Nicholas Woodman Net Worth

Nicholas Woodman Net Worth is
$2.5 Billion

Nicholas Woodman Biography

income and Nicholas Woodman net worthy of: Nicholas Woodman can be an American business owner who includes a net worthy of of $990 million. Nicholas Woodman is situated in Woodside, California, and graduated from the University of California – NORTH PARK with a level in Visible Arts. He began his very own company after graduation, nonetheless it subsequently folded. In 2002, he tripped around the world, browsing. While wanting to photograph his browsing experiences, he developed the idea for an inexpensive camera that could catch quality close-up footage, while getting mounted on the photographer’s body. This resulted in the founding of GoPro, and the GoPro camcorder. The first edition of the camcorder was waterproof, got WiFi, could be rc, and got 64 GB of memory. In addition, it cost a lower amount than $300. At the peak of GoPro’s share performance,

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Net Worth$2.5 Billion

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