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Nick Stahl Net Worth is
$10 Thousand

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Who’s Nick Stahl: Nick Stahl can be an American actor,who introduced and established himself simply because a kid actor from the film “The Man With out a face”. Born in Texas in 1979, Nick Stahl began performing as a kid in movies just like the Man With out a Face and LAS VEGAS. Early Existence (Childhood): Born in Harlingen, Texas, U. The film is also regarded as his breakthrough stage. In the same yr, he got a job in the HBO creation known as “Carnivale”. He spent his childhood in Plano and Richardson. Nick Stahl also starred in the 2010 film Mirrors 2. In this film, he appeared following to Mel Gibson. $10 Thousand: Nick Stahl Net Well worth: Nick Stahl can be an American actor who includes a net well worth of $10,000. Nick Stahl was created December 5, 1979 in Harlingen, Texas. With $4,000 annual making, Nick Stahl net well worth is $10,000 . Rumor: Offers been involved with many controversy related to drug and alcohol.Lately, arrested for alleged possession of methamphetamine. It’s been calculated that the entire sum of Nick Stahl net well worth gets to 10 thousand dollars, based on the latest estimations. Nick Stahl in addition has appeared in “From Right here”, “Afghan Luke” and “Mirrors 2”. He’s mainly known for his appearances in “Carnivale”, “Terminator 3: Rise of the Devices” and “THE PERSON Without a Encounter”. He began his performing profession when he was a youngster and after that, his name is becoming popular in this market and his many film and Television appearances also have increased the full total estimate of Nick Stahl net well worth. In 1993, his name became well-known as an actor when he made an appearance in the film known as “The Man With out a Face”. Also thinking about utilizing his amount of time in reading and composing.S. Nick Stahl began his adult acting profession with functions in productions, such as for example “In the bed room”, “LAS VEGAS”, “The Thin Red Range” and “Bully”. He also made an appearance in the series on HBO known as “Carnivale”. Nick Stahl was selected for the part of John Connor to surface in the film known as “Terminator 3: Rise of the Devices”. In it, he made an appearance following to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nick Stahl offers earned his net well worth because of his profession as an actor. Therefore, most of these productions not merely made his name even more called an actor, but also added up to the present estimate of Nick Stahl net worthy of. He was created in 1979 in Harlingen, Texas. His dad was a businessman and his mom was a brokerage associate. He also acquired some critical alcohol issues. The brands of his parents are William Kent Stahl and Donna Lynn Stahl plus they must be extremely pleased with him. He is not seen in over weekly. Name

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Quick Facts

Full NameNick Stahl
Net Worth$10 Thousand
Date Of BirthDecember 5, 1979
Height1.78 m
ProfessionTelevision producer, Actor
SpouseRose Murphy
ChildrenMarlo Stahl
ParentsWilliam Kent Stahl, Donna Lynn Stahl
SiblingsEmily Stahl, Bonny Stahl
AwardsSatellite Award for Best Ensemble – Motion Picture
NominationsScreen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Acting Ensemble, Satellite Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama, Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
MoviesTerminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Sin City, The Man Without a Face, Bully, Disturbing Behavior, In the Bedroom, Mirrors 2, Dead Awake, 388 Arletta Avenue, The Thin Red Line, Meskada, Burning Palms, Kalamity, Afghan Luke, The Chameleon, How to Rob a Bank, My One and Only, Tall Tale, On the Inside, The Night of the White Pants, The Speed of Thought, The Sleepy Time Gal, Quid Pro Quo, Eye of God, Bookies, Safe Passage, Incident in a Small Town, Sunset Strip, Soundman, Seasons of Love, Sleepwalking, Stranger at My Door, Twist, Locke & Key, Lover's Prayer, Taboo, Wasted, Blue River, Everything Will Happen Before You Die, The Unknown Son, Over the Wall
TV ShowsCarnivàle

Interesting Facts

1 Filming Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) [April 2002]
2 Working on films and writing and living between Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA [September 2010]
3 Declared missing by his wife. [May 2012]
4 Major role in HBO's _"Carnivále" (2003)_. [November 2003]
5 On Dec. 27, 2012, he was arrested by police in Hollywood, CA, in the movie arcade of an adult-book store and charged with "committing a lewd act". He was booked and then released on $500 bail.
6 Began acting at the age of 13.
7 He and his wife, Rose Murphy, have a daughter named Marlo Stahl.
8 He lived with actor-director Jacob Tierney - along with many other struggling actors - in a rented house in Santa Monica for two and a half years. Stahl remarked that it was like a "big actor's frat house".
9 When he was two years old, his father left him, his mother, and his two sisters.
10 Attended the Force of Nature Concert for Tsunami Aid in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in March 2005. Other celebrity guests included Wyclef Jean, Esai Morales, Paula Abdul and Carmen Electra.
11 Beat out Shane West and Jake Gyllenhaal for his role in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003).
12 Enjoys writing, reading, madden 11, the Dallas Cowboys and spending time with family & daughter.
13 Among his favorite actors are Robert Duvall, Tom Wilkinson and Daniel Day-Lewis.
14 Lost out to Matt Damon in All the Pretty Horses (2000).
15 Has two older sisters, Bonny and Emily.


1 [Interview with Fred Topel, December 2013] I'm not doing a lot of work right now. I'm sort of focusing on life stuff and things are going good, so I'm not really looking a lot into the future at the moment. That's sort of what's necessary for me, so a lot of what I'm focusing on really is my daughter, my family and things like that. If that's the case, that's awesome. I love films and acting. That's what I've always done. It's really all that I know how to do, so that would be fantastic and I'd love to do it in the future.
2 (On auditioning for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)) I went in for the first audition, which led to five or more auditions and two or three screen tests. It was pretty intense - each time it was one or two hours, really hatching it out.
3 (2008 quote on landing parts and the politics of Hollywood) I like auditioning; I've always felt comfortable with doing it. I mean, I've always felt more comfortable in an audition than a meeting. I think it's the same reason why I have such nervousness about public speaking and things like that. But as soon as I'm filming or onstage or something like that, I just never have. I'm kind of in that world, maybe, in character, and so I can do that, no problem. But having to meet some strangers and talk about myself for an hour, it's a lot more difficult for me. So, I've never had a problem with auditioning, and especially if it's for something that I really like. You know, all that I have ever been frustrated about, or wanted, was just the opportunity to do it, to audition, and actually have a fair competition.'s taken me a long time to come to terms with the politics of this, of the town, you know, and sometimes, it sucks to have to abandon a movie that you're really proud of and then go on and have to do something that you don't really believe in, because you need money. But I've also been really fortunate that I've never had to have...a job, a real job, in my life. You know, I'm twenty-eight years old, and that's pretty amazing. And that feels good. What gets really hard to deal with sometimes, when it comes to the politics of the town - and by that, I mean if someone has a lot of popularity in the moment, they'll just get offered something for that reason. But you know, if that [level of popularity] happens with me. I'm obviously gonna have a different take on it. But if I'm not able to even read, to even go in on something...that's hard to deal with. Because if I'm up against someone who's genuinely better for the role, that's great, I can totally deal with that, that's fine. It's the lack of opportunity that's really hard to deal with sometimes. It's just part of the business end of things, which has never been my strength.
4 (On playing "Yellow Bastard" in Sin City (2005)) Well, first of all, just to give you kind of the back story on getting that role, it was not a role I was supposed to do. I was just supposed to be in the beginning of the film, when it's me without the make-up, before he later turned into [the Yellow Bastard]. And they had another actor who was set to do the Yellow Bastard role - and he fell out of the movie, he had a conflict or something, so Robert Rodriguez called me to and he just said, "Hey man, maybe you could do both, and maybe we can see that it's you, kind of, through the makeup, and maybe it'll be even better". And I thought it was cool because, it's a bigger role obviously, and I got to do more on the film. But I was intimidated by doing this theatrical cartoonish thing. It's obviously drawn a certain way, and you can get kind of a voice of this crazy character through Frank Miller's writing, but I was really intimidated because I still didn't know completely what Frank had in mind. This character...when he actually speaks, and he moves around, and his physicality, and I was like, "I don't know what to do. I have to - obviously this is really broad, and I have to make this into something big, and something scary". But really I was kind of in the dark about it. I was just hoping that what I did synched up with what they wanted. They didn't fire me, so I guess it was okay. But I don't ever want to wear that many prosthetics again in my life! It was miserable. Not only grueling time-wise to put it on - but, you know, just sitting there in it. It's stiflingly hot, you can't move. You feel like you're stuck together. Luckily we only did that character....I only had makeup on for, I think, five days. It was shot so fast on video, rapid-fire.
5 (On being a child actor) I had sort of a dual life in a way - I was going away and doing films, and then coming back, and hanging out with friends, and getting into trouble, and experimenting with drugs, and doing all that stuff, and so my teenage years had some darker times to them, that aren't the fondest memories for me.
6 (On Brad Renfro's death and working with him on Bully (2001)) There was a lot of recreational drinking and things like that going on during the shoot. For someone like me, who has been through drugs and drinking, it was pretty easy to spot that Brad had problems.
7 I've been lucky to get to do good films. That's all I've ever asked for. Acting is the only thing I've ever done. A studio film would be great to do. I'm not opposed to any genre or budget. A lot of times the smaller films happen to be the better ones - that's just the way it is. But I'm not opposed to doing bigger films, as long as they're not god-awful.
8 (On "Carnivale" (2003) getting canceled) It ended because there weren't enough people watching it. It's pretty simple and comes down to not enough people watching versus the amount of money they spend on each episode. I would say more people come up to me about that than anything else. It was on a premium channel, which narrowed the field of viewers off the bat. It never had the numbers that they wanted. But the fans that it had were very hard-core and loyal fans that loved it. It kept us going for two seasons.
9 (On his initial reaction to living in Los Angeles) It's a place built on this industry, and that's hard to get used to. Whenever your career is not on your mind, then there is always something there to remind you of it. Early on, it was very competitive in that way, and I am not an extremely competitive person. I had to find ways to enjoy it. I had to do my own thing and not get caught up in that kind of rat race.
10 [on being asked if he would like to appear in Terminator Salvation (2009)] I don't care really, to be honest. I don't have much interest.
11 I've always chosen the movies and roles that I do solely by the content. That's what I've always tried to do. Something like T3 was so unexpected for me, and was not something I can honestly say that I expected to be doing, given the films I'd been in before. I think that the scale of a movie and the budget a lot of times determines the quality. Sometimes you find that there is better material in small and more independent movies. There's more risk-taking. I want to keep doing that for the future and choose projects based on the content and the role, and how good those are. And I think the budget of movie to me is somewhat secondary. - On his career choices.
12 For Sin City (2005) the director wanted me to talk in a certain voice for this character. So I left my audition on an answering machine. It worked.
13 I was an escapist, the guy who wanted to get out of school and out of the suburbs...Acting saved me.
14 If I had some fake tanner, I'd like to play 'Ernesto 'Che' Guevara' ! I think I kind of look like him except for my skin tone. But seriously, He's one of my idols.
15 I try to avoid the sweet-ass roles.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1999 Special Achievement Award Satellite Awards Outstanding Motion Picture Ensemble The Thin Red Line (1998) Jim Caviezel

Sean Penn

Adrien Brody

Nick Nolte

Elias Koteas

Ben Chaplin

Dash Mihok

John Cusack

John C. Reilly

Woody Harrelson

Miranda Otto

Jared Leto

George Clooney

John Travolta

John Savage

Tim Blake Nelson

Kirk Acevedo

Thomas Jane

Penelope Allen

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2006 Critics Choice Award Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Best Acting Ensemble Sin City (2005) Mickey Rourke

Clive Owen

Jessica Alba

Benicio Del Toro

Brittany Murphy

Rosario Dawson

Elijah Wood

Alexis Bledel

Jamie Thomas King

Bruce Willis

Devon Aoki
2006 Gold Derby Award Gold Derby Awards Ensemble Cast Sin City (2005) Jessica Alba

Alexis Bledel

Powers Boothe

Rosario Dawson

Benicio Del Toro

Michael Clarke Duncan

Carla Gugino

Josh Hartnett

Rutger Hauer

Jaime King

Michael Madsen

Brittany Murphy

Clive Owen

Mickey Rourke

Bruce Willis

Elijah Wood
2005 Genie Genie Awards Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Twist (2003)
2004 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series Carniv (2003)
2004 Golden Satellite Award Satellite Awards Best Actor in a Series, Drama Carniv (2003)
2003 Prism Award Prism Awards Performance in TV Movie or Miniseries Wasted (2002)
2002 Actor Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture In the Bedroom (2001) William Mapother

Sissy Spacek

Marisa Tomei

Celia Weston

Tom Wilkinson

William Wise
2001 ACCA Awards Circuit Community Awards Best Cast Ensemble In the Bedroom (2001) Tom Wilkinson

Sissy Spacek

Marisa Tomei

William Mapother
1994 Young Artist Award Young Artist Awards Best Youth Actor Co-Starring in a Motion Picture Drama The Man Without a Face (1993)



American Dream post-production Yuri
Away from Here 2014/I James
388 Arletta Avenue Xtra 2012 Short
Body of Proof 2012 TV Series Marcel Trevino
House of Lies 2012 TV Series Kurt
On the Inside 2011/I Allen Meneric
388 Arletta Avenue 2011 James Deakin
Afghan Luke 2011 Luke Benning
The Speed of Thought 2011 Joshua Lazarus
Locke & Key 2011 TV Movie Duncan Locke
Dead Awake 2010 Dylan
Kalamity 2010 Billy Klepack
Mirrors 2 2010 Video Max Matheson
Burning Palms 2010 Robert Kane
The Chameleon 2010 Brendan Kerrigan
Meskada 2010 Noah Cordin
Everything Will Happen Before You Die 2010 Hunter Robinson
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 2009 TV Series Peter Harrison
My One and Only 2009 Bud
Sleepwalking 2008 James
Quid Pro Quo 2008/I Isaac Knott
How to Rob a Bank (and 10 Tips to Actually Get Away with It) 2007 Jinx
The Night of the White Pants 2006 Horace 'Raff' Rafferty
Sin City 2005 Roark Jr. Yellow Bastard
Carniv 2003-2005 TV Series Ben Hawkins
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2003 Video Game John Connor (voice)
Twist 2003 Dodge
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2003 John Connor
Bookies 2003 Toby
Wasted 2002 TV Movie Chris
Taboo 2002 Christian Turner
Lover's Prayer 2001 Vladimir
Bully 2001 Bobby Kent
The Sleepy Time Gal 2001 Morgan
In the Bedroom 2001 Frank Fowler
Sunset Strip 2000 Zach
Seasons of Love 1999 TV Series Adult Grover
The Thin Red Line 1998 Pfc - Beade
Hercules 1998 TV Series Castor
Soundman 1998 Tommy Pepin
Disturbing Behavior 1998 Gavin Strick
Eye of God 1997 Tom Spencer
Promised Land 1997 TV Series Billy Sullivan
My Son Is Innocent 1996 TV Movie Eric Sutter
Out of Order 1996 TV Series short
Blue River 1995 TV Movie Young Edward
Tall Tale 1995 Daniel Hackett
Safe Passage 1994 Simon Singer
Incident in a Small Town 1994 TV Movie John Bell Trenton
The Man Without a Face 1993 Charles E. 'Chuck' Norstadt
Woman with a Past 1992 TV Movie Brian
Stranger at My Door 1991 TV Movie Robert Fortier


Oh-My-Gleed! 2012-2014 TV Series producer - 13 episodes

Assistant Director

Kid 1993 Short second second assistant director

Set Decorator

Oh-My-Gleed! 2012 TV Series 1 episode


House of Lies 2012 TV Series performer - 1 episode


Oh-My-Gleed! 2012-2014 TV Series Himself - Announcer / Himself
Keeping It Real: The Visual and Special Effects of Mirrors 2 2010 Video short Himself
The Other Side: Making of Mirrors 2 2010 Video short Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 2008 TV Series documentary Himself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2008 TV Series Himself
Terminator 3: TerminatorVision 2008 Video documentary short Himself
Magic and Myth: The Meaning of 'Carniv 2006 Video documentary short
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2005 TV Series Himself
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2005 TV Series Himself
Dennis Miller 2005 TV Series Himself
T3 Visual Effects Lab 2003 Video documentary short John Connor
Inside 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' 2003 TV Short documentary Himself
T3: Dressed to Kill 2003 Video short Himself
T3: Making of the Video Game 2003 Video short Himself
Terminator 3: Sky Net Database 2003 Video documentary short
Making 'Carniv 2003 TV Short Himself
Gomorron 2003 TV Series Himself - Terminator 3
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 2003 TV Series Himself
HBO First Look 2003 TV Series documentary Himself
Bully: On Location 2003 Video documentary short Himself / Bobby Kent (uncredited)

Archive Footage

Edición Especial Coleccionista 2010 TV Series John Connor
Dianne Crittenden on 'The Thin Red Line' 2010 Video documentary short Himself
Terminator 3: Redemption 2004 Video Game John Connor
Troldspejlet 1994 TV Series Himself / Charles E. 'Chuck' Norstad

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