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Shaunie O Neal was created as Va’Shaundya Karlette Nelson in 1974. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. She experienced already a child from the old romantic relationship known as Myles and Shaquille experienced a daughter known as Taahirah with a previous girlfriend referred to as Arnetta Yardbourgh. He’s a the previous film internet marketer of O’Neal who was simply it Personality and business owner and producer while at the same time is certainly a philanthropist and a mom of five children. She is executive maker of the Reality Television series on VH-1 known as Basketball Wives & Basketball Wives LA. –> From her biography, Shaunie O Neal grew up in condition of California in the town of LA. Shaunie O Neal acquired to employ some private investigator in order that he can obtain details about the movements of her hubby. During her marriage, she had four kids known as Shareef Me, Amirah Sanaa, Shaquir Rashaun and Rashaun’arah Sanaa. She was the wife of the Shaquille O’Neal. Shaunie and Shaquille separated in 5 years of the relationship in 2007 and later on they reconciled. Shaunie O Neal and shaq had a open public in addition to a messy breakup. Shaunie O Neal divorced her husband due to the infidelity. Shaquille has recently a girlfriend known as Nikki Alexander and he stated that at the same time, he was a content man but in the finish he was a guy with too many choices and he thought we would be with one of these women at a particular time. He continues stating that he had not been the very best partner but he’s learning now. In ’09 2009, Shaunie asked for a divorce in line with the irreconcilable distinctions. She got wedded to Shaquille O’Neal in December 2002 of Beverly Hills hotel. Nevertheless, Shaunie O Neal can be thought to be having some extra-marital affair when he was still wedded. They found find out about the sexting and the mistress of Shaq known as Vanessa Lopez and she ultimately sued him due to the harassment after they finished the affair. Both had prenuptial contract and following the divorce, the lawyer of Shaq acquired to send out a letter where he avoided Shaunie O Neal against talking about their relationship to the Basketball Wives that was the fact show where Shaunie was starring into. Shaunie O Neal may be the one with the custody of their kids and they provide she actually is having an adequate amount for kid and spousal support. Shaq is definitely in new relationship as well as reality celebrity called Nikki plus they visited Pencils of Guarantee Inaugural gala collectively. Shaunie O Neal got even more fame when she became executive maker for Basketball Wives. From her bio, Shaunie O Neal following the divorce, she began to observe Marlon Yate who’s 23 yrs . old and he’s a model. Following the divorce, she got a fifty percent of 300 million net well worth of Shaq, she actually is given 40,000 dollars per month in kid support and 5 million each year in the alimony.


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