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KrikForst is a singer rapper and business owner He’s married to Rasheeda since 1999 He’s infamous for his family members dramas including an incest rumor Krik Frost is a rapper, singer and songwriter. But, he’s very well-known for his part in possible TV show, Like and Hip Hop: Atlanta. His net well worth is usually 600 million dollars. There are no information to if the couple is likely to chat it out or try to cope with it in a courtroom based scenario. –> Personal existence He wedded his girlfriend Rasheeda in 1999. Rasheeda can be a rapper and songwriter. Both Krik and Rasheeda denied this information too. However, this incest rumor required wings and there have been a whole lot of stories which were formed predicated on this. Altogether, he has six children and in addition many grandchildren as of this moment. Krik had been wedded before and there are no information to who his 1st wife was and just why the relationship ended. She didn’t appear to the press with her comment either. It is stated that Krik had associations with his personal biological child for five years. Later on, his child retracted her statement stating that what she stated was a lie. He offers two sons with her. He has four additional kids whom he fathered during earlier associations. There are no information to how his initial wife reacted to the rumor. In 2012, in the show, his girl from a previous relationship stated that her dad used to have intimate relationships with her. Gleam rumor that he and Rasheeda had been jointly since she was 15 years outdated. It had been said that Rasheeda’s mom was a medication addict and she didn’t take any stage to stop this romantic relationship that her teenage girl acquired with Krik when he was 23 years. Neither of these denied these details. Thus, the assumption is that Rasheeda was a when she had an enchanting romantic relationship with Krik. Rasheeda and Krik are jointly for approximately 15 years and there are rumors they are in a middle of a significant marital combat. It is stated that Krik was noticed engaged within an on-camera infidelity. While some state that these are simply dramas to maintain the ranking from the truth show, it is stated that their marriage continues to be on rocks. He also urged her to abort the kid on national Television. It stated that he also urged Rasheeda to abort their unborn kid. Neither of them provides announced their marital complications to the media however. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. Rasheeda was hardly ever part of any extra marital rumor. The just boyfriend that she since her teenage, was her hubby. Career His initial platinum selling one, Shorty Swing My Method has reached a large number of listeners. He owns a firm that markets his singles and in addition manages his wife’s functions. His music were also put into many Television shows like CSI Miami, Lincoln’s Heights, MTV’s Cribs and many more. He is also who owns D-LO Entertainment. He gets $25,000 for going to each event in the truth show and in addition $50,000 for the reunion display. By the finish of period four, he was paid 650 thousand dollars for your season without regards to the amount of episodes he acquired been in. The few had produced $5 million through the show.


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