Nikolai Tsvetkov Net Worth

Nikolai Tsvetkov Net Worth is
$2.6 Billion

Nikolai Tsvetkov Biography

$2. His obscure organization became the expense and monetary adviser to Lukoil (a state-managed concern) by supplying a co-possession to its president Vagit Alekperov, and profited immensely from the voucher privatization scheme of Russia’s state-owned businesses in the mid-1990s. Born Nikolai Aleksandrovich Tsvetkov on 12 May 1960, he gained his net well worth as the founder and Chairman of Financial Company Uralsib, a company thinking about insurance, investment, asset administration, leasing and banking.8 billion, he’s the world’s 397th-richest person. He’s a graduate of the Zhukovsky Air flow Pressure Engineering Academy. As an army officer, he offered in Tambov, Moscow, and Russia’s asia and fought in Afghanistan. Tsvetkov attained the rank of lieutenant colonel, before he retired, founding the brokerage company Brokinvest.6 Billion: Nikolai Tsvetkov (born 1960) is a Russian oligarch, the founder and president of Nikoil Financial. After his pension from the army, in 1993, Tsvetkov released Nikoil Financial, a petroleum expense company.7 billion. By 2009, with an abundance of $1. A graduate of the Zhukovsky Air flow Pressure Engineering Academy, he was an army officer, who offered in china and taiwan and Afghanistan. Nikolai Tsvetkov Net Well worth: Nikolai Tsvetkov is usually a Russian business magnate who includes a net well worth of $1. Many years later, the previous lieutenant colonel became monetary advisor and trader in Lukoil, a petroleum organization of his friend, Leonid Fedun, ex-armed service officer, and Vagit Alekperov, and quickly, for his financial solutions, he was rewarded with plenty of shares in Lukoil. Later on, he renamed his organization Nikoil Financial into Financial Company Uralsib. This year 2010, Tsvetkov offered his supermarket chain Kopeyka for $1.1 billion to X5 Group, and since that time, he has founded a chain of businesses that produce organic food. Furthermore, he owns Lomonosov Porcelain, which he came back his 1st name, Imperial Porcelain Produce. Nikolai Tsvetkov is usually a Russian oligarch and he comes with an estimated net well worth of $2. Tsvetkov has generated his estimated net well worth of $2. He offers been passionate about Eastern philosophy and yoga exercise. Mr.6 billion by March 2013 relating to Forbes.6 billion as the founder and president of Nikoil Financial which he later on renamed Uralsib. A graduate of Zhukovsky Air Pressure Engineering Academy, he offered as a lieutenant colonel in the Russian Air flow Force. Then founded the business and helped his fellow previous armed service officer Leonid Fedun and his boss Vagit Alekperov to be able to gain a managing stake in the business. For his support, he was given a big stake in Lukoil. Nikolai Tsvetkov net well worth according to 2015 stats is $2,600,000,000. By 2012, he offers attended every New Year’s party of the Uralsib organization, congratulated his workers, and sang his personal tunes from the stage. Tsvetkov offered his Kopeyka supermarket chain this year 2010 for $1. He’s also who owns the legendary Lomonosov Porcelain, which he restored back again to its initial name, Imperial Porcelain Produce. Since then, he has generated a network of businesses that produce organic meals.1 billion in money to X5 Group. Predicated on the magazine’s data, he’s the 40th richest person in Russia and is usually rated 554th in the set of World Billionaires. A global known Banking character Nikolai Tsvetkov born on 1st january in great town of Russia. After renaming the business to Uralsib, Nikolai Tsvetkov seats Financial Company Uralsib, a organization with business passions in banking, insurance, expense, leasing businesses, and asset management.

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Net Worth$2.6 Billion

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