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Sebastian Bach Net Worth is
$17 Million

Sebastian Bach Biography

During this time, an enormous component of Sebastian Bach net well worth was also accumulated. Sebastian Bach is usually among few Canadian centered singers who like a high net well worth at this age. Later on, he left a note directly on the bandmate’s answering gadget stating him that you will be never very large to start out for KISS. After some 12 months of their marriage romantic relationship things didn’t workout well since it was said to be plus they got divorced. In 2000, Sebastian Bach began his profession as a Broadway performer when he was selected to seem as the titular personality in the play known as “Jekyll and Hyde”. Child Wikkid shifted to Toronto and Bach also shifted in with an aunt. He previously a recurring function on the tv screen show Gilmore Women as “Gil” from 2003 to 2007. In the same season, he got involved to Suzanne Le after he was dating her for couple of months. In 1987, Fallon still left the band. In year 2000, he started producing efficiency in Broadway productions. He was just 18 years old after that. In 1991 he was disparaged for performing putting on a T-shirt with printing “Helps Kills Fags Dead” onto it. Afterwards he stated that it had been thrown to him by his enthusiast and he wore it without reading it. In 1996 he was fired when he booked a present where Skid Row could have opened up for KISS. Furthermore, his father’s comic books, art, along with Kiss gargoyles from its 1979 tour had been rescued. Bach then still left the band Skid Row. In ’09 2009 and 2010, Sebastian Bach was dealing with the band of Guns n Roses and he made an appearance with them on the tour because of its opening work. The band consists The Breeders business lead guitarist, Frogs guitarist Jimmy Flemion and Smashing pumpkins drummer jimmy Chamberlin. The band documented their self-titled album for Atlantic Information but it had not been released. Later it had been released in 1998 on Nice Information with a restricted pressing of 1000 CDs. Then released his solo album “Bring ‘Em Bach Alive! The musician was created in Bahamas in 1968. After that, when he finally hits the stage, he’s prepared to scream. He performed in Broadway productions in 2000. In April 200 he produced his debut with the name function in Jekyll & Hyde. He also appeared at NY Steel on November 28, 2001. Skid Row was a lot more based on tracks and music than Madam X, and that is putting it gently”. In the same season, he signed with the creation of Jesus Christ Superstar alongside JCS veteran Carl Anderson. In June 2004 A Dvd movie video of live performances known as Forever Wild premiered. In the mid-1980, Skid Row was shaped with business lead singer Matt Fallon. In April 2005 the Frameshift album “An Lack of Empathy” premiered. He starred on the display Supergroup in-may 2006 with Evan Seinfeld, Jason Bonham, Ted Nugent and Scott Ian. For the reality present, they produced a band “Damnocracy”. He in addition has acted in a number of stage production just like the Rocky Horror Jekyll, Hyde, Present and Jesus Christ Superstar. He spends the initial half of it singing, and the various other – giving his tone of voice some rest. He became a member of the truth show Gone Nation second season and finally won the show. Furthermore, he still stayed involved with music as he collaborated with Guns n Roses and he also started an effective solo career, which includes added up revenues to Sebastian Bach net worthy of, aswell. At the Revolver Golden Gods Awards and Rock on the Ranger, he performed Youth Gone Crazy with the band live. He also did tone of voice work of Prince Triton in the SpongeBob SquarePants event. He revealed his forthcoming solo album “Kicking & Screaming” on June 15, 2011. PERSONAL Lifestyle: In mid 1980, he dated Maria Aquinar. The few together has a boy called Paris. In July 1992 they got wedded and had another boy called London. In September 2010 the few got divorced. Then started dating model Minnie Gupta. In April 2012 they got involved. He got involved to Suzanne on December 28, 2014. By 2016, Sebastian Bach’s net well worth is approximated to become $10 million dollars. Once, he was marked singing at wedding ceremony of a rock professional photographer named Tag Weiss by parents of Jon Bon Jovi who suggested that he attempt for band of their son’s friend. This few took divorce in 12 months 2010. He is child to David Bierk who’s founder and the Director of Peterborough’s Artspace. Discovering his personal existence he was married along with his lover. When he was simply 14 yeard aged after he passed within an audition he was employed by guitarist and band innovator of Child Wikkid, Jason Delorme. He also announced a partnership record label with EMI to make a label possessed by Bach. He’s the brother of celebrity Dylan Bierk. Together these were parents of two sons and a child. When he was 14 years aged, he auditioned to enter the group. Later on after some years of divorce he once again dated model plus they got engaged as well but the romantic relationship didn’t last again plus they broke up. Presently he’s in relationship along with his fresh girlfriend who’s a model. Sebastian Bach net well worth: Sebastian Bach s a Canadian singer-songwriter who includes a net well worth of $10 million. Sebastian Bach was created in Freeport, Bahamas in 1968. And here’s what the musician experienced to say about any of it while providing an interview for Guitar Globe: “My vocal design is named bel canto, which can be an aged Italian vocal style heading back more than 100 years. Since his departure from Skid Row in 1996, Sebastian Bach offers toured with numerous musicals, acted in Broadway takes on, appeared in reality displays, guest performed with Guns n’ Roses, and experienced a successful solo profession. Many Skid Row and Kiss artifacts comprising Skid Row centered master tapes were within the home, however non-e had been smashed. Sebastian Bach opened up for Guns n’ Roses Chinese Democracy Tour in ’09 2009 and 2010. In 2002, Sebastian Bach began his profession as a Television show sponsor when he was employed by VH1 channel to focus on the display “Forever Wild”. In 2002, Sebastian Bach became the sponsor of the VH1 display “Forever Crazy”. Sebastian acquired a recurring function on the WB tv series “Gilmore Young ladies” from 2003 to 2007. Bach produced his Broadway performing debut with the name function in “Jekyll & Hyde” in April 2000. On April 30, 2013, Sebastian Bach confirmed via Twitter a brand-new studio album was in the works together with a tentative discharge date sometime in 2014. Sebastian Bach provides been wedded twice, and provides three children. Presently old 49, Sebastian Bach is certainly a Bahamian based rock singer who attained main achievement getting as frontman of Skid Row from years 1987 till 1996. This singer persist a solo profession, performed on Broadway, in addition to created appearances in tv and film. Net worthy of of Sebastian Bach is certainly saturated in millions, get additional information below: Sebastian Bach Biography: Born in Sebastian Bach, Sebastian Bach was raised in Peterborough, situated in Ontario. During one stage of period, he resided in Crimson Bank, in NJ. In yr 2011 his house situated in NJ was spoiled by Irene and known as uninhabitable. Sebastian Bach sang Skid Row tunes including “18 and Existence”, “I RECALL You”, “Monkey Business”, “Youth Gone Wild”, “Wasted Period”, “Slave to the Grind”, and “Quicksand Jesus”. He was informed that Skid Row is normally too big for executing as an opening action and were not likely to do the present by the other associates. The associates of Child Wikkid had been belonged from Peterborough, situated in Ontario. After hearing of the band and uninformed of their age range, Sebastian provided audition for that group when he was 14-year-previous. He was appointed by band head and guitarist named Jason Delorme. Furthermore, Child Wikkid relocated to Toronto, and Sebastian father eventually permitted him to change with aunt. It had been formerly created in period of 1980s in colaboration with main singer called Matt Fallon. They began performing at several NJ clubs. Fallon will immediately resign this band in calendar year 1987, abandoning Skid Row in lack of a singer. A Canadian rock singer who’s the front-guy of the band Skid Row from 1987 to 1996. In year 1991, he was appraised for executing while putting on a T-shirt that presents “Helps Kills Fags Dead”. Although the band had not been successful commercially and didn’t have any significant influence on Sebastian Bach net worthy of, it contributed to the advancement of his singing skill. it had been thrown towards him by one enthusiast. Moreover, he was eventually thrilled when he authorized a present where Skid Row could have began for KISS back yr 1996. Remaining band people described him that Skid Row was large to become as opening become well as mentioned that they might not do that show. BIOGRAPHY: The people of Child Wikkid were put into Peterborough. This group worked well to record one eponymous centered album designed for Atlantic Information, who later chose never to release it. In year 1996, he developed The Last Hard Males, in colaboration with Frogs guitarist called Jimmy Flemion, business lead guitarist of Breeders called as Kelley Deal, in addition to drummer of Smashing Pumpkins called Jimmy Chamberlin. In early 1987 Bach was asked to become listed on the band as he was spotted singing at rock professional photographer Mark Weiss’s wedding. Furthermore, he made his Broadway centered debut by a name role performed in Jekyll & Hyde back year 2000. Sebastian began dating Maria Aquinar during mid-1980s which couple had one child called Paris, born in 1988. This few got married in yr 1992 plus they welcomed another boy named London, in calendar year 1994. His real birth name is normally Sebastian Phillip Bierk. Afterwards, he began dating a model called Minnie Gupta plus they both got involved in calendar year 2012 but terminated their relationship in year 2014. They played at several NJ clubs. They both got wedded in year 2015, and presently reside in Los Angeles. Just how much is normally Sebastian Bach Net worthy of in 2017: Sebastian Bach is regarded as a Canadian structured singer and a songwriter having net worthy of of $12 million US dollars by 2017. This singer could very well be greatest named lead singer for much metal or locks band called Skid Row which observed a significant success in his profession from season 1987 till 1996. After his parting from Skid Row in season 1996, he provides toured along with many musicals, performed in Broadway has, appeared the truth is shows, and noted a highly effective solo profession. His birth name can be Sebastian Philip Bierk. He attained peculiarity when you are lead singer for much metal or locks band called Skid Row. It’s been estimated that the entire size of Sebastian Bach net worthy of can be 7 million dollars, up even today. Sebastian Bach became popular because of his profession in music, where he’s referred to as a singer and track writer. Thus, music is a huge component of his life in addition to a huge way to obtain Sebastian Bach net well worth.” in 1999. Sebastian Bach is most likely mainly known for his function in the rock-band known as “Skid Row”, where he’s also called a innovator of it. The group was immensely well-known in the time of 1987-1996.Canadian rock singer, Sebastian Bach was created on April 3, 1968, in Freeport, Bahamas. Because the band stopped carrying out, in 1996 Sebastian Bach moved to a significant different path and appeared in a variety of musicals and toured with Broadway. Sebastian Bach also offers appeared in various Television shows. In the March/April problem of Revolver, British metalcore band Asking Alexandria interviewed him in 2011. As part of the band “Skid Row”, Sebastian Bach performed a whole lot of songs that he was popular, including “18 and Lifestyle”, “Monkey Business”, “Wasted Period”, “Quicksand Jesus”, “I RECALL You”, “Youth Gone Crazy” and “Slave to the Grind”. Jason Delorme, your guitar participant, and bandleader employed him. One year later on, Sebastian Bach was selected to surface in “The Rocky Horror Display”, where he was selected for the component of Riff Raff. He also performed Riff Raff in “The Rocky Horror Display” in 2001. In the time of 2003-2007 Sebastian Bach also made an appearance on it series called “Gilmore Ladies”, where he previously a recurring component. The series also have increased the overall quantity of Sebastian Bach net worthy of. Then formed a band known as The Last Hard Guys in 1996. In 2013, Sebastian Bach on his Twitter profile announced that he would discharge an album in 2014. Thus, he still were able to continue his profession as a solo work besides his focus on TV. Predicated on our estimations, Sebastian Bach net worthy of currently amounts to $7 million dollars. He began his profession in music as a 14-year-old, after effectively auditioning for the band Child Wikkid. After that in the next half of the 1980s Sebastian obtained prominence with the group Skid Row. Although the musician hasn’t stepped from the stage, lately we’ve heard relatively small about him. It looks like the best times of the musician are already previously. It wasn’t so very much based on music. When you are probably conscious, the most crucial music device Bach uses is usually his voice. He’s probably most widely known as the business lead singer for the weighty metal/locks band Skid Row which experienced mainstream achievement from 1987 to 1996. It had been taught if you ask me by a guy called Don Lawrence out in NY and I’ve been carrying it out since 1987″. As we’ve mentioned previously, Sebastian has became a member of his initial band at this 14. Based on the superstar, his warm-up ritual begins one hour before the present. On November 20, 2007, he released his album Angel Down by himself label. The album included five brand-new first solo tracks. It really is this amazing vocal that will pay Sebastian’s bills even today, hence it isn’t surprising he will not spare enough time to warm it up before concerts. Later on he appealed that he offers worn it in lack of reading it in the beginning; After Child Wikkid, there was an organization titled Madam X. Nevertheless, when speaking this the star is pretty crucial about any of it and b. During an interview for Guitar Globe Sebastian provides joked: „We didn’t really focus on songs so very much. It had been more the clothing and the locks and the staging. non-etheless, it is worth going for a closer consider the life and profession of the rock singer. He also hosted VH1’s Forever Crazy in early 2002. Although the star seems quite skeptical while discussing Skid Row as well, and will not even make an effort to pretend it was predicated on music, it was specifically this band that kick-started the development of Sebastian Bach net worthy of. Skid Row was produced in 1986 in NJ and gained prominence immediately after. The band’s eponymous debut album, featuring tracks “18 and Lifestyle” , “Youth Gone Crazy” and “I RECALL You” , has marketed over 5 million copies in the usa alone and received 5 x Platinum certificate from the Documenting Sectors Association of America. Since that time Sebastian has documented four studio albums with the group and three as a solo artist. All of them provides contributed to the entire Sebastian Bach net worthy of.

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Quick Facts

Full NameSebastian Bach
Net Worth$17 Million
Date Of BirthApril 3, 1968
Place Of BirthEisenach, Germany
Height1.9 m
ProfessionActor, Singer, Songwriter
SpouseMaria Aquinar
ChildrenParis Bierk, London Bierk, Sebastiana Bierk
ParentsDavid Bierk
SiblingsZac Bierk, Dylan Bierk, Alex Bierk, Lisa Bierk, Jeff Bierk, Lisa Hare, Nick Bierk, Charles Bierk
Music GroupsSkid Row, Kings of Chaos, Madam X, Damnocracy, Frameshift, The Frogs, Winter Rose
MoviesRock of Ages, Swearnet: The Movie, Point Doom, Sebastian Bach: Forever Wild, Skid Row: Rock Power Documentary Unauthorised, Sideshow: The New Sideshow
TV ShowsCelebrity Fit Club, Z Rock, Gone Country, Supergroup, I Love the '80s Strikes Back

Interesting Facts

1 Appeared in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' playing the title role on tour until he was fired in April 2003 for diva-like behavior. He is working on a June release of the "Forever Wild" DVD and also has a new band called the Bach Tight 5. [May 2004]
2 Presently touring Australia with Guns 'n Roses (June 2007).
3 Since the summer of 2000, he has been starring in Broadway musicals such as 'Jekyll and Hyde', and most recently, as of November 1, 2002, he's been signed to perform as Jesus Christ in the touring company of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. [June 2000]
4 Has 2 sons, Paris Francis Muir Bach (born March 4, 1988) and London Siddhartha Halford Bach (born January 17, 1994), and a daughter, Sebastiana Maria Chantal Bach (born July 15, 2007) with Maria Bierk.
5 Ted Nugent led an intervention on the VH1 reality show Supergroup (2006) and Bach gave up alcohol. Nugent promised to "kick the shit out of" him if he ever drank again. Later during the finale of the show Sebastian brought out a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and began guzzling it. Then he put some of the drink on Nugent's face and it was revealed that the bottle was filled with iced tea. Sebastian had done this as a joke.
6 Wrote the lyrics for the Skid Row song "Wasted Time" about his friend Steven Adler, who was the original drummer for Guns N' Roses.
7 He got into trouble after wearing a T-shirt that read, "AIDS Kills Fags Dead". He later apologized on MTV for wearing the shirt and showing poor judgment.
8 Skid Row's 1991 album, "Slave to the Grind", debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. It was the first metal album to do so. It sparked more metal albums to debut at #1, including Guns N' Roses "Use Your Illusion" albums.
9 Used to be a choir boy.
10 His father is David Bierk, a founding member and the Director of Peterborough's Artspace (1974-1987) and artist.
11 Brother Zac Bierk is a professional goaltender and has played in the NHL with the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Minnesota Wild.
12 Brother of actress Dylan Bierk
13 Former lead singer of the metal band Skid Row
14 Raised in Canada


1 Long Blonde Hair
2 His Height
3 Powerful High Vocal range


1 If I ever grow up, I don't want to be around for it.


Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2013 ISA Indie Series Awards Best Guest Appearance (Comedy) Adults Only (2011)



Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 2016 TV Mini-Series post-production Gil
Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park 2016 TV Series Sebastian Bach
Deserted 2016/I Archer
Trailer Park Boys 2007-2014 TV Series Sebastian Bach
Swearnet: The Movie 2014 Sebastian Bach
Robot Chicken 2008-2014 TV Series Dino-Riders Singer / Wildman / Martian Manhunter
Tom Green Live 2014 TV Series
Yukon Kornelius 2013 TV Movie
Californication 2013 TV Series Tony
Sebastian Bach: Kicking and Screaming and Touring 2012 TV Movie
Rock of Ages 2012 Rocker
Adults Only 2011 TV Series Shifty
SpongeBob SquarePants 2010 TV Series Triton
Gilmore Girls 2003-2007 TV Series Gil
Strange Frequency 2001 TV Series Grim Reaper
Fozzy: Unleashed, Uncensored, Unknown 2000 TV Short Sebastian Bach
Point Doom 2000 Slim
Final Rinse 1999 Buddy


Galavant 2015 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 2011 TV Series performer - 2 episodes
Gilmore Girls 2004-2007 TV Series performer - 4 episodes

Camera Department

Skid Row: Roadkill 1993 Video additional photographer


Skid Row: No Frills Video 1993 Video short executive producer - as Skid Row


COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages 2016 Documentary special thanks
Lemmy 2010 Documentary thanks


American Satan 2016 post-production Himself
Breaking Band 2015 TV Series Himself
Sing Your Face Off 2014 TV Series Himself - Contestant / Himself - Special Performance
The Roast on the Range 2014 Video Himself
That Metal Show 2011-2013 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Rock and Roll Roast of Dee Snider 2013 TV Movie Himself
Full Throttle Saloon 2013 TV Series Himself
Sebastian Bach: Abachalypse Now 2013 Video Himself
The Eric Andre New Year's Eve Spooktacular 2012 TV Short Himself
Asking Alexandria: Through Sin and Self-Destruction 2012 Video short Himself
Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen 2012 TV Series Himself
The Hour 2011-2012 TV Series Himself
Metal Evolution 2011 TV Series documentary Himself
Golden Gods Awards 2011 TV Special Himself
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 2011 TV Series Himself / Himself - Performer
Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage 2010 Documentary Himself
Celebrity Fit Club 2010 TV Series Himself
Gone Country 2008-2009 TV Series Himself
Down & Dirty 2009 TV Series Himself
100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs 2008 TV Movie Himself
CMT Insider 2008 TV Series Himself
Z Rock 2008 TV Series Himself
Celebrity Rap Superstar 2007 TV Series Himself
LA Ink 2007 TV Series documentary Himself
Celebrity Duets 2006 TV Series Himself - Musical Guest
Guns N' Roses: Rock am Ring 2006 2006 TV Movie Himself
Supergroup 2006 TV Series Himself
VH1's Heavy: The Story of Metal 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself
I Love the '90s 2004 TV Series documentary Himself
Sebastian Bach: Forever Wild 2004 Video documentary Himself
The Greatest 2004 TV Series documentary Himself
Kiss Loves You 2004 Documentary
I Married... 2004 TV Series Himself
I Love the '70s 2003 TV Series documentary Himself
Weakest Link 2002 TV Series Himself - Contestant
Never Mind the Buzzcocks 2002 TV Series Himself
The New Sideshow 2002 TV Movie documentary Narrator
Never Mind the Buzzcocks 2002 TV Series Himself
Cover Wars 2001 TV Series Himself - Judge
100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock 2000 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself - Member, Skid Row
Cribs 2000 TV Series Himself
Broadway on Broadway 2000 TV Movie Himself - Performer "This is the Moment" (Jekyll & Hyde)
Top Ten 2000 TV Series documentary Himself
Skulhedface 1994 Video Himself
Skid Row: No Frills Video 1993 Video short Himself (Vocals) (as Skid Row)
Skid Row: Roadkill 1993 Video Himself (Vocals) (as Skid Row)
Saturday Night Live 1993 TV Series Himself
Hangin' w/MTV 1992 TV Series Himself
Headbangers Ball 1992 TV Series Himself - Skid Row
Skid Row: Oh Say Can You Scream 1990 Video Himself (Vocals) (as Skid Row)
The 1989 Annual MTV Video Music Awards 1989 TV Special Himself
Moscow Music Peace Festival 1989 TV Special Himself

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