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His fans are in love with him and his dazzling smile and great love of life is the someone to die for. He was created on June 6, 1990, in Hilo, Hawaii to Japanese parents Wendel Higa and Luci Higa. He doesn’t appear to be the bulked up body builders, but he appears properly fine. By December 2010, the channel had reached over 3 million clients. Higa, who provides been working his YouTube channel since July 20, 2006, can be a phenomenal comedian and actor. At age 16, he began dating Tarynn Nago. They continued until 2010 i.e. 4 years. After that, he began dating Andrea Thi this year 2010. The info about their romantic relationship remains covert. Nevertheless, Ryan can be assumed to be one right now. Ryan Higa’s net worthy of can be incessantly rocketing: Ryan Higa provides been on YouTube since ten years now. This also would go to the movies he made. Many of them possess been in a position to promote their YouTube picture to an internationally franchise. He visited study nuclear medication from the University of Nevada in NEVADA. Initially, he utilized to lip sync the tracks. Then, the channel began diversifying towards comedic design displays. In 2008, Higa and his partner Fujiyoshi produced HOW EXACTLY TO Be Gangster and HOW EXACTLY TO Be Emo movies which subsequently got quite definitely famous. The city of Hilo provides about 50,000 residents. Aside from the YouTube Channel, Ryan is wanting to find yourself in the film industry aswell. In 2016, he was cast in the horror film Inform Me How I Die. Ryan Higa’s profession has gained him a net worthy of of around 2 million dollars. Ryan Higa’s elevation and Asian appear makes him the appealing one: Ryan Higa can be 1.73 metres’ high and weighs approximately 147 pounds. Quick FACTUAL STATEMENTS ABOUT Ryan Higa: Ryan Higa was raised along with his brother, Kyle Higa. Ryan Higa comes with an amazing lean body. Higa was lately named among the hottest YouTubers on the planet by Business Insider. The network offers released in 2006 and offers created by Higa and his additional three close friends. He spends a whole lot on his locks. In collaboaration with Wong Fu Productions, Hia offers creates a 35-minute lengthy independent film known as ‘Agent of Magic formula Stuff’. There, he makes YouTube video clips and attends the University of Nevada. Ryan Higa can be thinking about wrestling and additional boyish things like partying: Ryan Higa can be wrestling lover. In fact, he’s a dark belt holder in Judo and did some wrestling in the senior high school days. He’s a terrific internet character and his video clips in YouTube get an incredible number of views. Lately, Ryan Higa celebrated the 1st a decade of his YouTube Channel. HIs co-workers threw a shock anniversary party for the special event. In 2008, he released Ryan and Sean’s NOT Excellent Experience and a brief film titled Ninja Melk premiered in ’09 2009. The app features video games, unseen footages, live chats and also allows the enthusiasts to upload their very own contents such as video clips or photos. YouTubers have already been producing waves on the web for quite some time now. And, the full total count of the video sights is a lot more than 3 billion. With an increase of than 14 million clients on YouTube, YouTuber Ryan Higa’s nigahiga ranks being among the most well-known stations on the video posting site. Higa offers been with several girls up to now. Born on June 5, 1990, japan American internet feeling has been acquiring the globe by storm along with his humorous sketches and brilliantly prepared video clips in which he’s sometimes seen portraying numerous characters. He includes a whooping 2. The very long time close friends started publishing funny video clips on YouTube while they attended Waiakea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 2006 where they lip-synced to tracks. In 2011, His second YouTube channel known as HigaTV was formed. In the home he was constantly outshined by his elder brother, Kyle Higa, who’s a Judo prodigy and would continually be the center of interest. At this time in existence, Higa was released to wrestling which would help him modification his existence. Moving towards his performing career, he offers starred in three films including “Inform Me How I Die”, “Ryan and Sean’s NOT Superb”, and “Agent of Magic formula Stuff”. During this time period, his YouTube channel was getting more and more sights which motivated Higa to keep publishing regular comedy sketches on the webpage. He was in a romantic relationship with Tarynn Nago, who also made an appearance in some of his video clips, until 2009. Higa also made a decision to drop out of University of Nevada, NEVADA where he was a sophomore to spotlight his YouTube profession. Higa initially designed to post video clips on YouTube for his family to view but as time passed he noticed that other individuals were watching his video clips on his channel. His regular collaborators had been Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, Kyle Chun, Tarynn Nago and Ryan Villaruel. HOW EXACTLY TO Be Emo and HOW EXACTLY TO Be Gangster had been two of his earliest video clips to be popular. They said within an interview that their mutual friend fulfilled them to one another and later began dating. By December 2010, his channel had amassed 3 million clients becoming probably the most subscribed channel on YouTube. He’s an author aswell he has released a publication, “Ryan Higa’s How exactly to Write Great”. Besides, Ryan also offers his personal app called “TeeHee”. An unbiased film co-developed with Wong Fu Productions titled Brokers of Secret Stuff premiered on the channel this year 2010.6 vast amounts of views and in addition from other channel video clips aswell. But he proved later on and in addition told that he’s not really a gay and began dating with another woman, Andrea Thi but still they’re dating and madly want to each other. A few of his collaborators through the years are Smosh, Miranda Sings, Superwoman, Kevjumba etc. There had been occasions when he was reported to possess violated copyright policies plus some video clips were removed as well. By Might 2015, Higa Television had a lot more than 3.2 million subscribers. Altogether started to make content material for the nigahiga channel and in the first 2016, they shaped a parody K-Pop group known as Males Generally Asian. That yr, he founded Ryan Higa Creation Business with Sean Fujiyoshi and presently all of his video clips are produced beneath the label. Lately, Higa surpassed 14 million clients on his nigahiga channel and offers collected over 2 billion total sights. Also recently, Higa released the TeeHee: Official Ryan Higa App on both iPhone and Google android markets. Higa offers helped to create the YOMYOMF Network in 2012.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.62 million followers on Twitter. Ryan Higa can be well-known for his Youtube existence. He’s very famous Youtube character and can be an actor by career. He’s within Youtube with username Nigahiga. Brief Bio: Ryan can be of Japanese descent therefore is of keeps Asian-American ethnicity but keeps American nationality because he was created in Hawaii, U. He became energetic from mid 2006 and his trip continues. In 2011, another channel HigaTV was made where extra videos, websites and bloopers were submitted. He was dating his girlfriend Tarynn Nago during the past but sadly the few cannot take their relationship additional. He’s also a dark belt holder in Judo which proves how multi skilled he’s. He previously dated some girls during the past but isn’t dating anyone presently. There isn’t much information regarding his personal life on the internet though. This internet superstar has had the opportunity to maintain his personal lifestyle from the radar. Afterwards, his previous movies ‘How to end up being Ninja’, ‘How to end up being Emo’ and ‘How to be Gangtser’ had been back again on the right track in the springtime of 2010. He’s also an actor and a comedian. Occasional guest occurrences possess made by his close friends and his YouTube humor videos have been looking at over billion instances. Ryan likes watching Natural and SMACKDOWN fits.Ryan Higa is definitely a YouTube personality and an actor who has appeared in various movies and YouTube videos. Enough time has arrive for him to shine in films and Television shows as well and it looks like he’s waiting for an ideal opportunity and roles. He’s the complete deal and directors and manufacturers are already searching for him. His movies in YouTube have already been watched a lot more than 2.5 billion times already which proves how big he’s and he has been. He has recently worked in a film aswell and his work for the reason that film was sensational. The name of the film he proved helpful in was called Brokers of Secret Stuff. He’s none apart from the very handsome Ryan Higa. He was created in the entire year 1990on 6th of June which makes his age 25 at the moment. He offers one sibling called Kyle Higa. He is one of the nationality American in fact it is quite apparent as he was created in America. According for some resources, his ethnicity is definitely Asian. He was created in a place known as Hilo, in Hawaii in the usa of America. The brands of his parents are Wendell Higa and Luci Higa plus they must be extremely pleased with what their boy has attained in his great career and also they learn is however to come as he’s so talented therefore hard working. He visited Waiakea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for his early education and afterwards he transferred to University of Nevada for his higher-level education. Wiki sites such as for example Wikipedia also contain details on him and his biography. He’s not married at this time which means he doesn’t have a wife as well. He made the YouTube channel in July 2006. He’s an American citizen of Japanese ancestory. He’s surely not really gay though as he has been around relationship during the past. It had been during his senior high school years, Higa and his friend Sean Fujiyoshi began posting YouTube movies of themselves lip synching to several popular melody in the mid-2006. In the entire year 2010 he was in a romantic relationship with Andrea Thi but unfortunately this romantic relationship of his also cannot work out. He’s a tall guy as he includes a very decent elevation of 5 feet 9 inches. He’s beautiful and has an excellent body. He looks very good when he will go shirtless aswell. He includes a jaw dropping net worthy of of 2 million dollars which proves how effective he has been around his career. He’s also active in well-known social networking sites such as for example Twitter and Instagram. In 2012, Rayn Higa helped in forming YOMYOMF Network, which hosts on the web video- making skill competition, Internet Icon, and Higa served because the primary judges alongside Timothy DeLaGhetto and Christine Lakin. Which guy gained from his YouTube movies plus some other works such as for example actor, singer and the as a comedian. His accounts is verified as well. In 2016, he teamed with various other YouTubers to create the group ‘Boys Generally Asian’ that is a parody of K-pop. There is absolutely no any information regarding his marriage, kids so it could be believed that he’s one and is normally unmarried. His YouTube username is normally ‘nigahiga’ and he’s popular for his humor videos. His movies have been viewed a lot more than 3 billion situations. His YouTube channel known as ‘ nigahiga ‘ was probably the most subscribed channel from 2009 to 2011 and it had been for 677 consecutive times. In 2017, Higa released the single “Millennial Like” with Kina Grannis. He in addition has appeared in the 2016 film ‘Tell Me How I Die’. The estimated net worthy of of Ryan Higa is normally $2.5 Million US dollars. Ryan Higa Biography: Ryan Higa was created on June 6, 1990, in Hilo, Hawaii. Therefore, Ryan rose high in the world of internet. He was created to parents Wendell Higa and Luci Higa. He comes with an elder brother called Kyle. They utilized to post movies of lip syncing if they had been at Waiākea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. As a kid, he used to contend in judo and in addition retains the rank of a dark belt. He visited Waiākea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Hilo where he utilized to wrestle. Discovering his personal lifestyle, he dated Nago for four years, nevertheless, the few separated without revealing any cause of it. He owes this prosperity to all or any the videos which are being viewed on YouTube. The couple split this year 2010. In mid-2006, Rayan Higa utilized to upload movies on YouTube alongside Sean Fujiyoshi. It really is quite apparent that he hasn’t been through the procedure of divorce aswell. Bus sadly in past due 2010 she split up relation, because alleged him as a gay. Both of these practised Judo from a age and it had been a big section of their family lifestyle. In addition, it became the initial channel on YouTube to attain the 3 million clients tag. His YouTube name “nigahiga” is a combined mix of “Niga’ that is the “rant” in Japanese and “Higa” as his last name. Senior high school was trouble for Higa where he was bullied regularly and he often discovered himself isolated from his peers. It has a lot more than 4. INVOLVEMENTS IN Movies: In 2008, Richard Van Vleet, LA maker approached Ryan Higa and provided them to greatly help creat their initial feature film, ‘Ryan and Sean’s NOT Excellent Experience’. Higa has obtained an enormous pursuing on social media marketing with 1. Because the year of 2016’s December, his YouTube channel “Nigahia,” provides over 19 million clients. In 2008, by using Richard Van Vleet, he made his initial film known as ‘Ryan and Sean’s NOT Excellent Adventure’. In ’09 2009, he produced another film known as ‘Ninja Melk’. He’s of Japanese descent and originates from the Okinawa Prefecture. Quickly they moved to humor pieces and also utilized to feature Ryan Villaruel, Tarynn Nago, Kyle Chun, and Tim Enos. Higa began as a YouTuber in mid-2006. In 2012, he created a production organization called Ryan Higa Creation Company (RHPC). The business was formed together with his friend Fujiyoshi. Ryan Higa is definitely a YouTube character who has over 20 million clients on YouTube. Ryan Higa was nominated in the 2017 Teen Choice Awards in the group of ‘Choice Male Internet Celebrity’. In 2014, he was nominated for the Little Hollywood Awards as a ‘Viral Superstar’. He provides been nominated 3 x in the ‘Streamy Awards’. He visited the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL called Waiakea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for his education and graduated from there. Just how much is certainly Ryan Higa Net Well worth in 2017: Ryan Higa found immense achievement after uploading his video clips on YouTube. He offers a lot more than 20 million clients on YouTube and his video clips have already been viewed over 3 billion instances. Ryan Higa’s net well worth is an approximated $2.5 million US dollars by 2017. In 2006, Ryan Higa started dating Tarynn Nago. His YouTube channel nigahiga offers around 18 million subscribers. His video clips on YouTube have already been viewed over 3 billion instances and his channel, “nigahiga”, was probably the most subscribed stations on YouTube with an increase of than 20 million clients. He has also highlighted as DJ Elephant At once ‘Supah Ninjas’. He provides created and directed the film ‘Ryan and Sean’s NOT Excellent Adventure’. His well-known comedy videos include “How exactly to be considered a Gangster”, “The ipod device Human”, and “Nice Men”. Ryan Higa has submitted his YouTube video clips in collaboration with Kevin Wu, who’s popularly referred to as Kev Jumba. As of this age you’ll find nothing he hasn’t achieved in his profession in fact it is all due to his talent and commitment. He’s active on many social networking sites such as for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and so forth. This year 2010, the video clips reappeared again for general public viewing. He offers two dogs called Marley and Teddy. A few of his popular video clips are ‘Nice Men,’ ‘How to become Gangster,’ and ‘The iPod Human being’. EARLY LIFE/EDUCATIONS/Profession: Born in Hilo, Hawaii on 6 June 1990, Rayn Higa dad can be Wendell Higa and mom can be Luci Higa. He was created in a location called Hilo, which is based on Hawaii of United states. Ryan can be a Judo participant and holds a dark belt rank; also curiosity in athletic and keen on wrestling. Ryan Higa attended Waiakea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and graduated in 2008. He was dating his girlfriend Tarynn Nago from the entire year 2006 to the entire year 2010. Afterwards, they feel it must be expanded plus they started posting types of comedic parts featuring various other YouTubers like Tim Enos, Ryan Villaruel, Kyle Chun, and Tarynn Nago. However in nov 2008, their two many popular movies ‘How To End up being Gangster’ and ‘How To Be Emo’ were taken out by YouTube because of violation of copyright. On 21 January 2009, his accounts nigahiga was temporarily suspended and all movies were taken out as he hasn’t attained the copyright of the merchandise. Since then he began composing music and began posting the movies of his very own creation. Supposedly, he’s active in short movies directions. To pursues additional education, Ryan Higa relocated to NEVADA and studies nuclear medication at the University of Nevada, NEVADA. In 2012 Ryan founded his own production organization named Ryan Hida Creation Company. The business demands an active, therefore he invited his close friends: Sean Fujiyoshi, Grey Sanyatande, Derek Dereleek and can Shayhan to greatly help run the business. Higa made an appearance as a judge on the web Icon series in 2012. OPERATING MULTIPLE Stations: Ryan Higa and his colleuges has generated a number of stations, On 20 July 2006, he developed a YouTube channel by the name nigahiga along with his fellow close friends Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos and Tarynn Nago; where they called themselves as “The Yabo Crew”. Shortly, the channel became well-known and experienced reached over 17 million subscribers by October 2016. Will He Marry along with his Girlfriend? But he offers romantically dated a woman to date but still madly want to her. HigaTv also produced an enormous suceess, mangaging to attain 4 million subsribes by October 2016. He includes a jaw dropping 1.8 million subscribers until June 2017. The film premiered on November 14, 2008, in Hawaii and California and its own Film DVD premiered in america on 14 July 2009. In August 2009, his 26-minutes brief film ‘Ninja Melk’ premiered. Furthermore, he lives in NEVADA, probably the most expensive metropolitan areas on the planet. The film was directed by Wesley Chan, Ted Fu and Philip Wang and was uploaded to Nigahiga channel on 24 November 2010. The film also features others actors, including Aki Aleong, Ian, Anthony of Smosh and Hiimrawn. Ryan Higa performed the starring functions as DJ Elephant Mind within an bout of ‘Supah Ninjas’. He’s not so tall as he comes with an average elevation of 5 feet 9 inches. According for some sources he includes a jaw dropping net worthy of of 2 million U. PERSONAL Lifestyle & NET WORTH: Ryan Higa, who’s 5′ 8” tall isn’t yet married and regarding to his general public profile, he’s possibly solitary. There is absolutely no record of him having a girlfriend or any passionate like affairs. He loves viewing movies in his leisure time and explained himself because the confessed lover of anime series ‘Naruto’. Ryan Higa is usually a Japanese descent American actor and YouTuber, who became the web feeling by his YouTube comedic video clips beneath the name Nigahiga. Ryan was identified as having ADHA as a kid. Ryan Higa includes a net worthy of of $2 million dollars. In ’09 2009, his accounts was temporarily suspended from YouTube and was asked to eliminate videos that have been copyrighted. Famous YouTube character, Ryan Higa is way better known by his YouTube’s username Nigahiga for his humor video like the popular “The ipod device Human”, “Nice Men”, and “How exactly to be Gangster”. This year 2010, he produced the film ‘ Agents of Key Stuff ‘ with Wong Fu Productions and was uploaded in his nigahiga channel. Ryan Higa is definitely a indigenous of Hilo, Hawaii born on 6th June 1990, to his parents and was raised alongside his brother, Kyle. Discussing his nationality, he’s an American and belongs to Nihonjin ethnic history. He enrolled at “Waiakea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL” where he utilized to take part in wrestling, further he’s passionate towards Judo. During his senior high school, Higa alongside Fujiyo started publishing YouTube movies of lip-syncing on the YouTube channel, made on 20th July 2006. Shortly, they extended their channel with a number of comedic parts. After graduation from his senior high school, Higa shifted to Las Vagas to review nuclear medication at the “University of Nevada”. He continued to become the condition champion in wrestling and second in condition in Judo by enough time he finished senior high school in 2008. Additionally, he’s also a singer and offers released his 1st single, “Millennial Like”. He started collaborating with other YouTubers on his channel which helped boost his group of fans. Higa finished his graduation in 2008. Presently, he could be single yet not really married. After his split up, he does not have any any links with girls. Considering his economic factors, Higa includes a net worthy of of $2 million. He makes much cash through his professional professions as a YouTuber, an actor in addition to also from endorsements and sponsorship. Most widely known by YouTube username ‘Nigahiga’ and in addition known for comedy movies like the famous ‘Nice Men,’ ‘How to end up being Gangster’ and ‘the iPod Individual’ and has accumulated even more the eighteen million clients, Ryan Higa. Not merely known as the web sensational, Richard Van produced and directed his 1st feature film titled Ryan and Sean’s Nit So Superb Adventure in 2008 and in addition called an actor. What’s his Profession and Succession? YouTube superstar, Ryan created his initial YouTube while going to Waiakea SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL where this guy completed in Judo and Wrestling. Ryan is an elegant person aswell. Later this guy and his one friend, Fujiyoshi began publishing YouTube video clips of themselves in mid-2006. In theses published video clips, the duo lip-synched tracks. And not lengthy following, they two extended beyond songs, introducing various other comedic pieces. He’s a sensational skill and his fame can be tremendous. He has served among the primary judges with Timothy DeLaGhetto and Christine Lakin on Internet Icon that is an online skill competition for video producing. His Net Well worth and Income: Internet sensational and actor, Ryan has approximated net well worth of $4 million dollars in 2016 and substantial amounts of salary aswell.76 million followers in Twitter which proves his substantial fame in the website. Relating to, plus some other wiki he has received over $2.3 million dollars from YouTube by his over 2. The film starred Ryan Higa, Aki Aleong, Arden Cho and had unique appearances from Smosh, KassemG and D-Trix. As an actor, he also made an appearance hit movies such as for example in 2016 he offers been cast horror film ‘Tell Me How I Die’ and various blockbuster movie and tv series as well. Therefore, to discover his social media marketing account images he offers been spending his high-class lifestyle aswell. In adittion, the channel offers became the 1st channel to acquire such appreciation in the past due 2010. YouTube celebrity and actor, Ryan isn’t a married and in addition not divorce aswell. In 2011, Ryan developed the next channel called Higa Television, where he began publishing video clips, sites and behind the picture video clips. But he also offers some interesting and unexpected actuality in his marital existence such as for example dating broke up and in addition some tragedy aswell. But recently solitary isn’t married and in addition no any wife, but let’s moving his thrilling love life. He once dated with gorgeous lady/celebrity Tarynn Nago from 2006 to 2010, they fulfilled in the producing of some video clips for YouTube channel. Frequently his videos needed to be used down due to copyright issues, therefore he started composing his personal music. It was shaped by Ryan Higga, Sean Fujiyoshi, Tarynn Nago and Tim Enos who are referred to as “The Yabo Crew”. Through the years, Higa in addition has guest appeared in a number of of other YouTubers’ video clips like the Fine Brothers’ well-known YouTubers React series. However they haven’t exposed their date for your wedding and details. Hopefully, they’ll show soon about him. He offers been energetic in Youtube since his highschool times and they all began with lip-synching to tracks.S. on June 6, 1990, to his parents, Wendell and Luci and was raised along with his brother, Kyle. His elevation has ended 5 feet 10 ins with his attractive, thin and well-maintained physique and figure aswell, which you also entirely on his social media accounts. 15 Ryan Niga, also called Nigahiga, is among the most talented & most well-known YouTube personalities on the planet and his amazing video clips has earned him lots of respect and like from around the globe. He includes a sibling as well whose name can be Kyle Higa. According for some sources, he’s completely single at the moment which might be the very best information for the girls out there. He was created in the entire year 1990 on 6th of June producing him 25 yrs . old at the moment. The titles of his parents are Wendell Higa and Luci Higa plus they must be extremely pleased with what he has accomplished in his wonderful profession. In 2008, two of his videos were taken off YouTube. Actually after being such an enormous sensation in YouTube, he’s still very relaxed and collected individual. He’s very right down to earth and his amazing smile and appears can make any female fall for him in mere seconds. He began slowly however now his YouTube channel can be huge and his video clips get an incredible number of views and a large number of likes. In 2012, Ryan Higa earned the Shorty Awards for ‘Best in Humor’. According to rumors along with facts known up to now, Higa is single. Nevertheless, his way to success had not been easy. Two of his greatest & most popular videos that have been called HOW EXACTLY TO Be Gangster and HOW EXACTLY TO Be Emo weren’t available for very long time and the primary reason behind this is copyright issues which first got it deleted. He then began to compose his very own music and brought his well-known videos back again to YouTube plus they became even more well-known than before. This twenty something YouTuber is normally originally from Hilo, Hawaii and is currently currently based in NEVADA, Nevada where he lives along with his regular collaborator Sean Fujiyoshi.2 billion total sights in his movies. He also offers a jaw-dropping 14 million subscribers and due to these reason he’s earning great money aswell. He’s not really gay and has already established some hyperlink ups with hot young ladies in the past. HOW EXACTLY TO Be Gangster and HOW EXACTLY TO Be Emo are handful of them. He’s not married at this time and doesn’t have a wife right now, but in forseeable future if he discovers his ideal match, then surely he’ll be thinking about tying the knot. Some rumors had been also spread of him linking with Andrea Thi but neither of these verified the rumor and therefore it isn’t sure whether they had been dating or not really. He has used a job in the upcoming 2016 film known as ‘Tell Me How I Die’.S dollars which proves how successful he’s. Where he was a get better at plotter who uses his hypnotizing digital music to create people drift off to commit robberies.

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Quick Facts

Full NameRyan Higa
Net Worth$2 million, $2 million
Date Of BirthJune 6, 1990
Place Of BirthHilo, Hawaii, United States
Height1.74 m, 1.74 m, 1.73 m
ProfessionScreenwriter, Comedian, Film producer, Actor, YouTuber, Screenwriter, Comedian, Film producer, Actor, Actor, YouTuber, Comedian, Film producer, Screenwriter
EducationUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas, Waiakea High School, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Waiakea High School, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Waiakea High School
NationalityAmerican, American, American
ParentsWendell Higa, Luci Higa, Wendell Higa, Luci Higa, Luci Higa, Wendell Higa
SiblingsKyle Higa, Kyle Higa, Kyle Higa
AwardsShorty Award for Humor, Shorty Award for Humor, Shorty Award for Humor
Music GroupsBoys Generally Asian
NominationsTeen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Male, Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Comedy, Shorty Award for Video Blogger, Young Hollywood Award for Viral Superstar, Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian, Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Male, Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Comedy, Young Hollywood Award for Viral Superstar, Shorty Award for Video Blogger, Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian, Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Male, Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Comedy, Young Hollywood Award for Viral Superstar, Shorty Award for Video Blogger, Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian
MoviesAgents of Secret Stuff, Tell Me How I Die, Agents of Secret Stuff, Tell Me How I Die, Agents of Secret Stuff

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2016 Streamy Award The Streamy Awards Best Comedy Series For "Ryan Higa"
2015 Streamy Award The Streamy Awards Best Comedy Series
2014 Young Hollywood Award Young Hollywood Awards Viral Superstar
2013 Streamy Award The Streamy Awards Best First-Person Series



My K-Pop Boyfriend 2017 Short R.O.P.
Tell Me How I Die 2016 Scratch
Single by 30 2016 TV Mini-Series Trevor
The Christian Show 2016 TV Series Disney characters
NigaHiga 2007-2016 TV Series Ryan / Hanate / Regina / ...
BgA: Dong Saya Dae 2016 Video short R.O.P.
Smosh Babies 2014-2015 TV Series Baby Ryan
Flight 7500 2014 Dustin Cotchin
Bad Weather Films 2014 TV Series short
Saved by the Bell 2013 Short Zack Morris
The Long Lost Member 2013 Short Ryan
Internet Icon 2 2013 Video short Judge
Surviving the Sorority System 2013 Short Justin
The Book Club 2012 TV Series Youtube Ninja
Supah Ninjas 2011 TV Series DJ Elephant Head
YouTube Assassin 2011 TV Series Ryan Higa
Kung Fooled 2011 Short Challenger
Smosh 2010 TV Series Boss Ninja / Peanuts Student
Agents of Secret Stuff 2010 Short Aden
If [Blank] Were Real 2010 TV Series Student #3
Love Vampires 2010 TV Series Corbin's Friend
The Station 2009 TV Series Tim / Ryan
Ninja Melk 2009 Short Ryan / Master Ching Ching / Lapchung
Electric Spoofaloo 2009 TV Series Cho Cheng
Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure 2008 Ryan


The Christian Show 2016 TV Series 1 episode
BgA: Dong Saya Dae 2016 Video short
The Last Skitzo! 2015 Short
Agents of Secret Stuff 2010 Short
NigaHiga TV Series 44 episodes, 2007 - 2010 writer - 2 episodes, 2007
Ninja Melk 2009 Short


The Christian Show 2016 TV Series 1 episode
The Last Skitzo! 2015 Short
NigaHiga TV Series 43 episodes, 2007 - 2010 co-director - 2 episodes, 2007
Ninja Melk 2009 Short


The Christian Show 2016 TV Series producer - 1 episode
The Last Skitzo! 2015 Short producer
Internet Icon 2 2013 Video short executive producer
Internet Icon 2012 TV Series executive producer - 1 episode
Agents of Secret Stuff 2010 Short executive producer / producer
Ninja Melk 2009 Short producer
NigaHiga 2007 TV Series producer


Ninja Melk 2009 Short


Ninja Melk 2009 Short

Music Department

BgA: Dong Saya Dae 2016 Video short writer


Step by Step 2012 TV Series special thanks - 2 episodes
The MakeShift 2012 TV Series special thanks - 1 episode


Smosh 2013-2017 TV Series Himself
The Last Skitzo! 2015 Short Himself
YouTubers React 2013 TV Series Himself
What Does 2013 Say? 2013 Video short Himself
Just Shut Up! 2013 TV Series Himself
Rewind YouTube Style 2012 2012 Video short Himself
Yesterday, Today, Forever 2012 TV Series Himself
Internet Icon 2012 TV Series Himself - Judge
It Has Begun: Bananapocalypse 2012 Short Himself
TableTop 2012 TV Series Himself - Guest
Introducing Victor King and the YTF Crew 2011 TV Special documentary Himself
NigaHiga 2007-2010 TV Series Himself / Hanate / R-Dizzle / ...
Butterflies 2009/I Documentary Nigahiga

Archive Footage

Supah Ninjas 2012 TV Series DJ Elephant Head

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