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Some websites rumored that he’s married and includes a kid, but we have no idea for certain that Wincott in wedded nor we have no idea who his wife can be? He has not uncovered anything about his personal lifestyle and relationships. He’s the youngest boy of Lucia Wincott, and Italian immigrant from North Italy and William Wincott, an English. His birth name can be Michael Anthony Claudio Wincott. Michael’s annual salary isn’t public but according to the web resources, his net worthy of is approximated to end up being 68 Million American Dollars. He’s a Canadian nationality and white ethnically. Michael attended elementary college at Techumseh Senior Open public and senior high school at Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute. He gave his tone of voice to several gaming characters. He ultimately graduated in 1986. As his bio provides drafted Wincott began employed in the general public theater, Joseph Papp’s Open public Theatre after graduation. He well-set up himself on stage in the 1987 ‘s”Chat Radio” and on made an appearance in Oliver Stone’s silver screen in the following 12 months. His childhood was spend along with his parents in Toronto in fact it is known that he also offers a sibling. Nevertheless, his group of fans starts when he made an appearance for the film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ (1991) as a man of Gisborne, which introduces Wincott to his after that largest audience. His capacity to play both menacing and seductive produced him cast as villains in several movies once in a while, most especially in ‘The Three Musketeers’ of 1993, ‘The Crow’, ‘Alien: Resurrection of 1997, ‘Along Arrived a Spider’ and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. His solid growl tone of voice, using as his trademark open up his profession. There is absolutely no exact information regarding is net well worth and how much is usually his salary. He was created in Toronto in Canada. He also appeared many television shows including ‘Live A LATER DATE. Michael Wincott is usually a Canadian tv and film actor. He was friendly and usually prepared with a smile and experienced a great feeling of humor. One of is own classmates recalls how he and Michael would usually enter trouble in senior high school because they were usually joking and laughing. He utilized to be always a poster boy for the “Got Milk” marketing campaign because Mike utilized to beverage it by the gallon. He loves viewing Barbara Striesand films, and drummer Buddy Wealthy was his motivation for playing the drums. He performed the drums in a jazz band as a youngster, aswell as on his table at college. Michael was usually a little bit “out there”, and certainly different, being mostly of the people in his course to have long locks. But he was warm and friendly, and incredibly funny and was regarded as a genuinely good guy once you have to know him. By 2016, Wincott’s age is usually 58. He once dated a model called Elizabeth Jagger. They 1st met in NY. It had been also reported that Michael was dating Elizabeth Jagger in early 2000. Miss Jagger statements that Wincott was as well boring on her behalf and mention they have a huge age group gap. To be specific, their age gap can be 26 years senior to her. He discovered Drama over there. She also stated that that they had to encounter a whole lot of problems due to the huge age group gap. Many people liked posting rumors and gossip about superstars.19 Michael Wincott can be an actor, best-known for his raspy villain voice.As we absence evidence. Michael Wincott has confronted several interviews but under no circumstances stated about his marital lifestyle. Since then, Michael under no circumstances got involved with any romantic relationship and he under no circumstances got wedded either. Michael is 5 feet 10 inches high. He also became a tone of voice actor for such blockbuster video gaming such as for example 2004’s ‘Halo 2’ and ‘Darksiders 2’ (2012). By 2016, he already gained about $68 million dollars. Wincott first like is music, he has drums and his preferred musician can be Keith Richards. Michael Wincott comes with an official internet site, anyone interested can go to. Michael was created on 21 January 1958 beneath the zodiac indication of Aquarius. Wincott can be a talented, flexible and adaptable actor on stage and on display screen, this made him probably the most unforgettable villains on screens through the 1990s and 2000s. The name of his dad can be William Wincott and the name of his mom can be Lucia Wincott.Wincott worked regularly on stage and tv, showing up in two more back-to-back movies for Oliver Rock, ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ of 1989 and ‘The Doorways of 1991. Michael’s profession had not been restricted to Television shows and films. Jeff functions an actor and director. Michael finished his education from Julliard College in 1986. We’ve no information who he’s dating currently. It had been reported that Elizabeth was 26 years more youthful to Michael. It really is known that Michael experienced an excellent academic record in college and he was among those students who frequently landed himself in big trouble. After completing his graduation, he started operating and his company was Chat Radio. This is a begin for him and now, he did a whole lot of stage displays and Television shows. Michael also worked well in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in 1991 and the movie was broadly loved by his target audience. Michael also got a switch to function in The Three Musketeers and many other hit movies like the Count of Monte Cristo. Michael wasn’t not so lucky with Elizabeth as the few broke up only a month later on. Michael was also presented in Live a later date. It is stated that Michael gained therefore much of fame due to his assured acting and innovative design of working. Speaking about the full total number of films Michael worked well in, the quantity is large and he worked well in over 45 films and one his most recent movie is usually ghost in the Shell that was released in 2017. Michael also worked well in several Television shows and the quantity totals up to 16. Some of his famous displays contains Miami Vice and West Globe. Name of his sibling is usually Jeff Wincott. Before shifting to NY to attended The Juilliard College (Drama Division) in 1982, he previously already taken functions in Canadian movies. It really is known that he proved helpful in 4 video gaming and the first gaming he proved helpful for was Halo 2. Since 2012, he didn’t function for any game. Nevertheless, the couple split up about a month afterwards. He gained a whole lot of fame due to his voice. Within an interview, Elizabeth uncovered that Michael was boring that that’s the reason why she split up with her boyfriend. Wincott appears to be sexually direct, as we usually do not discover any report relating to his sexual orientation. According to the records, Michael’s mom acquired her roots in Italy and Michael’s dad acquired his roots in UK. Anyway, one can view his interview on YouTube. He’s younger brother of Director, Maker and Actor Jeff Wincott and Costs Wincott. He gained all the cash himself and he didn’t inherit anything. He was created to mom Lucia Wincott, and dad William Wincott, English, an Italian immigrant from North Italy.’ Wincott’s classmates recall him as an excellent boy from early college. Michael also offers huge enthusiast following on social mass media and he often articles photos on Instagram. Michael attended elementary college at Tecumseh Senior Community and senior high school at Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute. Before moving to NY, he attended The Juilliard College Drama Division in 1982. Michael played the function of Kent in both stage and movie variations of Chat Radio. Michael Wincott in addition has worked in video gaming such as for example Halo 2, Infex, Syndicate, and Darksiders 2. His television works are the Littlest Hobo, Clown Light, Night Heat, Crime Tale, Miami Vice, and 24: Live A LATER DATE. Michael in addition has worked in the films such as for example Forsaken, Hitchcock, Along Came a Spider, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, etc. He was created on January 21, 1958, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

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Height1.79 m
ProfessionVoice Actor
EducationJuilliard School
ParentsLucia Wincott, William Wincott
SiblingsJeff Wincott
AwardsMacArthur Fellowship
MoviesThe Crow, Along Came a Spider, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Dead Man, The Count of Monte Cristo, Basquiat, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Seraphim Falls, Alien: Resurrection, The Three Musketeers, Forsaken, Strange Days, The Doors, Treasure Planet, What Just Happened, Hitchcock, Talk Radio, Before Night Falls, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, The Sicilian, A Lonely Place for Dying, Born on the Fourth of July, Gunshy, Ticket to Heaven, Wild Horse Hank, Metro, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Circle of Two, An American Christmas Carol, Bloodhounds of Broadway, The Red Phone: Manhunt, The Girl from Nagasaki, Panther, Nothing Personal, Curtains, Hidden Agenda, Suffering Bastards, The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story
TV Shows24: Live Another Day, Bizarre

Interesting Facts

1Paul Schrader approached him to play the part of boss Grecco The Greek in Dog Eat Dog (2016). Scharder also considered Michael Douglas, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Nick Nolte, Christopher Walken, Jeff Goldblum and Rupert Everett for that role, before deciding to play it himself.
2In 2010 he agreed to star with Luis Robledo and Marisilda Garcia in the western/action/comedy short film "Days Like These", which was to be directed by Justin Eugene Evans, with whom he had recently worked on A Lonely Place for Dying (2009) . The plot was about a poker hustler who found himself trapped between an angry mark looking for revenge, the Union Army of Colorado and the Confederate Army of Texas. The project never entered the production stage, even though it was said to have the humor of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), the visual panache of a John Woo action film and the snappy dialogue of an Aaron Sorkin screenplay.
3He was considered for the role of Buddy in Bone Tomahawk (2015).
4Was considered for the role of Willie O'Keefe in JFK (1991). The role went to Kevin Bacon.
5In 2011 he appeared in a test scene for a movie project about American multiple murderer Richard Kuklinski. In the short, directed by Ariel Vromen, he played Robert "Mr. Softee" Pronge while Michael Shannon impersonated Kuklinski. The movie, called The Iceman (2012), entered production at the end of the same year; Shannon kept his role while Chris Evans was chosen to play Pronge because Vromen wanted someone younger for that part. The director offered Wincott another role, but the actor wasn't happy with it and amicably refused. Wincott was thanked in the end credits.
6In the late 90s he was going to star in a project called "Cousin Joey" together with Mickey Rourke and Martin Landau. The movie was about two cousins, one an ex con named Joey (Wincott) who aspires to become a major player in the New York underworld and the other just released from prison (Rourke). Rourke's character tries to hook up with Joey and agrees to work as a loan shark to build up enough money to leave California and set up a home elsewhere and make a new start. A problem arises when their boss (Landau) is angered by Rourke's decision to leave and tries to put the squeeze on him and have him killed. When Wincott finds out, he takes Rourke on the run as they are chased by gangsters. Rourke contributed to the script and developed a lot of aspects to the original one which the producers had in mind; he was aiming for a more dialogue oriented approach, while the producers wanted more action. The result was that the project lost some producers and then failed to secure new financing. At this point Wincott left while Rourke rapidly tried to find a co-star; he didn't succeed and moved on other projects.
7He was considered for a role in Detachment (2011).
8Turned down an audition for an unspecified villain role in The Dark Knight Rises (2012).
9Turned down a recurring role in Lost (2004).
10In 2006 he was going to star in the movie adaptation of Irvine Welsh's "Ecstasy" together with Hugh Dancy, Billy Boyd, Scott Cleverdon, Richard E. Grant and Sarah Carter, under the direction of Rob Heydon. The film was shot 4 years later with a different cast, except for Billy Boyd.
11In December 2008 he and Swedish actor/helmer Rafael Edholm joined forces to write the script for an untitled dark-edged drama/thriller. Taking place in the far north of Sweden and in Venice over four days, the project was the story of two men awaiting the subject of their assignment, an assassination, to arrive when a woman appears who might have been the childhood love of one of them. Wincott was going to play one of the leads while Edholm would've directed the pic, which had a budget of $10 million and was set to shoot starting in February 2010 for delivery in the fall of the same year. Although announced far in advance, the project did not start production due to financial problems.
12He's the youngest of three brothers.
13Lives in West Hollywood, California.
14Parents: William and Lucia.
15Has appeared in two films based on Alexandre Dumas' works: The Three Musketeers (1993) and The Count of Monte Cristo (2002).
16He is known for his apathetic stance on celebrity and the ideals of Hollywood, often stating that he holds art in higher regard than money.
17He played drums in jazz band as a kid.
18His favorite musician is Keith Richards.
19Of English and Italian descent.
20He plays a multitude of instruments including drums, harmonica, guitar and piano.
21Younger brother of Jeff Wincott.
22The Juilliard School (Drama Division), 1982-1986 (graduated).


1Frequently plays villains.
2Deeply rasping voice


1It's good to dress well. Elegance expresses greater expectations of life. The current culture of slovenliness conveys a spiritual and intellectual surrender.
2It's not what's underfoot but in your veins. My father was a working man. He did all manner of things to house and feed his wife and three boys: sold encyclopedias, insurance, was a steamfitter. One day, at thirty-four years of age, on a construction site in twenty below zero, he decided to change his life. He labored by day and, two or three nights a week, placed his safety helmet in a locker at a University. Two degrees later, he became a teacher. He taught me determination and the value of literature and humour. My mother spent Sundays making ravioli by hand. She taught me patience, refinement and the value of one's passions. Of the three sons, I was the only one allowed into the kitchen. She wasn't fond of people around her there. For her it was a sacred place, spending hours rolling the dough, mixing the filling, making the circles of pasta with the open end of a cup. When we'd, at last, sit at the table, the first mouthful seemed like proof of the divine. Sundays were sublime.
3[about his working relationship with Anthony Hopkins on Hitchcock (2012) ] He's been just a remarkable human being and I think, once again in my experience, that the remarkably talented are also... it's because they are remarkable people.
4You have to be careful so you don't make your character dull and predictable. Sometimes you have to bend the script a little... The bad guys are mostly the same on the paper... A bad guy wouldn't think of himself as bad. The guy I'm playing in Metro (1997) thinks of himself as a responsible and nice guy, since he is taking care of his retarded cousin. That is what I try to keep in mind, when I'm shooting and stabbing people.


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Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2013BTVA Video Game Voice Acting AwardBehind the Voice Actors AwardsBest Vocal Ensemble in a Video GameDarksiders II (2012)Keith Szarabajka

James Cosmo

Jessica Straus

Simon Templeman

JB Blanc

Claudia Christian

Elle Newlands

André Sogliuzzo

Vernon Wells

Steve Blum

Troy Baker

Fred Tatasciore

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Phil Proctor

Phil LaMarr



Veni Vidi Vici2017TV SeriesGeorgina
Ghost in the Shell2017Dr. Osmund (uncredited)
Westworld2016TV SeriesOld Bill
Forsaken2015/IGentleman Dave Turner
Knight of Cups2015Herb
24: Live Another Day2014TV Mini-SeriesAdrian Cross
Grand Street2014Reuben
The Girl from Nagasaki2013Goro
Hitchcock2012Ed Gein
Darksiders II2012Video GameDeath (voice)
Infex2012Video GameGriffin (voice)
Syndicate2012Video GameJules Merit (voice)
The Farewell2011ShortHe
A Lonely Place for Dying2009Anthony Greenglass
Sketches from Great Gull2008ShortSeafaring Poet (voice)
What Just Happened2008Jeremy Brunell
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly2007Fashion Photographer
Seraphim Falls2006Hayes
Narc2005Video GameMr. Big (voice)
Halo 22004Video GameProphet of Truth (voice)
The Assassination of Richard Nixon2004Julius Bicke
Remembering Charlie2003TV MovieRichard Aiken
The Red Phone: Manhunt2002TV MovieVan Eyck
Treasure Planet2002Video GameScroop (voice)
Treasure Planet2002Scroop (voice)
The Count of Monte Cristo2002Armand Dorleac
Along Came a Spider2001Gary Soneji
Before Night Falls2000Heberto Zorilla Ochoa
Hidden Agenda1999Larry Gleason
Gunshy1998Frankie McGregor
Alien: Resurrection1997Elgyn
Metro1997Michael Korda
Dead Girl1996Mark in the Park
Basquiat1996Rene Ricard
Strangers1996TV SeriesArnaud
Strange Days1995Philo Gant
Dead Man1995Conway Twill
The Crow1994Top Dollar
The Three Musketeers1993Rochefort
Romeo Is Bleeding1993Sal
1492: Conquest of Paradise1992Moxica
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves1991Guy of Gisborne
The Doors1991Paul Rothchild
The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story1990TV Movie documentaryUlrich Weber
Born on the Fourth of July1989Vet - Villa Dulce
Suffering Bastards1989Chazz
Bloodhounds of Broadway1989Soupy Mike
The Equalizer1987-1989TV SeriesJarrow Jordan
A Man Called Hawk1989TV SeriesWilcox
Talk Radio1988Kent Michael Joe
Miami Vice1988TV SeriesWilson Cook
Crime Story1987-1988TV SeriesBobby Meeker
The Sicilian1987Cpl. Silvestro Canio
Night Heat1985TV SeriesJack Tenelli
Clown White1981TV MovieStreet Punk
The Littlest Hobo1979-1981TV SeriesJeff / Charlie
Ticket to Heaven1981Gerry
Circle of Two1981Paul
Nothing Personal1980Peter
Wild Horse Hank1979Charlie Connors
The Family Man1979TV MovieCharlie
An American Christmas Carol1979TV MovieChoir Leader
Title Shot1979Robber


The Iceman2012special thanks


Jack Is Back2014TV Movie documentaryHimself
Behind the Scenes of 'Seraphim Falls'2007Video documentary shortHimself
Me and Graham: The Soundtrack of Our Lives2005DocumentaryHimself
The Making of 'Along Came a Spider'2001Video documentary shortHimself
The Making of 'The Three Musketeers'1993TV Movie documentaryHimself

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Cinemassacre's Monster Madness2013TV Series documentaryFrank Elgyn

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