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Roberto Angelini Rossi Net Worth is
$1.7 Billion

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Chilean engineer and entrepreneur Roberto Angelini Rossi comes with an estimated net worthy of of $1. Additionally, Roberto Angelini Rossi may be the CEO of Empresas Copec S. Born on July 30, 1948 in Ferrara, Italy, he found its way to Chile at age three. He graduated with a level in commercial civil engineering from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Mr. Rossi stared building his approximated net worthy of of $1.2 billion through his professional profession with Lever Chile S.A. Then became an engineer in 1976 doing work for a angling plant in Arica. He offered in a variety of executive and director level positions in The Angelini Group that was founded by his previous billionaire uncle Anacleto Angelini. In 1976, he continued to are an engineer in a angling plant in Arica, in the north of Chile, where he started his professional profession with the The Angelini Group, founded by his previous billionaire uncle Anacleto Angelini. As the nephew of the founder, Angelini Rossi is currently the top of the family members business who owns the largest stake in the family members holdings. Vivió tres años en Iquique, tras un nuevo traslado de su padre. At that time, he held many executive and director level positions before assuming his present panel member function. The Angelini Group provides made different investments in angling, mining, copper, timber and gas, through publicly exchanged businesses Antarchile, Siemel, and Eperva. Roberto Angelini Rossi acts as the Chairman of Empreses Copec S.A., Chile’s leading forestry sector conglomerate and among the largest in the globe. It is also mixed up in forestry sector with Arauco (which entered THE UNITED STATES with the buy of Canada’s Flakeboard in September 2012) along with in the electrical energy segment with Empresa Electrica Guacolda, and in mining through Sociedad Minera Isla Rieso and Minera Can-Can. It’s the largest owner of forest property in Latin America with four million acres in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. $1.2 Billion: Roberto Angelini Rossi (Ferrara, 30 de julio de 1948) sera un ingeniero y empresario chileno de origen italiano, líder de uno de los mayores grupos económicos del país sudamericano. Nació como el único hijo hombre de Gino Angelini Fabri (fallecido en 1994), a su vez, hermano de Anacleto Angelini, forjador de la fortuna de la familia.Llegó a Chile a la edad de tres años. Antes, su padre y su tío habían arribado a ese país con el fin de lograr una mejor calidad de vida a través del desarrollo de diversos negocios.Tras incursionar en la construcción, los hermanos compraron en 1957 una pequeña empresa pesquera en Arica, en el extremo norte del[país, a uno de sus socios. Gino fue el encargado de ir a operarla y, como parecía un lugar un tanto inhóspito, marchó solo. Así, el pequeño Roberto y su madre, Silvana Rossi, se quedaron en Santiago con Anacleto, aún soltero, quien debía aprender sobre la comercialización de los nuevos productos y la importación de los insumos. Plus, it gets the highest level of production, product sales, and forestry resources in SOUTH USA, and it retains investments in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The strong has business passions in angling, mining, copper, timber, and gas through its publicly exchanged companies such as for example Artarchile (which distributes energy, operates angling and shipping and delivery businesses and invests in energy and forestry), Siemel, and Eperva. En Santiago estudió en el Colegio del Verbo Divino. Roberto Angelini Rossi net worthy of: Roberto Angelini Rossi can be a Chilean billionaire who includes a net worthy of of $1.7 billion.A. He started his professional profession with Lever Chile S. Roberto Angelini Rossi can be an commercial civil engineering graduate from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Currently, he’s the board person in the business which invests mainly in natural resources. Using its expansion overseas, he led the group to make a cope with Scandinavian paper Stora Ensa in ’09 2009 to be able to create a eucalyptus pulp mill in Uruguay. Being truly a nephew to the founder, Angelini Rossi today heads the family members business and retains the largest talk about of the family’s holdings. It has continuing its growth with the buy of a 59% stake in Proenergia, a Colombian gas and energy distributor, for $45 million by the finish of 2010. Growing its holdings in Chile, Rossi also leaded the group overseas, making a cope with Scandinavian paper maker Stora Ensa in ’09 2009 to create a eucalyptus pulp mill in Uruguay. The Angelini Group continuing its growth, and by the finish of 2010 it bought a 59% stake in Proenergia, a Colombian gas and energy distributor, for $45 million.2 billion by March 2013.A., the leading forestry sector conglomerate in Chile and of the biggest in the globe. The business is mostly mixed up in forestry sector through Arauco (Celulosa Arauco y Constitución), nonetheless it is also within the electrical energy segment, through Empresa Eléctrica Guacolda, and in mining via Sociedad Minera Isla Riesco and Minera Can-Can.A los pocos años su madre partió rumbo al norte, quedándose sólo en la capital con su tío, con quien llegó a cultivar una estrecha relación. The billionaire, who was simply rated by Forbes as #5 among wealthiest people in Chile for 2012, is usually married with four kids. Roberto Angelini Rossi Net Well worth A global known Forestry and Mining character Roberto Angelini Rossi born on Fri, July 30, 1948 in great town of Ferrara, Italy. Roberto Angelini Rossi net well worth relating to 2015 stats is usually $1,200,000,000.

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Net Worth$1.7 Billion

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