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Robert Townsend earned $2 Million – $2 000 000 this season which computes to be ~$5479,45 each day; ~$166666,67 monthly; ~$38461,54 weekly; ~$228,31 each hour; or ~$3,81 each and every minute; ~$0,06 per second. NAME : Height : Weight : Time of Birth, Age group : February 6, 1957 Birth Place : Chicago, Illinois, USA Income source : Comedy, Film Directing, Screenwriting, Producing, Performing Wikipedia Page : Right here Additional info : Way to obtain Wealth Comedy, Film Directing, Screenwriting, Producing, Performing Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, USA Marital Position Wedded Cheri Jones (m. In the time of 1990-2001 Robert Townsend was wedded to Cheri Jones.Beside to be good actor he’s also a comedian, film director, and article writer. He wrote, created, and directed the humor film. He was created in the entire year 1957 on 6th of February which makes his age 58 at the moment. As of this age he has recently gained the legendary position and after being therefore successful he’s still thriving for even more. $2 Million: Robert Townsend transcends any moderate he touches whether he’s performing operate, acting, writing, directing, creating, or owning a television network. It’s been estimated that the existing quantity of Robert Townsend net worthy of can be 2 million dollars, making him among the richest celebrities. He’s a very tall guy as he includes a great elevation of 5 feet 11 in ., which is just about 1.8 meters. Most information regarding his biography, are available on the web on wiki websites. The brands of his parents are Shirley Townsend and Ed Townsend and their parenthood provides made him the person he’s today. He is a great comedian aswell and he could make any guys laugh aloud in intense times aswell. His two daughters Skye and Sierra Townsend are both in the market, as well. It generally does not appear like he is energetic in Instagram and loves to upload his images and posts for the reason that site to talk about them with his admirers, family members and fans. However he has 20.9 thousand followers in Twitter and the quantity is surely likely to rise in future. He provides been extremely committed along with he has recently tweeted in the website more than 2300 moments. He has been extremely motivated in his profession also to make the moments look real in Television shows and films he has given many shirtless scenes. His inspiration and effort has provided him breaks and achievement and his revenue prove how effective he has been around his career. He includes a spectacular net worth of 2 million dollars and nothing at all much is required to be stated about his achievement now. His personal lifestyle has already established its ups and downs nevertheless. Robert Townsend was created on 6 February 1967 in Chicago, U. After some serious complications the few ended their romantic relationship and went through the procedure of divorce. He’s not really gay as he includes a total of three kids and their brands are Siera Isiah Townsend, Skylar Townsend and Townsend. He has performed great roles in Television shows and movies which has produced him who he’s today. After a big strike in the humor club, there is no looking back again for him. He made an appearance in a movie known as Ratboy in the entire year 1986 and charmed everyone along with his amazing functions. He was ready to place a benchmark in Hollywood. A few of the films he has directed will be the Five The Meteor Guy, Hollywood Shuffle and Heartbeats. He was created in a location called Chicago, which is based on Illinois of United states. A Chicago indigenous, Townsend is also known as among the ‘Godfathers’ of the Independent Film Globe. He also do many social providers and he was actively involved to greatly help unsigned filmmakers that he previously created an organisation called Robert Townsend Base. Robert’s genius first exposed itself in elementary college. As a youngster Robert was always captivated by television, watching and learning it tirelessly, he started to practice performing out moments and impersonating famous heroes. At his school throughout a reading of Shakespeare’s Oedipus Rex he dazzled the class along with his capability to transform effortlessly into personality, consequently Robert’s remarkable versatile skill as a actor was created and caught the interest of Chicago’s Experimental Handbag Theatre. Robert produced an unforgettable tag in his hometown of Chicago, where he proceeded to go onto New York’s famous comedy golf club the Improvisation that initiated his profession as a stand-up comedian. After that for Robert it had been to Hollywood, where he dabbled in an assortment of industries and discovered that with his versatile skill, he could adapt very easily from being truly a comedian to a full-screen actor. Robert’s 1st film appearance was (uncredited) in popular urban vintage, Cooley Large (1975).S. Although humor have been his forte through the early component of his profession, he understood he was destined to end up being on the silver screen. He landed the function of an eternity co-starring contrary Denzel Washington in A Soldier’s Tale (1984), and made an appearance with Diane Lane in Roads of Fire (1984) and Kevin Costner in American Flyers (1985). He wedded his girlfriend Cleri Jones after dating for quite a while in the entire year 1990 and began to live as couple but sadly the few could not continue forever. His break arrived while performing on different television humor specials including Rodney Dangerfield: IT ISN’T Easy Bein’ Me (1986) and Uptown Humor Express (1987). His mother’s name was Shirley Townsend and mother’s name was Ed Townsend. His parents when he was extremely young, and he grew up by his mother only. Townsend wrote, directed, created the 1987 film Hollywood Shuffle, that was a movies predicated on the hardships and obstacles of dark actors in film market. He’s presently 58 years previous. He’s an American nationwide with a combined mix of African American ethnicity. He also produced other films, just like the Five Heartbeats, Livin’ for Like: The Natalie Cole Tale, and Carmen: A Hip Hopera among numerous others. Thus, Hollywood ultimately became the main way to obtain Robert Townsend net worthy of. He includes a dark complexion and the most mystical eyes which were in a position to charm his market forever. From his college days, he had an goal of establishing a benchmark in the showbiz sector and it had been reflected from his utmost fascinations towards tv and movies. During his leisure time, he began to action and impersonate well-known personalities.He studied at The Beverly Hills Playhouse and graduated from Austin SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Regarding to his biography, his performing profession began when he could grab the interest of Chicago’s Experimental Handbag Theatre by his excellent skill to effortlessly transform into any personality. Nevertheless, he felt that learning took him from his acting profession. In the entire year 1975 he made an appearance in a film called Cooley Great and his function in the film was unquestionably amazing. He in addition has directed a whole lot of films and his work provides been great as a director aswell. With his versatile skill, and his capability to make scenes true he adapted from being truly a stand-up comedian to a Hollywood Actor. His initial film was” Cooley Great” that was featured in 1975. He was the article writer, maker and director of the very most well-known Hollywood satire Hollywood Shuffle which became a brilliant hit among the folks of dark ethnicity. His additional productions consist of Robert Townsend and his partner in Criminal offense that was an award earning show, The Townsend Tv on also to name a few. He’s a tall guy with the elevation of 5 ft with 11 ins.’ With over 30 years available, he has produced an indelible tag in Hollywood with a thorough list of credits. He’s the proud owner of a famous film production company called The Townsend Entertainment Company. He’s also popularly referred to as Eddie Murphy. Interesting Information: He’s also a Ceo ofof Creation for The Black Family members Channel. But regrettably the bond of couple could not last very long, and both of these parted their methods. He was divorced from his partner on 9 August 2011. It had been a film about R&B male organizations and the tribulations of the music market in the 1960’s. Robert can be an exceptionally good dad as his two daughters Siera and Skylar will be the apple of his eye. Their dad is a true motivation to them and his two daughters are also pursuing in his footsteps, Struggling to create their profession in the Hollywood Showbiz Market. Regardless of his busy routine, he manages to invest quality time along with his kids. He earns a handsome income taking his net worthy of around 2 million USD. Actor Robert Townsend includes a net worthy of of $2 million. The American actor started his profession in the 70s where he’d perform at local has. He currently had an innate interest for acting. He attempted to complete college by searching for Illinois Condition University and down the road in Negro Ensemble Business. He started his profession as a stand-up humor golf club the Improvisation and still left all the viewers spellbound by his comic timing and amazing talent skills. Therefore, he dropped out and pursued a fulltime profession in performing. Hollywood Shuffle was Townsend’s first task. He’s none various other than the very skilled Robert Townsend. Robert Townsend became famous due to his profession as an actor, maker, article writer and film director. He finished his graduation from Austin SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Chicago. He offers been motivated in the profession and sometime he previously to provide shirtless scenes in order that he could make the picture to be really. He’s very well-known in social media sites like Twitter. He is one of the ethnicity dark and nationality American. The achievement of the film propelled him to fame and an excellent name in the market. Thus, cinema offers been the main way to obtain his fame and Robert Townsend net well worth. To numerous people he’s mostly referred to as a director of a film called “Meteor Man”. Furthermore, he has made an appearance on HBO channel as a stand-up comedian often. Some of the films he directed will be the Meteor Guy, Hollywood Shuffle, and The Five Heartbeats. The comedian was created in 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised in a caution of his one mother, who not merely elevated him, but also his three siblings. When he browse a piece in college, he captured the market so very much, that he was shortly observed by some theatrical groupings. –> Robert Townsend is certainly a favorite person on the cultural websites including Twitter but he’s not as well involved on Instagram. 1990–2001) Nationality American Date of Birth February 6, 1957 Ethnicity African American Occupation Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Maker Education Shirley Townsend, Ed Townsend Kids Skye Townsend, Sierra Townsend, Grace Townsend, Isaiah Townsend He provides been a superb actor and his amazing function in Television shows and films has won an incredible number of hearts across the world. Together with her, he’s a mother or father of three children, two young ladies who are also entertainers, and one boy. In 1974, Robert Townsend was working at THE NEXT Town. He was also students at Illinois Condition University. Robert Townsend has been around many movies and Television shows. His mom insisted that Robert Townsend would end his education at university, however, Robert Townsend wished to focus on his profession as an actor. He quickly created his 1st satirical production known as “Hollywood Shuffle”, which ultimately shows how African American actors struggle in cinema globe. This production became successful and his picture in Hollywood started to rise. He includes a tall character with a elevation of 5 ft and 11 ins and a sound body weight. Among the first films which he has generated was known as “The Five Heartbeats”. In cinema market, Robert Townsend offers been working with extremely well known people, as well, Denzel Washington, such as for example Beyonce, Morgan Freeman, Chris Tucker and Halle Berry. Various other filmography of Robert Townsend consist of “Colley High”, “Roads of Fire”, “American Flyers”, “A Soldier’s Tale”, “The Parent’Hood”, “The Mighty Quinn” plus some others, which also added up to his general fame and in addition his finances. Thus today he’s regarded as among the wealthiest people in cinema globe. Who’s Robert Townsend: A popular and multitalented American actor who performed various films like Playin’ for Phantom Punch, Like and so on. He always posesses smile on his encounter and it an excellent human being. Early Lifestyle (Childhood): He was created in Chicago, Illinois as a boy Ed Townsend (Dad) and Shirley Townsend (Mom). He has faced plenty of hardships. Shifting to his personal lifestyle he was wedded to Cleri Jones on 15th September 1990.He also owned his own film creation company.He includes a net worthy of of 2 million dollar. Personal Existence: Concerning to his personal existence he’s married to a striking woman,Cheri Jones.This couple offers three beautiful daughter Sierra Townsend, Skylar Townsend and Grace Townsend in addition to a son Isaiah Townsend,. Accomplishment: In his profession he offers nominated for different awards like Independent Spirit Awards, Dark Reel Awards and in addition won different awards like American Dark Film Festival Career Accomplishment Black Reel Awards, etc, Award and CableACE Awards. Rumor: There is absolutely no rumor about him. Robert Townsend net worthy of: Robert Townsend can be an American actor, comedian, film director, and article writer who includes a net worthy of of $2 million. Robert Townsend has gained his net worthy of from the next films, Hollywood Shuffle (1987), The Mighty Quinn (1989), The Five Heartbeats (1991), and The Meteor Guy (1993). Townsend was created on February 6, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois, his parents Shirley Jenkins and Ed Townsend. He grew up by his single mom with three other kids.9 followers which may be the number that maintains rising. Robert has made an appearance in the 2000 film Vacation Center, the 2001 film Carmen: A Hip Hopera. He performed in local takes on while learning with the famed Second Town humor workshop for improvisation. He attended Illinois Condition University, but limited to twelve months. Robert Townsend offers three siblings. He previously received the hearts of several people and he usually includes a smile for his people. He has three kids with her. Robert Townsend is usually exceptional actor and he offers amazing focus on the films and Television shows. His film The Five Heartbeats was a musical stated in 1991. He’s a skilled person and he could gain the legendary position even after being therefore effective, he continues to make an effort to be also better. He’s of dark ethnicity and he’s of American nationality. His birth place can be Chicago in fact it is in Illinois, in United states. His various other milestones include famous tv shows like Carmen and ten thousand Dark Guys named George. Interested visitors can read even more about him and his interesting biography from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. His dad can be Ed Townsend and his mom can be Shirley Townsend. Besides performing, he provides been also a comedian and he produced many people laugh with intense often. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. He began his profession as a comedian at The Improvisation Theatre. He adores uploading the images also to post on such site also to talk about them with the cherished ones, the fans and admirers. Robert Townsend grew up in Chicago and her mom raised him just like a single mother or father. He has three kids, two daughters Sierra and Skylar who are both in the entertainment business and one child named Isiah. He’s a dedicated person and he tweeted over 2300 times until now. Townsend can be a article writer, director, network development CEO, and a maker. He gets the motivation and he’s a hardworking man which led to his achievement. He started the humor profession with the Improvisation in the famous comedy golf club. Robert Townsend got wedded in 1990 to his wife Cleri Jones plus they made a decision to live as a guy and a wife. Nevertheless, this relationship didn’t last for an extended period and they made a decision to obtain a divorce due to relationship complications. He has 3 kids plus they are Siera Isaiah Townsend, Skylar Townsend and Townsend. However, after only 1 year of research there Robert Townsend made a decision to move to NY, where he entered the Negro Ensemble Organization. He began to act in 1975 when he was in Cooley Large movie and as yet, he continues to possess amazing appearance. In 1986, he was in the film Ratboy. He’s also a director who directed many films. Therefore, comedy can be regarded as one of many resources of Robert Townsend net well worth. He offers over 20. He got interest of X handbag Theatre in Chicago in the reading of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex at the institution. His net worth is usually 2 million dollars which displays how he has had the opportunity to reach your goals. He auditioned for Chicago’s Experimental Dark Actors and he performed in the neighborhood has where he was learning Second City humor workshop of Improvisation. He previously to drop out of university to continue along with his acting interest since he thought university was taking a lot of time.

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