Martin and Olivier Bouygues Net Worth

Martin and Olivier Bouygues Net Worth is
$3.6 Billion

Martin and Olivier Bouygues Biography

Martin began as a supervisor of the business, founded by his dad in 1952, and is currently chairman and CEO, articles he has kept for more than 2 decades.8 Billion: Brothers Martin and Olivier Bouygues own about 20% of their eponymous industrial conglomerate Bouygues Group, a $40 billion (revenues) firm.$3. Olivier may be the deputy leader and the CEO of the family members holding company, SCDM. As well as the Bouygues Group, the brothers also gained their prosperity from their investments in press and telecom. The building arm of the strong generated $32 billion (revenues) alone with tasks spanning over 80 countries, including France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, and Singapore. Bouygues Telecom, the 3rd largest telecom operator in France, offers 13.2 million clients and recently became the first supplier in France to release commercial 4G+ services. The brothers also personal famed winery Chateau Montrose that they purchased in 2006.6 billion by April 2016 relating to Forbes. Francis Bouygues in 1952. A global known Construction, Media character Martin & Olivier Bouygues born on 1st january in great town of France. Martin and Olivier Bouygues net well worth according to 2015 stats is definitely $3,800,000,000. Among the business’s construction projects are the English Channel Tunnel,

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Net Worth$3.6 Billion

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