Rolf Gerling Net Worth

Rolf Gerling Net Worth is
$1.69 Billion

Rolf Gerling Biography

Gerling managed the strong until he marketed his stake in 2005 to the Talanx Group and today works mainly with the Gerling Academy for Risk Analysis, an environmental think container that he founded.8 billion dollars. Rolf Gerling was created on December 15, 1954 in Cologne, Germany. He amassed his initial prosperity through his inheritance. In 1904, Rolf Gerling’s grandfather launched a little insurance business, Gerling Konzern, which his dad Hans grew right into a global insurance group which became among the world’s largest authors of reinsurance plans. In 1991, following death of his dad, Rolf Gerling overran the company. Trained simply because an economist, he demonstrated little curiosity in his legacy and in 2005 Gerling marketed his 94% stake in the business to Talanx Group, Germany’s third largest insurance provider, for around $1. Gerling Konzern is among the world’s largest authors of reinsurance plans. Gerling, a separate environmentalist who lives in Switzerland, helped create the Gerling Academy for Risk Analysis, a think tank create to review the industrial world’s effect on the surroundings.6 billion. $1.75 Billion: Rolf Gerling (born 15 December 1954 in Cologne) is a German billionairre ranked #512 worldwide in wealth by Forbes magazine. He includes a net worth of around US$1. Through the initiatives of Rolf Gerling’s dad, Hans, the small-period insurance provider became a

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Net Worth$1.69 Billion

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