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$20 Million

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Paul Hogan (Age group 76 yrs) is a favorite actor from Australia who’s known for his film- Crocodile Dundee, that he received many awards. Actually the movie was therefore hit that they produce its sequel Crocodile Dundee II in 1988 and Crocodile Dundee in LA (2001). Born in New South Wales, Australia in 8th October 1939, he debuted in entertainment field from the humor The Paul Hogan Display. It really is unclear as whatmotivated him to obtain married to Noelene once again. 1958–1981) NAME Paul Hogan, AM Nationality Australian Date of Birth October 8, 1939 Ethnicity Australian Occupation Actor, Comedian Kids Opportunity Hogan, Brett Hogan Paul Hogan is certainly acomedian who’s known for his function in ‘Crocodile Dundee’ as, Michael CrocodileDundee. But his administration provides denied the rumor informing it as fake. Paul Hogan and Linda Koziowski jointly includes a children (boy) named Chance Hogan. Originally, these were married in the time of 1958-1981. Hogan’s net worthy of peaked at north of $75 million, but however has declined significantly recently after an ugly divorce and an extended struggle with the Australian Taxation Workplace. Previously, Paul had still left his wife Noelen after Paul Hoganand Linda Koziowski fulfilled for the very first time in studio group of Crocodile Dundee. Linda received USD 6. He provides won a whole lot of awards because of this film. 1990), Noelene Edwards (m. Paul is very much indeed alive and living a dynamic life. NAME : Paul Hogan, AM Elevation : Weight : Time of Birth, Age group : October 8, 1939 Birth Place : Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia Income source : Acting, Comedy Wikipedia Web page : Here Additional information : Way to obtain Wealth Acting, Humor Birth Place Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia Elevation 5′ 9″ (1. Paul Hogan has elevation of 5ft 8 inch. The tax workplace claimed Paul utilized offshore taxes shelters and California residency to cover up millions of dollars worthy of of his Crocodile Dundee revenue over an interval of 25 years. Paul Hogan was created October 9, 1939 in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.5 million goverment tax bill.8 million for the initial Crocodile Dundee Film. This second divorce was reportedly probably the most costly and messiest in Australian background. Noelene never discussed the separation to the press. It was stated that after he began growing infame, his like for Noelene began to reduce and he divorced her. He received USD 4,800,000 by offering his Malibu Beach Home to Chris Hemsworth. Paul Hogan gained $20 Million – $20 000 000 this season which computes to be ~$54794,52 each day; ~$1666666,67 monthly; ~$384615,38 weekly; ~$2283,11 each hour; or ~$38,05 each and every minute; –> He fulfilled his wife, Noelene Edwards in 1958 and gotmarried to her, in the same yr. Actually, he has said he’s still ready to take up a new relationship.76 m) Marital Position Married Linda Kozlowski (m. There is rumor of Paul Hogan loss of life back 2011 and the reason why was reported to be a coronary attack but later it had been found that it had been fake. 1982–1989), Noelene Edwards (m. After Paul Hogan divorce with Linda Koziowski in July 2013, there is a rumor that he was dating Terri Irwin, the widower lately crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.25 million for divorce. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. ~$0,63 per second. They announced their separation in 1981. Income & Financial Data: The below monetary data is collected and published by TheRichest analysts group to provide you with a better knowledge of Paul Hogan’s net well worth by wearing down themost relevant monetary events such as for example yearly salaries, agreements, endorsements, a lot more, stock possession and earn outs. In 1986, they once again wished to end the relationship and filed for the separation. In 1990, he married LindaKozlowski, an celebrity. He has five kids with Noelene and a kid withLinda. In 2013, he got separated from Linda stating the reason why as,irreconcilable variations. Linda requested for kid support, spousal supportand complete custody of the kid. He got wedded toNoelene when he was simply 18. By age 22, he fathered three children anddrifted in one job to some other. The taxes and divorce problems have compromised Net worthy of of Paul Hogan. He gotreconciled with her once again, but still left her for his youthful girlfriend, Linda. There can be an 19 calendar year gap between them and theirwedding was extremely controversial, in those days. After he stopped performing in 2001,things began to take a bad form in his marital lifestyle. It was stated that he gotmarried to Noelene, the same calendar year when Linda was created. The show became well-known because of his unique design of display and he was effective to continue to perform the display for as much as nine years. His affair with Linda was the reason behind the separation. It had been a loveat first view when he noticed her putting on a one piece swimwear. It had been saidthat he held the partnership secret from the press and his family members and starteddating her soon after the separation. Infidelity had not been described inhis separation settlement with Noelene. This year 2010, after Hogan traveled to Australia for his mother’s funeral, he was avoided from leaving the united states until he paid a $37. Crocodile Dundee II was240 million while he gathered USD 40 million from Crocodile Dundee III.8 million budget independently and sold the distribution rights country by country by himself. She stated that she was pleased with her former spouse. Linda never discussed her existence with the reasonfor the separation, additional details and Paul. However, recently his net well worth has decreased a whole lot due to the Australian Taxation Workplace along with his divorce from his wife. He refused to supply spousal support. He needed toshare the custody of their boy and asked the judge to deny the spousal support. ? Finally, in 2011 Hogan and the Australian federal government reached a confidential settlement. He could earn a big package from the film series after funding and distributing the film beyond your traditional movie studio program. He’s not presently in anyrelationship. He didn’t talk about about whether he provides plans to start out datingagain. He never discussed his personal lifestyle to the media. During histhree divorces, he hardly ever commented on what proceeded to go incorrect and about the settlement.There have been no known very long time arguments, infidelity, violence, or other maritalproblems which could have broken his marital vows with Linda. It’s been announced that the full total size of Paul Hogan net well worth currently includes a sum of 20 million dollars. He became well-known due to his career in humor as well as performing. Paul Hogan became well-known and he is still for his appearance in the film known as “Crocodile Dundee”, where he made an appearance in 1986 in its first component. He was created in Australia in 1939. Afterwards, he was also casted for the same function in the subsequent elements of this film. Hogan was created on October 9th 1939 in Lightening Ridge Australia. The next part of the film “Crocodile Dundee II” gained 240 million dollars and the 3rd section of the film “Crocodile Dundee III” got 40 million dollars. Overall, most of these movies have added up too much to the full total estimate of Paul Hogan net well worth. At one stage, Paul Hogan net well worth reached a lot more than 70 million dollars. They didn’t possess a prenup and theirseparation was a little bit ugly. The wife with whom he separated and due to whom his net worthy of reduced was Noelene Edwards. Paul provides admitted that it might be just Kris Jenner if he was ever to be on dates. Twelve months passed and the few remarried. Nevertheless, this time it finished in a divorce, which occurred in 1986. This divorce continues to be regarded as probably the most costly divorces in the complete country of Australia. Not only is it probably the most expensive types, it had been also among the messiest types. In 1993, Paul Hogan wedded Linda Kozlowski with whom he made an appearance in the films of “Crocodile Dundee”, with whom he’s still together. For a lot more than 1 10 years, Paul Hogan was having many arguments with the Australian Taxation Workplace. This office mentioned that Paul Hogan escaped from taxes for 25 years and hid the amount of money which he got from the films of “Crocodile Dundee”. Actually, when Paul Hogan returned to Australia for his mother’s funeral, Paul Hogan had not been allowed to keep Australia until he paid 37.5 million dollars which he was with debt for hidden taxes. Luckily, in 2011, Paul Hogan and the Australian taxation reached an contract. Nevertheless, these arguments reduced Paul Hogan net worthy of by a mile. Hence, these two resources – the divorce and the arguments with the taxation program – were the primary causes of the reduction in his net worthy of. Paul Hogan can be an actor and comedian from Australia with around net worth of $20 million. The first section of the series got a sum of 320 million dollars, and Paul Hogan offers been regarded as the main one who produced this happen. He’s most famous for showing up in the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ series and its own sequel in 1986. Aside from Linda andNoelene, Paul had not been known to possess dated anyone. Paul Hogan elevated the initial $8.8 million budget independently from Crocodile Dundee which allowed him to keep a 60 % stake in ownership in the film’s gains. Crocodile Dundee earned a lot more than $320 million world-wide, Crocodile Dundee II however gained $240 million and Crocodile Dundee III earned $40 million. The series included a ‘who’s who’ of Australian tv and film actors of your day including Jon Blake, Andrew Clarke, Megan Williams, Tony Bonner, Robert Coleby, Expenses Kerr, Vivean Gray and Ilona Rodgers. Choose Year Earnings 2015 Earnings 2006 Earnings 2005 Earnings 2003 Earnings 2002 Earnings 1998 Earnings 1983 Earnings 1979 Earnings 1978 Earnings 1974 Earnings 1973 Show all earnings $20 Million: Paul Hogan, AM (born 8 October 1939) can be an Australian tv presenter, actor and comedian. Ayear following the divorce, they gotmarried once again.However, the case didn’t result in his favor. Paul Hogan once was wedded to Linda Kozlowski, his co-celebrity in Crocodile Dundee, however they divorced in 2014. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Greatest Original Screenplay and gained a Golden World award for his functionality as outback adventurer Michael ‘Crocodile’ Dundee in ‘Crocodile’ Dundee (1986), the initial in the Dundee series film franchise. Hogan rose to prominence in Australia through the early 1970s after an interview on A Current Affair. Hogan implemented this along with his own humor sketch plan The Paul Hogan Present, which he created, wrote, and where he played individuals with John Cornell. The series, which ran for 60 episodes between 1973 and 1984, was well-known in his native nation, and South Africa, and showcased his trademark lighthearted but laddish ocker humour. The first series was on Channel Seven and by 1975, it had been screened on Channel Nine where it remained before end of 1984. In the 1970s, he promoted Winfield cigarettes in tv, printing and billboard advertisements where he wore a formal supper suit. These ads constantly finished with the catchphrase ‘Anyhow, have a Winfield’. Through the early 1980s, Hogan filmed a number of television advertisements marketing the Australian tourism sector, which aired in the usa. An advertisement offering the expression ‘shrimp on the barbie’ which aired from 1984, was particularly effective. In 1985, Hogan starred as an Australian Globe War I ‘digger’ called Pat Cleary in the critically acclaimed mini-series Anzacs which aired on the Nine Network. Cleary was referred to as the quintessential Aussie larrikin and series article writer John Dixon wrote the component of Cleary with Hogan at heart. This produced Hogan’s net worthy of to shoot to $75 million but it has unfortunately declined because of divorce and problems with the Taxation Workplace of Australian however the issues have quickly been resolved. Crocodile Dundee I continued to earn much more than $320 million worldwide. His first good earning originated from Crocodile Dundees when he not merely financed the film but also took obligations of distributing it. Hogan can be most famous for showing up in the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee and its own subsequent sequels. Hogan could earn an extraordinarily huge paycheck off the Crocodile Dundee series after funding and distributing the film outside of the original movie studio program. Hogan raised the 1st movie’s $8. Noelene commented aboutPaul in his taxation complications, but never discussed what went incorrect in theirmarital existence. This allowed him to keep up a reported 60% possession stake in the film’s eventual income. Paul Hogan net worthy of: Paul Hogan can be an Australian actor and comedian who includes a net worthy of of $20 million. Crocodile Dundee II gained $240 million, Crocodile Dundee III gained $40 million. Furthermore, Linda is dating brand-new boyfriend Moulay Hafid Baba after placing an end to relationship to Paul Hogan. Hogan and initial wife Noelene Edwards had been originally married from 1958 ‘ 1981. They remarried within a calendar year then divorced once again in 1986. He was provided sixty percent benefit from this first film. Hogan married provides been wedded to his Crocodile Dundee co-superstar Linda Kozlowski since 1993. Hogan was involved with a bitter dispute with the Australian Taxation Workplace for greater than a 10 years. Paul Hogan Net Worthy of is approximated at USD 20 million. At one point, the tax workplace offered Hogan with a $150 million costs that included significant fines and curiosity. In 2006, Hogan earned a $5 million judgement against the Australian Criminal offense Commission after it had been found to possess illegally seized personal monetary info. The separation was reported to be ugly, butthere is usually no information regarding the settlement, financial information and the childcustody. He could gather USD 8. Linda had not been known to possess any boyfriend, when she got separated fromhim. In April 2013, Hogan sued a Swiss lender claiming it allowed among the actor’s former monetary advisors to abscond with an increase of than $32 million. The case happens to be unsettled however the financial advisor statements no wrong doing.

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Quick Facts

Net Worth$20 Million
Date Of BirthOctober 8, 1939
Height1.75 m
ProfessionScreenwriter, Comedian, Film producer, Actor
EducationParramatta Marist High School
SpouseLinda Kozlowski, Noelene Edwards
ChildrenBrett Hogan, Chance Hogan
ParentsFlorence Hogan
SiblingsWendy Hogan, Patrick Hogan
AwardsAACTA Longford Lyell Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, Logie Awards Hall of Fame, Logie Award for Best TV Comedy Performer, George Wallace Memorial Logie for Best New Talent
NominationsAcademy Award for Best Original Screenplay, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay, Logie Award for Most Popular Actor in a Miniseries/Telemovie
MoviesFatty Finn, Crocodile Dundee, Crocodile Dundee II, Almost an Angel, Lightning Jack, Flipper, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, Strange Bedfellows, Charlie & Boots

Interesting Facts

1 Has two sons: Brett Hogan and Chance Hogan.
2 Lives in a Victorian farmhouse near Santa Barbara, California (2001).
3 Has worked with Linda Kozlowski in four films: Crocodile Dundee (1986), Crocodile Dundee II (1988), Almost an Angel (1990) and Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001).
4 He was discovered in a "New Faces" talent quest while he was a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
5 Was given a Subaru Outback by the automobile company for his appearances in their commercials.
6 Celebrity spokesperson for both Suburu Outback automobiles and Australian tourism.
7 Divorced first wife, Noelene, after 28 years of marriage (their eldest son was 31 at the time). Has a son, named Chance Hogan, with co-star-turned-wife, Linda Kozlowski.
8 He was awarded Australian of the Year in 1985.
9 He was awarded the AM (Member of the Order of Australia) on January 26, 1989, for his services to tourism and entertainment.
10 Had a variety of jobs before coming to notice in 1972 on "New Faces", a television talent show. This success led to his own sketch comedy series, The Paul Hogan Show (1973), the following year.
11 Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1986" in John Willis's Screen World, Vol. 38.


1 [on his breakout role as Crocodile Dundee] The movie scene is screaming out for the movie hero who doesn't kill 75 people... less of those commandos, terminators, ex-terminators and squashers. Mick's a good role model. There's no malice in the fellow and he's human. He's not a wimp or a sissy just because he doesn't kill people.
2 I enjoy being part of the entertainment industry, although I'm the laziest person that I've met yet in this business.
3 Come and say G'day! I'll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you!
4 What career? A man's got a body of film of about four movies in about 10 years or something. I do it because I think I can do a good job of something and I'll enjoy it, do it, and sort of vanish. I don't want to be an actor for hire.
5 Cricket needs brightening up a bit. My solution is to let the players drink at the beginning of the game, not after. It always works in our picnic matches.
6 The secret to my success is that I bit off more than I could chew and chewed as fast as I could.
7 You're here to sweat. This program is live. There's about one thousand million people watching you. So you remember - one wrong word, one foolish gesture and your whole career could go down in flames. Hold that thought and have a nice night.
8 I didn't get into entertainment until I was like 31. I didn't star in a movie until I was 46.
9 I only work every couple of years. I go into retirement between films.
10 Well, there's nothing strange about Americans as a whole. But Angelinos are different!
11 [speech at the Academy Awards] There are three Gs to accepting an award: Be Gracious ... Be Grateful ... and Get Off!


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1987 Golden Globe Golden Globes, USA Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical Crocodile Dundee (1986)
1987 Hall of Fame Logie Awards
1987 ShoWest Award ShoWest Convention, USA Male Star of the Year
1978 Logie Logie Awards Best Comedy Performer The Paul Hogan Show (1973)
1975 Logie Logie Awards Best TV Comedian The Paul Hogan Show (1973)
1973 George Wallace Memorial Logie for Best New Talent Logie Awards

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1987 Oscar Academy Awards, USA Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen Crocodile Dundee (1986) Ken Shadie (screenplay)

John Cornell (screenplay)
1987 BAFTA Film Award BAFTA Awards Best Actor Crocodile Dundee (1986)
1987 BAFTA Film Award BAFTA Awards Best Screenplay - Original Crocodile Dundee (1986) Ken Shadie

John Cornell
1987 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Writing Crocodile Dundee (1986) Ken Shadie

John Cornell



Open Slather 2015 TV Series Cardinal
Charlie & Boots 2009 Charlie
Strange Bedfellows 2004 Vince Hopgood
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles 2001 Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee
Floating Away 1998 TV Movie Shane
Flipper 1996 Porter Ricks
Lightning Jack 1994 Lightning Jack Kane
Almost an Angel 1990 Terry Dean
Crocodile Dundee II 1988 Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee
Crocodile Dundee 1986 Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee
Anzacs -1985 TV Mini-Series L Cpl. Pat Cleary Pte. Pat Cleary


Almost an Angel 1990
Crocodile Dundee II 1988 characters / written by
Crocodile Dundee 1986 screenplay / story
Hogan in London 1975 TV Movie
The Paul Hogan Show 1973 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles 2001 characters
Lightning Jack 1994 written by


Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles 2001 producer
Lightning Jack 1994 producer
Almost an Angel 1990 executive producer
Crocodile Dundee II 1988 executive producer
The Paul Hogan Show 1973 TV Series producer - 1 episode


Crocodile Dundee 1986 script editor: Australia


Australia: The Story of Us 2015 TV Series documentary special thanks to - 1 episode


Molly: The Real Thing 2016 TV Movie documentary Himself - Actor & Comedian
Stop Laughing... This Is Serious 2015 TV Series documentary Himself
Hanging with Hoges 2014 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Greatest 80s Movies 2014 TV Movie documentary Himself / Mick
Greatest Stand Up Comedians 2013 TV Movie documentary Himself - 46th Place
Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight 2013 TV Series Himself
Weekend Sunrise 2006 TV Series Himself - Guest
The 46th Annual TV Week Logie Awards 2004 TV Special Himself - Presenter
Extra 2003 TV Series Himself
Enough Rope with Andrew Denton 2003 TV Series Himself
Aussies: Who Gives a XXXX 2001 TV Movie documentary Himself - Contributor
TV total 2001 TV Series Himself
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 2001 TV Series Himself
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 2001 TV Series Himself
Rove Live 2001 TV Series Himself
Biker-Jens Down Under 2001 TV Series documentary Himself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2001 TV Special Himself
Mundo VIP 1996 TV Series Himself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1994-1996 TV Series Himself
Late Show with David Letterman 1996 TV Series Himself
Wetten, dass..? 1994 TV Series Himself
The Arsenio Hall Show 1990-1994 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Thank Ya, Thank Ya Kindly 1991 TV Movie documentary Himself
Champs-Elysées 1988 TV Series Himself
Wogan 1988 TV Series Himself
The 59th Annual Academy Awards 1987 TV Special Himself - Co-Host
Cinema 3 1987 TV Series Himself
Late Night with David Letterman 1986 TV Series Himself
Olympic Gala 1984 TV Special documentary Himself
The Royal Charity Concert 1980 TV Movie Himself
The 21st Annual TV Week Logie Awards 1979 TV Special Himself
The 20th Annual TV Week Logie Awards 1978 TV Special Himself
The 19th Annual TV Week Logie Awards 1977 TV Special Himself
Hogan in London 1975 TV Movie Himself
The 17th Annual TV Week Logie Awards 1975 TV Special Himself
The Paul Hogan Show 1973 TV Series Various / Himself - Host / Himself
The 15th Annual TV Week Logie Awards 1973 TV Special Himself
A Current Affair 1971 TV Series Himself (1971)

Archive Footage

Australian Story 2015 TV Series documentary Himself
Ade in Adland 2013 TV Mini-Series documentary
The 100 Greatest TV Ads 2000 TV Special
The Celluloid Heroes 1995 TV Movie Himself
Sale of the Century: 15th Anniversary 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself ("Sale of the Week" sketch)
Oscar's Greatest Moments 1992 Video documentary Himself

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