Shamicka Lawrence Net Worth

Shamicka Lawrence Net Worth is
$5 Million

Shamicka Lawrence Biography

Shamicka Lawrence ispopular because of her relationship with Martin Lawrence, film maker, screenwriter, an American actor and director.She was observed in it show, Hollywood exes.She knew that the partnership won’t last and leaving her boyfriend wouldn’t normally give her anyfinancial benefits. They possess two daughters collectively who were born prior to the wedding ceremony. She didnot point out the actual cause as why the partnership was failing. The reason behind theseparation was mentioned as irreconcilable differences plus they chosen justcustody of the youngsters. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. –> They both had been in arelationship for nearly 13 years before they got wedded. They got divorcedafter becoming married for just two years. Shamicka stated that they were currently movingapart in the partnership and idea that he becoming her husband would raise the strength of the partnership.Martin filed a divorce from his wife in 2012. Even afterthe wedding ceremony, they couldn’t obtain the spark back again. This rumor was began by Michael Greene, Martin’spersonal supervisor.

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Net Worth$5 Million

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