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Marjorie Bridges -Woods also known by her maiden name Marjorie Bridges and sometimes goes on Marjorie Harvey may be the third wife of the American radio character, entertainer, actor and Comedian Steve Harvey , after his initial wife Marcia Harvey who’s the mom of his three kids, his twin daughters Karli and Brandi and his boy Steve, and his second wife Mary Lee Harvey who’s the mom of his boy Wynton. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. Harvey’s ex: When Steve Harvey ‘s ex-wife Mary released a few videos producing fun of him stating that he was a womanizer and accused him of cheating on the marital bed with who was simply at that time his current wife Marjorie. Each of them initial fulfilled in Memphis at a humor club home and there Harvey produced a declaration that he’d marry Marjorie. She was also mentioned by Harvey because the girl who changed his lifestyle. But even though each of them, both continued different paths, created split families but all result in failed marriages and after nearly 2 decades the lovely few decided to reconcile and create their very own family. There are several sayings that she was involved with some obnoxious relationships plus some even say relationship to drug dealers. Prior relationships: For Marjorie’s romantic relationships, she was engaged 2 times but each engagement didn’t last for greater than a calendar year, she was wedded also 2 times for about nine . 5 years. She have been in give up some romantic relationships and affairs, none which lasted for lengthy and she was divorced only 1. They are happily married since 2007. Additionally it is typically known that she utilized to screw up with Steve while she was wedded to her Ex-husband. However Steve generally talks of just what a fine, amazing looking woman that she actually is. –> First view: Her hubby is most famous to be the superstar of “The Steve Harvey Present” sitcom. Marjorie insisted on contacting up her own attorney to deny the accusations that she was within an affair with her hubby while he was still wedded to his ex-wife Mary. She also denied Mary’s promises of Steve attempting to consider Wynton, their boy, from Mary and she mentioned that these accusations had been non-factional and rather ridiculous.


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