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19 Pratigya Tamang, presently referred to as Guarantee Tamang Phan. She born in gorgeous country Nepal(Gorkha District).She actually is well known as The Human being Chameleon She was raised in Nepal with her grandfather. She loves pets, birds.She was in Nepal for approximately 15 years and moved to U. She also adored to dance essentially Nepali tradition dance, Hip-hop and break dance. and she became well-known in Internet basicallay in youtube. She got great opinions from that make-up on facebook and she was recommended to give tutorial about this make-up .S. She wished to maintain bat as a pet since her childhood .Later on she kept bat and named him Dumbo (Produced from: Lata(Nepali) to Dumb(English) to Dumbo(Cute name)). She also experienced held monkey once as a family pet. Promise Tamang’s 1st video on youtube was her dance. She got influenced from film “Avatar” and she do 1st make-up as Navis and published it normally on facebook. She actually is titled as “YOUTUBE Make-up GURU”.Avatar make-up was her 1st tutorial on youtube after that she did make-up of Mad Hatter and gradually she began to give make-up guide of different celebraties.She actually is famous on YouTube as a titled “YOUTUBE Make-up GURU”.There is absolutely no information regarding her in social sites. People normally believe that she actually is in affair or she’s a boyfriend but Guarantee Tamang phan has already been wedded with Steve Phan. She utilized to maintain Phan after her name which originated from Steve Phan (hubby of Guarantee Tamang Phan). Guarantee Tamang Phan reputation is in roofing through mass media from UK, India, Germany, France to the united states. Phan’s was referred to as “The Individual Chameleon”.She married with Steve Phan. Guarantee Tamang Weeding Photo, Hubby Photo are available in her tweets and in Facebook. Her Quick reality can within below.She is well-known for her Nepali dance on YouTube . I could say, she’s magic in her make-up. Promise completed her simple education in Nepal and continuing her further studies in america. A tutorial of make-up prove that she’s magic skill therefore we are able to say that Guarantee Phan is make-up Guru.Both of these love one another.She was raised in Nepal with her grandfather. Among all of the make-up that she acquired done she enjoyed the make-up of Angelina Jolie most, which includes about 16 million audiences on Youtube.She was inspired from the film “Avatar”.She’s nearly three million clients about Youtube Channel. She actually is renowned as Make-up Guru.She actually is an online superstar. Guarantee Tamang is a wedded person. She was presented in Yahoo website as well. Make-up of different celebraties could be noticed on youtube. She utilized to share her picture in Facebook and also twitter too.Her spouse can be an American citizen of Vietnamese origin.Her husband assists her even though filming Promise’s video clips and assists her with specialized issues of video-building and post-production. There is absolutely no sign of divorce within their relationship. Guarantee Tamang is widely popular as The Human being Chameleon.


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