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Josh Homme Net Worth is
$10 Million

Josh Homme Biography

It’s been stated that the entire size of Josh Homme net worthy of is really as much as 10 million dollars, by at this time. The project’s debut album premiered in the same season, aswell. Josh Homme was created in Joshua Tree, California in 1973 and his genuine birth name is certainly Joshua Michael Homme III. Josh Homme is mainly known as a respected singer of the band known as “Queens Of The Rock Age”, where not only is it the first choice of it, he also acts as the band’ rhythm guitarist. One of is own most notable works with regards to creating albums for various other bands was the album “Humbug” by Arctic Monkeys. Therefore, his profession as an archive maker has produced his name even more known and in addition added up to the quantity of Josh Homme net worthy of. In 1996 he began a fresh project, which became referred to as “Queens of the Rock Age group”. The band played large rock music. When he was 9 years outdated, he got interested into music and learnt how exactly to play a guitar. In 2000 another album of the band premiered, called “Ranked R”. In 2002 the band became a lot more known on the American rock picture when it released another album known as “Tracks Of The Deaf”. Two hits out of this album had been released, such as for example “Go with the Movement” and “NO-ONE Knows”. The product sales of the band’s albums also have increased the entire sum of Josh Homme net worthy of. After that, the band provides released three even more albums. His owned by his band in addition has added up too much to the quantity of Josh Homme net worthy of. Furthermore to his use this band, Josh Homme provides performed and documented albums with a great many other bands, such as for example “Kyuss”, “Them Crooked Vultures” and “Eagles Of Loss of life Steel”. In this band, his primary duties had been playing a guitar and composing songs, furthermore to singing. Not only is it an associate of the bands, Josh Homme in addition has served as an archive producer for quite a while already. For instance, he spent some time working as an archive maker on the album by Arctic Monkeys known as “Humbug”. Before he began this band, he was an associate of another group known as “Kyuss”. Formed in 1996, following dissolution of Homme’s prior band, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age group developed a unique design of riff-oriented, large rock music. It’s been reported that the entire sum of Josh Homme net worthy of is certainly 10 million dollars. He grew up in a quite prominent family members in the region. Josh Homme is actually a musician, instrumentalist in addition to a record maker. Josh Homme has gained a lot of achievement when he set up a band known as “The Queens of the Rock Age”, where he’s also regarded as the only original person in the band. Most of these albums landed in the very best 20 on the Billboard 200 charts. Josh Homme in the stated band is certainly serving as a singer, songwriter and a musical instrument such as for example piano, guitar and participant. Josh Homme was created in 1973 in California. In this band, he was playing a guitar. When he was 14 years outdated, Josh Homme co-founded the earlier mentioned band known as “Kyuss”. With this band, he also performs every once in awhile and plays different instruments when documenting band’s singles. In ’09 2009, Josh Homme became referred to as an associate of another project known as “Them Crooked Vultures”. Josh Homme is becoming famous due to his profession in music, where besides being truly a singer, he’s also a multi instrumentalist and record maker. In this band, Josh Homme is certainly accompanied by two various other Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones and musicians. Most of these involvements also have added a whole lot of revenues to the quantity of Josh Homme net worthy of. Before he set up this band, he was also a founder of a different one known as “Kyuss”. Josh Homme provides earned his net worthy of through his successful profession in music. In 1998, the initial album of the group premiered. He thought we would play a guitar because his parents objected about him obtaining a drum set, hence, he made a decision to change his concentrate and get yourself a guitar. When he was just 12 years outdated, he joined the initial band where he played, that was “Autocracy”. Another band which he also offered among the founders may be “Eagles of Loss of life Metal”. Thus, his use other bands in addition has added up to the entire size of Josh Homme net worthy of. The band became extremely popular not just because of the music, but also due to fights that the band was included into when going to perform in LA, and where they confronted various other bands in backstage. Even so, music career and owned by various bands added too much to the overall quantity of Josh Homme net worthy of. Josh Homme Net Worthy of: Josh Homme can be an American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist and record maker who includes a net worthy of of $10 million dollars. Born Joshua Michael Homme III on, may 17, 1973, in Joshua Tree, California, US, he’s best known to be the rhythm guitarist and business lead singer of the American rock-band Queens Of The Rock Age. However, to many of the general public, Josh Homme is well known due to his appearances with the band “Queens Of The Rock Age”. After the discharge of their debut eponymous album in 1998 and the sophomore “Ranked R” in 2000, the rock combo broke onto the mainstream rock picture in the us with the 2002 album “Tracks Of The Deaf”. It spawned radio hits like “NO-ONE Knows” and “Move With The Movement”, and was also acclaimed for offering previous Nirvana member Dave Grohl playing drums. Since, Josh and his band have got released three even more albums, all getting featured in the very best 20 of the Billboard 200, along with fronting Queens Of The Rock Age range. Josh was also creating albums with various other bands such as for example Eagles Of Death Kyuss, Them Crooked Vultures and Steel. As well as the above, he also produced a name for himself as a maker. In addition to producing his name well-known, the band in addition has added up too much to the full total size of Josh Homme net worthy of.

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Quick Facts

Full NameJosh Homme
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of BirthMay 17, 1973
Height1.93 m
ProfessionRecord producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Actor, Composer, Songwriter, Drummer
SpouseBrody Dalle
ChildrenCamille Harley Joan Homme, Orrin Ryder Homme, Wolf Dillon Reece Homme
Music GroupsQueens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Kyuss, Them Crooked Vultures, The Desert Sessions, Screaming Trees, Mondo Generator, Fififf Teeners
NominationsNME Award for Best Quote
MoviesHot Rod, Over the Years and Through the Woods, Likehell

Interesting Facts

1 Touring with the Eagles of Death Metal in support of their debut album, Peace Love Death metal. Also, beginning work on the fourth queens of the stone age album, which he will do without former band mates Nick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan. [April 2004]
2 Along with the next highly anticipated Queens of the Stone Age album, he will be releasing several side projects where he will play drums and bass as well as guitar, and is still on tour with Queens of the Stone Age in support of their latest album Songs for the Deaf [October 2003]
3 Queens of the Stone Age released their next album "Songs for the Deaf". [August 2002]
4 (October 1995-) Kyuss broke-up 3 months after their last album "...And The Circus Leaves Town" was released.
5 Preparing to start new tour with 'Queens of the Stone Age'. [March 2005]
6 Touring with Queens of the Stone Age in support of their new album "Songs for the Deaf" which is to be released in late August [July 2002]
7 Wife Brody Dalle gave birth to their daughter Camille Homme on January 17, 2006.
8 Daughter Camille [b. 17 January 2006] with fiancée Brody Dalle
9 Fired Nick Oliveri in 2004 when he was convinced that Oliveri had been physically abusive to his girlfriend.
10 Became engaged to The Distillers front-woman Brody Dalle in January 2005.
11 In 2004, mysteriously fired long-time musical-partner 'Nick Oliveri' from Queens of the Stone Age, making him the sole remaining front man of the constantly changing "group".
12 In spite of his often fierce music, Homme has gained a reputation as one of the "nice guys" of hard rock (like his friend Dave Grohl), due the encouraging atmosphere he creates for musicians he collaborates with and his pleasant, self-effacing public persona.
13 Often writes lyrics that seem arbitrary by the way they are written but hold personal meaning to him, so that the song can mean anything to the listener
14 Plays drums and goes by the name Carlo Von Sexron in his 'other' band, Eagles of Death Metal.
15 His band, Queens of the Stone Age, has members that have constantly changed over the years expect for him and his bassist 'Nick Oliveri'. "Songs of the Deaf", their most recent album, has three different people singing lead (Josh, Nick, and Mark Lanegan) and Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters and Nirvanna on drums.
16 Some of his favorite musicians are The Stooges, Ween, Björk, Johnny Cash, and Jimi Hendrix.
17 Has a massive cork collection of over 6,000
18 Has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old
19 Was a member of Kyuss until their break-up; Founder and currently in Queens of the Stone Age


1 Gibson Marauder guitar


1 The two "Jimmys" - Hendrix and Page - and they have these combinations of stuff where it's like "yeah if you want to do that, you can." And I love it too. But the thing I got from all that is: they did their own thing and I should too.
2 I'm a fatalist. I believe things happen for a reason. In think you make a choice and you enact your fate, so don't fuck it up.
3 When things are good we laugh, and when things are bad we really laugh.
4 The greatest day I had this year was when I found out that my fiancée was pregnant. How long have I known? Longer than you. I can't wait.
5 If you're trying to do something different, you can't ask someone to help, because they'll want to make it not different.
6 One thing about growing up in the desert was the solitude. You could see someone across the desert and say 'look, someone is coming', and 20 minutes later you would say 'look, they're still coming'.




Conan 2011-2016 TV Series writer - 2 episodes
Ray Donovan 2015 TV Series lyrics - 1 episode
Entourage 2015 writer: "Smooth Sailing"
Dark Circles 2013 performer: "Dreamcatcher" / writer: "Dreamcatcher"
Sound City 2013 Documentary performer: "A Trick with No Sleeve", "Mantra", "Centipede" / writer: "Mantra", "Centipede" / writer: "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" - as Josh Homme
End of Watch 2012 performer: "Nobody to Love" / writer: "Nobody to Love"
Silver Linings Playbook 2012 writer: "Now I'm a Fool"
The Cabin in the Woods 2012 performer: "So Easy" / writer: "So Easy"
Project X 2012 writer: "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire"
Fresh Meat 2011 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's One-Shot Parody Special 2011 TV Movie writer: "Head Honcho"
Foo Fighters: Back and Forth 2011 Documentary writer: "No One Knows" - as Josh Homme
Tosh.0 2010 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball 2010 Video writer: "The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret" - as Josh Homme
The Perfect Host 2010 writer: "Wannabe in L.A." - as Josh Homme
Guitar Hero: Van Halen 2009 Video Game writer: "Sick, Sick, Sick"
Stromberg 2009 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Whip It 2009 writer: "High Voltage", "I'm Your Torpedo" - as Josh Homme
Guitar Hero 5 2009 Video Game writer: "Make it With Chu"
Guitar Hero: Metallica 2009 Video Game writer: "Demon Cleaner" - as Josh Homme
Lost Boys: The Tribe 2008 Video writer: "Don't Speak I Came to Make a Bang" - as Josh Homme
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 2007 Video Game writer: "3's & 7's" - as Josh Homme
CSI: NY 2007 TV Series performer - 1 episode
SingStar Amped 2007 Video Game "Go With The Flow"
Californication 2007 TV Series writer: "No One Knows" - as Josh Homme
Hot Rod 2007 producer: "Head Honcho" / writer: "Head Honcho"
Epic Movie 2007 writer: "Don't Speak I Came to Make a Bang!" - as Josh Homme
Rock Band 2007 Video Game writer: "Go with the Flow"
The Real Hustle 2006 TV Series documentary writer - 1 episode
Beerfest 2006 writer: "I Like to Move in the Night" - as Joshua "Baby Duck" Homme
Too Tough to Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone 2006 Documentary performer: "Teenage Lobotomy" - as Josh Homme
Guitar Hero 2005 Video Game writer: "No One Knows"
Saw II 2005 writer: "Burn The Witch" UNKLE Variation
Domino 2005 writer: "Speaking In Tongues", "San Berdoo Sunburn" - as Josh Homme
Entourage 2005 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Outlaw Tennis 2005 Video Game writer: "Subcutaneous Phat" - as Josh Homme
Late Show with David Letterman 2005 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Wrong Turn 2003/I writer: "You Can't Quit Me Baby", "If Only" - as Josh Homme
120 Minutes 2003 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Robbery Homicide Division 2002 TV Series writer - 1 episode
xXx 2002 writer: "Millionaire" - as Josh Homme
Highway 2002/I writer: "Johnny the Boy", "You Can't Quit Me Baby", "Girl Boy Tom"
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 2002 performer: "Atomic Trinity", "The Atomic Trinity v.s. The Hell's Devil's", "Stoned", "All The Same" - as Josh Homme / producer: "All The Same" - as Josh Homme / writer: "All The Same" - as Josh Homme
Soul Survivors 2001 writer: "If Only" - as Josh Homme
Aqua Teen Hunger Force 2000 TV Series performer: "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1"
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 2000 writer: "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer"
Heavy Metal 2000 2000 producer: "Infinity" / writer: "Infinity"

Music Department

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown TV Series documentary composer - 19 episodes, 2013 - 2014 performer - 13 episodes, 2013 - 2014
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 2002 composer: additional music - as Joshua Homme


Gutterdammerung 2016 as Joshua Homme
Portlandia 2014 TV Series Carrie's Brother
Comedy Bang! Bang! 2013 TV Series Dale
Aqua Teen Hunger Force 2008-2012 TV Series Dummy #1
Hot Rod 2007 Gown (as Joshua Homme)


Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends) 2017 Documentary Himself
Talking Dead 2016 TV Series Himself - Guest
Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression 2016 TV Movie Himself (as Joshua Homme)
The Graham Norton Show 2016 TV Series Himself - Musical Guest
Conan 2016 TV Series Himself - Eagles of Death Metal
The Man from Mo'Wax 2016 Documentary Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Desert Age: A Rock and Roll Scene History 2016 Documentary as Joshua Homme
Lo Sound Desert 2015 Documentary Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Toast of London 2014 TV Series Himself
Hurricane Festival 2013 2013 TV Movie documentary Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Sound City 2013 Documentary Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 2007-2012 TV Series documentary Himself / Queens of the Stone Age
Truckfighters 2011 Documentary Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Classic Albums: Primal Scream - Screamadelica 2011 Video documentary Himself
Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story 2011 Documentary as Joshua Homme
Tosh.0 2010 TV Series Himself
I'm in a Rock 'n' Roll Band 2010 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself / Himself - Singer, Queens of the Stone Age
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2010 TV Series Himself - Musical Guest: Them Crooked Vultures
Saturday Night Live 2010 TV Series Himself
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 2009 TV Series Himself
MTV Video Music Awards 2007 2007 TV Special Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Coachella 2006 Video documentary Himself
Queens of the Stone Age: Over the Years and Through the Woods 2005 Documentary Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Likehell: The Movie 2005 Video Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Rove Live 2005 TV Series Himself
American Dad! 2005 TV Series Himself
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 2005 TV Series Himself
NME Awards 2004 2004 TV Movie Himself (as Joshua Homme)
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2003 TV Series Himself
Later... With Jools Holland 2003 TV Series Himself
Snoop to the Extreme 2003 TV Movie Himself (as Joshua Homme)
Metallimania 1997 Documentary Himself (as Joshua Homme)
MADtv 1995 TV Series Himself

Archive Footage

Video on Trial 2006 TV Series Himself - Queens of the Stone Age
MTV Europe Music Awards 2003 2003 TV Special Himself (as Joshua Homme)

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