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She was created in the first 1970s in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She actually is known for her hairstyle which is normally bald. She’s released several albums just like the Golden Alone, Cage and so forth. Early Existence (Childhood): She was created on the laps of Luiza Zakirova and Po’lat Mordekaev.Who’s Nargiz Zakirova: Nargiz Zakirova is a singer. Personal Existence: She once was wedded to Yernur Kanaybekov but this marriage finished in 1997 as Yernur Kanaybekov died that yr. Interesting Information: With the switch of 21st hundred years, she singed a documenting cope with Sweet Rains Information and she released her debut album The Golden Cage in 2001. She shares her birthday on 6th of October. She actually is now wedded to Philip Balzano.


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