civilization. Also, she sensed that there is a huge insufficient African American background in educational materials. Four years afterwards, Sister Souljah wrote her initial novel known as “The Coldest Wintertime Ever”. When she was an adolescent, she received several honorary awards. Among such acknowledgements was earning the American Legion’s Constitutional Oratory Contest, which supplied her a scholarship to wait Cornell University’s Advanced Summertime Program. This term today describes a politician’s open public repudiation of an extremist person or group, declaration, or position that’s felt to have some association with the politician or their party. In 1992, she released her just solo album called “360 Levels of Power”. Until this date, a lot more than 2 million copies of the book have been marketed and such sales also have added up to the entire estimate of Sister Souljah net worthy of. Sister Souljah was recognized as an intern inside your home of Representatives. Until today, her name appeared one of many the brand new York Times Bestsellers 3 x. Sister Souljah was created in The Bronx, NY in 1964. Her initial novel gained reputation as the first reserve of the road literature genre. In 2008, she released another reserve, known as “Midnight: A Gangster Like Story”. During the initial week of the book’s product sales, it landed in the 7th put on the New York Moments bestseller list. In 2011, Sister Souljah released another novel, known as “Midnight and this is of Love”. 2 yrs later, another book premiered by Sister Souljah, known as “A Deeper Like Inside: the Porsche Santiaga Tale”. What is a lot more interesting is that lots of of her books are favorites amongst prison viewers as her books can be found to enter many prisons libraries. In 1995, she wrote her initial memoir known as “No Disrespect”. Most of her created novels are about like, faith and integrity. In 2015, Sister Souljah wrote a favorite novel called “AN INSTANT of Silence”. She was created in 1964 in the Bronx, NY.

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Quick Facts

Full NameSister Souljah
Net Worth$500 Thousand
Date Of Birth1964
ProfessionFilm producer, Author, Rapper
EducationUniversity of Salamanca, Cornell University, Dwight Morrow High School, Rutgers University
SpouseMike Rich
NominationsNAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work, Fiction

Interesting Facts

1 Saying "Peace, Sister Souljah," is the only proper way to address her.
2 Is in pre-production for the film version of "The Coldest Winter Ever," for which she is writing the screenplay and will star as herself. The executive producer will be Jada Pinkett Smith. [May 2005]
3 Writing a new novel, tentatively titled "Porsche Santiaga." [January 2009]
4 Writing a sequel to her novel "The Coldest Winter Ever." [May 2005]
5 Son, Mike Rich Jr., born 1994.
6 She graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with a Bachelor's degree in 1986.
7 Souljah's two music videos, for the songs "The Final Solution: Slavery's Back in Effect" and "The Hate that Hate Produced," were both banned by MTV.
8 Her only album, "360 Degrees of Power," sold a mere 27,000 copies.


1 [From a forum hosted by Phil Donohue]: When white people feel serious and angry and upset about abortion, they come out in the thousands--up to the millions--to say, "This is what we believe about abortion!" Where is the white outcry against white racism that murders African people all around this entire globe? It doesn't exist. So who are these white good people? I want to meet them! I want to see them!
2 [From an interview by Bill Moyers]: The gap between the young people and the rest of society is that...young people don't have hope. Jesse Jackson says, "Keep hope alive," but there IS no hope because they look at the leadership, number one, and they say, "Okay, to get along in American society, you have to be a sell-out. You have to...put on a suit, talk like a white man, ask for what white people want, say what white people like to be successful." And young Black people don't see that as something that they want to strive for. We want to be able to be who we are, talk how we talk, walk how we walk, live how we want to live, and be producers and providers for OUR children in the future. We want to be African.
3 My definition of good is that you understand that this is a question of power. That you be willing to give up some power. That you be willing to give up some resources. That you be willing to pay Black people reparations for our years and years of service in this country. That you be willing to go home and tell your white mother and father about white racism and how it affects and kills Black people in our communities. That's my definition of good white people, and I haven't met any like that.
4 I am going to explain...why I call myself an African. When I say the word "African," it's not because I'm in love with the word -- it is the concept. If Africa was called Nubia, I would call us Nubian. If it was called Original, I would call us originally. Whatever it was called, I would call us that because of the concept attached to the word. So for everybody who allows themselves to be separated from me because I said "African" instead of "Nubian" or "Black" or "Kemet" or "original" or "Israelite," don't be so foolish. I say "African" because the continent of Africa is the land from which we all originate. It is the word that we are most familiar with right now.



A Different World 1992 TV Series Ianta


Lauren Hutton and... 1996 TV Series Herself
CNN & Company 1992 TV Series Herself

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