Rufus Sewell Net Worth

Rufus Sewell Net Worth is
$5 Million

Rufus Sewell Biography

In 1993, Rufus Sewell got his breakthrough when he was selected to play the function of Tim in the creation known as “Dirty Weekend”. He done the animated portion of the tune. He studied at the Central College of Speech and Drama in London where he was directed by Judi Dench. Sewell produced his film debut in the film Twenty-One in 1991. In 1992 he starred as Billy in the tv screen series Attended Seed. Rufus starred as Will Ladislaw in the 1994 Television mini-series Middlemarch. From 2008 to 2009 he starred as Dr. Jacob Hood in it series Eleventh Hour. Rufus Sewell gets the net well worth of 5,000,000. Sewell in addition has starred in the films Dirty Weekend, A GUY of No Importance, Carrington, Triumph, Hamlet, The Woodlanders, Harmful Beauty, Dark Town, Martha – Meet up with Frank, Daniel, and Laurence, Illuminata, At Sachem Farm, In a Savage Property, Bless the kid, A Knight’s Tale, Great Ops, The Legend of Zorro, Tristan + Isolde, The Illusionist, Paris, je t’aime, Amazing Grace, THE VACATION, Downloading Nancy, Vinyan, The Tourist, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Hotel Noir, EVERYTHING to All Men, THE OCEAN, I’ll Follow You Down, Hercules, and The Devil’s Hands. Sewell offers been nominated for a BAFTA Award, a Criminal offense Thriller Award, and two Online Film & Tv Association Awards. He in addition has been nominated for a Tony Award and an Olivier Award for his focus on stage. Rufus Sewell was in Engl and in the area called Twickenham in1967. His includes a mom known as Jo and she actually is of Welsh Ethnicity and she was artist and a painter. The daddy is called Expenses and he was Australian animator but he passed away when Rufus was just a decade old. He includes a brother known as Caspar. He visited Central College of Speech in London. He was also in the initial part of Septimus Hodge in the Tom Stoppards known as Arcadia. Various other popular films where the actor has had functions consist of “The Woodlanders”, “Martha, Meet up with Frank, Daniel and Laurence”, “Harmful Beauty”, “Tristan and Isolde”, “Dark Town”, “The Illusionist” and “A Knight’s Tale”. He remaining the school in the entire year 1989 when he completed 3 years in working out. His mom had to function very hard to look after both sons and purchase their college and other things. At the Broadway stage, he began with Translation and he got the Broadway Theater Globe Award. Sewell’s parents divorced when he was simply 5 years old which had an extremely severe effect on his brain. Judi Dench was the main one to motivate him to start out his profession in acting. He could come in many successful films and television shows and theatre productions. Median American prosperity status is 4,083 time less after that Rufus Frederick Sewell . –> Rufus Sewell was wedded twice and she divorced both his wives. The 1st wife was Amy Gardner plus they have one child collectively. They got wedded in the entire year 2004 plus they got a divorce in 2006. Furthermore, he has performed a cameo appearance in the film The Tourist which starred Angelina Jolie , Johnny Depp , Paul Bettany. Rufus Sewell is well known for his deep wealthy voice, lazy attention and deep gravelly tone of voice. In Amazing Grace, Sewell performed the type of Thomas Clarkson. From his biography he includes a son who was simply born in the entire year 2002 as well as Amy Gardner. His dad, Expenses Sewell was using the impressionistic strategy in his animation known as Rotoscoping. This is actually the technique of tracing on the film negatives. They are the technique found in Yellowish Submarine, Lucy In The Sky With Gemstone and Half deeply in love with Fred Astaire. He starred in it mini-series The Pillars of the planet earth in 2010 2010 advertisement Tom Builder. Besides performing, he’s also paid due to the sponsorship, endorsement and ads. After that, he enrolled to review at West Thames University. He also earns from his album such as for example Parade’s THE OCEAN, End, The Devil and Hercules’s Hand. In 2004 he married once again, this time around with Amy gardener who’s a maker and scriptwriter. This relationship went experienced the same fate as the 1st one as actually this didn’t last lengthy and in 2006 he divorced his second wife aswell. He had also performed as aristocratic creep who experienced some skeleton in the shut when he performed in the passionate fantasy miniseries of Neil Burger known as Illusionist. He was also Alexander Hamilton in the film John Adams. A global known Actor, Rufus Sewell born on October 29, 1967

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Quick Facts

Full NameRufus Sewell
Net Worth$5 Million
Date Of BirthOctober 29, 1967
Height1.83 m
EducationOrleans Park School, Central School of Speech and Drama, West Thames College
SpouseAmy Gardner, Yasmin Abdallah
ChildrenWilliam Douglas Sewell
ParentsJo Sewell, William Sewell
SiblingsCaspar Sewell
AwardsLaurence Olivier Award for Best Actor, Jack Tinker Award for Most Promising Newcomer, Critics' Circle Theatre Award for Best Actor
NominationsCritics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Tony Award for Best Lead Actor in a Play, British Academy Television Award for Best Actor, Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series, Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Play
MoviesHercules, Dark City, A Knight's Tale, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Holiday, The Illusionist, Dangerous Beauty, Gods of Egypt, The Tourist, Tristan & Isolde, The Pillars of the Earth, The Legend of Zorro, Bless the Child, Cold Comfort Farm, Extreme Ops, Hamlet, Amazing Grace, Downloading Nancy, Where the Devil Hides, All Things to All Men, Vinyan, Paris, I Love You, Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence, I'll Follow You Down, Helen of Troy, Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature, A Man of No Importance, In A Savage Land, Carrington, Illuminata, Dirty Weekend, Blinky Bill the Movie, At Sachem Farm, Middlemarch, Hotel Noir, Arabian Nights, The Sea, Twenty-One, The Brunchers, Victory, Paradise Lost, Charles II: The Power and The Passion, Citizen Locke, Andam Kosam Pandem
TV ShowsZen, Eleventh Hour, The Devil's Whore, John Adams, The Man in the High Castle, Charles II: The Power and The Passion

Interesting Facts

1 Son of BAFTA-nominated Animation Director, Bill Sewell.
2 Currently has the starring role in the TV series "Eleventh Hour" on the (US) CBS Network. [September 2008]
3 Currently playing the part of Jan in Tom Stoppard's "Rock and Roll" at the Royal Court Theatre in London (until July 15th 2006) [June 2006]
4 Reprises his role and outstanding performance as Jan in Tom Stoppard's new play "Rock and Roll" on Broadway, New York City until March 2008. [December 2007]
5 Was in a relationship with actress Alice Eve from 2006 until 2008.
6 Involved, along with Sherilyn Fenn, Kate Winslet, Miranda Richardson and Paul McGann in the 1998 film project "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline". The film was to be executive produced by Emma Thompson, and written and directed by Fay Efrosini Lellios. The shooting was set to start in June 1998 in New Hampshire. The film was canceled due to financial withdrawal. [1998]
7 His father, Bill Sewell, an animator, employed an impressionistic approach to Rotoscoping - the technique of tracing over film negatives - in his own film "Half in Love with Fred Astaire" and then in the famous "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" sequence in "Yellow Submarine.".
8 Grew up in Twickenham.
9 Son of a film animator who died young.
10 He was awarded the 1992 London Critics Circle Theatre Award (Drama Theatre Award) for Most Promising Newcomer.
11 Has a son named William Douglas Sewell (Billy), born 18 March 2002 with Amy Gardner


1 Often plays villains
2 Gravelly voice
3 Lazy eye


1 I'm only based in L.A. because I couldn't get any work in England.
2 I've discovered that I've never had much respect for money, and that has meant that money has ended up ruling me a little bit more than it should have. So I'm trying to learn - at this late stage in life! - to actually control that.
3 My career has suddenly started to be the one that I'd always wanted, not in terms of level of success, but in terms of - and this is what I've been banging on about - playing different parts in different media.
4 I'm in a position where I'm being continually knocked back for the kind of independent films I want to be in because people don't know who I am.
5 'The Taming Of The Shrew' is probably the first time I've worked in this country for about ten years, apart from theatre, and it's not for want of trying. It was so fantastic to work in London - it felt really glamorous.
6 My feelings about my mortality are less selfish than they used to be. I used to affect a cavalier attitude to death; now I see it from my son's perspective.
7 I'm very, very happy with my recognition/lack of recognition in England in terms of my life. In terms of household name-age. The public's memory is very short, luckily.
8 I don't think the roles that I'm necessarily known for in this country are my best work, or even anywhere near it. I didn't think I was great in 'Arcadia.' I think it's a great part and a great play and had a lot of attention.
9 At times, I think of my career as a map. The closer you get to the map, the more you know where you are, but the closer I get to my career, the less happy I feel. At the same time, I have carved out the career for myself which I wanted.
10 I don't know why the universe is so determined to keep my feet on the ground.
11 Hollywood is my domestic idyll.
12 Lazy journalists, they'll read stuff and get a quote then ask the same question again hoping I'll say a similar thing; it's very tiresome.
13 If my British film career was a girl, then I'd been hanging around outside her apartment a little bit too long.
14 Of course, I want to look good, as that helped me get jobs. But it didn't get me the jobs I wanted and it held me back.
15 I was very frustrated, in a physical sense, by people seeing me in a way that I wasn't. And I was beginning to find myself boxed into a corner. Hopefully things have loosed up a bit, and I've gotten better and become more relaxed as an actor.
16 I've always liked the idea of regularly doing a play but I was offered things which I felt were too 'celebie' and West Endy.
17 I think I was a bit frightened of having to be a grownup and tried to put that off for as long as I could.
18 I don't know if the money I've earned is going to need to last me for the next few weeks or the rest of my life.
19 I think if a character appeals to you, there are certain parts of yourself will come to the fore and other parts that will play down.
20 I no longer have a style to maintain. I rent a little flat in Los Angeles, I don't take holidays, I don't dine out and I take cheap flights.
21 For me, if I were to be at home in any kind of style, it is more comedy than anything else.
22 I do as much comedy as I possibly can, but I'm basically limited by the imagination of the secretaries who make the decisions.
23 The reason I am unemployed for six months out of every year is because I have to turn down most of the films I'm offered. If I didn't, I'd only ever play a dark, satanic count on a horse.
24 As a person I'm perfectly vain, I'm just vainer as an actor about my ability. My acting vanity trumps my human vanity.
25 I was a very undisciplined person but acting was something that actually motivated me to get up in the morning. I hadn't experienced that before, but it was something that really excited me. I think I could be quite self-conscious and it gave me a release.
26 A large part of my adolescence was spent doing my very best to draw attention to myself.
27 I wasn't a model schoolboy. Of course, I was forced to sit through Shakespeare and I really got into some of it, though it depended on who was reading it out.
28 I want to be able to do anything. I know it's probably not reasonable to expect, but that's what I'd like to do.
29 It's nice when women fancy me, but I think I will only disappoint them so I prefer it if they don't know who I am.
30 Billy is a funny, cheeky, lovely boy and I love being with him. Parenthood is terrifying though. I can barely walk past a building without panicking that it's going to collapse on his head.
31 People talk about me in 'Arcadia' and I think I was okay in it but I've given better performances in other productions that didn't have the same impact. But I knew 'Arcadia' was going to be an event and I wanted to be part of it.
32 I don't have any shame about the way I conducted my professional life.
33 For a long time, I've had to hustle. If a film role is obviously great, then it's been difficult for me to get a look-in.
34 For a long time, I didn't give anything my all. I was so afraid that I'd be crap, so I held myself back.
35 Well, thing is, after they canceled 'Zen', I didn't work for eight months. And in that case, it was not my choice. After I've done something that I'm really proud of and I think changes the way I'm perceived, the immediate reaction is: nothing.
36 I'd like an omelet named after me.
37 I'm hoping that a lifetime of compromise and disappointment will read as extra depth and layers in my work.
38 Given the choice between someone saying I was handsome in a role or ugly but good, I know which I'd choose.
39 Yes, years of compromise and disappointment have added depth to my acting.
40 I've always believed very, very strongly that the way you treat people is more important than anything, professionally or otherwise.
41 I've gone through long periods without being with someone and got a bit lonely, but not for a while.
42 I was the lead in Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994), until Tom Cruise decided he was interested. I was in The Wings Of The Dove with 'Uma Thurman, until that got canceled. I was in Shakespeare in Love (1998) with Julia Roberts, until that fell apart.
43 I recognize myself to a lesser or greater extent in everything I read, good and bad, and that's part of being a human being if you're honest enough. And obviously the darker parts are the things you don't let control you.
44 People talk about opportunity knocking, but the gate was always swinging in the breeze before I got to the door.
45 When I left drama school, my fear was that I'd get pigeon holed into comic acting and I did so much to counter it that I got stuck in the opposite.
46 It's important to me to be in a relationship when I'm in one, but I'm not someone who needs to be in a relationship. I don't actively look for it, I've never been like that. I've gone through long periods without being with someone and got a bit lonely, but not for a while.
47 My career has suddenly started to be the one that I'd always wanted, not in terms of level of success, but in terms of - and this is what I've been banging on about - playing different parts in different media. I was very frustrated, in a physical sense, by people seeing me in a way that I wasn't. And I was beginning to find myself boxed into a corner. Hopefully things have loosed up a bit, and I've gotten better and become more relaxed as an actor.
48 First I was seen as a brooding bloke on a horse, and then a baddie, and then a king.
49 I think the only thing I've got going for me as an actor specifically is the fact that I can change.


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Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2016 Critics' Choice TV Award Critics Choice Television Awards Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series The Man in the High Castle (2015)
2013 OFTA Television Award Online Film & Television Association Best Actor in a Motion Picture or Miniseries Restless (2012)
2011 Dagger Crime Thriller Awards, UK Best Leading Actor Zen (2011)
2006 BAFTA TV Award BAFTA Awards Best Actor ShakespeaRe-Told (2005)
1999 OFTA Film Award Online Film & Television Association Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Actor Dark City (1998)



The Man in the High Castle 2015-2016 TV Series Obergruppenführer John Smith
Victoria 2016 TV Series Lord Melbourne
Rise 2016/I Short Colonel Briggs
Gods of Egypt 2016 Urshu
Blinky Bill the Movie 2015 The Cat (voice)
Killing Jesus 2015 TV Movie Caiaphas
Dangerous Liaisons 2014 TV Movie Philip Fitzgerald Julien
The Devil's Hand 2014 Jacob Brown
Hercules 2014/I Autolycus
I'll Follow You Down 2013 Gabriel
The Sea 2013 Carlo Grace
All Things to All Men 2013 Jonathan Parker
The Brunchers 2013 Short Tom
Restless 2012 TV Movie Lucas Romer
Hotel Noir 2012 Felix
Parade's End 2012 TV Mini-Series Reverend Duchemin
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012 Adam
Masterpiece Mystery 2011 TV Series Aurelio Zen
Zen 2011 TV Mini-Series Aurelio Zen
The Tourist 2010 The Englishman
The Pillars of the Earth 2010 TV Mini-Series Tom Builder
Eleventh Hour 2008-2009 TV Series Dr. Jacob Hood
Vinyan 2008 Paul Bellmer
John Adams 2008 TV Mini-Series Alexander Hamilton
Downloading Nancy 2008 Albert Stockwell
The Holiday 2006 Jasper
Amazing Grace 2006 Thomas Clarkson
Paris, je t'aime 2006 William (segment "Pere-Lachaise")
The Illusionist 2006 Crown Prince Leopold
Tristan + Isolde 2006 Marke
ShakespeaRe-Told 2005 TV Mini-Series Petruchio
The Legend of Zorro 2005 Armand
Taste 2004 TV Movie Michael Kuhleman
The Last King 2003 TV Mini-Series Charles II
Victoria Station 2003 Short The cabbie
Helen of Troy 2003 TV Mini-Series Agamemnon
Extreme Ops 2002 Ian
Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature 2001 TV Movie Angus
A Knight's Tale 2001 Count Adhemar
Bless the Child 2000 Eric Stark
Arabian Nights 2000 TV Mini-Series Ali Baba
In a Savage Land 1999 Mick Carpenter
At Sachem Farm 1998 Ross
Illuminata 1998 Dominique
The Very Thought of You 1998 Frank
Dark City 1998 John Murdoch
Dangerous Beauty 1998 Marco Venier
The Woodlanders 1997 Giles Winterbourne
Hamlet 1996 Fortinbras
Victory 1996 Martin Ricardo
Performance 1995 TV Series Harry Percy (Hotspur)
Carrington 1995 Mark Gertler
Cold Comfort Farm 1995 TV Movie Seth Starkadder
A Night with a Woman, a Day with Charlie 1994 TV Short Charlie
A Man of No Importance 1994 Robbie Fay
Citizen Locke 1994 TV Movie Midshipman Clarke
Screen Two 1992-1994 TV Series Clive / Mike Costain
Middlemarch 1994 TV Mini-Series Will Ladislaw
Dirty Weekend 1993 Tim
Gone to Seed 1992 TV Series Billy
Twenty-One 1991 Bobby


Gone to Seed 1992 TV Series performer: "On the Street Where You Live"


Poetry, Passion, the Postman: The Poetic Return of Pablo Neruda 1996 TV Movie documentary thanks


This Morning 1998-2016 TV Series Himself
Hercules: The Bessi Battle 2014 Video short Himself
Hercules: Weapons! 2014 Video short Himself
Hercules and His Mercenaries 2014 Video short Himself
No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka 2013 Documentary Narrator (voice)
The BAFTA Britannia Awards 2012 TV Special Himself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2012 TV Series Himself
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2008 TV Series Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2008 TV Series Himself
Dark City: Memories of Shell Beach 2008 Video documentary Himself
The 62nd Annual Tony Awards 2008 TV Special Himself - Nominee: Best Leading Actor in a Play
100 höjdare 2008 TV Series Himself - Interviewed at Sundance Film Festival
British Film Forever 2007 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
How Sweet the Sound: The Story of Amazing Grace 2007 Video documentary short Himself
The Making of 'The Illusionist' 2007 Video short Himself
9/11: Out of the Blue 2006 TV Movie documentary The Man
Love Conquers All: The Making of Tristan + Isolde 2006 Video documentary short Himself
The Legend of Zorro: Armand's Party 2006 Video documentary short Himself
The Stunts of 'The Legend of Zorro' 2006 Video documentary short Himself
The Making of 'Charles II' 2003 TV Movie documentary
Sexy Armor and a Rock Band on Tour 2001 Video documentary short Himself
HBO First Look 2001 TV Series documentary Himself
To Be on Camera: A History with Hamlet 1997 Video documentary short Himself
Poetry, Passion, the Postman: The Poetic Return of Pablo Neruda 1996 TV Movie documentary Himself

Archive Footage

Welcome to the Basement 2016 TV Series John Murdoch
Chelsea Lately 2012 TV Series Adam
Open Sesame: The Making of 'Arabian Nights' 2000 TV Movie documentary Ali Baba (uncredited)

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