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11 Ray Sefo was created along with his birth name as “Sugars” Ray Sefo whose birth place is Auckland, New Zealand and he’s also known as by his additional name as Sugars foot. Ray was created in February 15, 1971 and he’s running 44 years right now. Being mainly because a combined martial artist from the entire year 1989 till current period he’s active into his occupation with concentrate upon the kick boxing. Ray can be dictated becoming as a Muay Thai Globe Champion with earning it for a lot more than 6 instances. Similarly 8 times along with his superb participation in K-1 Globe Grand Prix produced him to close over the last participation. Ray can be dictated as a dad of his kids and there is absolutely no any symptoms relating to the divorce among the few till current period. He was also talked about having 2 affairs in his school situations but he had not been so serious through the very period. Ray started early profession right from the start of his school situations. His record within the Oceania Kickboxing group made him to attain more achievement within his career together with his professional began. Ray is normally 5 feet 11 in . in high and his fat is around 115. There is absolutely no any estimated information regarding his personal bio nonetheless it has been talked about within a few of the interview that he’s well enough to control his personal lifestyle as by side along with his profession. Ray may be the example for his people aswell. Currently he’s also designated getting as a president within the Globe Group of Fighting and he appearance upon the occasions organized by it. He’s also mentioned getting as a married guy whom he was in like from the very very long time mentioning as affair. His dad was owning a business and his mom was a house maker. But he hasn’t declared the name of his partner who he loves really. Ray is normally belonging with the American nationality. Ray is quite positive person by his character. His interest can be within photography hand and hand. Along with this he’s also an excellent singer as mentioned by his partner and he’s a accountable parents taking all of the duties and fulfilling it correctly. Since, Ray is an effective person within his professional profession simultaneously he is successful along with his personal lifestyle aswell. He was also educated at Balmoral Lee Gar Fitness center and he was professionally sharpened within his performances in the progressive method.5 kg. His income because of his job made him to assemble collective quantity of net worth which can be assumed around around 55 million American dollars within the existing time. He’s also assumed along with his net worthy of of around 60 million dollars by enough time in the entire year 2015 within among the site.


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