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Kelis Net Worth is
$4 Million

Kelis Biography

Kelis is actually a musician in addition to a certified chef and both of these are among the resources of the entire sum of Kelis net worthy of, which includes been claimed to attain 4 million dollars. Her profession into music has earned her numerous awards, such as for example BRIT awards, NME awards and she was also nominated for a Grammy award. With regards to Kelis’ private lifestyle, she has one boy called Knight with her ex-husband a rapper, actor and Nas. Not only is it a huge superstar in the usa, she’s also released a few singles in britain, which areas well in charts. In 2001, this original artist released her second album, W, erl, Asia, exclusively in European countries and Latin America. Kelis was created in 1979 in Manhattan, where she was also elevated. In 2003, her third album premiered, that was called “Tasty”. Furthermore, it was her mom who motivated Kelis to become involved into music profession, which eventually began to increase the general sum of Kelis net well worth. Therefore, when she was developing up, Kelis was singing in a choir and in addition learnt how exactly to play piano, violin and saxophone. Also, she mentioned that whenever she was 16 years aged, Kelis had to keep her home because of her mother’s want. In 1998, Kelis began to focus on her album known as “Kaleidoscope”. The album was completed in a single year’s time. Because the divorce, Kelis dated various other men, such as for example Adewale Ogunleye. As well as the above, her plentiful opus contains stage performances on Moby’s Region One Tour, U2’s Elevation Tour, Britney Spears’ The Onyx Resort Tour, aswell as on her behalf All Hearts Tour with Robyn. An individual from this album premiered, called “Captured out There”. The album also became a success not merely in the usa, but also in European countries. Furthermore to her music, Kelis can be known for her design of clothing and hairstyles. She loves to wear colorful clothing and also change the colour of her locks. Two subsequent singles of the album didn’t do as effective as the first solitary, the singles being “NUTRIENTS” and “Be friends with You”. Actually, her debut album “Kaleidoscope” sold a lot more than 100 thousand copies in britain, which managed to get being qualified Gold by the British Phonographic Market. In addition, as a global act, Kelis became successful of the BRIT award. Kelis can be an American singer and songwriter with a net worthy of around $4 million. Kelis obtained that net worthy of as a HIPHOP and R&B singer, advertising over six million information worldwide. She’s been lately nominated for just two Grammy Honours. Born Kelis Rogers on June 21, 1979, in Harlem, NEW YORK, US. White with crimson dots. Have a look at also net value of Nas, Calvin Harris, and Pharrell Williams. Four years from then on, she got signed to Virgin Information. An additional one, ‘Good Stuff’ (offering Clipse), was a modest hit, securing lots twenty placement on the British isles Singles Chart, although the 3rd release, ‘Get In addition to You’, only reached amount 51 in britain, despite Kelis marketing the track certainly, there. Kelis was created August 21, 1979 in NEW YORK. They got engaged 2 yrs alter and wedded in 2005. She’s been nominated for just two Grammy Awards. Subsequently, 2 more albums found light, Kelis Was Right here (2006) and Flesh Tone (2010). Being simply because rebellious simply because talented, Kelis still left her parents’ home at age sixteen, and four years afterwards she landed a cope with Virgin Information. In the mid-1998, she had already began to record her debut album Kaleidoscope, that was finished and released within a season. Lately, her income was elevated by most recent album Food and in addition Intimate Venues Tour. However, not just Kelis’ music, but also her colorful design in both clothes and hair captured viewers’ interest. Kelis has made an appearance as an opening action for various super celebrities, such as for example U2, Moby and Britney Spears . She’s also an extremely beautiful woman. Subsequently, 2 more albums found light, Kelis Was Right here (2006) and Flesh Tone (2010). Today, she actually is already busy focusing on her 6th and second launch. In 2006, it had been stated that album sold a lot more than 249 thousand copies already. With regards to Kelis’ private existence, she has one child called Knight with her ex-husband a rapper, Nas and actor. The few married in 2005, however the liaison finished with a divorce in-may of 2010. It’s been announced that the entire estimate of Kelis net well worth is really as much as 4 million dollars, by right now. Kelis is becoming well known due to her profession as a singer and music writer. She actually is a singer of hiphop and RnB music. A lot more than 6 million copies of her information have been offered internationally and such high product sales also have added up a whole lot of revenues to the entire size of Kelis net worthy of. Her involvement into music provides been recognized as well as she actually is a nominee of two Grammy awards. A few music from this album had been released, which became substantial successes in European countries, such as “Captured out There”. Kelis was created in Harlem, NEW YORK in 1979. Kelis posed for a number of magazines, including King, Satisfaction, and One Globe. ‘Caught out There’ entered and also peaked at #4 4 on the united kingdom Solitary people Chart. In 2001, this original artist released her second album, W, solely in European countries, Latin America, Asia and erl. In one year’s period the album was completed and ready to discharge. In addition, she’s been awarded or nominated for most various other prestigious awards, such as for example Brit Q Awards, Awards and NME Awards. The product sales of her debut album also have added up to the full total size of Kelis net worthy of. Furthermore to her music, Kelis can be known for his extravagant design, as she generally dresses in colorful shades and dyes her locks in multi colors, as well. In 2001, Kelis released her second studio album, that was known as “Wanderland”. The album premiered just in Latin Asia, America and Europe. Her dad was also a musician, whereas her mom was a designer. As typical, the photo aim for King Magazine belonged to the most revealing types. Due to this album, Kelis became a mainstream effective singer. In 2006, Kelis released another album known as “Kelis Was Right here” and four years afterwards, she released yet another album known as “Flesh Tone”. Thus the product sales of her albums possess served as a significant supply of increasing the entire size of Kelis net value. Kelis in addition has worked with various other musicians and performers, such as for example Moby, as she made an appearance with him on his Region One Tour. Also, Kelis made an appearance with Britney Spears in her tour known as The Onyx Resort Tour. Kelis is normally a mom to her one child named Knight, whom she’s from her former hubby Nas, who’s a rapper. All Albums revenue listed below. Kelis net worthy of in 2014-2015 is $4,000,000 while like others Kelis gets also paid by sponsorship, offering, ads, endorsement and so forth. We estimated annual income around $470,588

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Quick Facts

Full NameKelis
Net Worth$4 Million
Date Of BirthAugust 21, 1979
Height1.78 m
ProfessionSinger-songwriter, Chef, Businessperson, Designer, Milkshake, Bossy, Trick Me
EducationFiorello H. LaGuardia High School, Manhattan Country School, Milkshake, Bossy, Trick Me
ChildrenKnight Jones, Sheperd Mora, Milkshake, Bossy, Trick Me
ParentsEveliss Rogers, Kenneth Rogers, Milkshake, Bossy, Trick Me
AwardsBrit Award for International Breakthrough Act, NME Award for Best R&B/Soul Act, Glamour Award for Solo Artist, Milkshake, Bossy, Trick Me
NominationsGrammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance, Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album, MTV Europe Music Award for Best R&B, Soul Train Music Centric Certified Award, Brit Award for International Female Solo Artist, Soul Train Music Award for Best Video of the Year, Milkshake, Bossy, Trick Me
MoviesFreaknik: The Musical, Volcano High
TV ShowsThe Buried Life, VGX Award Show

Interesting Facts

1 Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 36, a son named Shepherd Mora in November 2015. Child's father is unknown.
2 Gave birth to her 1st child at age 29, a son named Knight Jones on July 22, 2009. He weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz. Child's father is her now ex-husband, Nas.
3 Released her fourth album, 'Kelis Was Here', on August 22nd. [August 2006]
4 Monday 26th February 2006: Won Best International Newcomer at the 2001 Brit Awards.
5 Her wedding gown was a green design made by Matthew Williamson.
6 Her third album, "Tasty," was certified platinum in the UK but not in the US.
7 At 16, she was accepted as a drama major at New York's renowned La Guardia School for the Arts
8 When she was 13, she shaved her head and, after it grew back, dyed it a succession of colors (blue-black, blood red, green, orange, platinum blond, and pink).
9 Grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in Harlem
10 Her name is a combination of her parents' names.
11 Born to an African American father and a Chinese-Puerto Rican mother.
12 Became engaged to legendary hip-hop MC Nas on Christmas Eve 2002.


1 Husky voice


1 The music industry is a world of smoke and mirrors: they tell you exactly what they think you want to hear. And they are bare-faced lying. I tend to stay away from that.
2 The key to sauces is having patience. I'm not a patient woman, but I learned with sauces that you have to get everything on a slow roll and layer the flavors. That's where you get robust tastes: it starts one way and ends another.
3 There's a point where you think, 'What else will I do if I don't do music?' It becomes your identity when it never should have been. But food ignited a fire in me, and I came right back to music because it no longer felt like a job. It was a really powerful thing for me.
4 There's a difference between a pop star and an artist. Pop stars have to be perfect all the time; an artist is allowed, on occasion, to suck. And I put myself in that category because I sometimes suck. I'm not trying to please the masses. It's not going to happen, so I don't try.
5 In food, it's really, like, either you're right, or you're wrong. You know, people's taste buds kind of vary, but there's a technique. Either you do it right, or you don't.
6 My mom was concerned that us four little black girls have a really well-balanced life. She wanted us to be around people like us, but we also went to private school and traveled all the time. Now I fit in most places because I've been most places.
7 The album 'Kelis Was Here' sucked the life out of me, and so I went off and studied to be a Cordon Bleu chef. What's great about food is that it's less about who you know and what you look like, and more about if you're any good.
8 The business of music. You know, it's an oxymoron in a sense. It's like the two things. Although we both need each other, they really don't go together.
9 In my life, looking at other women who have been pregnant while writing, I always feel like it's kind of their most musical or the closest to themselves. I think for me it's such a validating moment, you know. I always knew I wanted to have kids, and I've been making music all my life.
10 I'm a really emotional cook. Not violent, but I don't like someone coming in while I'm cooking. I'm notorious for themed dinner parties. The colour green, 'The Sopranos'' last episode... any excuse. But if anyone arrives before I'm ready and walks through for a chat, I'm like: 'Just stand back. Stay there! In fact, just go - this is not for you.'
11 I love lifestyle stuff, I love housewares. I'm really a homebody, honestly. Anything to do with my kitchen, or my house, I'm all about it. I'm working on a sauce line, so that's kind of exciting. I'm a saucier.
12 Growing up, my mom had a catering business. I used to help her pretty early on and loved doing it. My mom is an amazing cook, and she helped me cultivate a love for food. She taught me that food can be beautiful. We eat not just for survival, but we survive to eat. It's part of who I am.
13 I've done a lot of different tours. For me, I try to go on tours that I think are gonna be fun. It's, like, grueling, and it's hard, and there's got to be an element to it that's exciting.
14 As a child, I'd help my mum cook, and it was ridiculous - she had the correct gadget or utensil for everything. 'Stop! Don't use that, I have exactly the right utensil.' After I left home, I survived on cup-a-meals and never saw myself as being like her. Now I've become her.
15 After 'Kelis Was Here,' I was done. I was like, 'I will never put out another record again; I hate this business; I hate all these people.' I was in this race that I didn't even realise that I was in.
16 Everything I do has a certain quality, a certain flair, a certain flavor. I like to eat the way I like to dress, the way I listen to music: put it all together, and it's a great party.
17 I needed a break, and going to culinary school turned a lightbulb on that I didn't have to make music. The people in the music business forget that not only is there an entire world of people out there who do not care what we do, we are not creating the wheel.
18 My audience is made up of such bizarre, rare people. They're very sparse and scattered; it's not like a huge body of people.
19 I don't ever want to part with any of my shoes. They all have a special place in my heart because they say something about who you are today.
20 People know 'Milkshake' like a jingle, but they don't really know who I am.
21 My desire was never to put out albums; it was to do musical theatre!
22 I'm a multi-platinum recording artist; my passion is food.
23 Being the ideal of a strong woman means utilizing all the things that God gives you. People are always saying to me, 'You're a strong female, so why are you wearing a bikini on the cover of that magazine?' Being a strong woman is misconstrued to be something evil and ugly.
24 For me, saying 'I'm bossy' is a cute, tongue-in-cheek way of saying that I'm in control of my life.
25 As a chef, if I can taste something, I can basically figure out what's in it.
26 I can't live without Eucerin cream, lip gloss, gum, nail polish, and sparkly things.
27 I was never an R&B artist. People coined me one, but that's because, especially if you're in the States, if you're black and you sing, then you're R&B.
28 My last supper would be a charcuterie smorgasbord with every kind of meat, and sauces to dip them in.
29 I studied to be a chef as a side thing, a little hobby that I enjoyed doing, but I ended up falling madly in love with the food and the lifestyle.
30 Everyone's attention span is getting shorter. As a result, everything - films, music, art - gets watered down and dumber. Every now and again, you get something great, but not often.
31 As a black artist in America, you know, it is so segregated as far as the radio goes and how they position music on the radio.
32 I don't think people know me at all. At the end of the day, if you see me in sequins and glitter out at a club, you might think that's all there is. But, you know, it's just glitter. My friends who I've known since I was 17 - they know who I am.
33 I think he's an amazing songwriter. He portrays his thoughts really well. I'm definitely a fan. I think he's cool. (On Phil Collins)
34 Am I R&B because I'm Black? Am I pop because I have a song called "Milkshake"? Or can I just be who the hell I am? Good Lord, people make it seem like we're doing heart transplants here, but we're just making music!
35 You know what's funny? I'm a celebrity here but a star in Europe...
36 I had always been a fan of Nas, but I never met him. This is the one guy in the industry who's like the phantom rapper.


Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2007 Grammy Grammy Awards Best Contemporary R&B Album For the album "Kelis Was Here."



Identity Thief 2013 performer: "Milkshake"
Breathe In 2013 performer: "Bounce Radio Edit"
Todd's Pop Song Reviews 2012 TV Series documentary performer - 1 episode
So You Think You Can Dance TV Series performer - 6 episodes, 2007 - 2012 writer - 3 episodes, 2010 - 2012
The Block 2012 TV Series performer - 1 episode
EastEnders 2011 TV Series performer - 1 episode
10 Years 2011 performer: "Got Your Money"
Shame 2011 performer: "Bounce"
30 Minutes or Less 2011 performer: "Got Your Money"
The Simpsons 2011 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son 2011 performer: "I Don't Think So" / writer: "I Don't Think So"
20 to 1 2010 TV Series documentary performer - 1 episode
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno TV Series performer - 1 episode, 2010 writer - 1 episode, 2010
Formula 1: BBC Sport TV Series performer - 1 episode, 2010 writer - 1 episode, 2010
Live from Studio Five 2010 TV Series performer - 1 episode
EastEnders: E20 2010 TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Cleveland Show 2009 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony 2009 Video Game performer: "No Security"
Idool 2007 2007 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Norbit 2007 performer: "Milkshake"
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2006 TV Movie documentary performer: "Bossy"
30 Rock TV Series performer - 1 episode, 2006 writer - 1 episode, 2006
Step Up 2006 performer: "80's Joint" / writer: "80's Joint" - as Kelis Rogers
Entourage 2006 TV Series 1 episode
Date Movie 2006 performer: "Milkshake"
Just Like Heaven 2005 performer: "Brass in Pocket"
The 40-Year-Old Virgin 2005 performer: "Candy" 2001
King's Ransom 2005 performer: "Milkshake"
Coach Carter 2005 performer: "Truth or Dare"
Nip/Tuck 2004 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story 2004 performer: "Milkshake"
Malcolm in the Middle 2004 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Mean Girls 2004 performer: "Milkshake"
Saturday Night Live 2004 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Monkey Dust 2003 TV Series 1 episode
The Hot Chick 2002 performer: "Good Stuff"
Friday After Next 2002 performer: "Candy"
xXx 2002 performer: "Truth Or Dare"
Daria in 'Is It College Yet?' 2002 TV Movie performer: "Young Fresh and New"
Dr. Dolittle 2 2001 performer: "What It Is Part II"
Q Awards 2000 2000 TV Special performer: "Caught Out There"
Daria 2000 TV Series performer - 2 episodes
Top of the Pops 2000 TV Series performer - 3 episodes
Ready to Rumble 2000 performer: "Got Your Money"
Who's Doing the Dishes? 2016 TV Series performer - 2 episodes
Skam 2015 TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Big Short 2015 performer: "Milkshake"
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse 2015 writer: "SCARS" - as Kelis Rogers
Mr. Robot 2015 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Lip Sync Battle 2015 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Waterloo Road 2015 TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Interview 2014/II performer: "Got Your Money"
Dancing with the Stars 2014 TV Series 1 episode
Strictly Come Dancing 2014 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Match of the Day at 50 2014 TV Movie documentary performer: "Forever Be" - uncredited / writer: "Forever Be" - uncredited
Paper Planes 2014/I performer: "Milkshake"
Inside Amy Schumer 2014 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Tricked 2013 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Rude Tube 2013 TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Big Dirty List Show: 50 Years of Sex and Music 2013 TV Movie documentary performer: "Milkshake"
Brazzaville Teen-Ager 2013 Short performer: "Brazzaville Teenager"


Freaknik: The Musical 2010 TV Movie Talk Show Host (voice)
Hwasango 2001 So Yo-seon (MTV English Dub) (English version, voice)


Me and Mr. Jones 2007 TV Series executive producer - 2007


My First Apartamento: Kelis 2017 Documentary short Herself
The View 2016 TV Series Herself - Guest Co-Hostess
FabLife 2016 TV Series Herself - Guest Co-Hostess
Access Hollywood Live 2015 TV Series Herself - Author, My Life on a Plate
Home & Family 2015 TV Series Herself
The Real 2015 TV Series Herself
The Chew 2015 TV Series Herself - Guest
Huffpost Live 2015 TV Series Herself - Author, 'My Life on a Plate'; Singer-Songwriter
Duff Till Dawn 2015 TV Series Herself - Judge / Singer
Holiday Feast with Kelis 2014 TV Movie Herself - Hostess
Hell's Kitchen 2014 TV Series Herself - Restaurant Patron
Fuji Rock Festival '14 2014 TV Movie Herself
Sunday Brunch 2014 TV Series Herself - Guest
Conan 2014 TV Series Herself - Musical Guest
Late Show with David Letterman 2014 TV Series Himself - Musical Guest
Duran Duran: Unstaged 2014 Video documentary Herself
Saucy & Sweet 2014 TV Series Herself - Host
Brazzaville Teen-Ager 2013 Short Herself
Fashion News Live 2007-2013 TV Series Herself
Orange Rockcorps at Wembley 2011 TV Series Herself - performer
Top Chef Masters 2011 TV Series Herself - Quickfire Judge / Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist
The Buried Life 2010 TV Series documentary Herself
Alan Carr: Chatty Man 2010 TV Series Herself
Breakfast 2010 TV Series Herself - Singer
Tavis Smiley 2010 TV Series Herself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2010 TV Series Herself - Musical Guest
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2010 TV Series Herself - Musical Guest
Me and Mr. Jones 2007 TV Series Herself
BET Awards 2006 2006 TV Special Herself
MTV Europe Music Awards 2006 2006 TV Special Herself - Presenter
Boost Mobile Rockcorps 2006 TV Movie Herself
MTV Video Music Awards 2006 2006 TV Special Herself (uncredited)
The Tyra Banks Show 2006 TV Series Herself
VH1 Big in 05 2005 TV Movie Herself
Now Vision 2005: Vol. 1 2005 Video Herself
Retrosexual: The 80's 2004 TV Mini-Series documentary Herself
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 2004 TV Series Herself
Maxim Hot 100 2004 TV Movie documentary Herself - #48
Saturday Night Live 2004 TV Series Herself - Musical Guest
TV's Illest Minority Moments Presented by Ego Trip 2004 TV Movie Herself
Vibe Awards 2003 TV Special Herself
Spike TV VGA Video Game Awards 2003 TV Movie documentary Herself
Sidewalks Entertainment 2003 TV Series Herself
CD:UK 2003 TV Series Herself
Dancestar USA 2003 2003 TV Movie Herself
MTV Europe Music Awards 2002 2002 TV Special Herself - Presenter
MTV Europe Music Awards 2001 2001 TV Special documentary Herself - Presenter
Later... With Jools Holland 2000-2001 TV Series Herself
I Love the 1990s 2001 TV Series documentary Herself - Singer
The MOBO Awards 2001 2001 TV Special Herself - Presenter
Q Awards 2000 2000 TV Special Herself - Winner, Best Video Award
MTV Europe Music Awards 2000 2000 TV Special Herself - Presenter
Top of the Pops 2000 TV Series Herself
The Chris Rock Show 1999 TV Series Herself
MTV Europe Music Awards 1999 1999 TV Special Herself

Archive Footage

The Big Dirty List Show: 50 Years of Sex and Music 2013 TV Movie documentary Herself
20 to 1 2010 TV Series documentary Herself
Video on Trial 2005-2006 TV Series Herself / Herself - Accused
SexTV 2004 TV Series documentary Herself

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