Li Yanhong Net Worth

Li Yanhong Net Worth is
$12.1 Billion

Li Yanhong Biography

$13.6 Billion: Mr.1 billion. in 2000 and has been its CEO since January 2004. Mr. Li oversees its general strategy and business procedures. He offered as the President of Baidu, Inc. Born in Yangquan, Shanxi, China on November 17, 1968, Yanhong is way better known to the general public as Robin Li. The business was outlined on NASDAQ in 2005.. He offers been Chairman of iQiyi.com Inc., since .. He offered as a Senior Consultant of IDD Info Services from May 1994 to June 1997. Li Yanhong is usually a Chinese Internet business owner who includes a net well worth of $12. Yanhong Li, also called Robin co-founded Baidu, Inc. from February 2000 to December 2003. He offers four kids and is wedded to Dongmin Ma, also called Melissa. He is named the richest guy in China. He offered as Engineer of Infoseek from July 1997 to December 1999. Yanhong can be on the Plank of Directors for Education & Technology Group, Inc. He attended Peking University and also the University of Buffalo and may be the chairman and CEO of Baidu, Inc. Yanhong participated in the National ADVANCED SCHOOLING Entrance Test in China and have scored the next highest among his peers in every of Yangquan. Pursuing his graduation from the University at Buffalo, The Condition University of NY, Yanhong continued to function for IDD Information Providers for whom he done computer advancements for The Wall Road Journal. In 2006, Yanhong was shown as the “World’s Best Business Head,” regarding to America Business Weekly. A global known Internet Search character Li Yanhong (Robin Li) born on Sunday, November 17, 1968 in great town of Yangquan, Shanxi Province, China. Li Yanhong net worthy of regarding to 2015 stats is certainly $14,900,000,000.

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Net Worth$12.1 Billion

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