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Lola Grace Hartley was created on April 28, 2006, a month early that it had been supposed to. She actually is very sensitive with regards to meals because she frequently develops allergy symptoms. The Hartley Hooligans Gwen includes a blog page, The Hartley Hooligans, where she speaks about her kids and is wanting to raise awareness because of this kind of condition. It really is characterized by a little brain and a little mind. Lola’s parents were informed that their baby offers 25% probabilities to have microcephaly however they took the chance. Eventually, once the pregnancy was 22 weeks Gwen (Graces’ mom) do a sonogram that demonstrated a significant development lag. A month later the infant was identified as having microcephaly like her old sister Claire. Furthermore to it, their child will not be tortured by needles and all of the medical products while she was a new-born. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. –> Delivery That was as soon as when they both made a decision to behave like everything is definitely normal. They didn’t need the same items that occurred to Claire. The doctors do lots of tests to be able to establish what triggered the microcephaly and almost all their attempts were in vain. For this reason Lola’s parents asked the medical group that helped her deliver never to mention the term microcephaly. For this reason they refused the check following the birth of their child. Now, that she’s two kids with the same condition Gwen admits that she cannot state that their family members is normal, regardless of how much she attempted. Despite the fact that initially it arrived as a shock to the parents, they quickly realized that it had been still their baby and they’ll love her as much because they love the additional two. The parents’ net worth isn’t known to the press. They both possess muscle stiffness and improved tone. Because of their condition they appear quite definitely alike. Lola has been fed on her mouth area while Claire is definitely fed by using a tube. Claire offers longer but uncommon seizures while Lola offers short seizures however they can be found in clusters. Gwen, Lola’s mom stated that she breastfed Lola for just two years. Right now she can eat with a little spoon organic fruits and vegetables and can be drinking by bottle goat’s milk method. She is known on her behalf unusual family members and her uncommon condition. Although he offers 2 even more siblings, Lola and her old sister Claire have problems with a condition known as microcephaly. She admits that it had been hard when she was strolling Claire and folks would stare at her and stage finger her. They stated that at least they understood what to expect plus they didn’t require a dozen of lab tests to inform them what they currently knew. People won’t end starring and there have been many events when she was embarrassed of people’s response. When she goes searching for her daughters she’d like shops to have fabric lines for infants with special requirements. Gwen posts images of her kids on Instagram and Tumblr. Different development Despite the fact that Claire and Lola Grace have problems with the same condition, their advancement was different.


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