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Montel Williams Net Worth

Montel Williams Net Worth is
$10 Million

Montel Williams Biography

Well known to be the sponsor of the favorite “The Montel Williams Display”, Montel Brian Anthony Williams or just Montel Williams, can be an actor with a net worthy of of $2. In 2005, he was awarded the same award. and directed the full-length film Small Items. In 1980, he graduated from it and gained his Bachelor of Technology level in engineering. Montel proved helpful in the political actions comedy film, Battle, Inc. Montel Williams was honorably discharged from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander after 15 years of provider.S. He talked to numerous people including parents, educators, and businessmen to get their assist in guiding the youthful. All these efforts afterwards became the motivation for his “The Montel Williams Display” in 1991. The display gained reputation with high rankings. Williams received many awards, among that was the Daytime Emmy Award for Excellent Talk Show Web host. This show contributed too much to his net worthy of. He began hosting a radio display on April 6th 2009, “Montel Across America”. He in addition has created a documentary film from Superstar line Movies – 4CHOSEN: The Documentary. Williams is a nationwide spokesman in the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA). Accomplishment: In 1996, he gained Daytime Emmy Awards as Excellent Talk Present Host for Montel Williams. Williams after that got wedded to a burlesque dancer Grace Morley in 1992. • Living Well: 21 Times to Transform YOUR DAILY LIFE, Supercharge YOUR WELLBEING, and Feel Magnificent (co-created with William Doyle) (2008). • Living Well Emotionally: Break To a Life of Pleasure (co-created with William Doyle), (2008). Presently Montel is wedded to Tara Fowler since July 2006. Montel Williams is mainly known from TV displays to numerous people. Additionally it is one of many resources of Montel Williams net worthy of which includes been estimated to attain 10 million dollars. Moreover, he is also referred to as an actor and a radio display sponsor. Montel Williams is mainly known from his personal show, which includes been running for a while, the display being known as “The Montel Williams Display”. Additionally it is regarded as one of many resources of accumulating Montel Williams net well worth. One of his latest occupations has been operating as a spokesperson and therefore he is regarded as dealing with the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Montel Williams can be regarded as co-working with some nonprofit organizations, such as for example MS Foundation. He’s also who owns this basis, which he founded because of the fact that he was diagnosed having multiple sclerosis in 1999. Montel Williams was created in 1956 in Baltimore. When he was going to senior high school, he was quite a dynamic student, that may also be proved by the actual fact that in his junior and final years there, he was selected as the president of his course. In 1991, he also started hosting his earlier mentioned present known as “The Montel Williams Present”, which also elevated the full total sum of Montel Williams net worthy of. Montel also acquired appearances in Television series and movies including JAG, Matt Waters, and The Peacekeeper. In 2001 and 2002, the present was also nominated to get the Emmy Award. Since October 6, 2007 Montel Williams has been wedded to Tara Fowler. Because he was effective there, Montel Williams got recognized to the united states Naval Academy. At his period there, he also learnt how exactly to speak in two even more arin Chinese, those getting M, languages and Russian. After his assistance in the Marines, Montel Williams centered on his profession as a spokesperson, which includes been one of many resources of Montel Williams net worthy of. Montel Williams excelled in every subjects at college and he also liked music and sports activities. In 1996, Montel Williams was awarded with the Emmy Award in the group of the Many Outstanding Talk Display Host. In the growing season of 1996-1997, the display reached its peak period. Montel Williams graduated from Andover SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 1974 then visited USA Marine Corps and was a section of the 1980 course of america Naval Academy. It produced him to become the 1st African American Marine, who began going to Naval Academy Prep College. $2.8 Million: Montel William is a co-article writer, actor, show web host, and a TV character from america of America. His reputation grew when he hosted his very own present known as “The Montel Williams Display” that was aired on many stations for 17 years. Montel Williams may be the founder of MS base, it really is a nonprofit base located in NY. Montel Brian Anthony Williams was created on July 3rd, 1956 in Baltimore, Maryland. His dad, Herman Williams Jr. was Baltimore’s Firefighters chief and commissioner of transport, his mom is Marjorie Williams. Because of this, in 2002, he was nominated once more for the same award. Montel Williams first relationship was in 1982 to Rochele See plus they are the parents of Maressa Williams and Ashley Williams, they got divorced in 1989. His second relationship was to the film celebrity, Grace Morley plus they are the parents a boy and a girl, Montel Jr, and Wyntergrace, they got divorced in 2000. There, he also excelled and became among four learners who graduated from the institution. However, additionally, there are some other sources that have mentioned that his net well worth today is 10 million dollars. Montel Williams profession started after senior high school, he visited serve for america Marine Corps. His display, The Montel Williams Display, is among the longest running Television shows ever, he gained the Daytime Emmy Award for Exceptional Chat Show Host for this, following to Genesis Award for Television Chat Display Syndicated and Genesis Award Tv – Chat Show for an show which Kim Basinger was a guest in it. First he was a junior Limited Line Officer a cryptologic officer for the naval cleverness. Born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 3rd 1956, he has offered the united states Navy Reserve – he was the Lieutenant Commander and required pension after 22 years of service after. Following the Navy, Montel started his present, The Montel Williams Present and that present was very effective for him. When he graduated from senior high school, Montel Williams became a member of the Marines. He also hosted the political reality Television show, American Applicant in 2004. He’s well known for his orating abilities. Montel Williams Net Worthy of: Montel Williams can be an American television character, radio talk show web host and actor who includes a net worthy of of $10 million. He also hosted a radio present in ’09 2009, Montel Across America. Just how much is Net Well worth of Montel Williams in 2017: Montel Williams is usually an effective co-writer, show host, maker and actor. He graduated with an over-all engineering level and a in international protection affairs from Annapolis. He also worked well in 4Chosen: The Documentary. Williams received the Emmy for Exceptional Talk Show Host (1996). Set of Books Montel Williams co-wrote • Mountain, Escape My Way: Existence Lessons and Discovered Truths (co-created with Daniel Paisner), (1996). • Useful Parenting (co-created with Jeff Gardere) (2000). • Existence Lessons and Reflections (co-created with Jill Kramer) (2000). The rise of the stardom began along with his speakingwork. • Climbing Higher (co-created with Lawrence Grobel) (2004). However the few divorced in 2000. They have a child, Wyntergrace Williams and a boy, Montel Brian Hank Williams. Montel Williams may be the founder of the nonprofit organization, MS foundation, he’s a successful Television show producer, actor and host. He hosted among the longest running Television shows, “The Montel Williams Present” and he gained many awards for this. Montel Williams lives along with his they seem content, Tara Fowler and wife. Montel Williams earned $2. He became a boyfriend to Tara Fowler who proved helpful inAmerican Airlines, he proposed in 2007 and he’s still her husband. ~$2333333,33 monthly; ~$538461,54 weekly; ~$3196,35 each hour; or ~$53,27 each and every minute; ~$0,89 per second. NAME : Montel Brian Anthony Williams Elevation : 1.87 m NAME Montel Brian Anthony Williams Nationality American Date of Birth July 3, 1956 Excess weight : Date of Birth, Age : July 3, 1956 Birth Place : Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. Income source : Wikipedia Page : Right here Additional info : It’s been reported that the full total size of Montel Williams net well worth reaches 2. Furthermore, Williams also discovered to speak Russian and Chinese. Montel Williams experienced a tough medical condition, in 1999 he was identified as having multiple sclerosis and that was the primary reason behind MS basis, he utilized medical cannabis for quite some time and he stated that it was one of many factors that changed his existence. Montel Williams is becoming famous due to his profession as an actor, radio show host and Television show star. Most of these involvements also have added up too much to the full total sum of Montel Williams net well worth. Montel Williams was created in Baltimore, Maryland in 1956. Montel Williams is mainly known for his are a show web host of the program known as “The Montel Williams Present”. Montel Williams was an excellent pupil and he studied inAndover Senior high school which was produced up by white learners mostly. One of is own most recent appearances provides been as a spokesperson for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA). He stated that he uses medicalcannabis as the best way to cope with his multiple sclerosis due to theneuropathic pain. Williams in addition has appeared on a number of different tv shows (JAG, All My Kids, Touched by an Angel, etc. When he was learning in senior high school, during his senior calendar year in 1974 he was appointed to end up being his course president. He was a Corporal Marines with a level thatmajored generally Engineering and a degree in the worldwide affairs. Following this, Williams started concentrating on subjects related to youthful people – he wished to cause them to become utilize their complete caliber. Interesting Specifics: His net worthy of is approximated to end up being $10 million. Montel provides earned his prosperity from both these resources. Montel Williams also was trained how exactly to speak Chinese and Russian. In 1989, Montel Williams began to are a motivational loudspeaker. He’s since gone to raise major recognition about the condition, work which has included the release of The Montel Williams MS Basis. In 1991, he had been hosting his own display, which made him a lot more popular, known as “The Montel Williams Display”. In 1996 due to his focus on this display, Montel Williams was awarded with an Emmy award for Exceptional Chat Show Host. This program was on surroundings for 17 seasons. Hence, the show not merely made him well-known, but also added up to the full total estimate of Montel Williams net worthy of. Montel Williams with name Montel Brian Anthony Williamswas born to Williams, a fire chief in Baltimore. Montel Williams in addition has proved helpful as a director of 1 film called “Little Parts”. However, within the last years he became even more known due to his work in nonprofit organizations, mostly linked to help people who have multiple sclerosis, as he provides been also identified as having this disease. He also started his own base known as the Montel Williams MS Base. as a tone of voice actor. Montel Williams was created July 3, 1956 in Baltimore, Maryland. He’s most widely known as the sponsor of the long-operating The Montel Williams Display, and recently as a spokesman for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA). Williams can be active with the non-profit MS Basis, which he founded after becoming identified as having multiple sclerosis in 1999. During the period of his existence, Williams has damaged through numerous racial barriers, among which was getting his school’s course president during his senior yr (1974). Montel Williams wasdiagnosed to possess multiple sclerosis through the yr 1999. After graduating senior high school, Williams enrolled at the U.S. Naval Academy, which he graduated from in 1980 with a Bachelor of Technology in engineering.8 million dollars. He proved helpful in Navy for 22 years. Williams’ skill and energy shortly caught the interest of Glory maker Freddie Fields. By 1991, he was the web host of his own present: The Montel Williams Present. Montel Williams includes a net worthy of of $12 million US dollars by 2017. This program ran for 17 periods. He started this base when he was identified as having multiple sclerosis in 1999. He in addition has proved helpful as an American web host of a tv program, and his very own radio talk show aswell. Ultimately, his profession and life are also shaped by his wellness. Who’s Montel Williams: Montel Williams can be an American TV character, an actor in addition to a radio talk display sponsor. His performances as such had been noticed by Freddie Areas, who was a maker of “Glory”. When identified as having multiple sclerosis (MS), the constantly positive Williams refused to become defeated. He’s mainly referred to as the sponsor of The Montel Williams Display. He’s also a spokesman for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Early Existence (Childhood): Montel was created in Baltimore, Maryland. His dad name is usually Herman Williams Jr. He studied at the Andover SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. During his junior and senior 12 months of his senior high school, he was elected president of his course. Naval Academy. His birth name is usually Montel Brian Anthony Williams. He comes after Roman Catholic religious beliefs but he later on moved from Catholicism. This produced hisname to become a home name. Personal Life: Along with his first wife, Rochelle Observe he offers two daughters called Ashley Williams and Maressa Williams. He includes a child, Montel Brian Hank Williams and a child, Wyntergrace with Grace Morley. On October 6, 2007, he got wedded to Tara Fowler. Montel Williams offers two daughters, Ashley and Maressa from his 1st wife Rochelle. He was awarded Genesis Awards for the show with guest Kim Basinger.8 Million. Rumor: There is a controversial instant when Williams was criticized for permitting his high-profile display to serve as a channel. Furthermore, he has made an appearance in a few other TV displays, such as for example “All My Kids”, “Touched by an Angel” and “JAG”. He previously an effective career in armed service untilhe decided to keep the army to become motivational speaker regular. Hisshow Montel Williams Display were only available in 1991 and it had 17 months. He offers five siblings. He’s theyoungest in four kids and he was raised in Baltimore community in CherryHill before they proceed to Glen Burnie when he was 6. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. –> Montel Williams provides two daughters: Ashley and Maressa withRochelle Discover, who was his initial wife. He got wedded to Grace Morley in 1992,they possess a son jointly but their marriageended in 2000.8 Million – $28 000 000 this season which computes to be ~$76712,33 each day; He comes by his drive truthfully, as Williams’ dad, Herman Williams, was Baltimore’s first dark fire chief. In 2000, he createda non-profit organization to spotlight the study of the issues and itseducation. Furthermore, Montel Williams is dealing with some other nonprofit organizations, such as for example MS Foundation. He helps legalizing the usage of medical cannabis. He stated that snowboarding is among the greatest medicinesfor his condition. Hence, focusing on his own present in addition has added up to the quantity of Montel Williams net worthy of. He proceeded to go aheadto break the racial barrier when he end up being the president for his college in1974. His dad was also the initial black to be fire chief. After senior high school, Williams became a member of Marines andthis paved just how for him to end up being among the first dark Marine to visit theNaval Academy Prep College in Rhode Island. He was among the four who graduated in this college in 1976. He became a member of the united states Naval Academy and he graduated in 1980with Bachelor of Technology in the Engineering. He also discovered to speak Chinese and Russian. Nevertheless, Montel Williams was ambitious and hedid not really see the existence in the armed service. In1989, he resigned from being truly a fulltime armed service and he considered be amotivational speaker. He’s the founderof a no income organization called Grab the American Desire. Theassociation provides chance to students who cannot affordhigh school charge for his or her education. • Bodychange: The 21 Day FITNESS ROUTINE for Changing THE BODY and Changing YOUR DAILY LIFE (co-created with Wini Linguvic) (2001). His talking design captured the attentionof PepsiCo and it founded the majority of his speeches. Hisshow ran for 17 years and he aired 4325 episodes. Montel Williams includes a net worthy of of 10 million and he got mostof his cash from the income ofbeing a host for most talk shows. Before learning to be a host on the tv screen, hewas also military employees. When he graduated, Montel Williams was recognized to the U. In 1989, he resigned his active-duty commission and visited are a full-time motivational loudspeaker.

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Quick Facts

Full NameMontel Williams
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 3, 1956
Height1.87 m
ProfessionJournalist, TV Personality, Television producer, Author, Animator, Spokesperson, Radio personality
EducationUnited States Naval Academy
SpouseTara Fowler, Grace Morley, Rochele See
ChildrenMaressa Williams, Wyntergrace Williams, Montel Williams Jr, Ashley Williams
ParentsMarjorie Williams, Herman Williams Jr.
AwardsDaytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host
NominationsDaytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series
MoviesGolden Shoes, War, Inc., The Peacekeeper, Perry Mason: The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host, 106. Episode 106, 105. Episode 105, 103. Episode 103

Interesting Facts

1 Release of his book, "Climbing Higher" with Lawrence Grobel. [2004]
2 Jackson, Tennessee [March 2009]
3 Release of his book, "Practical Parenting: Giving Your Kids the Tools to Navigate Life's Rough Waters". [2000]
4 Release of his book, "Mountain, Get Out of My Way: Life Lessons and Learned Truths", by Montel with Daniel Paisiner. [1996]
5 Release of his book, "Living Well: 21 Days to Transform Your Life, Supercharge Your Health and Feel Spectacular" by Montel with William Doyle. [2008]
6 Release of his book, "Living Well Emotionally: Break Through to a Life of Happiness" by Montel with 'William Doyle'. [2009]
7 Medical marijuana advocate.
8 Spokesman for Partnership for Presciption Assistance.
9 CEO of "Living Well".
10 Montel's father, Herman Williams served for over 40 years with the Baltimore Fire Department, rising to the rank of Chief of Department before retiring in 2000.
11 Proposed to Tara Fowler, an American Airlines flight attendant, at Manhattan's Tavern on the Green on 12 July 2006. Williams disclosed to People Magazine that the pair married in Bermuda on 6 October 2007 before 60 witnesses including the couple's parents and siblings. The bride is 36; the groom is 51. His cat, Max, served as ring-bearer.
12 Graduated from Andover High School (now a middle school) in Linthicum, Maryland.
13 Almost bled to death from an undetected congenital birth defect in his face in 1998. Doctors had to revive him.
14 Served in the United States Marine Corps, where he was a 'mustang' (an enlisted service member who becomes an officer); he accomplished this by going to the Naval Academy Preparatory School, and then to the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. He then completed a career in the Navy.
15 Is fluent in Russian.
16 He helped save 16-year-old from being burned following a car accident. Montel and his driver happened to be nearby as the teen's pickup truck spun out of control and hit a tree. He stopped and pulled the boy from the truck just as it caught on fire, pulling the boy on his back to a safe distance. [August 2000]
17 Is a roller-coaster fanatic.
18 He started shaving his head in 1982. The Montel Williams Show (1991) started in 1991.
19 Revealed that he has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. [August 1999]
20 He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999
21 Daughters with Rochele See: Ashley (born in 1984) and Maressa (born in 1988).
22 Served in the U. S. military, and met his first wife while both were stationed in Guam
23 Met his ex-wife, Grace Morley, when she and her mother appeared on his talk show. The episode was about mother and daughter showgirls. Grace had previously danced topless in Las Vegas under the name "Bambi Jr".
24 Children, with Grace Morley: son, Montel Brian Hank Williams (born in 1993), and daughter, Wyntergrace (born in 1994).


1 His shaved head, goatee and earring


1 Mountain, get out of my way!
2 [In August of 1999, upon announcing that he had multiple sclerosis] This disease is not going to stop me. We don't know how long I've had it for, but I've been misdiagnosed for 10 years.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1996 Daytime Emmy Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Talk Show Host The Montel Williams Show (1991)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2009 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series The Guiding Light (1952)
2002 Daytime Emmy Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Talk Show Host The Montel Williams Show (1991)
2002 Daytime Emmy Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Talk Show The Montel Williams Show (1991) Diane Rappaport (executive producer)

Liz Frillici (senior supervising producer)

Anne Victoria Deshazo (senior supervising producer)

Jennifer Anastasi (producer)

Pamela P. Hadden (producer)

Susan Henry (producer)

Robin Hommel-Tenenbaum (producer)

Kimberly Forman-Brechka (producer)

Christine Pacey (producer)
2001 Daytime Emmy Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Talk Show The Montel Williams Show (1991) Diane Rappaport (executive producer)

Liz Frillici (senior supervising producer)

Anne Victoria Deshazo (senior supervising producer)

Jennifer Anastasi (producer)

Pamela P. Hadden (producer)

Susan Henry (producer)

Robin Hommel-Tenenbaum (producer)

Kimberly Forman-Brechka (producer)

Neila Nuzzi (producer)

Christine Pacey (producer)

Adrienne M. Wheeler (producer)
1997 Daytime Emmy Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Talk Show Host The Montel Williams Show (1991)



Golden Shoes 2015 Mr. Mercury
Guiding Light 2008 TV Series Clayton Boudreau
War, Inc. 2008 GuideStar Voice (voice)
My Name Is Earl 2005 TV Series
Second Time Around 2004 TV Series John Paul St. Clair
American Dreams 2003 TV Series Malcolm X
Pauly Shore Is Dead 2003 Montel Williams
Noon Blue Apples 2002 uncredited
JAG 1997-2000 TV Series Lt. Curtis Rivers
Touched by an Angel 1999 TV Series Brother David
The New Adventures of Robin Hood 1997 TV Series Gerard Degas
The Peacekeeper 1997 Lt. Colonel Northrop
Educating Matt Waters 1996 TV Movie Matt Waters
Matt Waters 1996 TV Series Matt Waters
Dave's World 1994 TV Series Bobby
Perry Mason: The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host 1993 TV Movie Boomer Kelly
All My Children 1970 TV Series Judge Pearson (2002) / Montel Williams (2003)


The Montel Williams Show TV Series executive producer - 5 episodes, 2005 - 2007 producer - 2 episodes, 2007 - 2008
The Simian Line 2000 executive producer
Matt Waters 1996 TV Series co-executive producer


Little Pieces 2000


The 85th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade 2016 TV Movie Himself - Co-Host
Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors 2016 TV Movie Himself - Presenter
The Dr. Oz Show 2015-2016 TV Series Himself
The 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade 2015 TV Movie Himself - Host
On the Record w/ Brit Hume 2015 TV Series Himself
Rachael Ray 2007-2015 TV Series Himself
The 83rd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade 2014 TV Movie Himself - Co-Host
HuffPost Live Conversations 2014 TV Series Himself - Guest
Boardwalk Hempire: The Rise and Fall of the Medical Kush Beach Club 2014 Documentary voice
Piers Morgan Tonight 2012-2014 TV Series Himself
Home & Family 2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
Good Day L.A. 2013 TV Series Himself
82nd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade 2013 TV Movie Himself - Co-Host
Sea of Change 2013 Documentary Narrator (voice)
Joy Behar: Say Anything! 2013 TV Series Himself - Talk Show Host
Marie 2012 TV Series documentary Himself
The Mo'Nique Show 2011 TV Series Himself
The Oprah Winfrey Show 2009-2010 TV Series Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2007-2010 TV Series Himself
The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2010 TV Special Himself
The Jeffrey Henderson Show 2010 TV Series Himself
On the Edge: The Poverty Crisis in Africa 2009 TV Movie documentary Himself
78th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade 2009 TV Movie Himself
The Doctors 2009 TV Series
Live from the Red Carpet: The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2009 TV Special Himself
Make My Day 2009 TV Series Himself
Larry King Live 2009 TV Series Himself
The 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2008 TV Special Himself - Presenter
Live with Kelly and Michael 2008 TV Series Himself
The Montel Williams Show 1991-2008 TV Series Himself - Host / Himself / Himself (Host)
Good Morning America 2008 TV Series Himself
The View 2003-2008 TV Series Himself
4Chosen: The Documentary 2008 Documentary Narrator
Wheel of Fortune 2007 TV Series Himself
The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet 2007 TV Series Himself
My Name Is Earl 2007 TV Series Himself
MTV Video Music Awards 2006 2006 TV Special Himself (uncredited)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2006 TV Series Himself
Weekends at the DL 2005 TV Series Himself
The Early Show 2005 TV Series Himself
The Tony Danza Show 2005 TV Series Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 2004 TV Series documentary Himself
American Candidate 2004 TV Series Host
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 2004 TV Series Himself
The Wayne Brady Show 2004 TV Series Himself
Cedric the Entertainer Presents 2003 TV Series Himself
Hollywood Squares 2002 TV Series Himself
The Sopranos 2002 TV Series Himself
Gala Paramount Pictures Celebrates 90th Anniversary with 90 Stars for 90 Years 2002 TV Movie Himself
Good Day Live 2002 TV Series Himself
American Veteran Awards 2002 TV Special Himself - Host
Inside TV Land: African Americans in Television 2002 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Making and Meaning of 'We Are Family' 2002 Documentary Himself
Jenny Jones 2001 TV Series Himself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1994-2000 TV Series Himself
The 42nd Annual New York Emmy Awards 1999 TV Special Himself - Presenter
The 13th Annual Genesis Awards 1999 TV Special Himself - Host
The Roseanne Show 1998 TV Series Himself
28th NAACP Image Awards 1997 TV Special Himself
1997 VH1 Fashion Awards 1997 TV Special Himself
The Daily Show 1997 TV Series Himself
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1994-1996 TV Series Himself
Happy New Year, America 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself - Host
The 22nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 1995 TV Special Himself
John & Leeza from Hollywood 1993 TV Series Himself
25th NAACP Image Awards 1993 TV Special Himself
A Different World 1992 TV Series Himself
The 6th Annual Soul Train Music Awards 1992 TV Special Himself - Presenter

Archive Footage

Entertainment Tonight 2015-2016 TV Series Himself
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 2014 TV Series Himself
The Cleveland Captives: What Really Happened? 2013 TV Movie documentary Himself
(A)sexual 2011 Documentary Himself - Host of The Montel Williams Show
This Is What Love in Action Looks Like 2011 Documentary Himself The Montel Williams Show
The O'Reilly Factor 2008 TV Series Himself - Obama Supporter

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