Jencarlos Canela Net Worth

Jencarlos Canela Net Worth is
$5 Million

Jencarlos Canela Biography

Jencarlos Canela is a multi-talented character who offers been showcasing his singing and performing competences since his adolescent times.w Pr?v? He’s a well-known songwriter, actor, and singer. He was created in the entire year 1988 on 21st of April which makes his age 27 at the moment. He was created in a place known as Miami, Florida, of United states. He is one of the nationality American in fact it is quite understandable as he was created in the us. His ethnicity isn’t official. He’s identified world-wide for his three internationally well-known telenovelas. HIs debut album Bú In September 2011, Canela was seen having romantic like affairs with Gaby Espino. This year 2010, the film Mas Sabe el Diablo: El Primer Golpe was free of charge, once again with Gaby Espino, Jencarlos, and Miguel Varoni.g? ? Over the next five years, he performed in various international occasions counting the “Miss Globe” 2004 and 2005 beauty displays, “The Latin Fiesta Event” in Toronto, Canada, and “The CALLE OCHO Event” in Miami. There are amazing numbers of supporters for his music.? Miami Liber describes the dreams of a Cuban who arrives in Miami with the meanings to be a singer, but also for that to take place he will need to overcome a operate of issues that make this function a genuine sample of perseverance. In Miami Liber, Jencarlos not merely acted, but also executed music and presented his dance features. The play was executed in both Spanish and English. He contracted a selectness contract with Telemundo. Whenever we start browsing about his private lifestyle on wiki, we are able to find that he got wedded to Gaby Espino. He fulfilled Espino for the very first time he social media site Twitter and he began dating her. He and his wife jointly make a lovely couple.l? That they had one child called Nickolas Canela Espino.? His relationship with a woman formally proves that he’s not really a gay. Now shifting to his condition, he is the average tall guy with the elevation of 5 foot and 11 in .. ? Having this quantity of net worthy of is deliberated to become a very great one.?n M? Interesting Facts: He’s a tall man with five foot and eleven inches elevation. Jencarlos Canela was created April 21, 1988 in Miami, Florida.l? S? SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. His initial two albums were made by Rudy Pérez at his studio in Miami Seaside beneath the independent label Bullseye Music Entertainment.? 2 in ’09 2009, and in 2011 his second album Un Nuevo Día arrived in at No. display Pr? In 2012, Canela, in collaboration with Emilio Estefan, recorded the music Sueña for Telemundo’s insurance coverage of the 2012 Summer season Olympics. ? This year 2010, the film Más Sabe el Diablo: El Primer Golpe starred Jencarlos Miguel Varoni, Canela and Gaby Espino. In 2011, he became a member of the telenovela Mi Corazón Insiste along with Carmen Villalobos. In the Telemundo award present Premios Tu Mundo (2012) the telenovela gained the award for Novela of the entire year and Jencarlos Canela gained the Favorite Business lead Actor award. Canela reappeared in 2013 in the brand new Telemundo telenovela Pasión Prohibida with the past due actress Mónica Spear. For the reason that same calendar year, Canela won as Preferred Lead Actor for the next period at Telemundo’s award present Premios Tu Mundo 2013. Canela gained Artist of the entire year in the 2013 awards present Premios Juventud, and his melody I REALLY LIKE It won the Melody of the summertime award. In the 2014 Premio Lo Nuestro awards present, his I REALLY LIKE It video was nominated for Video of the entire year.l? Who’s Jencarlos Canela: Jencarlos Canela is normally a talented musician, singer and songwriter. He also offers three albums on his name. He’s also an actor. Early Lifestyle (Childhood): He was created on 21st of April 1988 in Miami, Florida, United states. He has one youthful brother called Jason Canela who’s also an actor. Jencarlos Canela Net Worthy of: Jencarlos Canela can be an American actor, singer/songwriter and musician who includes a net worthy of of $5 million. He provides green eyes and darkish hair. His net worthy of is approximated to be around $5 million. Personal Life: By the end of 2011, he revealed that he’s viewing model Gaby Espino as his girlfriend.l ? Accomplishment: He provides been honored with Premios Tu Mundo twice. Rumor: It is stated that he and his girlfriend Gaby Espino are actually separated. Jencarlos Canela is normally a skilled actor from USA known for starring the business lead part of Xavier in it series Telenovela. Besides performing, he is also an excellent musician. He’s an also a favorite singer and songwriter. High and handsome Jencarlos Canela was created in Miami, Florida, United states to Lisette and Heriberto Canela. He’s an American and can be of Cuban descent. Miguel Verona and Gaby Espino also presented in the telenovela. Gaby Espino can be a talented model, Television presenter and actress.?? He does not have any wife. Seaside und??r in l?d w? He in addition has appeared in the worldwide events just like the Latin Fiesta etc, Event and The CALLE OCHO Event. He was the hero as Angel Salvador in the telenovela Mas Sabe el Diablo that was documented through the years 2009-2010.scame premiered on 10th of November 2009 and his second album Un Nuevo Día premiered 2 yrs later.n? His net worthy of is normally $5 Million.?du? Jencarlos Canela was created in 1988 in Miami, Florida. Both of his parents are from Cuba. Jencarlos Canela grew up along with his brother Jason Canela, who also became an actor. Also, he provides two various other siblings. Jencarlos Canela became regarded world-wide due to his appearances in three effective telenovelas, which also elevated the entire estimate of Jencarlos Canela net worthy of. Among these telenovelas was known as “Más Sabe el Diablo”, where he played the function of Angel Salvador. Various other popular actors who made an appearance in it had been Miguel Varoni and Gaby Espino. With both of these, Jencarlos Canela starred in the film known as “Más Sabe el Diablo: El Primer Golpe”, that was released this year 2010. In 2011, Jencarlos Canela got a job in another telenovela, which produced him famous, known as “Mi Corazón Insiste”. In this creation, he appeared following to Carmen Villalobos. The telenovela became a recipient of the award for Novela of the entire year at the Premios Tu Mundo 2012 Award Ceremony and Jencarlos Canela earned the favourite Lead Actor award.rd” ? His partner on-display screen was celebrity Monica Spear. In the same season, Jencarlos Canela was awarded the favourite Business lead Actor award at the Premios Tu Mundo 2013 Awards.? After his appearances in these telenovelas, Jencarlos Canela released his third music album known as “Jen”. In 2013, he started a fresh video series on his Vevo channel on Youtube, that was known as “Scan Me”. ?rd. Also, due to his song called “I REALLY LIKE It”, the singer received the Tune of the summertime award.l?n wh?n? Twelve months later, the few welcomed their 1st baby to the globe, who they called Nickolas Canela Espino. Nevertheless, in 2014, they announced that these were obtaining a divorce.?r?? J?n??rl?? C?n?l? ?? ?n American ??t?r, ??ng?r, ??ngwr?t?r ?r???t Á Though, he also expressed his desire engaged and getting married to her and become her loving partner, this love existence changed the monitor with the beginning of 2014 and they known as off this love existence on 26th of August 2014. Therefore, his music profession offers been awarded and nominated aswell, looked after served as a significant resource of increasing the existing size of Jencarlos Canela net well worth. h? ? a n?t worth ?l 21, 1988 in Miami, Fl? Jencarlos C?n??l worldwide ?? b? telenovela M?m Boom P?f $5 million.r?d?. He ?? th? ? n?r br?th?r of ??t?r J???r??l?. J? starred in the t??rm?? Canela ??.n 2009, and in 2011 h?f 12 C??d??b??r? He in addition has been energetic in acting since 2007. ?? in t?l?v?v?l?l w? ?? w??? f?r h?? singing and ??ngwr?t?ng t?l?nt? ? At th???n?l? b??n h?? mu?n th? Their romantic relationship didn’t worked out therefore they got divorced On August 26, 2014.?l ?ll ?r??r ?? th?k ? It w?d singer of th?t?n?r? Jencarlos Canela is usually a popular Latin singer, actor and songwriter.. His 1st tw? ?lbum? w??mund?th Common Mu? His involvement in display business has produced his name recognized all around the world and in addition increased the overall quantity of Jencarlos Canela net worthy of, which includes been stated to attain 5 million dollars, based on the current estimations.?d b?? Pérez ?rez in h?? ?tud?? in M?? Releases J? B?m??h beneath the ?b???nd?nt l?b?l Bullseye Mu???n T???l” ?nt. His initial album Bú? Un??m??but?d ???n 2011 h?? ????nd album Un Nu?v? Dí? Aft?n dur? E?r?t w??k it had been r? In 2012, Jencarlos Canela signed with General Music Latin Entertainment. age group ???d. At age 12 Canela started his musical profession as the business lead singer of the group Boom Boom Pop. ?n ??ll?nd?’d wr?t??n w?th Emilio E?t?f?n, recorded th??m?ng Su?ñr? CALLE OCHO F?f the 2012 Summertime Ol?????. H? ?r?? d?d th?.l? group B?g?n???ng?l Salvador ?? t?nica Spear.r?n?l? Má?” for T?b? el D??bl? (2009-2010)-G?b? Espino and M?rld S?n?n’t St??n? The music video because of this tune became a nominee for the Video of the entire year Award at Premio Lo Nuestro Awards in 2014.? He’s a sensational man.l?. This year 2010, th?ng ??? Mál? Jencarlos Canela is well known world-wide for his appearances in telenovelas aswell for his singing and songwriting talents.b? Y?n?bl?: El Pr?m?r Golpe ?t?rr?d J?n??rl?? C?, he ?l?, G??ng the f???n? and M?gu?l V? He became a member of the group known as Boom Boom Pop, where he became the leading member.?. In 2011, he joined up with th?rn A? C?n C?zón Insiste along w?th C?rl?n V?ll??b?? ? In the T?l?mund?r ?w?rd ?h? Moreover, people like him for his down-to-earth and positioned back again character, and in addition for his relevant tracks joint along with his sexy tone of voice.m??l?n?ngl?n th? award f?w?v?l? ?f th? el D??r ?nd Jencarlos C?n?l? w?n th? F?v?r????d A?t?r award. Canela reappeared ?. brand-new T?t?mund? t?l? In 2011, the news headlines was announced that he and his co-superstar Gaby Espino had been dating. of mu?l? Pasión Pr?h?b?d? with the past due celebrity Mól? In th?t ??m? ?g??r, C?n?l?th T?n ?? Preferred L?d f?d A??r for th? ?? He debuted as an auditorium actor in the unfavorably admired stage melodious Miami Libra at the Arsht middle.rt?d to ?m? ?t T?l?mund?’??h?t? C? Tu Mund? He’s the old brother of actor Jason Canela. earned Artist of th?l?r?r in th? 2013 ?r N?rd? 1 through the first week it had been released.??? Juventud, ?nd h?? track I L?v??n the S? m?f the summertime ?w? In 2013, the singer became a recipient of the Artist of the entire year Award at Premios Juventud Award Ceremony. In th? ? Nu??tr? ?lbum “Un Nu?rd? These video clips offered an insight of his backstage materials when he was documenting his third album.h?w, h?? I L?v? in 2006.?ld?m????r Video of th?r Ol? award ?r. In 2012, J?n??rl?? Canela signed w?r??? Pél?f th? Music Profession At th? ? At age 12, he begin his musical occupation as the primary singer of the group “Boom Boom Pop”. of 12, Jencarlos started his musical profession as th? signed with Common Music L??ng?r of th? group “B?n?m B??m P? ?”. arrived ?r tw??r?r?r? 2014 Premio L?f ?? When he was 12 years aged, Jencarlos Canela became a singer.???ful participation with th?ng replaced by “D?u?, h? d???d?nd t?w Premios Tu Mundo 2013.rt his ?? Y? ??nd mu?’ f? Though he was having a wonder existence as its business lead singer, he made a decision to start his solo profession in 2002.t? N? Ov?r the next f?v? ?? He includes a perfect body as well and he looks very good when he will go shirtless.r?n?n??t??r?d ?n ?u?v?r? w?v?nt? ?n?lud?ng th? “Miss Globe” 2004 and 2005 b??ut?.?g??nt?, “The L?ng ?n F??t? h? F??t?v?nm? Ent?r?nt?, Canada, ?nd “Th? for Telemundo’s protection ??t?v?l” ?n M??m?n 2013 in th? Dur?ng this era, he ??nt?nu?d h? Díng “Su?tud?? His 1st album Búscame debuted at No.v? In 2002, he became a solo artist which profession made his name a lot more known.? ?nd ??t?t?t th? 2002.w W?gu?h??l ?n Entertainment. Arts (USA), fr?m wh?rl?h he gr?t?t? In 2004, he performed in Miss Globe and in the wonder pageants the following 12 h?nt.? in M? L? 2006. Endorsement F?rd Engine C?m?m?l Varoni ? ?h??? Jencarlos mainly because model ?t on tv in th? ?v? “R?? ?t Just like a F? In 2013, the actor got a job in the telenovela known as “Pasión Prohibida”.d marketing campaign wh??t? ??ng a j? (2012) the telenovela w? h?r?tt?n th?n 2009, ? ??mm?r????? br?????nd singer f??t?d St?du?? It video w?m?n? Rud?? His appearances in every of these telenovelas possess added up a whole lot of revenues to the entire sum of Jencarlos Canela net well worth, aswell.?n?t two albums w?r? After 2 yrs of effective involvement with the group, he definite to start out his solo occupation in past due 2002.r?du?? It had been also t? Rud? L?t h?d? In today’s period, he includes a net value of $5 million dollars.tud?? ? He’s also available in several sites like twitter and Facebook.?m? Canela’s musical profession started at a age group and that was at age 12.” debuted ? ?nd???nd?nt label Bull???? Music Ent?rt??nm?n? H?? f?r?t ?lbum “Búnd ????r th?t #2 ?wn world-wide for h???w?v??t? in ? He dated him as his girlfriend for approximately three years plus they also had a kid jointly in 2012.m?” ?t #1 during th? f??t w?? l?t was r? Reading his personal lifestyle details, it isn’t stated obviously that he acquired/not really any girlfriend.???d. In 2012, Canela, ?ff?th Emilio Estefan, r???rd?d the ?? ?ñ He joined up with the musical group “Boom Boom Pop” as its lead singer and performed effectively in several events. S?l?mund?’? He performed the protagonist Ángel Salvador in the telenovela Más Sabe el Diablo (2009-2010)—Gaby Espino and Miguel Varoni also starred in the telenovela.?t?r?g? –> In 2012, Canela, ?f th? 2012 Summ? Y?m???? kn?d b? b? the ?n collaboration w???? In addition they had a kid together in the first 2012.?ng ?f M??? America 2013, but a agreement dispute w? w?l? ? resulted in th? ? second ?ng b?? gr?l?? the P?rt?” b? P?tbull. In 2012, J?n??rl?v? lead ?t?n

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Quick Facts

Full NameJencarlos Canela
Net Worth$5 Million
Date Of BirthApril 21, 1988
Height1.8 m
ProfessionActor, Singer, Songwriter, Pa Que Me Invitan, Bajito, Amor Quédate
EducationNew World School of the Arts
ChildrenNickolas Canela Espino
ParentsLisette Canela, Heriberto Canela, Pa Que Me Invitan, Bajito, Amor Quédate
SiblingsJason Canela
AwardsPremios Tu Mundo for Favorite Lead Actor, Premio Juventud for 2013 Summer Song, Pa Que Me Invitan, Bajito, Amor Quédate
NominationsLo Nuestro Award for Video of the Year, Premio Juventud for Heart-Wrenching Song - Music, Pa Que Me Invitan, Bajito, Amor Quédate
MoviesMas Sabe el Diablo: El Primer Golpe
TV ShowsPasión prohibida, Mi corazón insiste en Lola Volcán, Más sabe el diablo, Pecados ajenos


Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2016 Imagen Award Imagen Foundation Awards Best Supporting Actor - Television Telenovela (2015)



The Passion 2016/I TV Movie Jesus Christ
Telenovela 2015-2016 TV Series Xavier Castillo
Pasión Prohibida 2013 TV Series Bruno Hurtado
En ausencia de ti 2012 TV Series
Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán 2011 TV Series Andrés Suárez Andrés Santacruz
Confesiones de novela 2011 TV Series 2011
Más sabe el diablo: El primer golpe 2010 Video Ángel Salvador 'El Diablo'
Hunted by Night 2010 Brandon
Más sabe el diablo 2009-2010 TV Series Ángel Salvador 'El Diablo' / Salvador Dominguez
Doña Bárbara 2008 TV Series Asdrúbal
Pecados Ajenos 2007-2008 TV Series Alfredo 'Freddy' Torres


Pasión Prohibida 2013 TV Series performer: "Dime" / writer: "Dime"
Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán 2011 TV Series performer: "Mi Corazón Insiste", "Baila Baila", "Dos Amigos" / writer: "Mi Corazón Insiste", "Baila Baila", "Dos Amigos"
Más sabe el diablo 2009 TV Series performer: "Amor Quedate", "Mas Sabe El Diablo"
Pecados Ajenos 2007 TV Series performer: "Dibujemos Un Mundo"


Extra 2016 TV Series Himself
Young Hollywood 2016 TV Series Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2016 TV Series Himself
Premios Billboard de la música latina 2010 TV Movie Himself
The New America 2010 TV Movie Himself
Perro Amor 2010 TV Series Himself
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien 2010 TV Series Himself - Musical Guest

Archive Footage

Entertainment Tonight 2016 TV Series Himself

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