Maxim Nogotkov Net Worth

Maxim Nogotkov Net Worth is
$1.3 Billion

Maxim Nogotkov Biography

He attended Moscow International Higher Business College and used Bachelor of Arts/Research. Maxim Nogotkov net worthy of according to 2015 stats is certainly $1,300,000,000. Maxim Nogotkov was created on 1977 in Moscow, Russia.3 Billion: Maxim Nogotkov handles the privately held retailer Svyaznoy, now the second-largest cellular phone merchant in Russia. Nogotkov got his begin selling computer applications while in college and afterwards began selling cordless mobile phones. He dropped out of university to spotlight building his business trading mobile phones wholesale before getting into retail. He’s also founder of web store Enter and owns a chain of jewelry shops under franchise from Danish firm Pandora. This year 2010 Nogotkov founded Svyaznoy Bank. This past year he dedicated a reported $6 million to the digital democracy group Yopolis. Among the richest people in Russia today, Mr. This year 2010, Nogotkov also create a bank, Svyaznoy Lender. Maxim Nogotkov began to explore the business world at age group 12, when he convinced a few of his close friends to lend him cash and begin a business which they’re selling software program of BK-0010 pc and setting up caller ID gadgets. Next, he founded an web store known as Enter and became owner of a jewelry shops chain under franchise from Danish firm Pandora. Nogotkov maintained the second largest cellular phone merchant in Russia, Svyaznoy. He was referred to as the founder of retail chain, Enter and owns a chain of jewelry shops under Pandora, a Danish firm. This year 2010, Nogotkov founded Svyaznoy lender and digital democracy group, Yopolis 3 years later. $1.A global known Retail, Banking personality Maxim Nogotkov born in Saturday, January 1, 1977 in great city of Moscow. He’s married with three kids. Maxim Nogotkov Net Worthy of: Maxim Nogotkov is certainly a Russian businessman who includes a net worthy of of $1.3 billion. Maxim Nogotkov

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Net Worth$1.3 Billion

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