Michael Winner Net Worth

Michael Winner Net Worth is
$45 Million

Michael Winner Biography

Michael Winner net worthy of: Michael Champion was an English film director and maker who had a net value of $45 million. and The Video games. He also wrote for the brand new Musical Express. Champion directed and/or created the movies Shoot to Kill, Some ENJOY IT Cool, Old Macintosh, From the Shadow, Play It Great, The Great Mikado, West 11, THE MACHINE, You Must End up being Joking!, The Jokers, I’ll REMEMBER What’sisname, Hannibal Brooks, The Video games, Lawman, The Nightcomers, Chato’s Property, The Mechanic, Scorpio, The Stone Killer, Death Desire, Won Ton Ton, your dog Who Saved Hollywood, The Sentinel, The Big Rest, Firepower, Death Desire II, The Wicked Woman, Scream for Help, Loss of life Desire 3, A Chorus of Disapproval, Appointment with Loss of life, Bullseye!, Dirty Weekend, and Parting Shots. Champion also authored the books Winner’s Dinners: THE NICE, the Poor and the Unspeakable, The Champion Guide to Eating and Whining, The Harry’s Bar Cookbook, The Fat Pig Diet plan, Winner’s Dinners: The Cafe & Hotel Instruction, Unbelievable!Pursuing his father’s loss of life, Winner’s mother gambled recklessly and marketed art and furniture really worth around £10m at that time, bequeathed to her not merely for her existence but to Michael thereafter. Michael Champion passed on on January 21, 2013 at 77 years aged. Michael Champion also had many American films like the Nightcomers, Chato’s Property, The Mechanic, Scorpio, The Stone Killer, Death Want, Death Wish II, Loss of life Want 3, The Sentinel, The Big Rest, Firepower, The Wicked Woman, A Chorus of Disapproval, Appointment with Loss of life, Bullseye!His family members was Jewish; Born Michael Robert Champion on October 30, 1995 (died on January 21, 2013) in Hampstead, London, he has been thinking about film young. MY ENTIRE LIFE in Restaurants and OTHER AREAS, Winner Calls for All: A Existence of Sorts, Tales I By no means Told, Michael Winner’s Accurate Crimes, Michael Champion Hymie Joke Publication, The Movies of Michael Champion, Fade to Dark, and Six English Filmmakers. She died aged 78 in 1984. He was educated at St Christopher College, Letchworth, and Downing University, Cambridge, where he read legislation and economics. He also edited the university’s college student newspaper, Varsity (he was the youngest ever editor up compared to that period, both in age group and with regards to his university profession, being just in the next term of his second 12 months). Winner had previously created a newspaper column, ‘Michael Winner’s Showbiz Gossip,’ in the Kensington Post from age 14. The first problem of Showgirl Glamour Revue in 1955 has him composing another film and showbusiness gossip column, ‘Winner’s Globe’. He was credited as a article writer in the 1958 criminal offense film Man with a Gun. He also offered as a cafe critic for The Sunday Occasions. British film maker and director Michael Champion had around net worth of $45 million. He also acts as a cafe critic for The Sunday Occasions. his mom was Polish and his dad of Russian extraction. Nevertheless, he first worked well as a column article writer for a newspaper before having a short stint in tv, an associate director of BBC tv programs. Champion has gained his net worth along with his worked well in the entertainment market in both the USA and European countries. He directed his first travelogue That is Belgium in 1957. Such careers allowed him to meet up and interview many leading film personalities, Marlene Dietrich and including James Stewart. He was a co-employee producer in the 1959 film Floating Fortress. His 1st are a director was in 1960 with Shoot to Kill, which tale he in addition has written. Since that time, Michael spent some time working with several British films including Smoke cigarettes ENJOY IT Cool, Old Macintosh, From the Shadow, The Great Mikado, Play It Great, Behave Yourself, and his significant function, West 11. He also directed THE MACHINE, The Jokers, I’ll REMEMBER What’s’isname, Hannibal Brooks, YOU NEED TO Be Joking! Michael Champion was created in Hampstead, London, England in October 1935. $45 Million: Champion was an only kid, born in Hampstead, London, England, to Helen (née Zlota) and George Joseph Champion (1910–1975), a business director., Dirty Weekend and Parting Shots.

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Quick Facts

Full NameMichael Winner
Net Worth$45 Million
Date Of BirthOctober 30, 1935
DiedJanuary 21, 2013, Kensington, London, United Kingdom
ProfessionScreenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Media Personality, Food critic, Actor, Film Editor
EducationUniversity of Cambridge, Downing College, Cambridge
SpouseGéraldine Lynton
ParentsHelen Winner, George Joseph Winner
MoviesDeath Wish, Death Wish II, The Mechanic, The Sentinel, Death Wish 3, Chato's Land, The Nightcomers, The Big Sleep, Lawman, Hannibal Brooks, I'll Never Forget What's'isname, The Jokers, Dirty Weekend, Appointment with Death, The Stone Killer, The Wicked Lady, Bullseye!, A Chorus of Disapproval, The Games, Firepower, Parting Shots, Some Like It Cool, Play It Cool, You Must Be Joking!, Scream for Help, Scorpio, West 11, The Cool Mikado, Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood, The System, Out of the Shadow, Climb Up the Wall, Burke & Hare, Shoot to Kill, Old Mac, Behave Yourself, The Square

Interesting Facts

1 In an interview towards the end of his life, he cited not having children as his regret in life.
2 He was going to be interviewed for the documentary Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014), but died while the film was in production.
3 He was embarrassed by The Cool Mikado (1963), which he dismissed as "absolute nonsense, shot in four weeks on the silent stage in Shepperton".
4 He was a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4's Any Questions and later appeared on television programmes including the BBC TV's Question Time (1979) and Have I Got News for You (1990).
5 Winner was an art collector, and a connoisseur of British illustration. Winner's art collection includes works by Jan Micker, William James, Edmund Dulac, E. H. Shepard, Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen and Beatrix Potter. His collection once included almost 200 signed colour-washed illustrations by Donald McGill.
6 His fame as a restaurant critic was such that, at a Cornwall cafe, an unconsumed piece of his serving of lemon drizzle cake was incorporated into the Museum of Celebrity Leftovers.
7 Winner claimed during his lifetime to be worth £75 million, with £25m in offshore bank accounts and his home worth an additional £50m. But on his death his bank accounts were frozen, and a formal investigation of his affairs began. During this, it emerged that Winner had been supporting two former lovers, both of whom had been provided with living expenses and accommodation. The financial assistance extended also to his long-term personal assistant, the former Miss Great Britain Dinah May. After investigations, it was revealed that Winner's total estate was actually worth £16.8m, with total outstanding debts of £12m. In his will, Winner had left his wife a lump sum of £5m, but the residual estate was only worth £4.75m. His former wife, P.A. and lovers engaged probate lawyers to contest the will and their sums due from it. However, it then emerged that none of the newspapers that reported the aforementioned information about Michael's beneficiaries were correct and that they included only probate information from UK assets when Michael Winner was on record as stating that he had substantial assets in Guernsey. When Guernsey probate was later added, Michael had left a total of £50m and this was more than enough to provide for all his beneficiaries in full while leaving a substantial balance to the Police Memorial Trust.
8 He was considered to direct The Wild Geese (1978).
9 Winner spent his free time gardening ("my garden is floodlit, so I quite often garden after midnight") or with a string of girlfriends, notably the actress Jenny Seagrove.
10 Winner was an active proponent of law enforcement issues and established the Police Memorial Trust after WPC Yvonne Fletcher was murdered in 1984. Thirty-six local memorials honouring police officers who died in the line of duty have been erected since 1985, beginning with Fletcher's in St. James's Square, London. The National Police Memorial, opposite St. James's Park at the junction of Horse Guards Road and The Mall, was also unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II on 26 April 2005.
11 Winner lived in the former home of painter Luke Fildes in Holland Park, Woodland House, designed for Fildes by Richard Norman Shaw. It was announced in 2008 that Winner intended to leave his house as a museum, but discussions with Kensington and Chelsea council apparently stalled after they were unable to meet the £15 million cost of purchasing the freehold of the property, which expires in 2046.
12 In September 2011, Winner was admitted to hospital with food poisoning after eating steak tartare, a raw meat dish, four days in a row. The dish is not recommended for those with a weak immune system and in retrospect Winner regarded his decision to eat it as "stupid".
13 He persuaded Oliver Reed to go audition for a part in Gladiator (2000), which turned out to be his final film.
14 He featured in TV commercials that he himself directed for insurance company esure between 2002 and 2009, with his trade-mark catchphrase "Calm down, dear! It's just a commercial!".
15 In 2003, he appeared in a series of adverts for a UK car insurance firm while dressed as a fairy godmother.
16 Directed Harry Andrews in five films and James Donald in three feature films.
17 January 2008 - Engaged to Géraldine Lynton (aka Geraldine Lynton-Edwards).
18 In Dec. 2006, while vacationing at Barbados, he suffered a near-fatal illness from the extremely rare vibrio vulnificus virus, caught when he ate an oyster. After spending 5 days at the local hospital, his friend Philip Green chartered an ambulance plane to fly the director to London. He spent 3 months in the hospital where he ultimately went through 19 operations to save his leg. The virus destroyed his Achilles tendon and he had to walk with a walking stick.
19 His favorite actor was Marlon Brando, who was also a friend.
20 At one time, he was going to direct Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990), but star Chuck Norris didn't like the script.
21 Tended to get his films done on time and under budget.
22 He allegedly declined the O.B.E. (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in 2006 for his services to film.
23 Employs Dinah May and Joanna Kanska as receptionists.
24 He was offered the opportunity to direct The French Connection (1971), Jaws (1975) and the remake of King Kong (1976), both of which he turned down.
25 Often used Charles Bronson, Michael Crawford and Oliver Reed.
26 Often edited his own films under a different name 'Arnold Crust'.
27 He was a restaurant critic and guested in a television commercial for Kenko instant coffee in which he was spoofing himself.
28 An outspoken supporter of the Conservatives for many years, he switched his political allegiance to Tony Blair's Labour Party in the 1997 UK General Election.


1 (On Julie Christie not being in West 11 (1963)) "The producer, Danny Angel, didn't even want to test her,, because she'd been tested and rejected for a great many films, including Billy Liar (1963), which she later made when the girl who was chosen became ill. We tested her and immediately said: 'Marvellous, we've discovered a very, very big star.' The producer said: 'You're absolutely mad! Just a B-movie actress. She'll never be anything! Who would want to fuck Julie Christie?' To which I said: 'I would.' To which the producer responded in front of a large number of people at the screening room in Associated British Studios, Elstree: 'Well you're a homosexual.' That's how it was in the early 60's...!! That's one of the reasons I soon became my own producer. Some months later, I rang Angel: Hollywood's made a huge mistake. They've given your B-actress an Oscar!"
2 "I got on wonderfully with all these actors everyone warned me were impossible to work with. Brando, Mitchum, Sophia Loren - they never behaved badly with me. Roman Polanski told me just the other day that Faye Dunaway was totally impossible when they were making Chinatown (1974). Well I can only say to me she was the most professional, wonderful person. But then she did say in her autobiography that the film with me was the only one she ever enjoyed. I called her Fayzie. Even Burt Lancaster. He did try to kill me three times but he was my best friend, a wonderful actor - he just had a terrible temper".
3 My younger self wouldn't be surprised that he'd become a successful film director. But he'd be impressed at how many great friends I've made - Brando, Bob Mitchum, Orson Welles. Oliver Reed was the most wonderful man I ever met. The most sensitive, shy person: he needed drink because he was so terrified of life and people. We'd be on location in Germany and he'd get drunk and piss on the German flag and 'Heil Hitler!' up the hotel corridor and then he'd come in the morning very quiet and gentlemanly, not remembering any of it. He was adorable. I wept at his funeral. I was the only person from showbusiness who went. All his so-called friends - Ken Russell, who directed him in all these movies - they couldn't be bothered to go. Terrible.
4 If I could go back I'd pay more attention to my parents. My father was adorable and my mother, though a nutcase and addicted to gambling, was lovely. But at 20 I became a movie director. It was all-consuming. All I wanted to do was make movies, hang around with actors, have affairs with actresses. I was Jack the Lad supreme. Parents just weren't as interesting. I regret that deeply because they were really real and loved me.
5 "I made some mistakes. I turned down The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969), The French Connection (1971) - James Bond! Why did I turn down James Bond? It was madness. I never made a film that would have given me the credibility of a few Bonds. Nicolas Roeg told me I shouldn't look as if I enjoyed directing so much. I thought he was crazy but the English don't like somebody who apparently enjoys it all. They like you to suffer and talk a load of rubbish about the ethos of the intellectual side of the movie".
6 "When I die, it's going to be 'Death Wish director dies'. I don't mind though - Death Wish (1974) was an epoch-making film. The first film in the history of cinema where the hero kills other civilians. It had never been done before. Since then it has been the most copied film ever. Tarantino put it in his top 10 films ever made".
7 Girlfriends have to be cheerful, light and bright is essential, otherwise, what's the point?
8 I've got no fear about death. I'm very happy to snuff it; you have to live with the cards you've been dealt with.
9 (On regularly being asked to remake Death Wish (1974)) "I don't want to do something for the sake of it. I am prepared to wait. If I wait until I am buried, too bad".
10 (On Oliver Reed) "Drunks on the whole are immensely quiet and dignified when they're sober. But when they're drunk, they're drunk. They're two people; they're Jekyll and Hyde. I remember once I met him in a restaurant and he went out and challenged someone to a fight; he was always doing that and he always lost the fight. So he went out into Hyde Park in a beautiful Savile Row suit to fight this bloke and came back having been thrown in the round pond, he was soaking".
11 "At 16 I was at my peak. It's been downhill ever since. I had a showbiz column in 26 local newspapers and I was the film critic of the NME. The London Palladium had big stars every two weeks - Dean Martin, Nat 'King' Cole, Bob Hope - and they weren't as protected from the public as they are today. I just went round and met them all. I was, as I still am, extremely shy. But when I wanted or needed something I became this other person, who was an act, and was very determined. I'd known from age five I wanted nothing in life other than to direct films".
12 (His most hated film) I found it impossible to watch Johnny Guitar (1954) with Joan Crawford. It came out to appalling reviews, but later became a sort of cult camp western among the Joan Crawford fan group. I'm not sure what year it was, I would guess mid-50s, but I walked out of my local Odeon - the only time I ever walked out of the cinema. It was just awful, unbelievably slow and nothing seemed to happen. Obviously the industry thought much the same because they didn't give her another western.
13 I'd have Charles Bronson starring in Death Wish XXVI if I thought it would make a profit.
14 I do essentially the same things I did as an 18-year-old. I go on dates, I make films, I write. Nothing has really changed.
15 I don't think people are affected by what they see. It's fantasy, people don't watch a murder and then go out and commit one.
16 I don't go out much, partly because I get bored sitting next to the same person for three hours and partly because I started giving my hostesses marks out of 10 for their cooking.
17 [to Richard Littlejohn, on live TV] I'm quite appalled, and very nearly walked out, to be on a British television program where lesbians are wheeled in for you to make smutty and offensive remarks to. I think it is an absolutely shameful exhibition of vulgarity directed toward a minority. I think the lesbians have come over with considerable dignity and you've come over as an arsehole.
18 [on censors] They all tended to be failed directors who suddenly find they have power over every director in the world and they misuse it.
19 Nearly dying hasn't taught me a thing. It's just taught me that being ill is a bloody pain!
20 An OBE is what you get if you clean the toilets well at King's Cross station. I really don't care if I get anything or not. I'm very glad that they recognize my considerable skills as a toilet cleaner. But when you look at the rubbish who are getting these awards and the absolute non-service they have given to the nation other than financing or working for political parties, you say, 'What company am I in?' At least if you go straight to the House of Lords you can wear fancy dress and have a giggle.
21 If you want art, don't mess about with movies. Buy a Picasso.
22 Hitchcock said actors are cattle, but show me a cow who can earn one million dollars per film.
23 There's no moralistic side to Death Wish (1974); it's a pleasant romp.
24 The hardest part of directing is staying awake for nine weeks at a stretch.
25 In this business disaster is always just around the corner.
26 Success has gone to my stomach.
27 A team effort is a lot of people doing what I say.
28 On late actor-comedian Terry-Thomas: "For years, in the English film business, if you wanted a Terry-Thomas-type comedian, you were lucky if you got Terry-Thomas himself.".
29 My sympathy is totally with the little old lady who gets bashed over the head with an iron bar, not with the youngster who did it and gets sent to the South of France for six weeks to turn into a lovely human being.
30 Women like to be treasured for themselves. They don't get taken in by men with money. In fact, I did far better when I was an assistant director.
31 I don't want to live in a tolerant society. I want to live in a very intolerant society.


Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1978 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Writing The Sentinel (1977) Jeffrey Konvitz



Parting Shots 1998
Dirty Weekend 1993
Bullseye! 1990
A Chorus of Disapproval 1989
Appointment with Death 1988
Death Wish 3 1985
Scream for Help 1984
The Wicked Lady 1983
Death Wish II 1982
Firepower 1979
The Big Sleep 1978
The Sentinel 1977
Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1976
Death Wish 1974
The Stone Killer 1973
Scorpio 1973
The Mechanic 1972
Chato's Land 1972
The Nightcomers 1971
Lawman 1971
The Games 1970
Hannibal Brooks 1969
A Little of What You Fancy 1968 Documentary uncredited
I'll Never Forget What's'isname 1967
The Jokers 1967
You Must Be Joking! 1965
The Girl-Getters 1964
West 11 1963
The Cool Mikado 1963
Some Like It Cool 1962
Behave Yourself 1962 Short
Play It Cool 1962
It's Magic 1962 Short
Old Mac 1961
Girls Girls Girls! 1961 Documentary short
Murder on the Campus 1961
Haunted England 1961 Documentary short
Shoot to Kill 1960
Climb Up the Wall 1960
Danger, Women at Work 1959 Documentary short
Watch the Birdie 1959 Documentary short
The Square 1957 Short


Parting Shots 1998 producer
Dirty Weekend 1993 producer
Bullseye! 1990 producer
A Chorus of Disapproval 1989 producer
Appointment with Death 1988 producer
Claudia 1985 producer
Death Wish 3 1985 co-producer
Scream for Help 1984 producer
Firepower 1979 producer
The Big Sleep 1978 producer
The Sentinel 1977 producer
Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1976 producer
Death Wish 1974 co-producer
The Stone Killer 1973 producer
Chato's Land 1972 producer
The Nightcomers 1971 producer
Lawman 1971 producer
Hannibal Brooks 1969 producer
I'll Never Forget What's'isname 1967 producer
Some Like It Cool 1962 associate producer
Old Mac 1961 associate producer
Murder on the Campus 1961 associate producer
Haunted England 1961 Documentary short producer
Floating Fortress 1959 Documentary short associate producer
The Square 1957 Short producer


Parting Shots 1998 screenplay / story
Dirty Weekend 1993 writer
Bullseye! 1990 story
A Chorus of Disapproval 1989 screenplay
Appointment with Death 1988 screenplay
Claudia 1985
The Wicked Lady 1983 screenplay
Firepower 1979 story
The Big Sleep 1978 screenplay
The Sentinel 1977 screenplay
Hannibal Brooks 1969 original story
The Jokers 1967 story
You Must Be Joking! 1965 story
The Cool Mikado 1963 screenplay
Some Like It Cool 1962 screenplay
Behave Yourself 1962 Short
Girls Girls Girls! 1961 Documentary short written by
Murder on the Campus 1961 written by
Shoot to Kill 1960
Climb Up the Wall 1960 screenplay
Man with a Gun 1958 writer
The Square 1957 Short written by


Parting Shots 1998 as Arnold Crust
Dirty Weekend 1993 as Arnold Crust
Bullseye! 1990 as Arnold Crust
A Chorus of Disapproval 1989 as Arnold Crust
Appointment with Death 1988 as Arnold Crust
Death Wish 3 1985 as Arnold Crust
Scream for Help 1984 as Arnold Crust
The Wicked Lady 1983 as Arnold Crust
Death Wish II 1982 as Arnold Crust
Firepower 1979 as Arnold Crust
Scorpio 1973 uncredited
The Mechanic 1972 as Arnold Crust Jr.
Chato's Land 1972 uncredited
The Nightcomers 1971 as Arnold Crust Jr.


Burke and Hare 2010 Gentlemen Passenger
Shelf Life 2000 Short Neighbour
I, Camcorder 1995 TV Series Film Director
Calliope 1994 Short The Director
Decadence 1994 The Entourage #2
For the Greater Good 1991 TV Series Sir Randolph Spence

Casting Director

A Chorus of Disapproval 1989 as Arnold Crust Jnr.

Editorial Department

Claudia 1985 additional scenes editor


Claudia 1985 additional scenes director


Truly, Madly, Cheaply!: British B Movies 2008 TV Movie documentary thanks


Piers Morgan's Life Stories 2010-2012 TV Series Himself - Friend / Himself
In Confidence 2012 TV Series documentary Himself - Guest
The Untold Tommy Cooper 2011 TV Movie documentary Himself
Loose Women 2007-2011 TV Series Himself
That Sunday Night Show 2011 TV Series Himself
Timeshift 2011 TV Series documentary Himself - Film Director
This Week 2004-2010 TV Series Himself
The One Show 2007-2010 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Mastermind 2010 TV Series Himself - Contestant
Hotel Babylon 2009 TV Series Himself
Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder 2009 TV Series Himself
Question Time 1998-2009 TV Series Himself
ITV Lunchtime News 2009 TV Series Himself
Cash in the Celebrity Attic 2008 TV Series Himself
Truly, Madly, Cheaply!: British B Movies 2008 TV Movie documentary Himself
Happy Hour 2008 TV Series Himself
Richard & Judy 2004-2008 TV Series Himself
Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of the 80s 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
Parkinson 2007 TV Series Himself
British Film Forever 2007 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Memoirs of a Cigarette 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
Brando 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
Greatest Ever Romantic Movies 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
Comic Relief: The Apprentice 2007 TV Movie Himself
The Grumpy Guide to... 2007 TV Series documentary Himself
Greatest Ever Comedy Movies 2006 TV Movie Himself
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? 2006 TV Series Himself
The World's Greatest Actor 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself
Calendar 2006 TV Series Himself
Have I Got News for You 1995-2005 TV Series Himself
Censored at the Seaside: The Saucy Postcards of Donald McGill 2005 TV Movie documentary Himself
Play It Again: The Panel Game 2005 TV Movie documentary Himself
Death of Celebrity 2005 TV Movie documentary Himself
The British Soap Awards 2005 2005 TV Special Himself - Presenter
2nd Annual Directors Guild of Great Britain DGGB Awards 2005 Video Himself - Master of Ceremonies
The Apprentice 2005 TV Series Himself
Sex in the 70s 2005 TV Series documentary Himself
X-Rated 2004 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Breakfast with Frost 2004 TV Series Himself
The Paul O'Grady Show 2004 TV Series Himself
GMTV 2004 TV Series Himself
Kelly 2004 TV Series Himself
The Dan and Dusty Show 2004 TV Series Himself
Room 101 2004 TV Series Himself
Star Sale 2004 TV Series Himself
Liquid News 2004 TV Series Himself
1st Annual Directors Guild of Great Britain DGGB Awards 2004 Video Himself - Master of Ceremonies
God Almighty 2003 TV Series Himself
Vivienne Gibson-Forbes: Portrait of a Film Extra 2002 Short Himself
Hollywood Greats 2002 TV Series documentary Himself
Shooting Stars 2002 TV Series Himself
Night of a Thousand Faces 2001 TV Special Himself - Mockstars Contestant
This Is Your Life 2001 TV Series documentary
Celebrity Sleepover 2001 TV Series Himself
Annie Goes to Hollywood 2001 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Weakest Link 2001 TV Series Himself
Meet Ricky Gervais 2000 TV Series Himself
Legends 2000 TV Series documentary Himself
Casting Couch 1999 TV Series Himself
The 11 O'Clock Show 1999 TV Series Himself - Special Guest
Clarkson 1999 TV Series Himself
The Car's the Star 1999 TV Series documentary Himself - Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Owner
Bang, Bang, It's Reeves and Mortimer 1999 TV Series Himself
The O-Zone 1998 TV Series Himself
James Bond: Shaken and Stirred 1997 TV Movie documentary Himself
Dennis Pennis R.I.P. 1997 Video Himself
TFI Friday 1997 TV Series Himself
Brass Eye 1997 TV Series Himself
The Mrs. Merton Show 1997 TV Series Himself
Happy Birthday Shirley 1996 TV Movie Himself (uncredited)
Mondo Rosso 1995 TV Series documentary Himself
Anyone for Pennis? 1995 TV Movie Himself
The Fame Factor: The Battersea Bardot 1994 TV Movie documentary Himself - Interviewee
Birds of a Feather 1994 TV Series Himself
The Danny Baker Show 1994 TV Series Himself
Littlejohn Live and Uncut 1994 TV Series Himself - Guest
Do the Right Thing 1994 TV Series Himself - Panellist
The Diary of Jack the Ripper: Beyond Reasonable Doubt? 1993 Video documentary Himself - Presenter
Notes and Queries with Clive Anderson 1993 TV Series Himself
Entertainment UK 1993 TV Series Himself - Interviewee
Eurotrash 1993 TV Series documentary Himself
Danny Baker After All 1993 TV Series Himself
Clive Anderson Talks Back 1993 TV Series Himself
Without Walls 1993 TV Series documentary Himself
True Crimes 1992 TV Series documentary Himself - Presenter
A Tribute to Terry Thomas 1990 TV Movie Himself
This Week 1990 TV Series Himself
Arena 1990 TV Series documentary Himself
One More Audience with Dame Edna Everage 1988 TV Movie Himself (uncredited)
Just a Song and Dance 1987 TV Movie Himself
Omnibus 1986 TV Series documentary Himself
The Making of 'Death Wish 3' 1985 TV Short Himself
World in Action 1983 TV Series documentary Himself
The Kenny Everett Television Show 1982 TV Series Himself
Food, Wine & Friends 1979 TV Series Himself
Russell Harty Plus 1972 TV Series Himself - Guest
Cinema 1971 TV Series documentary Himself
Film Night 1971 TV Series Himself
The Cool Mikado 1963 Himself (uncredited)
Floating Fortress 1959 Documentary short Brief appearance (uncredited)

Archive Footage

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films 2014 Documentary Himself
The EE British Academy Film Awards 2013 TV Special Memorial Tribute
Tales of Television Centre 2012 TV Movie documentary Himself - Actor (uncredited)
Have I Got News for You: The Best of the Guest Presenters - Volume 2 2005 Video Himself

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