Robert Davi Net Worth

Robert Davi Net Worth is
$2 Million

Robert Davi Biography

His main concentrate there is theater. When he was developing up, Robert Davi learnt how exactly to speak Italian as both of his parents had been Italians. Most of these involvements possess been the primary ones with regards to increasing the entire size of Robert Davi net well worth. He has made an appearance in a lot more than 130 movies. The movies that made him mainly recognized consist of “The Goonies”, “Permit to Kill”, “Die Hard”, “Showgirls”, “Predator 2” and “The Expendables 3”. As a TV actor, he’s mainly known for his function as Agent Bailey Malone in the NBC series known as “Profiler”. Furthermore to his acting profession, Robert Davi is certainly a director. Robert Davi was created in Astoria, Queens, NY, and continued to graduate from Hofstra University. In 2011, he began his singing profession. He was educated to be always a classical soloist. His debut album was known as “Davi Sings Sinatra — ON THE PATH TO Romance”. In the same season, he made an appearance in another film known as “Video game of Death”. Hence, his singing career in addition has added up to the full total estimate of Robert Davi net worthy of. In 2016, he begun to appear on Chat Radio Network. He started his professional on-camera profession in the late 70s, showing up in the film, “Contract on Cherry Road”. Robert Davi is certainly a favorite actor, director, writer in addition to a singer. After senior high school, Robert Davi was their studies at Hofstra University.It’s been stated that the full total sum of Robert Davi net value is really as high as 2 million dollars, by at this time. Robert Davi net value: Robert Davi can be an American actor and jazz singer who includes a net value of $2 million dollars. After that, he spent some time working with a whole lot of popular and respected people in the cinema sector, such as for example Catherine Zeta-Jones, Marlon Brando, Benicio del Toro, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood and Roberto Benigni. His filmography is fairly comprehensive as he has made an appearance in such movies as “Showgirls”, “Die Hard”, “License to Kill”, “Boy of the Pink Panther”, “The Goonies” and many more. These movies have added up a great deal of revenues to the present sum of Robert Davi net worthy of, too. Furthermore to his appearances in the earlier mentioned series, “Profiler”, he provides appeared in lots of other Television productions, such as for example “Criminal Thoughts” and “Stargate Atlantis”. In 1989, he got a job of Mafia Albert Cerrico in it series known as “Wiseguy”. In 2011, the actor was selected for a component in the gangster film known as “Kill the Irishman”. The album landed in the 6th put on the Billboard jazz charts. Twelve months later, Robert Davi continuing his appearances with “The Iceman”. In 2015, he also made an appearance in the music video by Bob Dylan for the tune called “THE NIGHT TIME They Known as It A Time”. He was showing up in the series in the time of 1996-2000. In 2007, he debuted as such with the creation known as “The Dukes”. He made an appearance in this film, aswell. Some of his performing credits include such tasks as “Charlie’s Angels”, “From Here to Eternity”, “Town High temperature”, “The Goonies”, “Hunter”, “The Equalizer”, “L. He began his acting profession when he became a member of Frank Sinatra in “Agreement On Cherry Street”. Most of these stated productions not merely made his name popular internationally, but also elevated the quantity of Robert Davi net worthy of. He was created in 1953 in Astoria, Queens, NY. Since after that, he has truly gone on to a reliable profession, both as an actor and as a director. The film was demonstrated for the very first time at the Rome Film Event.A. Legislation”, “Die Hard”, “Permit to Kill”, “Wiseguy”, “Predator 2”, “Night time Trap”, “Blind Justice”, “The Pretender”, “Profiler”, “Huff”, “Stargate: Atlantis”, “Magic Guy”, “Kill the Irishman”, and “The Iceman”. He produced his directorial debut with the film, “The Dukes” in 2007, which received multiple awards and premiered at the Rome Film Event. He in addition has voiced heroes for multiple videogames including “Grand Theft Car: Vice City”, “Halo 2”, and “Halo 3”.

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Quick Facts

Full NameRobert Davi
Net Worth$2 Million
Date Of BirthJune 26, 1951
Height1.88 m
ProfessionFilm producer, Film director, Writer, Actor, Singer
EducationHofstra University, Seton Hall University
SpouseChristine Bolster (m. 1990), Jeri McBride (m. 1980–1990), Jan Borenstein (m. 1971–1980)
ChildrenSean Christian Davi, Nicholas Edward Davi, Frances Davi, Ariana Marie Davi, Isabella Davi
ParentsMaria Davi, Sal Davi
SiblingsMichelle Queal, Yvonne Davi
MoviesLicence to Kill, The Goonies, Die Hard, The Expendables 3, Showgirls, Raw Deal, Maniac Cop 2, The Hot Chick, The Iceman, Predator 2, Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence, The 4th Tenor, An American Carol, Cops & Robbersons, Kill the Irishman, The Dukes, Son of the Pink Panther, Action Jackson, Swamp Shark, Doonby, In the Mix, Blind Justice, City Heat, Game of Death, Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue, Ballistica, The Taking of Beverly Hills, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, Center of the Web, Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss, An Occasional Hell, Blood Of Redemption, Cyber Vengeance, Body Count, Soulkeeper, The Legend of the Golden Gun, The Bad Pack, The Butcher, A Long Way Off, One Last Ride, Criminal Intent, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Spring Break '83, And Your Name Is Jonah, Peacemaker, Verdict in Blood, One in the Gun, Lost Time, Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami, Absolute Aggression, White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd
TV ShowsProfiler, The Gangster Chronicles

Interesting Facts

1 Is a close friend of conservative radio host, Michael Savage.
2 Between 1977 and 1979, his parents, his sister and two of his grandparents died. Davi says dealing with the family tragedies was profoundly painful.
3 Speaks fluent Italian.
4 His father, Sal, was born in southern Italy, and though his mother, Mary, was born in America, her family came from southern Italy as well.
5 He got into Hofstra University on a drama scholarship and began working with its famous Shakespeare program, which includes a campus replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theater. After a time, though, he lost interest in school. Instead, he held a larger ambition: to work with the great Stella Adler. He ended up studying with Adler for three years and also studied with Lee Strasberg. During his apprenticeship, he acted in a rich variety of plays, from Anton Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" and "The Seagull" to William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
6 He went to Catholic primary schools on Long Island as a kid and then to Seton Hall, a Catholic high school in Patchogue, New York.
7 Loves Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
8 Met his wife-to-be Christine Bolster in 1989 when he invited friend Mickey Rourke over to his home for some karaoke fun. Rourke, who was dating the fashion model at the time, introduced her to Davi, and he vowed to Rourke that he would marry her one day. Bolster later received an invitation from Davi to join him on a pictorial spread he was doing for GQ Magazine. He proposed to her during the shoot and they married soon after.
9 Made his professional debut with Long Island's Lyric Opera Company.
10 Attended Hofstra University on a drama scholarship.
11 Attended Seton Hall High School, Patchogue, New York.
12 Only actor to star in all three of MGM's biggest franchises - James Bond, Pink Panther and Stargate (he is a recurring character on Stargate: Atlantis (2004)).
13 Children: Sean Christian Davi (b.1981) with Jeri McBride, Ariana Marie Davi (b.April 3th 1990), Frances Davi (b.1992), Isabella Davi and Nicholas Edward Davi (twins, born on January 11th 2001) with Christine Bolster.
14 Originally trained as an opera-singer, until he damaged his voice. Sometime protégé of famous opera star Tito Gobbi.


1 [2008, on The Goonies (1985)] I had a great time. Dick Donner [director Richard Donner], fantastic. Steven Spielberg, absolutely terrific to work with. He did the second-unit shooting for three and a half, five months. And Frank Marshall did the third-unit shooting. So you had three great talents filming it all, and you went from one set to another sometimes, because of all the effects and things we didn't have CGI stuff for. The thing I remember mostly--there were a few things, but again, me wanting to create Jake Fratelli in this. And also Chris Columbus wrote the screenplay. But I remember saying, "All right, we've got eight kids in this," or six kids, or whatever it was, "and this big set and the pirate thing. Now what am I going to bring to this character that's unique and unusual?" And the scene when I feed Sloth his food in the basement gave me the key to my whole character. It was written that I'd just put the food down and when Sloth went to reach for it, I'd move it away sadistically with my foot, and then I would bring it closer and move it away a little more. I felt that it was totally unsympathetic. And I wanted to create a character that you could also laugh [at] and have sympathy for in a certain way. So what I did was, I told Steven Spielberg--not told, I asked--Dick Donner and Steven Spielberg that I had an idea about Jake Fratelli, and that was that he was a frustrated opera singer and no one would listen to him. His brother Francis, his mother would never listen to him. But the only time he had a chance to express himself was when he was feeding Sloth. So, "Sing for your supper?" Listen to me for your supper. So I introduced the opera-singing there, and when Sloth just starts to scream over my singing, it hurts my feelings, because now he's not even listening to me. And then I'm able to say, "Here, you want your food? Here's your food. You don't listen to me! Nobody listens to me." And then having Anne Ramsey, I used to say to her, "I want you to slap me whenever you can."
2 [2008, on Die Hard (1988)] Joel Silver called me and said, "Hey, I've got this character. I think you're going to like this character." And it was Big Johnson. That was a lot of fun, and it became a huge hit and kind of in the classic realm. That's a talented up]--McTiernan [director John McTiernan] and Joel Silver. You know, at the time, Bruce Willis wasn't really--if this film didn't work, it wasn't going to be good for him. And it just defied everyone's--McTiernan had done a film, Nomads (1986), so there was a huge buzz on him in the first Predator (1987). And it was a huge, just a huge surprise. Didn't know.
3 [2008, on Showgirls (1995)]) I love Paul Verhoeven's work in Soldier of Orange (1977), and his films. The films he's getting back to making now, you know what I'm saying? I saw those films when they first came out, and I just always wanted to work with him. I almost did Total Recall (1990). I didn't, because I didn't want to play the bad guy in that film. But later on with "Showgirls", I hadn't really done anything with a real edge. So wanting to work with Verhoeven was the absolute main reason I did the picture, and also not playing a character that had formalities, and wanting to then bring something different to that character. For instance, I didn't want to be the guy that had the typical three-piece suit, jacket and tie, running a strip joint. So I asked Paul Verhoeven, "Could I be a little more predatory? Could I pick out a leopard-skin pattern for the shirt?" And I did. After that film, even The Rolling Stones, I think Keith Richards--the pattern of that shirt I had in "Showgirls" started to be seen a bit. And the little dance I did there with Nomi [Elizabeth Berkley] when she's gonna be the star, unfortunately it comes back to bite me on the ass a little bit, because people that don't tend to know my whole body of work . . . I can't tell you the community of people that loved the picture. It used to play like The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).
4 [2008, on Son of the Pink Panther (1993)] I love Benigni's [Roberto Benigni] work, and to be able to go to the south of France for three months, and then Pinewood Studios and then to Jordan. I just remember having a very good time filming that.
5 In the eighth grade I found I had a voice for opera, so I followed that path a little, but my impulse has always been an actor. I have always liked cinema, and let's face it, opera singers are just bad actors! I didn't want to translate myself in that direction. My heroes were people like Spencer Tracy, Bogart [Humphrey Bogart], Mitchum [Robert Mitchum], Marvin [Lee Marvin], Richardson [Ralph Richardson], Caine [Michael Caine], all those sort.
6 [on being typecast] If you look at the careers of people like Anthony Quinn, [James Cagney, even Tommy Lee Jones, they all were cast as villains. There comes a certain point in your life, in your late 30s, early 40s, when suddenly that can change. Maybe a director sees a glimpse of something else within you along the way. I played comedy in The Goonies (1985), which showed something else was going on. Even when I played the Bond villain in Licence to Kill (1989), there were some people who were rooting for that character ahead of the traditional hero. Now, in Profiler (1996), I get to play Bailey Malone, and I get to show another essence of myself. Stage performances show off multi-varied aspects of an actor, film has always been something else entirely. You always have a prejudice as to what you can and can't do, but your soul is able to come out more.
7 ([on his beginning acting training] I was frustrated at Hofstra [University], so I moved to Manhattan, worked as a waiter and at a fruit-and-vegetable stand. I lived in a cheap railroad flat on East 171st Street, took classes at Juilliard and finally worked my way into Stella Adler's Actors Studio. And that made all the difference. This woman was like getting a flame inside you, she was so inspirational.
8 I can play the bad guy, the character with the edge, but I would like him to get the girl without having to put a gun to her head, you know? Look at the careers of Robert Mitchum, Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney started out playing the adversary, too. I feel an affinity towards them. Right now, you have a lot of leading boys, but no leading men in the old sense of the word. There's a need for that and I think I can bring that to the screen.
9 Great storytellers in the past would go to an unknown land and return to tell the stories they've found. Those were also journeys into their inner psyches and that's still true today. An actor, a writer, does that as if saying, "Here's what I've discovered about myself and about the world I'm in. I would like to share this with you." It's an act of giving.
10 The war on terrorism is part of the war with Iraq.
11 I know a couple of my friends - quite a few - there is a conservative movement in Hollywood, and we kind of stay amongst ourselves.
12 [on George W. Bush and the "war on terrorism"] We have to protect America. And I think that, thank God we have this administration and this president.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2008 Coup de Coeur Alpe d'Huez International Comedy Film Festival The Dukes (2007)
2007 Jury Prize Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Festival Best Screenplay The Dukes (2007)
2007 Special Jury Prize Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Festival The Dukes (2007)
2007 Queens Spirit Award Queens Film Festival Best Director The Dukes (2007)
2007 Queens Spirit Award Queens Film Festival Best Producer The Dukes (2007)
2007 Special Jury Award WorldFest Houston Independent Theatrical Feature Films & Videos - First Feature The Dukes (2007)
2007 Special Jury Award WorldFest Houston Independent Theatrical Feature Films & Videos - Directing The Dukes (2007)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1996 Razzie Award Razzie Awards Worst Supporting Actor Showgirls (1995)



Breaking Vegas 2005 TV Series documentary Narrator
The Plot to Kill Nixon 2005 TV Special Narrator
Halo 2 2004 Video Game SpecOps Leader (voice)
Karen Sisco 2004 TV Series Denton
One Last Ride 2004 Father
Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss 2004 TV Movie Ivan Nagy
The Hot Chick 2002 Stan
Hitters 2002 Nick
The 4th Tenor 2002 Ierra
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2002 Video Game Colonel Juan Cortez (voice)
Verdict in Blood 2002 TV Movie Wade Waters
Soulkeeper 2001 Mallion
The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2001 Merlin / Milner
Profiler 1996-2000 TV Series Agent Bailey Malone
The Pretender 1999-2000 TV Series Agent Bailey Malone
My Little Assassin 1999 TV Movie Frank Sturgis
Batman Beyond 1999 TV Series Dr. Mike Morgan / Magma
The Bad Pack 1997 McQue
Cyber Vengeance 1997 R.D. Crowley
The Beneficiary 1997 TV Movie Gil Potter
Absolute Aggression 1996 R. D. Crowley
An Occasional Hell 1996 Trooper Larry Abbott
For Which He Stands 1996 Carlito Escalara
The Zone 1995 Rowdy Welles
Showgirls 1995 Al Torres
Delta of Venus 1995 The Collector (voice)
Body Count 1995 Eddie Cook
VR.5 1995 TV Series Simon Buchanan
No Contest 1995 Sergeant Crane
The Dangerous 1995 Davalos
Blind Justice 1994 TV Movie Alacran
Cops and Robbersons 1994 Osborn
The November Men 1993 Robert Davi (uncredited)
Quick 1993 Matthew Davenport
Son of the Pink Panther 1993 Hans Zarba
Night Trap 1993 Mike Turner
FBI: The Untold Stories 1993 TV Series Donnie Brasco / Joe Pistone
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence 1993 Det. Sean McKinney
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery 1992 Martin Pinzon
Illicit Behavior 1992 Lt. Matt Walker
Center of the Web 1992 Richard Morgan
Legal Tender 1991 Fix Cleary
Under Surveillance 1991
Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue 1991 Sully
The Taking of Beverly Hills 1991 Robert Masterson
White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd 1991 TV Movie Lucky Luciano
Predator 2 1990 Captain Phil Heinemann
Amazon 1990 Dan
Maniac Cop 2 1990 Det. Sean McKinney
Deceptions 1990 TV Movie Jack 'Harley' Kessler
Peacemaker 1990 Sergeant Ramos
Wiseguy 1989 TV Series Albert Cerrico
Licence to Kill 1989 Franz Sanchez
Traxx 1988 Aldo Palucci
Die Hard 1988 FBI Special Agent Big Johnson
L.A. Law 1988 TV Series Dominic Simonetti
Action Jackson 1988 Tony Moretti
Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami 1988 TV Movie Salim Ajami
Wild Thing 1987 Chopper
Raw Deal 1986 Max Keller
The Equalizer 1986 TV Series Michael Riegert
Hunter 1985 TV Series Sonny Dunbar
The Goonies 1985 Jake
City Heat 1984 Nino
The A-Team 1984 TV Series Boyle
The Fall Guy 1983-1984 TV Series Dan Kowal / Scar De Bond
Hart to Hart 1984 TV Series Tony Bairos
T.J. Hooker 1982-1984 TV Series Tom Warfield / Joseph Picartus
The Rousters 1983 TV Series Norman Clayton
The Rousters 1983 TV Movie Norman Clayton
The Optimist 1983 TV Series The Cabbie
Bring 'Em Back Alive 1983 TV Series
Bay City Blues 1983 TV Series
St. Elsewhere 1982 TV Series Patrick
Hill Street Blues 1982 TV Series Stan Mizell
The Powers of Matthew Star 1982 TV Series Zealotta
Shannon 1981 TV Series Mel
Gangster Wars 1981 Vito Genovese
Dynasty 1981 TV Series Amos
The Gangster Chronicles 1981 TV Mini-Series Vito Genovese
Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story 1980 TV Movie Hubbard
Rage! 1980 TV Movie Resident #1
The $5.20 an Hour Dream 1980 TV Movie Bobby Jim
Nick and the Dobermans 1980 TV Movie Lieut. Anthony Elbone
Trapper John, M.D. 1979 TV Series Officer Ed Buxton
Barnaby Jones 1979 TV Series Pete Cerilla
The Incredible Hulk 1979 TV Series Rader
Lou Grant 1979 TV Series Hector
The Legend of the Golden Gun 1979 TV Movie William Quantrill
...And Your Name Is Jonah 1979 TV Movie Dickie
From Here to Eternity 1979 TV Mini-Series Guard
Charlie's Angels 1978 TV Series Ritchie
Contract on Cherry Street 1977 TV Movie Mickey Sinardos
Bachelor Lions 2017 filming Maurice
Under the Dark 2017 pre-production Hope
Deported 2016 post-production Agent Buckholtz
Feast of Fear completed Dealer
Poor Paul announced Leonardo
Reagan pre-production Leonid Brezhnev
Spring Break '83 completed Dean Whitter
Your Move post-production Romero
Spreading Darkness 2017 Garvin McHulsey
The Bronx Bull 2016 Aaron Levy
Criminal 2016 Admiral Lance (uncredited)
Sopra la media 2015 Video short Jake
Sicilian Vampire 2015 Big Sal - The Don
Club Life 2015 Bobby
Awaken 2015 Quentin
Bob Dylan: The Night We Called It a Day 2015 Video short
Lost Time 2014 Dr. Xavier Reed
The Expendables 3 2014 Goran Vata
A Long Way Off 2014 Frank
Asteroid vs Earth 2014 TV Movie General Masterson
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2014 TV Series Marvin Braxton
Black Rose 2014 Captain Frank Dalano
You Are 2014 Video short
Doonby 2013 Sheriff Woodley
Blood of Redemption 2013 Hayden
The Great Chameleon 2012 Curry
The Iceman 2012 Leonard Merks
Smokewood 2012 TV Movie Ike Wilson
Knight Blade 2012 Short
Swamp Shark 2011 TV Movie Sheriff Watson
Kill the Irishman 2011 Ray Ferritto
Game of Death 2010 Smith
Criminal Minds 2010 TV Series Detective Adam Kurzbard / Detective Eric Kurzbard
Magic Man 2010 Simpson
Nip/Tuck 2010 TV Series Christian's Dad
Magic 2010 Dr. David Ortero
One in the Gun 2010 Vincent
Ballistica 2009 Macarthur
The Butcher 2009 Murdoch
Stargate: Atlantis 2004-2008 TV Series Commander Acastus Kolya
An American Carol 2008 Aziz
Halo 3 2007 Video Game Shipmaster (voice)
The Dukes 2007 Danny
The Plot to Kill: Jesse James 2006 TV Movie Narrator (voice)
Scarface: The World Is Yours 2006 Video Game Alejandro Sosa (voice)
Huff 2006 TV Series Dickins
In the Mix 2005 Fish


Davi's Way 2016 Documentary producer post-production
Lost Time 2014 executive producer
Magic 2010 producer
Ballistica 2009 executive producer
The Dukes 2007 producer
Hitters 2002 producer


Magic 2010
The Dukes 2007


The Voice announced
The Dukes 2007


Home & Family 2013 TV Series performer - 1 episode


The November Men 1993 presentation


Deep in the Heart 2012 thanks
Miracle Mile 1988 thanks


Davi's Way 2016 Documentary post-production Himself
The Corrupt and the Dead 2016 Documentary post-production Himself
Classic Hollywood Cinemas 2016 Documentary Himself
The High Road with Drake and Serena Travis 2016 TV Series Himself
Africa's Predator Zones 2015 TV Mini-Series documentary Narrator
Hell's Kitchen 2015 TV Series Himself - Restaurant Patron
Haapasalo Goes America 2014 TV Series Himself
Tweet Out 2014 TV Series Himself
Give Me Shelter 2014 Documentary Animal Advocate
Dirty Laundry Live 2014 TV Series Himself
Portraits of Faith 2013 TV Series documentary Himself
Home & Family 2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
Fox and Friends 2013 TV Series Himself
Red Eye w/Tom Shillue 2011-2013 TV Series Himself - Guest Panelist
Fatherhood 101 2013 Documentary Himself (rumored)
Durch die Nacht mit... 2012 TV Series documentary Himself
Everything or Nothing 2012 Documentary Himself
Hannity 2009-2012 TV Series Himself - Panelist
Huckabee 2012 TV Series Himself
Actors Reporter Interviews 2011 TV Series Himself
25th Annual Genesis Awards 2011 TV Special Himself
The Great Ride 2011 TV Series Himself
The Making of a Cult Classic: The Unauthorized Story of 'The Goonies' 2010 Video documentary short Himself
Troopathon 2010: Remember Their Sacrifice 2010 TV Movie Himself
24th Annual Genesis Awards 2010 TV Special Himself
Apocalypse Island 2010 TV Movie documentary Narrator
Island Summer Celebrity Sports Invitational 2009 TV Movie Himself
Russian Tenors 2009 TV Series Himself
Troopathon 2009: Honor Their Service 2009 TV Movie Himself
PoliWood 2009 Documentary Himself
The Pool Boys 2009 Himself
Filmnut 2008 TV Series Himself
The View 2008 TV Series Himself - Guest
Entertainment Tonight 2008 TV Series Himself
Bond '89 2006 Video documentary short Himself
On the Set with John Glen 2006 Video documentary short Himself
Inside 'Licence to Kill' 2000 Video documentary short Himself
Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us? 1999 TV Movie documentary Narrator
L.A. Without a Map 1998 Himself
The 23rd Annual People's Choice Awards 1997 TV Special Himself
The World of James Bond 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself
The 18th Annual People's Choice Awards 1992 TV Special Himself
Licence to Kill: Production Behind the Scenes 1989 Video documentary short Himself
The More You Know 1989 TV Series Himself
The Arsenio Hall Show 1989 TV Series Himself - Guest
Wogan 1989 TV Series Himself - Guest
Kenworth Truck Stunt Featurette 1989 Video documentary short Himself
The Making of 'The Goonies' 1985 TV Short documentary Himself

Archive Footage

Halo: The Master Chief Collection 2014 Video Game Shipmaster
Edición Especial Coleccionista 2012 TV Series Franz Sanchez
Premiere Bond: Opening Nights 2006 Video documentary short Himself
Stargate: Atlantis 2005 TV Series Commander Acastus Kolya
Best Ever Bond 2002 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)
Inside 'From Russia with Love' 2000 Video documentary short Sanchez
The James Bond Story 1999 TV Movie documentary Franz Sanchez (uncredited)

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