Rhonda Aikman Net Worth

Rhonda Aikman Net Worth is
$10 Million

Rhonda Aikman Biography

She is the previous wife of Troy Aikman, who’s right now a commentator in Fox NFL, and in addition has been a Quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys. Rhonda Aikman fulfilled Troy when she was operating as a publicist for the Cowboys corporation and got wedded to the celebrity athlete on April 8, 2000. Rhonda presently lives in a $1. Rhonda stayed relatively beyond your limelight during their relationship but that’s about the modification as she is collection to become among the celebrities of Bravo’s newest actuality series THE TRUE Housewives of Dallas. Rhonda got a child from a previous relationship called Rachel Worthey and continued to have two even more daughters with Troy, Jordan Ashley born in 2001 and Alexa Marie born in 2002. It had been rumored that the few began splitting their properties before these were going to split officially. Troy is currently considered the many eligible bachelor in Dallas making for some tension within their fresh lives as solitary parents. It’ll be extremely interesting to observe how it all takes on from TV! Rhonda Aikman includes a net worthy of of $10 Million.Rhonda Aikman may be the ex wife of past Dallas Cowboys Quarterback and current Fox NFL commentator Troy Aikman, who includes a net worthy of of $10 million. Rhonda was from all interest during her relationship with Troy, but it has changed, as she’s turn into a star of the truth series on Bravo, “THE TRUE Housewives of Dallas”. She right now lives in a mansion in Dallas that is valued at $1. The few had married in 2001, that was weeks after Aikman retired from his effective profession of 12 years. This mansion was bought in November 2011, 90 days after her separation with her spouse Troy. Many people right now believe that Troy can be at this time being among the most eligible bachelors in Dallas, which increases the anxiety within their lives of being solitary parents. She had 2 daughters with Troy – Jordan Ashley (2001), and Alexa Marie (2002). She wedded the athlete on April 8th 2000. Rhonda includes a daughter who was simply born from a previous relationship – Rachel Worthey. Rhonda Aikman fulfilled her husband to be Troy, at that time she was occupied as the publicist for the business work by the Cowboys. Rhonda Aikman got divorced from Troy after spending a decade of marriage with him.5 Million. They announced that these were separating in January, however they did not supply the exact cause of the split.5 million Dallas mansion that she bought in November 2011, three full months before their separation became official. Lately, Rhonda was arrested to be drunk in public.

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Net Worth$10 Million

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