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Malik Yoba Net Worth is
$3 Million

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What’s the Malik Yoba Net Worth and his estimated annual income? Well, before we discover the answer, without a doubt that the Malik Yoba can be an example for persistence and dedication. With no reference to the entertainment market, Malik made his method to stardom with popular television series in 1994, NY Undercover. He offers recurring functions in UPN sitcom Girlfriends as well. Prior his fame, Malik yobadevoted himself to volunteering and regular counseling at NYC youth business. What is net well worth of Malik Yoba? He madeappearance in films such as Cool Operating and Criminal. He became conscious that his only objective is to help teenagers, so he continuing with motivational messages to make teenagers think. Also, he made an appearance in “Empire” as Vernon Turner and in “Revolution”, where he starred as Jim Hudson. Additionally he included himself in community activism and provided interactive lectures to troubled adolescents on “Why are you upon this planet”. The periods were to create children self empowered also to consider solid decisions in lifestyle. He’s also the vice-president of Citykids Base due to his motivating thoughts that “Most of us have come on the planet for grounds and kids got to know their objective. He has a boy called Josiah Yoba. For the function he had in the brand new York Undercover, he got 3 x NAACP Image Awards to be the excellent Actor in the Drama series. And afterwards was observed in the same movie’s sequel. In the entire year 2012, he attempted his acting abilities in research fiction drama series Alpha, where he acted as previous FBI agent. Presently he’s focusing on the series Raines. 18 Abdul-Malik Khaise Yoba was created in September 17, 1967. Currently Abdul is 48 years aged in his age group and he was created in The Bronx, NY of USA. Professionally Abdul is definitely actor and also singer operating sincerely from days gone by 1993 till the existing context sincere upon the sector. So, from functioning upon the sector he afterwards was dictated along with his stage name as Malik Yoba. His personality as NYPD Detective J.C. Williams was the extraordinary role of his lifestyle that emerged within Fox Law enforcement drama of NY. The name of the series was Undercover. Malik is certainly boy of his parents Mahmoudah Youthful and Abdullah Yoba. Nevertheless, they divorced and in past due 2003, which shocked their fans from all over the globe. From his early childhood he was thinking about acting and dynamic upon the film market so, he was very much interested operating upon there as recommended by his senior types. He also utilized to make his existence in the stage system during his educational level consequently one of his senior high school teachers recommended him to become listed on the tv screen industry for his additional profession. Within detective J. Malik was thinking about performing since he was kid. William he starred with contrary to Michael DeLorenzo. Malik was among the 4th kids from the 6 kids of his family members. He had taken birth in middle income family and he afterwards got married along with his affair Trisha Mann. He was trashed from her home and came back to Brooklyn. But, however the news headlines of their separation and mentioning that they got a divorce shocked their supporters from all over. Professionally Trisha can be celebrity and model and regarding to them behind their divorce is because of their busy schedule within their professional lifestyle and spending less period to make their like and knowing even more about one another. Currently, he is wedded with Cat Wilson, he got wedded with her in 21 December 2003 but still in today’s time they have emerged jointly. He is the daddy of 2 kids they are from the medial side of Trisha guy and he’s providing filled with his responsibility to be a dad towards the kids. He also described that he is pleased with his partner and there are no any conditions to obtain a divorce with her because of any reasons because they had been an affair previously. Malik can be 6 ft 2 inch high in his elevation and his appearance is quite perfect looking his photos where he looks definitely hot and spectacular in his clothing. Malik Yoba net well worth: Malik Yoba can be an American actor who includes a net well worth of $3 million dollars. The income and net worth isn’t correctly mentioned in the sociable sites as his much less mentioning about her low among the people and press in the entire year 2015. Trisha Mann can be a model. From there, he continued to steady function in both film and tv tasks. He was wedded to Trisha Mann, a model, and actress plus they became parents of a child Dena.”, and “So why Did I Get Wedded Too? Williams on the Fox law enforcement drama NY Undercover, Yul Brenner in Great Runnings, previous FBI agent Expenses Harken on drama series Alphas, Jim Hudson in Revolution and Vernon Turner in Empire. He offers performed guest starring, co-starring, or recurring functions on such tv shows as “Regulation and Purchase”, “Trinity”, “Girlfriends”, “Arrested Advancement’, “Raines”, “CSI: Miami”, “Defying Gravity”, “Justified”, “Nikita”, “Person of Curiosity”, and “Revolution”. As he was so thinking about acting, he finally produced his performing debut in 1993. Image Awards champion for Excellent Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Malik Yoba can be an actor from USA. He’s famous in the globe for starring his function on the television NY Undercover, series and Great Runnings. He’s also reputed to be the occasional singer. This program provides teaching in the visualization, music, writing, artwork and reading. He was also a singer operating from 1993 in a variety of contexts. Malik was once wedded to Trisha Mann. Malik Yoba was created in The Bronx, NY, and began his performing career in the first 90s, showing up in the film “Great Runnings”, and guest starring on the tv screen series, “Where I Live”. She actually is also an celebrity. As a loving partner they truly became parents of a kid, daughter Dena. On 21st of December 2003, Malik got wedded for the second amount of time in his lifestyle and that was with Cat Wilson. Cat Wilson can be a popular celebrity. She actually is also a maker. They are along the way of separation nowadays.C. He’s most more popular for his starring functions on the series, “NY Undercover”, and for his function in the sci-fi series, “Alphas”. That season, he made an appearance on the tv screen series, Where I Live and film, Great Runnings. Malik Yoba Net Worthy of: Malik Yoba has approximated net worthy of of $3. He provides two kids with Mann and in addition has a girl from a prior affair.C.’ Williams on the tv screen series, NY Undercover and because of this part he got his rise in fame. Nowadays, he offers been starring the part of Vernon Turner on the FOX drama series, Empire. The actual physique about his income is unfamiliar but his net worthy of is likely to be around $3 million dollars. He started his Television career with function as NYPD detective on the favorite FOX police series NY Undercover, in 1994. Malik Yoba gets the net worthy of of 3 thousands. C. Cat delivered him out of her home in LA and he shifted back again to Brooklyn. He also made an appearance as previous FBI Special Agent Costs Harken on the Syfy drama series Alphas, as Jim Hudson in Revolution along with Vernon Turner in Empire. When asked about their romantic relationship, he overlooked the question with fun. his parents are Mahmoudah Youthful (née Lanier) and Abdullah Yoba. He’s divorced from Trisha Mann, a model and celebrity who starred with Yoba in the stage play His Female, His Wife in 2000. Yoba has three kids: child Dena with Mann, and another child Josiah and a child Pria from a earlier romantic relationship.[citation needed] Yoba is an associate of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. He was observed in 2009 with his fresh girlfriend, Terry Barbosa, plus they stayed right out of the public. He’s known for his part as J C Williams in, ‘New York Undercover’. He’s also observed in Alphas and Revolution. Ashley Appreciate may have been the reason behind the separation! Tag Yoba was created in the Bronx, NY as a 4th of six kids. Julius Clarence ‘J. Then got wedded to his second wife, Cat Wilson in 2003. Cat was with him for a bit more than 3 years when she wished to obtain separated from her spouse. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. Along with his ex-wife he previously one beautiful child.V. Display(s) Empire Income $20,800 Wife Cat Wilson Elevation 1. He was in Fox tv series called Arrested Advancement where he performed Ice. He also acquired functions in movies such as Smoke cigarettes, Blue in the facial skin, Cop Land, Soul Meals, Why Did I Obtain Married and just why Did I Get Wedded As well? Williams on the Fox law enforcement drama NY Undercover and as Yul Brenner in Great Runnings. There were images of him with another gal at a golf club. There were no reviews that stated the precise reason behind the separation. He was created on September 17, 1967 in NEW YORK, NY, USA. Yoba wedded and divorced Trisha model, Mann and an actress. According compared to that rumor, Malik had something for transgender chicks and he produced Ashley Appreciate perform a sex reassignment procedure to convert from man to female. He’s maintaining very healthy romantic relationship along with his current wife as a result, there is quite less chance of obtaining divorce with her. There are no remarks from Yoba to simply accept or deny these rumors. In a single reality show, one female known as out to Yoba and stated that she has noticed him in a gay golf club. He shouted at her and asked what fulfillment she derives by getting such things to the general public. He was wedded to Trisha Mann, who’s an actress too in addition to a model. In the first ’90’s, he became extremely popular on Television shows and Broadway, nevertheless, when he was 15 he survived a gunshot wound and from then on, he changed his existence goals. In ’09 2009, he was noticed with his fresh girlfriend, Terry Barbosa. There have been no information regarding what happened with their romantic relationship. He was observed in open public with Terry, till 2011. He gained three NAACP Picture awards for Excellent Actor in a Drama Series in 1996, 1997 and 1998. During this time period he was the article writer for small performances as well. There are no information to who his mom is normally. There are a great number of images of Malik with Josiah in internet but, Malik hasn’t commented on a single. The same applies to his girl, PriaYoba. He stated that he wished to get wedded, since he was just a little boy. After his separation from a number of females, he lost his curiosity in the marital romantic relationship. He made an appearance in movies like Great Runnings and Criminal, performed the part of Fisher in Where I Live, and got the part of Ice, a bounty hunter whose real like is party preparing, on the FOX tv series Arrested Advancement. He also stated that he’s dating women, but, isn’t in the feeling for a significant relationship. Additionally, there are rumors that he previously a sexual romantic relationship with Michael Michelle , a co-star. The 4th of six kids, Yoba was created in Bronx, NY; He is filled up with rumors about matter and various other sexual flings. He hardly ever commented on the rumors so when asked within an interview, he generally ignores them. Malik Yoba ‘s name is normally Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba and he’s a singer on some events and he’s American actor. He’s recognized to play in the part of NYPD where he was detective J. He previously a lead part in His Female His Wife. He was Yul Brenner in the Great Running and he made an appearance as an ex FBI unique Agent Expenses Harken in the SyFy drama known as Alphas. Malik Yoba was also the just actor who made an appearance in every of the episodes of the display. From his biography, Malik Yoba was created as the 4th of the six kids in the town of NY. He has no kids from his current wife. He was from the middle-class family members in the Bronx, and he offers African and American descent. He has three kids who are Child Dena as well as Mann, a child Josiah with the child Pria from another romantic relationship. Malik Yoba was the member for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. He’s known for his starring part as NYPD Detective J. He has been around numerous many tasks. In the entire year 1994m, he was in the part as the NYPD Detective J.C Williams on the favorite Fox police drama series called NY Undercover where she was reverse to Michael DeLorenzo. The film was recognized to feature two different people of the colour in the starting functions. After this in the entire year 2007 he was starred in “Why did I obtain married”? Up to enough time that the drama got canceled in the entire year 1998, he was the just actor who made an appearance in 89 episodes. His talents of singing and performing were found in the film His Female, His Wife. He offers appeared in other films like Criminal or Great Operating.88 m Malik stated that never knew that divorce would come so soon. Malik Yoba provides earned his net worthy of through his profession as an actor, but he’s also referred to as a singer on some events. He has also produced guest appearance in FOX tv series Arrested Advancement as Ice. NY Undercover provides lasted for just four seasons and throughout that period, he was the cigar-shop patron who was called Skunk in the life span drama called Smoke cigarettes. Malik Yoba may be activist and he’s responsible for different lecturers for the troubled youth business known as Why Are you upon this World. Malik Yoba was from the center class family members born as Abdul-Malik Yoba in The Bronx, NEW YORK, NY, United states to Mahmoudah Youthful and Abdullah Yoba. Malik Yoba was created in the town of the crime-ridden and in addition harmful place and he was a victim of stray bullets at age 15. Another series which made his name a lot more known was known as “Alphas”, where he got the function of a previous FBI Special Agent Costs Harken. He shows up on celibate nymph which really is a internet series. An American actor Malik Yoba established fact for many functions, such as for example detective J. C.”. By 2015, his total net worth is approximately $3 million. Have a look at also net well worth of Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers, and Grace Gealey. Malik Yoba, name Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba, was created on September 17th, 1967 in The Bronx, NY, as the 4th of six children. $3 Million: Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba (born September 17, 1967), better known by his stage name Malik Yoba, occasional singer and can be an American actor. Despite the fact that that was only a speculation, they got separated after three . 5 years of relationship. In 2015, he became a member of the cast of Television soap opera Empire as Vernon Turner, the business enterprise partner of Lucious Lyon and chairman of Empire Entertainment. From his earlier romantic relationship, Malik Yoba is certainly a parent of a woman named Pria. Malik is certainly divorced from a model and celebrity Trisha Mann, who starred with him in the stage play His Female, His Wife in 2000. The divorce probably negatively affected his net well worth. He offers three kids, one daughter along with his ex-wife, and another child and a child from a previous romantic relationship. He is an associate of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. It’s been claimed that the entire quantity of Malik Yoba net well worth is really as much as 3 million dollars, by at this time. He was the bounty hunter who acquired a like for party preparing and he previously recurring function in UPN sitcom known as Girlfriends where he performed as Brock Harris. Malik Yoba provides made his name well-known as a Television actor when he made an appearance in it series called “NY Undercover”, where he got the function of NYPD Detective J. C. Williams. The display aired on FOX. He was also showing up in “Great Runnings” as Yul Brenner. A few of information regarding him like his workout could be accessed on his Instagram accounts. He was mainly seen in criminal offense related drama series. Hence, most of these shows also have added up to the entire size of Malik Yoba net worthy of. Malik Yoba was created in 1967 in the Bronx, NY. He was created into a significant huge family members as he was 4th out of six children in the family members. It is stated that Malik arrived to public throughout a radio program. Nevertheless, the few is no more together. With her, he’s a mother or father of two called Josiah, kids and Dena. Malik’s personality was killed in the growing season 1 finale because of a network decision. In 1994 he produced his name popular as an actor when he made an appearance in it series called “NY Undercover”. In this display, he appeared following to Michael DeLorenzo.C. Williams. In this display, he was selected for the part of NYPD Detective J. The show not merely made his name well-known, but also added up to the entire estimate of Malik Yoba net well worth. The series became a significant success looked after was popularized mainly because that it was the very first time when two coloured people got starring functions in the same American tv program. For his role upon this display, Malik Yoba became successful of 3 NAACP Picture Awards for Excellent Actor in a Drama Series in 1996, 1997 and 1998. Nevertheless, in 1998 the present was completed. He was Jim Hudson in the Revolution and he was Vernon Turner in the film Empire. Thus, his are a Television actor made him effective and also increased the quantity of Malik Yoba net worthy of. Malik Yoba may be the stage name of American actor and occasional singer Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba, who comes with an estimated net worthy of of $3 million. It had been said that Cat known as him and stated that they have to end up being separated after three . 5 years of marriage lifestyle. He in addition has played the part of Vernon Turner on Lee Daniels’ Empire.C. Williams on the Fox law enforcement dram NY Undercover,

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Quick Facts

Full NameMalik Yoba
Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthSeptember 17, 1967
Height1.88 m
ProfessionScreenwriter, Film producer, Actor, Singer
SpouseCat Wilson
ChildrenDena Yoba, Josiah Yoba, Pria Yoba
ParentsMahmoudah Young, Abdullah Yoba
SiblingsA. Rahman Yoba
AwardsNAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series
MoviesCool Runnings, Why Did I Get Married Too?, Why Did I Get Married?, Cop Land, Blue in the Face, Feel the Noise, Paradox, Harlem Aria, Kids in America, My Girlfriend's Back, Lucky Girl, The Assault, Smoke, Criminal, Ride, Where Hearts Lie, Caught on Tape, Oh Happy Day, Personals, Recalled, They're Just My Friends, Black Jaq
TV ShowsEmpire, New York Undercover, Alphas, Defying Gravity, Designated Survivor, Raines, Kingpin, Thief, Bull

Interesting Facts

1 Younger brother of A. Rahman Yoba.
2 Parents: Mahmoudah Young Lanier and Erutan Abdullah Yoba.
3 Member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1998 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series New York Undercover (1994)
1997 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series New York Undercover (1994)
1996 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series New York Undercover (1994)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2014 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special Betty and Coretta (2013)



My B.F.F. 2017 completed Roy Brown
Dope Fiend 2016 post-production Velo
Designated Survivor 2016 TV Series Jason Atwood
Justice: By Any Means 2016 TV Series Him
Of Sentimental Value 2016 Alan Hamilton
Bad Dad Rehab 2016 TV Movie Mr. Leon
Where Hearts Lie 2016 Obnoxious Attorney
Restored Me 2016 Agent Thurmond
Paradox 2016/III Mr. Landau
The Walking Dead: Michonne 2016 Video Game Pete (voice)
Lucky Girl 2015 Gerald Jackson
Blue Bloods 2015 TV Series Darryl Reid
Limitless 2015 TV Series Rooney / John Kellerman
Hood 2015 Rev. Benjamin Tuck
Brotherly Love 2015/III Overbrook Coach
Empire 2015 TV Series Vernon Turner
Other Plans 2014 Harold
Masterpiece Contemporary 2014 TV Series Jim Carroll
The Assault 2014 Coach Tim Miller
Single Ladies 2014 TV Series Deacon / Deacon Jared
Men, Money & Gold Diggers 2014 Bobby
Turks & Caicos 2014 TV Movie Jim Carroll
The Good Wife 2013 TV Series Eddie Fornum
The Glades 2013 TV Series Landon Givens
Revolution 2013 TV Series Jim Hudson
Caught on Tape 2013 Detective Roberts
Betty and Coretta 2013 TV Movie Martin Luther King, Jr.
Alphas 2011-2012 TV Series Bill Harken
NYC 22 2012 TV Series Ray-Ray Burnell
Allegiance 2012/I Staff Sergeant Hart
Person of Interest 2012 TV Series Andre Wilcox
Nikita 2011 TV Series Wallace
The Celibate Nympho Chronicles: The Web Series 2011 TV Series Bustah
Aluna: The Motion Comic Animation 2010 Video short The Wise One
Justified 2010 TV Series Toby Griffin
Why Did I Get Married Too? 2010 Gavin
My Girlfriend's Back 2010 Dereck Scott
Defying Gravity 2009 TV Series Ted Shaw
Inseparable 2008 TV Movie Curtis Raleigh
CSI: Miami 2008 TV Series Reggie Mastow
Feel the Noise 2007 The Mayor
Why Did I Get Married? 2007 Gavin
Rockaway 2007 Case
Girlfriends 2003-2007 TV Series Brock Harris / Brock
Raines 2007 TV Series Charlie Lincoln
That's So Raven 2006 TV Series Judge
Thief 2006 TV Mini-Series Elmo "Mo" Jones
They're Just My Friends 2006 Pat Black Sr.
Kids in America 2005 Will Drucker
Slur 2005 Short Jordan
Arrested Development 2004 TV Series Ice
Oh Happy Day 2004 Moses Jackson
The Days 2004 TV Series Gib Taylor
Criminal 2004 Frank Hill
Violation 2003 TV Movie Patrick Matthews
The Twilight Zone 2003 TV Series Shawn
Vote for Me 2003 The Professor
Kingpin 2003 TV Mini-Series Bobby Curtis
Dreaming in Black and White 2002 Chris Jones
Bull 2000-2001 TV Series Corey Granville
His Woman, His Wife 2000 Video Stuart Banks
Harlem Aria 1999 Luke
Trinity 1999 TV Series Sam Davis
Personals 1999 Keith Parker
Black Jaq 1998 TV Movie Gregory 'Greg' Franklin
For Your Love 1998 TV Series Keith
Ride 1998 Poppa
Soul Food 1997 Studio Engineer
Cop Land 1997 Detective Carson
Blue in the Face 1995 Watch Man
Smoke 1995 The Creeper
Law & Order 1994 TV Series Pat Williams
Where I Live 1993 TV Series Fisher
Cool Runnings 1993 Yul Brenner


Kayla's Story 1997 Video short
Heal the Rainbow 1994 Video short
Master Your Future 1994 Video short
Whatcha Gonna Do About Hate? 1993 Video short


Dope Fiend 2016 producer post-production
Daddy Don't Go 2015 Documentary executive producer
Tonsure 2014 Short executive producer


Cool Runnings 1993 writer: "Jamaican Bobsledding Chant"


The Celibate Nympho Chronicles: The Web Series 2011 TV Series grateful acknowledgment - 4 episodes


Unsung Hollywood 2016 TV Series documentary Himself
What of the Day: Celebrating a Century of Service, the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Story 2016 Documentary voice
Justice: By Any Means 2016 TV Series Himself
Politics Nation with Al Sharpton 2015 TV Series Himself
The View 2015 TV Series Himself
The Real 2015 TV Series Himself
Life's Essentials with Ruby Dee 2014 Documentary Himself
Afraid of Dark 2014 Documentary Malik Yoba
Craig Stokes Presents: The Show 2014 TV Series Himself
The Wendy Williams Show 2010-2013 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Comic Con 2012 Live 2012 TV Movie Himself
Way Black When: Primetime 2011 TV Series Himself
The Mo'Nique Show 2010 TV Series Himself
Baisden After Dark 2008 TV Series Himself
Destination Antigua and Barbuda 2007 2007 TV Movie Himself
Backstage on the Black Stage 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself
All Shades of Fine: 25 Hottest Women of the Past 25 Years 2005 TV Movie Himself
C-Walk: It's a Way of Livin' 2003 Video documentary Himself
29th NAACP Image Awards 1998 TV Special Himself
Guide to Healthy Living 1998 Video short Himself
The Rosie O'Donnell Show 1996-1998 TV Series Himself
10th Anniversary Essence Awards 1997 TV Special Himself
Soul Train 1997 TV Series documentary Himself - Guest Host
27th NAACP Image Awards 1996 TV Special Himself
The Arsenio Hall Show 1993 TV Series Himself

Archive Footage

Empire 2015 TV Series Vernon Turner
The Inside Track: The Rise of Empire 2015 TV Movie Vernon Turner
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana 2007 Video Judge

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