John Wayne Bobbitt Net Worth

John Wayne Bobbitt Net Worth is
$250 Thousand

John Wayne Bobbitt Biography

The trial following the assault was headline information. The male organ was subsequently reattached throughout a 9 . 5 hour medical procedure. John Wayne Bobbitt rose to nationwide interest after his wife take off his male organ in a match of rage.John Wayne Bobbitt net worthy of: John Wayne Bobbitt can be an American employee who includes a net worthy of of $250 thousand. Lorena Bobbit, Mr. Bobbit’s wife, accused him of years of both mental, misuse and physical. He offers been arrested repeatedly, and offers appeared in courtroom multiple instances since divorcing Lorena Bobbitt in 1995. She was subsequently found not liable because of insanity. He attemptedto capitalize on his fame following the trial by launching a band known as, The Severed Parts, and showing up in various porn movies, including, “John Wayne Bobbit: Uncut” and “Frankenpenis”. The abuse resulted in her finally snapping. He has truly gone to trial multiple instances for spousal abuse, lately against his third wife, and was fined and sentenced to probation for the theft of $140,000 in clothing. John Wayne Bobbitt Net Worth

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Net Worth$250 Thousand

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