Kamil Yazici Net Worth

Kamil Yazici Net Worth is
$2.4 Billion

Kamil Yazici Biography

Kamil Yazici Net Worthy of: Kamil Yazici is a Turkish business owner who includes a net worthy of of $2., Anadolu Isuzu Otomotiv, Alternative Purchase, Anadolu INFIRMARY and Anadolu Industry Keeping. In the 50s, Kamil Yazici founded among Turkey’s major industrial groupings, the Anadolu Group, regarding his partner Izzet Ozilhan. Presently, the group holds passions in beverages, finance, vehicles and retail along with health, food, energy, consumer electronics, tourism and IT. 1979 yılında, ortağı Kamil Yazıcı ile birlikte Anadolu Eğitim ve Sosyal Backyardım Vakfı’nı kurdu. Furthermore, its subsidiary organization, Anadolu Efes, may be the creator of Efes, the first choice beer brand in Turkey. 2 yrs ago, the company overran the beer actions of SAB Miller in Ukraine and Russia, and in exchange it offered 24% of Anadolu Efes’s shares to SAB Miller for his or her deal. It’s the world’s 5th largest Coca-Cola bottling organization predicated on sales volume. This past year, it has bought out the beer procedures of SAB Miller in Russia and Ukraine.4 billion by March 2013 relating to Forbes. He’s the eleventh richest person in Turkey and 613th in the globe. Together with his partner Izzet Ozilhan, Mr. Yazici released the group in the 1950’s and is known as among the largest individual organizations in Turkey. It offers business interests in beverages, cars, financing, retail, food, health, consumer electronics, energy, IT and tourism. Furthermore, Yazici founded others such as for example Alternative Investment, Anadolu INFIRMARY, Adel Inc, Anadolu Market Keeping, and Anadolu Isuzi Otomotiv. It offers 20 bottling services in Turkey along with the Central Asia and the center East. Anadolu Efes may be the flagship organization of Anadolu Group.Askerlik görevi weçin geldiğwe İstanbul’da askerliğin bitmesiyle weş hayatına atıldı. Kamil Yazici may be the co-founder of the Anadolu Group and he comes with an estimated net well worth of $2. With the offer, SAB Miller decided to have a 24% stake in Anadolu Efes. Others include Adel Inc.4 billion. $2.4 Billion: Kamil Yazıcı veya tam adıyla Süleyman Kamil Yazıcı (d. 1 Temmuz 1929, Aksaray, Türkiye, Türk sanayici ve iş adamı. Kamil Yazici net well worth according to 2015 stats is $2,400,000,000. It’s the maker of Efes, Turkey’s number 1 make of beer. 1950 yılında İzzet

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Net Worth$2.4 Billion

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