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Moe Howard Net Worth is
$10 Million

Moe Howard Biography

Moe Howard net well worth: Moe Howard was an American actor and comedian who had a net well worth of $10 million. The Three Stooges featured Moe along with his brothers Curly Howard and Shemp Howard along with actor Larry Good. Howard was most widely known to be the de factor innovator of the American farce humor group The Three Stooges. Moe Howard was created in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY in June 1897 and passed on in-may 1975. Moe was known for his bowl locks cut which came into being when he take off his curls with a set of scissors as a boy. Howard had over 240 acting credits from 1909 to 1973. He starred in the films REVERSE the Clock, Meet up with the Baron, Dancing Woman, Fugitive Enthusiasts, Hollywood Party, The Captain Hates the ocean, Start Cheering, PERIODS for Rhythm, My Sister Eileen, Rockin’ in the Rockies, and Swing Parade of 1946. He also starred as Moe in the 1965 tv series THE BRAND NEW 3 Stooges. Moe Howard passed on on, may 4, 1975 at 77 years previous from lung cancers. Howard was awarded a superstar on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Larry and Curly in 1983 at 1560 Vine Road.

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Quick Facts

Full NameMoe Howard
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of BirthJune 19, 1897
DiedMay 4, 1975, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height1.63 m
ProfessionScreenwriter, Comedian, Actor
EducationErasmus Hall High School
SpouseHelen Schonberger
ChildrenJoan Howard Maurer, Paul Howard, Patricia Howard
ParentsSol Horowitz, Jennie Gorovitz
SiblingsCurly Howard, Shemp Howard, Irving Horowitz, Jack Horowitz
Music GroupsThe Three Stooges
MoviesSoup to Nuts, Malice in the Palace, Half-Wits Holiday, The Three Stooges Meet Hercules, Hoi Polloi, Kook's Tour, Jerks of All Trades, The Outlaws Is Coming, Men in Black, Disorder in the Court, Hold That Lion!, Punch Drunks, Three Little Pigskins, Gold Raiders, They Stooge to Conga, You Nazty Spy!, Woman Haters, The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze, Have Rocket, Will Travel, Snow White and the Three Stooges, The Three Stooges in Orbit, Pop Goes the Easel, If a Body Meets a Body, Micro-Phonies, A Plumbing We Will Go, Spook Louder, Brideless Groom, Beer Barrel Polecats, All the World's a Stooge, I'll Never Heil Again, In the Sweet Pie and Pie, Loco Boy Makes Good, Dancing Lady, Fright Night, Pardon My Backfire, Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise, Termites of 1938, Back from the Front, Dizzy Detectives, Fuelin' Around, Rumpus in the Harem, Gents in a Jam, Scheming Schemers, Phony Express, So Long Mr. Chumps, Booty and the Beast, The Three Stooges: In Color, Three Little Beers, Sing a Song of Six Pants, Violent Is the Word for Curly, Idiots Deluxe
TV ShowsThe New Three Stooges, The Three Stooges

Interesting Facts

1 His great-granddaughter Caroline has a small role in The Three Stooges (2012).
2 He died five days before Chris Diamantopoulos, who plays 'Moe' in The Three Stooges (2012), was born.
3 At the time their mother, Jennie Horwitz, died in 1936, he and brother Shemp Howard had been keeping secret from her that her son, Irving Horwitz, whom she doted on the most, had died three weeks before she did.
4 In contrast to his rough exterior Stooge persona he played, who was always bullying and assaulting Curly Howard, in real life he was very protective of Curly, taught him how to play the ukulele, and in letters home to his younger brother always signed them "Your loving brother Moe".
5 Quit vaudeville after getting married and joined his mother's real estate business. He would hire friends as subcontractors to build houses, but unfortunately they built houses that were too expensive for the neighborhood they were in, and he went broke in real estate. His mother, Jennie Horwitz, maintained a successful real estate business for over 40 years but also went bankrupt during the Great Depression; so Moe had to convince her to move from New York to California to be with them.
6 Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard were awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1560 Vine Street in Hollywood, California.
7 During the production of Pardon My Scotch (1935), he accidentally broke three ribs when the table he was standing on, which was rigged to split in half on cue, split incorrectly. The take that caused the injuries remains in the film, and was later reused in the short Dizzy Detectives (1943).
8 In the 23 years The Three Stooges worked for Columbia Pictures, they were never completely aware of how popular or how financially successful they were. It was only after the group stopped making shorts that Moe discovered how much more money the act could have earned.
9 Right after The Three Stooges' breakup with Ted Healy, Moe signed a contract with Columbia Pictures. Unknown to him, Larry Fine had signed with Carl Laemmle at Universal Pictures. The next morning, Moe asked to see Columbia boss Harry Cohn and explained the situation to him. Cohn called up his legal department, which called up Universal's legal department to check the date and time of the contract signing. According to Moe, Cohn hung up the phone and said, "You boys belong to Columbia.".
10 In addition to himself, Moe also supplied the voices for other characters on the animated series The New 3 Stooges (1965). For example, in "A Flycycle Built for Two", he also was the voice of Orville Wright.
11 Got the idea for the notorious Stooge gag of eye-gouging one day when, during a game of bridge, Shemp Howard leaned over and poked Larry Fine in the eyes for not playing well. The result: Larry cried, Shemp apologized, Moe laughed until he fell out of his chair and walked through a glass door. He considered the eye-gouge the funniest thing he'd ever seen and decided to use it in their act.
12 Sold frogs in saloons when he was a child to pay for his fares when he skipped school and instead went to the theater.
13 When he and brother Shemp Howard put on shows for families and friends as children, they used younger brother Curly Howard in female roles. Curly, at seven, had trouble remembering his lines so Moe made cue cards on adhesive tape and stuck them to his forehead for Curly to read.
14 The Stooges' contract with Columbia gave the studio the right to use their likenesses in perpetuity. This means that no one else can legally use the Stooges' likenesses in any form of media without the studio's permission.
15 Most of his investments were in real estate.
16 Skinned his nose in a fall down the stairs of his home as a child. His nose was rebuilt by a doctor, but when the doctor turned out to be a phony, he had to have his nose rebuilt all over again by another doctor, whom his mother paid by giving him some of her old copper pots.
17 He was very protective of his younger brother Curly Howard, who was in reality quite shy and not known to stand up for himself.
18 His famous "bowl" haircut came by accident. As a child, his mother always wanted a girl, and with Moe being the youngest at the time, she would play dress-up with him, putting him in dresses and bologna curling his long hair. One day, after being picked on for months in school, he and some friends hid in the shed, and he chopped all of the hair off, using a bowl as a guide. After doing so, he was so afraid to face his mother, he hid for hours. Finally coming out, after seeing his hair, she cried out that she was so happy he did so, simply because she couldn't bring herself to. His hair stuck with him all his life.
19 According to Moe, in sixty years, he never missed a performance.
20 Son of Sol Horwitz.
21 Moe was the business-minded one of the group. He knew that Curly liked to spend his money on partying and women, and Larry liked to spend his at the racetrack. So, he drew up an agreement where Larry and Curly turned over a certain percentage of their salaries to him. He, in turn, invested it for them. The result was that, while Larry and Curly were not as wealthy as Moe was (he invested far more of his own money and was quite well off), he ensured that their spendthrift habits did not result in their being broke when their careers ended.
22 Had two older brothers: Jack Horwitz and Irving Horwitz.
23 When The Three Stooges shorts began to appear on local children's shows in the late 1950s, there was a wave of kids poking each other in the eyes. When Moe heard about this, it was the Stooges who came to the rescue. They went on many local television shows, as well as national television, and showed how the eye-pokes were done in a way that nobody got hurt. To the kids watching, it was like learning a magic trick.
24 In contrast to his roughneck public persona, Moe was, in private life, a quiet, dedicated family man, whose hobbies included reading, playing bridge and making hooked rugs. The only one of the Stooges who really understood the value of a dollar, investments during his salad days left him a wealthy man at the time of his death.
25 Grandfather of Jeffrey Scott and Michael Maurer.
26 Father-in-law of Norman Maurer, with whom he was partnered in Normandie Productions.
27 Was working on his autobiography when he died. Its working title was "I Stooge to Conquer"; it was published posthumously as "Moe Howard and the Three Stooges".
28 Brother of actors Curly Howard and Shemp Howard.
29 He, Emil Sitka and Joe DeRita ("Curly Joe") were slated to appear in the R-rated comedy film "The Jet Set" (eventually retitled Blazing Stewardesses (1975)). However, because he was suffering from lung cancer, Moe was forced to drop out of the film. The Ritz Brothers replaced Moe, Sitka and DeRita.
30 Father of Joan Howard and Paul Howard.
31 His wife, Helen Schonberger, was a cousin of Harry Houdini.
32 Moe had a legal agreement with his fellow Stooges stating that he reserved the right to choose Stooge replacements (Curly Howard was replaced by Shemp Howard; Shemp was replaced by Joe Besser; Joe was replaced by Joe DeRita).
33 Following his death, he was interred at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, California.
34 Determined to get into movies, Moe (then going by his middle name, Harry) went to the Brooklyn-based American Vitagraph studios in May 1909, and volunteered to run errands for the stars and crews without charging for the service. This impressed Maurice Costello, who brought Moe inside and introduced him to the company. He was soon appearing in dramas with Costello and comedies with John Bunny and Flora Finch. At first, he did not tell his family about his movie work. But when they thought he was losing his mind because he was acting like his characters at home, he told them about his extracurricular activities. Most of his films from this period were lost when the Vitagraph film library burned on July 2, 1910.
35 Original member of The Three Stooges.

Net Worth & Salary

The Three Stooges in Orbit (1962) $50,000 +50% of profits (split with Larry Fine and Joe Da Rita)
Have Rocket -- Will Travel (1959) $30,000 +25% of profits (split with Larry Fine and Joe Da Rita)
Woman Haters (1934) $1,000 (split with Curly Howard and Larry Fine)


1 Bowl haircut, scarred nose and angry scowl
2 He always played the "Boss Stooge", ordering around the others, insulting them and slapping them around and worse when they goofed up, which was often.


1 [on his former boss, mentor and friend, actor/comedian Ted Healy, who died under mysterious circumstances (according to one theory, after a drunken argument) while in his early 40s] When sober, Ted was the essence of refinement; when under the influence, he became a foul-mouthed, vicious character. Liquor had killed his father and uncle and destroyed his sister's life. When Ted was young, I remember that he made a pledge never to touch liquor, after having seen the consequences of its effects on his family. The strain of his life in show business got him started, and once he started drinking, he was never able to stop.
2 [to complaints about The Three Stooges' violent slapstick comedy] We're not nearly as violent as the Westerns.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1983 Star on the Walk of Fame Walk of Fame Motion Picture Larry Fine

Curly Howard
1951 Golden Laurel Laurel Awards Top Comedy Shemp Howard (actor)

Larry Fine (actor)



Three Hams on Rye 1950 Short Moe (as Moe)
Self Made Maids 1950 Short Moe Moella (as Moe)
Love at First Bite 1950 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Ed Wynn Show 1950 TV Series Mr. C
Dopey Dicks 1950 Short Moe (as Moe)
Hugs and Mugs 1950 Short Moe (as Moe)
Punchy Cowpunchers 1950 Short Moe (as Moe)
Dunked in the Deep 1949 Short Moe / Radio Announcer (as Moe)
Jerks of All Trades 1949 TV Movie Moe (as The Three Stooges)
Vagabond Loafers 1949 Short Moe (as Moe)
Malice in the Palace 1949 Short Moe (as Moe)
Fuelin' Around 1949 Short Moe (as Moe)
Hokus Pokus 1949 Short Moe (as Moe)
Who Done It? 1949 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Ghost Talks 1949 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Morey Amsterdam Show 1948 TV Series Member - The Three Stooges
Crime on Their Hands 1948 Short Moe (as Moe)
Mummy's Dummies 1948 Short Moe (as Moe)
I'm a Monkey's Uncle 1948 Short Moe (as Moe)
Heavenly Daze 1948 Short Moe / Uncle Mortimer (as Moe)
The Hot Scots 1948 Short Moe (as Moe)
Fiddlers Three 1948 Short Moe (as Moe)
Squareheads of the Round Table 1948 Short Moe (as Moe)
Pardon My Clutch 1948 Short Moe (as Moe)
Shivering Sherlocks 1948 Short Moe Howard (as Moe)
All Gummed Up 1947 Short Moe (as Moe)
Sing a Song of Six Pants 1947 Short Moe (as Moe)
Brideless Groom 1947 Short Moe Howard (as Moe)
Hold That Lion! 1947 Short Moe (as Moe)
Out West 1947 Short Moe (as Moe)
Fright Night 1947 Short Moe (as Moe)
Half-Wits Holiday 1947 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Little Pirates 1946 Short Moe (as Moe)
Rhythm and Weep 1946 Short Moe (as Moe)
G.I. Wanna Home 1946 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Loan Wolves 1946 Short Moe (as Moe)
Monkey Businessmen 1946 Short Moe Howard (as Moe)
The Three Troubledoers 1946 Short Moe (as Moe)
Uncivil War Birds 1946 Short Moe (as Moe)
Swing Parade of 1946 1946 Moe
A Bird in the Head 1946 Short Moe (as Moe)
Beer Barrel Polecats 1946 Short Moe (as Moe)
Micro-Phonies 1945 Short Moe (as Moe)
If a Body Meets a Body 1945 Short Moe Pink (as Moe)
Idiots Deluxe 1945 Short Moe (as Moe)
Rockin' in the Rockies 1945 Shorty Williams (Ranch Foreman) (as The Three Stooges)
Booby Dupes 1945 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Pests in a Mess 1945 Short Moe (as Moe)
No Dough Boys 1944 Short Moe (as Moe)
Gents Without Cents 1944 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Yoke's on Me 1944 Short Moe (as Moe)
Busy Buddies 1944 Short Moe (as Moe)
Crash Goes the Hash 1944 Short Moe (as Moe)
A Gem of a Jam 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Phony Express 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Idle Roomers 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Dizzy Pilots 1943 Short Moe Wrong (as Moe)
I Can Hardly Wait 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Higher Than a Kite 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Little Twirps 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Good Luck, Mr. Yates 1943 Moe (scenes deleted, as Three Stooges)
Back from the Front 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Spook Louder 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Dizzy Detectives 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
They Stooge to Conga 1943 Short Moe (as Moe)
Sock-a-Bye Baby 1942 Short Moe (as Moe)
My Sister Eileen 1942 Subway Builder (uncredited)
Even as IOU 1942 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Smart Saps 1942 Short Moe (as Moe)
Matri-Phony 1942 Short Mohicus (as Moe)
What's the Matador? 1942 Short Moe (as Moe)
Cactus Makes Perfect 1942 Short Moe (as Moe)
Loco Boy Makes Good 1942 Short Moe (as Moe)
Some More of Samoa 1941 Short Moe (as Moe)
In the Sweet Pie and Pie 1941 Short Moe (as Moe)
An Ache in Every Stake 1941 Short Moe (as Moe)
I'll Never Heil Again 1941 Short Moe Heilstone (as Moe)
Time Out for Rhythm 1941 Stooge Moe
All the World's a Stooge 1941 Short Moe (as Moe)
Dutiful But Dumb 1941 Short Click (as Moe)
So Long Mr. Chumps 1941 Short Moe (as Moe)
Boobs in Arms 1940 Short Moe (as Moe)
Cookoo Cavaliers 1940 Short Moe Line (as Moe)
No Census, No Feeling 1940 Short Moe (as Moe)
From Nurse to Worse 1940 Short Moe / Radio Announcer (as Moe)
How High Is Up? 1940 Short Moe (as Moe)
Nutty But Nice 1940 Short Moe (as Moe)
A Plumbing We Will Go 1940 Short Moe (as Moe)
Rockin' Thru the Rockies 1940 Short Moe (as Moe)
You Nazty Spy! 1940 Short Moe Hailstone (as Moe)
Three Sappy People 1939 Short Moe (as Moe)
Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise 1939 Short Moe (as Moe)
Calling All Curs 1939 Short Dr. Moe (as Moe)
Saved by the Belle 1939 Short Moe (as Moe)
Yes, We Have No Bonanza 1939 Short Moe (as Moe)
A Ducking They Did Go 1939 Short Moe (as Moe)
We Want Our Mummy 1939 Short Moe / Radio Announcer (as Moe)
Three Little Sew and Sews 1939 Short Moe (as Moe)
Flat Foot Stooges 1938 Short Moe (as Moe)
Mutts to You 1938 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Missing Links 1938 Short Moe (as Moe)
Violent Is the Word for Curly 1938 Short Moe (as Moe)
Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb 1938 Short Moe (as Moe)
Tassels in the Air 1938 Short Moe (as Moe)
Start Cheering 1938 Moe - One of the Three Stooges (uncredited)
Wee Wee Monsieur 1938 Short Moe (as Moe)
Termites of 1938 1938 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Sitter Downers 1937 Short Moe (as Moe)
Playing the Ponies 1937 Short Moe (as Moe)
Cash and Carry 1937 Short Moe (as Moe)
Goofs and Saddles 1937 Short Wild Bill Hicup (as Moe)
Back to the Woods 1937 Short Moe (as Moe)
3 Dumb Clucks 1937 Short Moe (as Moe)
Dizzy Doctors 1937 Short Moe (as Moe)
Grips, Grunts and Groans 1937 Short Moe (as Moe)
Slippery Silks 1936 Short Moe (as Moe)
Whoops, I'm an Indian! 1936 Short Moe (as Moe)
False Alarms 1936 Short Moe (as Moe)
A Pain in the Pullman 1936 Short Moe (as Moe)
Disorder in the Court 1936 Short Moe (as Moe)
Half Shot Shooters 1936 Short Moe (as Moe)
Movie Maniacs 1936 Short Moe (as Moe)
Ants in the Pantry 1936 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Little Beers 1935 Short Moe (as Moe)
Hoi Polloi 1935 Short Moe (as Moe)
Pardon My Scotch 1935 Short Moe (as Moe)
Uncivil Warriors 1935 Short Operator 14 / Captain Dodge (as Moe)
Pop Goes the Easel 1935 Short Moe (as Moe)
Restless Knights 1935 Short Count of Fife (as Moe)
Horses' Collars 1935 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Little Pigskins 1934 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Captain Hates the Sea 1934 Orchestra saxophonist & violinist (as Three Stooges)
Men in Black 1934 Short Dr. Moe Howard (as Moe)
Punch Drunks 1934 Short Moe (as Moe)
Hollywood Party 1934 Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
The Big Idea 1934 Short Healy's Stooge (as Howard)
Woman Haters 1934 Short Tom (as Moe)
Hollywood on Parade No. B-9 1934 Short Moe
Jailbirds of Paradise 1934 Short Joe Pantz
Fugitive Lovers 1934 One of The Three Julians
Give a Man a Job 1933 Short The Exterminator (uncredited)
Myrt and Marge 1933 Mullins' Helper (as Howard)
Dancing Lady 1933 Moe - Stagehand
Meet the Baron 1933 A Stooge
Plane Nuts 1933 Short Moe (as Howard)
Hello Pop 1933 Short Son (as Howard Fine and Howard)
Broadway to Hollywood 1933 Otto the Clown (uncredited)
Beer and Pretzels 1933 Short Moe (as Howard)
Turn Back the Clock 1933 Wedding Singer (uncredited)
Nertsery Rhymes 1933 Short Boys (as Howard, Fine and Howard)
Soup to Nuts 1930 Fireman (as Harry Howard)
Spring Fever 1919/II Short
Fish Hooky 1910 Short
We Must Do Our Best 1909 Short Bully (as Harry Moses Horwitz)
Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls 1973 Volunteer in the Audience
Kook's Tour 1970 Moe (as The Three Stooges)
Star Spangled Salesman 1968 Documentary short Moe
Off to See the Wizard 1967 TV Series Three Men in a Tub
Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title 1966 Crumworth Raines (uncredited)
Danny Thomas Meets the Comics 1965 TV Movie Moe
The New 3 Stooges 1965 TV Series Moe Peter Panic Moe+ ...
The Outlaws Is Coming 1965 Moe (as The Three Stooges)
4 for Texas 1963 Moe (uncredited)
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World 1963 Fireman (uncredited)
The Three Stooges Scrapbook 1963 Short Moe
The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze 1963 Moe (as The Three Stooges)
The Three Stooges in Orbit 1962 Moe (as The Three Stooges)
Strictly for Laffs 1962 TV Movie Moe
The Three Stooges Meet Hercules 1962 Moe
Snow White and the Three Stooges 1961 Moe (as The Three Stooges)
Have Rocket -- Will Travel 1959 Moe (as The Three Stooges)
Sappy Bull Fighters 1959 Short Moe (as Moe)
Triple Crossed 1959 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Steve Allen Plymouth Show 1959 TV Series Operating Room Attendant
Three Stooges Fun-O-Rama 1959 Moe
Oil's Well That Ends Well 1958 Short Moe (as Moe)
Flying Saucer Daffy 1958 Short Moe (as Moe)
Sweet and Hot 1958 Short Dr. Hugo Gansamacher / Horace (as Moe)
Pies and Guys 1958 Short Moe (as Moe)
Space Master X-7 1958 Retlinger - Cab Driver
Fifi Blows Her Top 1958 Short Moe Howard (as Moe)
Quiz Whizz 1958 Short Moe (as Moe)
Outer Space Jitters 1957 Short Moe / Moe's Son (as Moe)
Rusty Romeos 1957 Short Moe (as Moe)
Horsing Around 1957 Short Moe (as Moe)
Guns a Poppin! 1957 Short Moe
Space Ship Sappy 1957 Short Moe (as Moe)
A Merry Mix-up 1957 Short Moe / Max / Morris (as Moe)
Muscle Up a Little Closer 1957 Short Moe (as Moe)
Hoofs and Goofs 1957 Short Moe / Birdie (as Moe)
Commotion on the Ocean 1956 Short Moe (as Moe)
Scheming Schemers 1956 Short Moe (as Moe)
Hot Stuff 1956 Short Moe (as Moe)
Rumpus in the Harem 1956 Short Moe (as Moe)
For Crimin' Out Loud 1956 Short Moe (as Moe)
Flagpole Jitters 1956 Short Moe (as Moe)
Creeps 1956 Short Moe / Moe's Son (as Moe)
Husbands Beware 1956 Short Moe (as Moe)
Blunder Boys 1955 Short Halliday (as Moe)
Hot Ice 1955 Short Moe (as Moe)
Wham-Bam-Slam! 1955 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater 1955 TV Series Butch
Stone Age Romeos 1955 Short Moe (as Moe)
Gypped in the Penthouse 1955 Short Moe (as Moe)
Bedlam in Paradise 1955 Short Moe / Uncle Mortimer / Heavenly Train announcer (voice, as Moe)
Of Cash and Hash 1955 Short Moe (as Moe)
Fling in the Ring 1955 Short Moe (as Moe)
Scotched in Scotland 1954 Short McMoe (as Moe)
Shot in the Frontier 1954 Short Moe (as Moe)
Knutzy Knights 1954 Short Moe (as Moe)
Pals and Gals 1954 Short Moe (as Moe)
Musty Musketeers 1954 Short Moeth (as Moe)
Income Tax Sappy 1954 Short Moe (as Moe)
Goof on the Roof 1953 Short Moe (as Moe)
Bubble Trouble 1953 Short Moe (as Moe)
Rip, Sew and Stitch 1953 Short Moe (as Moe)
Pardon My Backfire 1953 Short Moe (as Moe)
Spooks! 1953 Short Moe (as Moe)
Tricky Dicks 1953 Short Sgt. Moe (as Moe)
Loose Loot 1953 Short Moe (as Moe)
Booty and the Beast 1953 Short Moe (as Moe)
Up in Daisy's Penthouse 1953 Short Moe (as Moe)
Cuckoo on a Choo Choo 1952 Short Moe / Voice of Radio Newscaster (as Moe)
Three Dark Horses 1952 Short Moe (as Moe)
Gents in a Jam 1952 Short Moe (as Moe)
He Cooked His Goose 1952 Short Moe (as Moe)
Corny Casanovas 1952 Short Moe (as Moe)
Listen, Judge 1952 Short Moe (as Moe)
A Missed Fortune 1952 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Frank Sinatra Show 1952 TV Series Servant
Pest Man Wins 1951 Short Moe (as Moe)
Hula-La-La 1951 Short Moe (as Moe)
The Tooth Will Out 1951 Short Moe (as Moe)
Gold Raiders 1951 Moe (as The Three Stooges)
Merry Mavericks 1951 Short Moe (as Moe)
Scrambled Brains 1951 Short Moe (as Moe)
Star of the Family 1951 TV Series Moe
Don't Throw That Knife 1951 Short Moe (as Moe)
Baby Sitters Jitters 1951 Short Moe (as Moe)
Three Arabian Nuts 1951 Short Moe (as Moe)
A Snitch in Time 1950 Short Moe Howard (as Moe)
Slaphappy Sleuths 1950 Short Moe (as Moe)
Studio Stoops 1950 Short Moe (as Moe)


Have Rocket -- Will Travel 1959 performer: "Have Rocket, Will Travel"
The Tooth Will Out 1951 Short writer: "My Lucky Strike"
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Scrambled Brains 1951 Short performer: "Nora" / writer: "Nora"
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A Hit with a Miss 1945 Short story - as Howard
Punch Drunks 1934 Short story
The Big Idea 1934 Short uncredited
Plane Nuts 1933 Short uncredited
Hello Pop 1933 Short writer
Beer and Pretzels 1933 Short uncredited
Nertsery Rhymes 1933 Short story


Senior Prom 1958 associate producer


The Mike Douglas Show 1963-1974 TV Series Himself / Himself - Comic / Themselves
Headshop 1971 TV Series Himself
The Merv Griffin Show 1968 TV Series Himself
The Ed Sullivan Show 1961-1965 TV Series Moe
The Jack Paar Tonight Show 1962 TV Series Himself
Here's Hollywood 1961 TV Series Himself
The Frances Langford Show 1960 TV Series Himself
Masquerade Party 1959 TV Series Moe
Strike It Rich 1954 TV Series Himself
All Star Revue 1952 TV Series Himself
Olympic Fund Telethon 1952 TV Special Himself
The Colgate Comedy Hour 1951 TV Series Himself - Comic Actor
The Kate Smith Hour 1950 TV Series Himself
Texaco Star Theatre 1950 TV Series Himself - Comic Actor
Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 5: Art and Artists 1940 Short documentary Himself (as The Three Stooges)
Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 9 1939 Documentary short Himself, Horse Show Entertainer (as The 3 Stooges)
Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 5 1938 Documentary short Himself
Screen Snapshots Series 15, No. 7 1936 Documentary short Himself (as the Three Stooges)
Screen Snapshots Series 14, No. 6 1935 Short documentary Himself (as The 3 Stooges)
Screen Snapshots, Series 14, No. 1 1934 Documentary short Himself
Screen Snapshots, Series 13, No. 5 1934 Documentary short Himself
Fox Movietone Newsreel 1929 Documentary short Himself

Archive Footage

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! 2015 TV Series documentary Himself, Moe
The Three Stooges 2015 Documentary Himself
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy 2010 Video documentary Himself (uncredited)
Shemp Cocktail: A Toast to the Original Stooge 2008 Video documentary Himself
MythBusters 2006 TV Series documentary Moe Howard
The Three Stooges in Color 2005 Video Moe
The Three Stooges 75th Anniversary Special 2003 TV Movie documentary Moe
Added Attractions: The Hollywood Shorts Story 2002 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)
Farscape 2001 TV Series Moe
ABC 2000: The Millennium 1999 TV Movie documentary
Leslie Nielsen on the Stooges 1999 TV Movie documentary
Thr Three Stooges Family Album 1998 TV Movie documentary
Biography 1994 TV Series documentary Himself
Muppet Babies 1984-1991 TV Series Moe
The Lost Stooges 1990 Documentary Moe
Frank Sinatra: The Voice of Our Time 1990 TV Movie documentary Moe
The Three Stooges 60th Anniversary Special 1990 TV Movie documentary
Fun with the Stooges 1988 Documentary Moe
The Three Stooges 1987 Video Game Moe (uncredited)
Classic Comedy Teams 1986 Video documentary Moe
Stoogemania 1986 Moe (uncredited)
Going Hollywood: The '30s 1984 Documentary
Stooge Snapshots 1984 TV Movie documentary Moe
The MGM Three Stooges Festival 1983 Moe
Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter 1982 TV Movie documentary Actor - 'Soup to Nuts' (uncredited)
Ken Murray Shooting Stars 1979 Documentary Himself
Bob Hope's World of Comedy 1976 TV Movie Tribute Montage
The Three Stooges Follies 1974 Moe
Hollywood My Home Town 1965 Documentary Himself
The Big Parade of Comedy 1964 Documentary One of The Three Stooges (uncredited)
Stop! Look! and Laugh! 1960 Moe
Columbia Laff Hour 1956 Moe
Screen Snapshots Series 25, No. 8: Looking Back 1946 Short Himself

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