Phyllis Somers Net Worth

Phyllis Somers Net Worth is
$180 Million

Phyllis Somers Biography

He 1st learnt to fly in 1936 and later on bought airports, offering Southampton airport terminal for £50m in 1988. He learnt to fly in 1936, later on owning airports, and offered Southampton airport terminal in 1988 for £50m. His widow is definitely a generous donor to charitable causes. He also produced numerous property offers.$180 Million: Somers, 87, may be the widow of Nat Somers, a Jersey-based tycoon who was simply passionate about aviation and business. A generous donor to charities, Somers, 89, may be the widow of Nat Somers, a Jersey-centered tycoon whose twin passions, flying and business, produced his fortune. A global known Inheritance character Phyllis Somers born on 1st January in great town of England. Phyllis Somers net well worth relating to 2015 stats is definitely $180,000,000.

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Net Worth$180 Million

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