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Interesting Specifics: He commissioned as the colonel in chief of the Royal Nepalese Army. Early Lifestyle (Childhood): Born as a crown Prince he was raised by nannies and orderlies. He reigned from 1-3 June 2001 while in coma due to incident where he previously killed his own dad and various other royal family. He got early education from Budhalinkantha college and later Eton university, England and once again Tribhuwan university. He educated from armed service academy and civil aviation section.Who’s King Dipendra: Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev was the thirteenth King of Nepal. He loved going, wrote Nepali poetry and thinking about boxing, literature, karate and bodybuilding(black belt). He frequently raced around the roads of Kathmandu in a property cruiser. Rumor: Shah was behind the royal massacre. He previously an affair with Japanese woman. Later he fulfilled Devyani Rana in Eton but royal family members has placement that crown Prince shouldn’t marry someone having romantic relationship in India. Accomplishment: Shah was honored with Knight Grand Cross of the Purchase of the Dannebrog, purchase of the Merit of the Federal government Republic of Germany, Sovereign of the Purchase of Nepal Pratap Nepal Taradisha, Bhaskara, etc and Gorkha Dakshina Bahu. Personal Existence: Shah fell for Supriya Shah but queen was against due to family ties. Resources told that he previously indeed killed his dad together with his own family members later on shot himself. The problem is still in controversy no one understands whose culprit was that.


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