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Kristi Yamaguchi Net Worth is
$18 Million

Kristi Yamaguchi Biography

Previous American figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi comes with an estimated net worthy of of $18 million that she received as the 1992 Wintertime Olympic Champion in ladies’ singles. Brother called Brett Yamaguchi and Sister, Lori Yamaguchi. With the help of Rudy, Kristi earned the Globe Junior Championships and Senior Pairs Name at the U. Shape Skating Championships in 1992. Born Kristine Tsuya Yamaguchi on July 12, 1971 in Hayward, California, Kristi can be Yonsei or fourth-era Nikkei. She and her siblings, Brett and Lori, was raised in Fremont, California. As a kid, she got skating and ballet lessons as physical therapy on her behalf club foot. She attended Objective San Jose SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL during her junior and final years. Kristi can be an writer, and her publication was on the brand new York Moments bestseller list also received the Gelett Burgess Children’s Reserve Award.S. National Pairs Champion twice in 1989 and 1990 with partner Rudy Galindo. She after that started an effective professional profession, touring with Superstars on Ice and earning numerous competitions. She earned the Globe Junior Championships in 1988 both in singles and pairs. She switched pro following the 1992 competitive period. She earned the pairs titles at the 1988 Globe Junior Championships with Galindo. Olympic Hall of Fame. The building blocks aims to supply funding for after college programs, computers, back-to-school clothing for underprivileged kids, and summertime camps for children with disabilities. Presently, the foundation is targeted on early childhood literacy. Yamaguchi was wedded on July 8, 2000 to Bret Hedican, a retired professional hockey participant she met through the 1992 Winter season Olympics when he performed for Team USA. That they had two daughters: Keara Kiyomi and Emma Yoshiko. She made an appearance as herself MANY PEOPLE REALLY LIKE Raymond and in D2: The Mighty Ducks, Frosted Pink and the Disney Channel Initial Movie Go Physique. She also performed in Television skating specials like the unique Alladin on Ice as Princess Jasmine. As the lovers are happily living, there are no any effects of their divorce. Yamaguchi is usually thought to earn a net well worth of $18 million dollars, that was extremely hard without her commitment and dedication in her function. Olympic Hall of Fame. She was also the sponsor of WE Television series Skating’s Next Celebrity in 2006. She became a superstar champion in the 6th time of year of Dance with the Celebrities. She was raised in Fremont, California with her siblings Brett Yamaguchi and Lori Yamaguchi. She released the children’s reserve Dream Big, Small Pig in 2011. Its sequel It’s a Big Globe Little Pig was released on March 6, 2012. $18 Million: Kristine Tsuya Yamaguchi (born July 12, 1971) can be an American former shape skater, Olympic precious metal medalist and globe champion. She actually is the 1992 Olympic Champion in women’ singles. Yamaguchi also received two World Physique Skating Championships in 1991 and 1992 and a U.S. They 1st met at the 1992 Winter season Olympics when Bret performed for Group USA. She received one junior world name in 1988 and two national titles in 1989 and 1990 as a pairs skater with Rudy Galindo. In December 2005, she was inducted in to the U.S. Kristi founded the Usually Dream Foundation for kids in 1996.Athlete, figure Skater, author, sports activities analyst, Kristi can be a well-known industrial spokesperson with many endorsements. In 2008, Yamaguchi became the superstar champion in the 6th period of Dance with the Superstars. Her mom Carole was created in a World Battle II internment camp for Japanese-Us citizens while her grandfather was serving as a lieutenant in the U. Even more about her can be acquired from wiki. Born Kristine Tsuya “Kristi” Yamaguchi on July 12, 1971, in Hayward, California, she actually is an award-earning professional skater praised on her behalf incomparably elegant and graceful prowess on the ice. What began as a physical therapy on her behalf club feet ended up being Yamaguchi’s career and lifestyle devotion. She first began to make headlines in 1989, when 17-year-outdated Kristi defeated rival Jill Trenary at the united states Body Skating Championships, which subsequently resulted in snatching a success in the pairs competition along with her skating partner Rudi Galindo. Since, she’s fetched the Olympic gold medal in girls’ singles at the 1992 Wintertime Olympics, a feat that boosted her obtaining inducted in to the US Olympic Hall of Fame in 2005. Olympic gold medal champion, Kristi Yamaguchi started out as a pairs skater with Rudy Galindo, and jointly they won the united states Junior title in 1986. Kristi also got the opportunity to serve as an area commentator on body skating for SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Television station KNTV (NBC 11) during Wintertime Olympics in 2006. Another off-ice engagement was her earning overall performance in the sixth time of year of Dance with the Celebrities, where she ended up being the superstar champion along with her partner, pro dancer Tag Ballas. By pursuing her in her verified Instagram accounts, you can see her photos. A previous American professional physique skater, writer, philanthropist, and the founder of the Usually Dream Basis, Kristi Tsuya Yamaguchi was created in Hayward, California, USA, to a dentist dad Jim Yamaguchi and a medical secretary mom Carole Yamaguchi. She was raised with siblings; She also gained two World Body Skating Championships in 1991 and 1992 in addition to a U. Aside from her skating profession, Kristi in addition has appeared in the worldwide tv series in the 6th period of Dance with the Superstars. Kristi Yamaguchi was home-schooled for just two years to be able to accommodate her schooling timetable before graduating from Objective San Jose SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. After graduation, Kristi became a member of skating and started acquiring ballet classes, as she was a victim of clubfeet since her childhood. A prominent skater Kristi produced her skating profession debut along with Rudy Galindo , who’s also a physique skater.S. By the young age, Yamaguchi required ballet lessons and a physical therapy on her behalf clubfeet. Championships, where they arrived to the spotlight. Nevertheless, the stage partner separated after 4 years of their relation and both of these decided to concentrate on their solo profession. Kristi is an extremely hardworking female who has successfully received the hearts of an incredible number of fans. She’s been inducted in to the U. Kristi can be an writer of many books such as for example Always Wish, Pure Gold, and Body Skating for Dummies. Correspondingly, she’s published an award-earning children’s reserve ” Dream Big, Small Pig ” that was outlined as the bestseller on the brand new York Times. Finally, Kristi has generated woman’s active put on, which is mostly centered on the comfort and ease and design to empower ladies to look great and feel great. Kristi got wedded to Bret Hedican, a previous professional ice hockey participant. The couple met one another during the starting ceremonies of the Olympic Video games. The couple is definitely blessed with two Keara Kiyomi Hedican, both daughter, kids and Emma Yoshiko Hedican. Relating to her Ethnicity and Nationality, she actually is a white American. Bret and Kristi very own their homes in Fremont, California, Raleigh, NEW YORK and Brainerd, Minnesota. Pairs Profession : With Rudy Galindo, a amount skater, Kristi gained the junior name at the U. One Career : By the first 1990s, Kristi Yamaguchi was victories at most respectable domestic and worldwide competitions, like the 1992 Wintertime Olympics and Globe Championships. Kristi Yamaguchi is normally spectacularly gorgeous and talented American previous figure Olympic gold medalist, skater and globe champion. She turned professional following the 1991– She was created to Carole, a medical secretary and Jim Yamaguchi, a dental practitioner. Kristi Yamaguchi was developed in Fremont, California with her Lori, siblings and Brett.S. With independent research, Kristi Yamaguchi graduated from Objective San Jose SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. During her college days, she was extremely good in her research and similarly showed her curiosity in sports. Due to her excellence in skating, Mission motivated a “Kristi Yamaguchi Time” on February 24, 1989. She was offered an honorary varsity coat. When she was developing skating classes, up and she was going to ballet.S. championships with Rudy Galindo. Army. She also offers won two World Amount Skating Championships in the entire year 1991 and 1992. In 1992, she could win U.S. Number Skating Championships. With Rudy Galindo, Kristi Yamaguchi offers earned one pair’s skater junior globe name in 1988 and two pair skater nationwide titles in the entire year 1989 and 1990. Besides, she’s also established the Constantly Dream Foundation for kids, whose goal is to supply the services such as for example computers, clothes, meals, etc for underprivileged kids.S. Olympic Hall of Fame in the entire year 2005. Through the 2006 Winter season Olympics, Yamaguchi made an appearance as an area commentator for San Jose Television station KNTV (NBC 11) on number skating. She also gained an adequate amount from her books in addition to appearances in Television and films. She also released an award-winning children’s reserve, Dream Big, Small Pig in 2011. Her profession has given her great earnings and large numbers of lover followings.S. Kristi Yamaguchi can be a sensationally skilled beauty who’s in her mid forties. At age forty four, Yamaguchi appears as if she actually is in her past due twenties. She owns an enduring beauty with the elevation of 5 ft and 1 in ., which is approximately 1.55m. She’s an extremely sexy physique and appears red hot atlanta divorce attorneys clothing she wears. Kristi appears totally out of the globe when she flaunts her curves in bikini. An excellent philanthropist in mind and a mom of two, Kristi Yamaguchi set up the Generally Dream Foundation for kids in 1996. Discussing her relationship position, she actually is married. In the entire year 2000, Kristi Yamaguchi wedded her boyfriend Bret Hedican. Her hubby Bret is normally a National Hockey Group defenseman. Kristi shares an excellent relation with her hubby and has two kids with him. In December 2005, Kristi was inducted in to the U. Kristi provides earned large amount of cash through her many professions. Being truly a successful Kristi has many searches, enthusiast followings and skater. With therefore many winnings, there is absolutely no question that Kristi Yamaguchi net worthy of has increased a whole lot, as well. She also offers an inspirational biography on her behalf. Kristi Yamaguchi obtained that net worthy of as an Olympic gold medal earning shape skater and provides been inducted in to the US Olympic Hall of Fame. It’s been stated that the entire size of the existing Kristi Yamaguchi net worthy of is really as much as 18 million dollars, by right now. She’s become famous due to her profession as a physique skater but today she actually is retired out of this career, as well. In 1992 she participated in the wintertime Olympic Video games and became the champion in girls’ singles. With this earning, Kristi Yamaguchi net worthy of has increased a whole lot, aswell. In 1991 and in 1992, Kristi Yamaguchi also became the champion of Globe Shape Skating Championships. Kristi Yamaguchi in addition has been an associate of the Superstars on Ice, with which she’s been touring, aswell. She is pursuing by her followers in various social media sites like twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In 1996 Kristi Yamaguchi founded her charity for children called the Usually Dream Basis. In the entire year 1986, Kristi Yamaguchi received the junior name at the U. It had been because of the fact that she had golf club feet, therefore these classes had been like therapy for this. In 1989 and in 1990 she became the united states National Pairs Champion, where she was physique skating with Rudy Galindo. From then on, she made a decision to try her abilities in competing solitary. In 1988 she became successful of the Globe Junior Championship when competing both in singles and pairs. Following the season of 1992 she began to compete professionally, as well. In 1992 aswell she became successful of US Physique Skating Championship. She was created in California in 1971. A few of the aims of the foundation are to supply economic support for after college programs, clothing for underprivileged children, camps for children with disabilities and purchase computers for institutions.S. championships in 1986. Yamaguchi signed up for Mission San Jose SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL on her behalf junior and final years. Giving some information regarding her personal lifestyle, Kristi Yamaguchi is wedded to Bret Hedican with whom she’s two Emma Yoshiko, Keara Kiyomi and girls. The couple met if they had been competing in the wintertime Olympics in 1992, as Bret Heidcan can be involved into sports – he’s a professional hockey participant. Furthermore, Yamaguchi received two World Physique Skating Championships in 1991 and 1992, and a US Physique Skating Championships in 1992. In 1988, she also won the Globe Junior Championship in women’ singles. Yamaguchi was an area commentator on physique skating for San Jose Television station KNTV (NBC 11) through the 2006 Wintertime Olympics. Moreover, she actually is an associate of the U.S. Olympic Committee Olympic Hall of Fame, Globe Skating Hall of Fame, and the united states Body Skating Hall of Fame. Early Lifestyle and Education : Children’ Choice Award for Beloved Female Athlete champion Kristi Yamaguchi born as Kristine Tsuya Yamaguchi was created on 12th July 1971 in Hayward, California USA. She is the writer of Always Wish, Pure Gold and Body Skating for Dummies. She actually is a girl of Jim Yamaguchi, a dental practitioner, and Carole, a medical secretary. Her paternal grandfather, Tatsuichi Yamaguchi, immigrated to Hawaii in 1899 and made his method to america a couple of years later. Furthermore, her family members was the first era in the family with an all-American suburban childhood. Kristi Yamaguchi Net Value: Kristi Yamaguchi can be an American number skater who includes a net well worth of $8 million. In 1989 and 1990, she and Galindo received the senior pairs name at the U. In her profession, she has had the opportunity to win the 1992 Olympic Champion in women’ singles. Thus acting in addition has increased the full total estimate of Kristi Yamaguchi net well worth. It has been approximated that her current net well worth is definitely $18 million dollars. Kristi was created on July 12, 1971 in Hayward, California with Japanese ethnicity.1992 competitive season. She then made a decision to concentrate on the singles competition. Kristi skated her method to a gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Video games in Albertville and continued to be probably the most much loved ice skaters in the us. She mostly results in her net well worth from her number skating career. Currently, among the focuses of this basis is definitely early childhood literacy. Discussing another component of her existence, Kristi Yamaguchi has made an appearance in some Television and film productions, as well, such as “MANY PEOPLE REALLY LIKE Raymond”, “Go Number” and “D2: The Mighty Ducks” and “Frosted Pink”. For several years, she toured with Celebrities on Ice and in addition participated in the pro competition circuit.S.S. Championships. Yamaguchi won 1991 World Championships. American females team became the just national ladies group to have its associates place initial, second and third at Globe Championship in 1991 comprising Yamaguchi, Harding, and Nancy Kerrigan. In 2006, Yamaguchi was the web host of series ‘Skating’s Following Star’, that was created and made by Major League Body Skating. She became the champion of the 6th season of ABC’s truth plan ‘Dancing with the Stars’on 20th Might 2008. Yamaguchi gained the Motivation Award at the 2008 Asian Excellence Awards. After her ‘Dancing with the Superstars’ champion crowning, she also gained Sonja Henie Award from the Professional Skaters Association in 2008. Yamaguchi was a U. This gorgeous woman, Yamaguchi has been extremely successful in her profession. She also wrote Constantly Desire, Pure Gold and Number Skating for Dummies. She additionally performed in Television skating specials like the unique Alladin on Ice as Princess Jasmine. Yamaguchi is definitely a founder of the Constantly Dream Foundation for kids. Personal Existence: Kristi Yamaguchi wedded Bret Hedican, a retired professional hockey participant on 8th July 2000. Number Skating Championships in 1992. This beautiful few is definitely blessed with two daughters Keara Kiyomi Hedican who was simply born in 2003, and Emma Yoshiko Hedican born in 2005. Networth: Kristi Yamaguchi comes with an estimated net worthy of of $8 million. She also participated in the 6th season of Dance with the Superstars and finally became the superstar champion in 2008.

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Quick Facts

Full NameKristi Yamaguchi
Net Worth$18 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 12, 1971
Height1.54 m
Weight42 kg
ProfessionAuthor, Philanthropist, Actor, Sports analyst, Figure skater
EducationMission San Jose High School
SpouseBret Hedican
ChildrenEmma Yoshiko Hedican, Keara Kiyomi Hedican
ParentsJim Yamaguchi, Carole Yamaguchi
SiblingsLori Yamaguchi, Brett Yamaguchi
AwardsKids’ Choice Award for Favorite Female Athlete
NominationsTeen Choice Award for Choice TV Female Reality Star
MoviesSTORIES FROM TOHOKU, Olympic Figure Skating: Greatest Performances in History: Vol. 2, The Best of Stars on Ice: Vol. 1, The Best of Stars on Ice: Vol. 3, The Best of Kent Hrbek: Vol. 1, The Best of Stars on Ice: Vol. 2
TV ShowsSkating's Next Star, Dancing with the Stars

Interesting Facts

1 Attended Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California.
2 Welcomed 2nd daughter, Emma Yoshiko, on Wednesday, 16 November 2005.
3 Inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame in 2005.
4 Both she and Bret own homes in Raleigh, North Carolina, Fremont, California and Brainerd, Minnesota.
5 Welcomed her first child, daughter Keara Kiyomi, with husband Bret Hedican (01 October 2003)
6 Hallmark crafted a Christmas tree ornament figurine of her as part of their Olympic Medalist series.
7 Hallmark made a snowglobe with a figurine of Kristi in it
8 1987 Junior Worlds pairs bronze medalist
9 1989 & 1990 U.S. pairs national champ.
10 1986 Junior U.S. pairs national champion, with Rudy Galindo.
11 Husband Bret Hedican is a National Hockey League defenseman (2001-Present) with the Carolina Hurricanes. He was a member of the 2005-2006 team that won the Stanley Cup. Hedican also was a member of the 2006 USA Olympic Men's Hockey Team.
12 Skated pairs with Rudy Galindo


1 Figure skaters have awful perceptions of hockey players, and I thought, "This guy's a little different" - on meeting her husband, NHL defense-man Bret Hedican.


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Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2008 Teen Choice Award Teen Choice Awards Choice TV Female Reality/Variety Star Dancing with the Stars (2005)



Freedom: A History of Us 2003 TV Series documentary Haruko Obata
On Edge 2001 Regionals Judge #4
The Great Skate Debate II 1998 TV Movie Skater
Aladdin on Ice 1995 TV Movie Jasmine


Miss Representation 2011 Documentary special thanks


Colgate Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular 2017 TV Movie Herself
From: Manzanar To the Divided States of America 2017 Documentary short Voice of the Present
The Insider 2016 TV Series Herself
Celebrity Family Feud 2016 TV Series Herself
Colgate Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular 2016 TV Movie Herself
Good Morning America 2008-2015 TV Series Herself - GMA Undercover Agent / Herself
Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular 2015 TV Movie Herself
Today 1994-2014 TV Series Herself
P&G & Walmart Tribute to American Legends of the Ice 2014 TV Movie Herself
Hell's Kitchen 2013 TV Series Herself - Restaurant Patron
Home & Family 2013 TV Series Herself - Guest
Huffpost Live 2013 TV Series Herself - Guest
Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice 2012 TV Movie Herself - Host
Marie 2012 TV Series documentary
Fox and Friends 2012 TV Series Herself
Caesar's Tribute II: A Salute to the Ladies of the Ice 2011 TV Movie Herself
The Wendy Williams Show 2011 TV Series Herself
Improv-Ice 2010 TV Movie Herself
What Would Brian Boitano Make? 2010 TV Series Herself
The View 2010 TV Series Herself
Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates Jr. 2010 TV Series documentary Herself
Entertainment Tonight 2008-2010 TV Series Herself
The Jay Leno Show 2010 TV Series Herself
Healthy Smiles: A Family Guide 2010 TV Movie Herself - Spokesperson
Kaleidoscope 2009 TV Movie Herself
Battle of the Blades 2009 TV Series Herself - Guest Judge
Kent Hrbek Outdoors 2004-2009 TV Series Herself
Dancing with the Stars 2008 TV Series Herself / Herself - Audience Member
Great Performances 2008 TV Series Herself - Host
McDonald's Family Tribute on Ice 2008 TV Movie Herself
Kristi Yamaguchi Friends & Family 2008 TV Movie documentary Herself
Live with Kelly and Michael 2008 TV Series Herself
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2008 TV Series Herself
2008 Asian Excellence Awards 2008 TV Movie documentary
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2008 TV Series Herself
Fashion News Live 2008 TV Series Herself
Access Hollywood 2008 TV Series Herself
The Oprah Winfrey Show 2008 TV Series Herself
Kristi Yamaguchi Friends & Family 2007 TV Movie Herself
Frosted Pink 2007 TV Movie Herself
Kristi Yamaguchi: Friends and Family 2006 TV Movie Herself
Go Figure 2005 TV Movie Herself
Pacific Fusion 2004 TV Series Herself
Divas on Ice 2003 TV Special Herself
Skating Spectacular 2003 TV Movie Herself - Skater
Intimate Portrait 2002 TV Series documentary Herself
The Best of Stars on Ice Volume 2: Scott Hamilton's Farewell Tour 2002 Video documentary Herself
World Ice Challenge 2001 TV Special Herself
SportsCentury: The Century's Greatest Athletes 2001 TV Series Herself
Fire on Ice: Champions of American Figure Skating 2001 TV Movie documentary Herself
Ice Wars 7 2000 TV Special Herself
Top of the Game 2000 Video documentary
E! True Hollywood Story 2000 TV Series documentary Herself
Ice Wars 6 1999 TV Special Herself
Holiday Skating Spectacular 1999 TV Movie Herself
E! Specials: Ice Skating 1998 TV Special Herself
Improv Ice 1998 TV Movie Herself
Christmas in Rockefeller Center 1998 TV Special Herself
Everybody Loves Raymond 1997 TV Series Herself
The 1997 Fox Rock 'N Roll Skating Championships 1997 TV Movie Herself
Sergei Grinkov: Celebration of a Life 1996 TV Special documentary Herself
Battle of the Sexes on Ice I 1996 TV Movie Herself
The 1996 Fox Rock 'N Roll Skating Championships 1996 TV Special Herself
Ice Stories 1995 TV Special Herself
Ice Wars 2 1995 TV Special Herself (US Team)
The Houston Symphony Concert on Ice 1995 TV Special Herself
Skates of Gold III 1995 TV Special Herself
Skates of Gold II 1995 TV Special Herself
Ice Wars 1 1994 TV Special Herself
You Must Remember This 1994 TV Movie Herself / Madame X
Discover Card Stars on Ice 1994 TV Movie Herself - Skater
D2: The Mighty Ducks 1994 Herself
Skates of Gold 1994 TV Special Herself
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1994 TV Series Herself
NBC Sports Presents World Champions on Ice 1993 Video Herself
1992 Winter Olympics Figure Skating 1992 Video Herself
One on One with John Tesh 1992 TV Series Herself
Tall in the Saddle 1990 TV Movie Herself

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