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Jeff Fahey Net Worth is
$5 Million

Jeff Fahey Biography

Jeff Fahey is a favorite Television and film actor. His profession as an actor offers made his name identified and also increased the existing quantity of Jeff Fahey net well worth, which includes been reported to attain 5 million dollars. One of is own most known functions offers been as Captain Frank Lapidus, which he portrayed in it series called “Shed” on ABC. Therefore, most of these appearances possess served as important resources of increasing the quantity of Jeff Fahey net worthy of, aswell. His dad worked in a clothes store, whereas his mom was a homemaker. In 2015, Jeff Fahey made an appearance in the miniseries on Background Channel called “Texas Increasing”. In the series, he performed the function of Tom Rusk. Hence, the series also have added up to the entire size of Jeff Fahey net worthy of. The actor was created in 1952 in Olean, NY. Born in Olean, NY, Jeff Fahey graduated from senior high school, and hitchhiked his method to Alaska. Furthermore to his successful profession in performing, Jeff Fahey is normally a humanitarian and he spent some time working with a whole lot of organizations looking to help refugees and orphans. When he was a decade old, he transferred to Buffalo, NY. In 1990, he made an appearance in it film known as “Parker Kane”. When he was 17 years previous, Jeff Fahey hitchhiked to Alaska. Later, he also moved to European countries. When he was 25 years previous, Jeff Fahey gained a scholarship to review at the Joffrey Ballet College. He became a dancer and made an appearance in various stage has, which toured in the usa. Among the first bigger functions, which he got on Television, was in the creation called “One Lifestyle to Live”, where he played the function of Gary Corelli. In 1985, the actor got his first big function in a film, that was simply because Tyree in “Silverado”. Twelve months afterwards, Jeff Fahey portrayed the component of Duane Duke in the film known as “Psycho III”. In the same calendar year, he previously a guest function in the production known as “Miami Vice”. There, he was students at Father Baker’s SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. In the same calendar year, he starred following to Clint Eastwood in another creation called “White Hunter Dark Heart”. Therefore, most of these productions also have added up to the full total estimate of Jeff Fahey net worthy of. Moreover, the actor performed the leading component in the experience film called “Eyes of the Wolf”. In 1992, he became a member of Pierce Brosnan in the film known as “The Lawnmower Guy”. The film was predicated on the novel compiled by James Oliver Curwood. He previously starring, recurring and guest starring functions on displays such as for example Miami Vice, The Marshal, Nash Bridges, Crossing Jordan as Deputy Marshal Winston McBride, and Shed where he performed the function of Captain Frank Lapidus. Fahey grew up in Buffalo, NY, from age ten and attended Dad Baker’s SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL there. He provides portrayed Captain Frank Lapidus on the ABC series Shed and the title function of Deputy Marshal Winston MacBride on The Marshal. Furthermore, he was selected for the name role in the creation called “The Marshal”. $5 Million: Jeffrey David ‘Jeff’ Fahey (born November 29, 1952) can be an American film and tv actor. In 2007, the actor were able to appear in two films, called “Messages” and “World Terror”. He’s also known for his humanitarian use orphans and refugees. Fahey was created in Olean, NY, the sixth of 13 siblings within an Irish American family members. His mom, Jane, was a homemaker, and his dad, Frank Fahey, worked well at a clothing shop. In 1999, Jeff Fahey appeared as the primary part in the film known as “Apocalypse II: Revelation”. Fahey left home at age 17, subsequently hitchhiking to Alaska. He later on backpacked through European countries, and done an Israeli kibbutz. He’s currently showing up on “Revolution”. He was created Jeffrey David Fahey on November 29, 1952 in Buffalo, NY, USA. His film credits including starring functions in The Lawnmower Man and Wyatt Earp. He later on backpacked his method around Europe. He started his professional performance profession after earning a scholarship to review at the Joffrey Ballet College when he was 25. When he finished his studies, he previously a successful profession performing on Broadway, along with in touring productions. Fahey landed his first main television part when he performed the component of Gary Corelli in the soap opera One Existence to Live. Since that time, he ad ha stable career with many appearance in film and tv tasks. In 1995, he portrayed one of is own most well known functions, that becoming as Winston McBride in the ABC series known as “The Marshal”. He graduated from Dad Baker’s SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, and subsequently hitchhiked to Alaska when he remaining home at age 17. He also got a significant role in the 2010 Robert Rodriguez actions film Machete. He presently shows up on Revolution. Jeff Fahey net worthy of: Jeff Fahey can be an American actor who includes a net worthy of of $5 million. He grew up in an exceedingly big family members as he was among thirteen kids born within an Irish American family members. From there, he backpacked his method around European countries. Fahey got a scholarship to review at the Joffrey Ballet College at age 25, starting his professional performing profession. After completing his research at Joffrey, he continued to a successful profession carrying out on Broadway and in touring productions. His on-camera profession began with a job on the soap, “One Existence to Live” in the first 80s. From there, he continued to a steady profession, appearing in a variety of film and tv projects. His television function offers included starring, recurring, or guest starring functions on such displays as, “Miami Vice”, “The Marshal”, “Nash Bridges”, “Crossing Jordan”, and “Shed”. He in addition has starred in such films as, “The Lawnmower Man” and “Wyatt Earp”. Jeff Fahey can be an American film and tv actor who comes with an estimated net worthy of of $5 million.

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Quick Facts

Full NameJeff Fahey
Net Worth$5 Million
Date Of BirthNovember 29, 1952
Height1.83 m
ProfessionFilm producer, Ballet Dancer, Actor
ParentsJane Fahey, Frank Fahey
MoviesMachete, The Lawnmower Man, Planet Terror, Psycho III, Grindhouse, White Hunter Black Heart, Silverado, Body Parts, Darkman III: Die Darkman Die, Wyatt Earp, Sushi Girl, The Last of the Finest, Split Decisions, Operation Delta Force, The Sweeper, The Execution of Raymond Graham, Serpent's Lair, Iron Maze, Time Under Fire, Marriage Retreat, A Hitman in London, The Newcomers, Parker Kane, Terror Trap, Cold Heart, Every Woman's Dream, Sketch Artist, Guns, Girls and Gambling, The Demon Within, The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point, Locusts: The 8th Plague, Woman of Desire, Maniacts, When Justice Fails, Blind Heat, Easy Rider: The Ride Back, Lake Effects, Virtual Seduction, Dawn Patrol, Impulse, Unspeakable, The Eden Formula, Matchmaker Mary, The Last Siege: Never Surrender, Only the Brave, No Witness, Riot on 42nd Street, Crimson Force, Blue Demon, No Tomorrow, Day of Redemption
TV ShowsUnder the Dome, Texas Rising, Lost, The Marshal

Interesting Facts

1 Has English and Irish ancestry.
2 Often travels to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he has been supporting an orphanage for several years.
3 He left home at age 17 and subsequently hitchhiked to Alaska, backpacked through Europe and worked in an Israeli kibbutz, among many other adventures.
4 He joined the cast of Lost (2004) in 2008 and is working with two former co-stars, Josh Holloway, with whom he worked in Cold Heart (2001), and Naveen Andrews, with whom he worked in Grindhouse (2007).
5 Spent time trekking through the Himalayas and Afghanistan in his younger years while traveling around the world.
6 Was once a vacuum cleaner salesman, encyclopedia salesman, and a trainer in a health club.
7 Danced with the Joffrey ballet for three years.
8 Taught ballroom dancing.
9 Was invited to take ballet and instantly caught the bug. Despite being at the advanced age of 25, he won a full scholarship to dance with the Joffrey Ballet in New York City.
10 He owns his own production company under the banner Tyree Productions, which he is partners in with his 5 brothers.
11 He is the co-founder of the American Road Production Workshop Series at the Raft Theatre in New York, and participates in the Writers' & Directors' Workshops there.
12 He is a partner in a construction company and a film grips group called "Black Sheep Grips".
13 He is one of 13 children.


1 Piercing blue eyes


1 (2012, on White Hunter, Black Heart) It was an amazing experience... and, sorry, but you're gonna hear that a lot connected to all my work, because I've always felt fortunate to even be able to make a living in this arena and go off on all these adventures. But that was wonderful to go to Africa. We shot that down in Zimbabwe, so to travel over to Africa on the Warner Bros. jet with Clint Eastwood, and then stop in Paris and meet with Peter Viertel to do the first part of my research. And then Peter came and visited us down in Zimbabwe. Of course, you probably know it was based on his book that he wrote about his experiences with John Huston, so to be sitting there on numerous occasions with Peter Viertel and hear his stories about his relationship with John Huston, it was fascinating. And, of course, obviously working with Clint and developing that relationship. Yeah, once again, gosh, you bring these up and realize... well, not that I've forgotten, but it brings to mind all of these great people I've been fortunate enough to meet and work with. But Africa? That was a great one.
2 (2012, on Body Parts) Well, the first thing I can tell you is that I think it was about eight hours in special effects for that whole opening sequence of putting the arm on. Yeah, that was quite an experience. I didn't realize that would turn into such a cult film. Again, you never know. I remember when we did that, the nights in Toronto were very cold. Also, just as it was about to come out, right before the opening, was when that whole Jeffrey Dahmer thing happened. I remember they were thinking about delaying the opening of the film, or at least I heard talks about toning down some of the ads. But it certainly became quite a cult film over the years.
3 (2012, Woman of Desire) Well, I have to say, Bob [Mitchum] and I became very close over the years. He actually came in and played my father on an episode of The Marshal. And Bo Derek was a great gal to work with. I don't know if people realize-well, I'm sure they do-but back then I think everybody thought of her just as this beautiful woman from 10. But she's a really intelligent, giving, warm individual. And Steven Bauer, I just worked with Steven on an episode of Common Law a couple of months ago, but before that, I hadn't worked with him since we were in South Africa on Woman of Desire, so that's, what, almost 20 years? So we've reconnected from that. I'd have to say that the relationships were the best part of what came out of that film. And I always enjoyed working in different parts of Africa, and that was shot down in Cape Town.
4 (2012, on Bad Blood: The Hatfields And McCoys) Well, I have to tell you, this was very interesting because, I didn't get the job, but it was on the table that I might possibly go off to Romania and go off to work on the Hatfields And McCoys with Kevin Costner. I'm not saying I had the job, but I was in the mix, as it were. But then I had an opportunity at the same time to do a play at the Geffen Theater here in Los Angeles, one called Next Fall, with Lesley Ann Warren, and I hadn't been on stage in 27 years. So I had two wonderful things in front of me, and I had to make a decision: I could take the play, which was a definite, and fulfill another chapter of my career-because I did want to get back to theater, since the last time had been in London, doing Orphans with Albert Finney, with Gary Sinise directing-or there was the possibility of doing Hatfields And McCoys. So I took the play. While I was doing the play, obviously the bigger production of Hatfields And McCoys with Costner was happening, and these guys from a small production company got a hold of my manager and said they were doing this little low-budget film on the Hatfields and McCoys, and it was filming, like, three days after finishing the play. And I thought, "You know what? Here's a chance to jump into that world." Again, I want to stress that I didn't have the job, so it wasn't like I turned it down. I didn't have it. But I thought this was serendipitous that this would appear, so I took it and had a great experience. And let me tell you, the best part of it, I would say, was working with Perry King. After all these years of having not seen Perry... I mean, we'd met, our paths had crossed over the years, but working with Perry King and seeing him in that role and in that environment, I really realized-not that I didn't think so before, but I actually saw it-that that guy's a damned good actor. He's still got a whole other chapter of his career in front of him. So little things like that were great.
5 (On being directed by Anthony Perkins in Psycho 3) That was pretty wild to be shooting at Universal Studios. It was my second film and to be on the backlot at night with the fake rain and lightning and you look up and there's the Bates Motel house and all of a sudden Anthony is talking to you, man. There I am with a crew of one hundred and fifty people around, but you're in between this little space called action and cut talking to Norman Bates - I mean my God! You know what I mean? It's been a wild ride.
6 I have an affinity for good roles in good films. I like a variety of parts, and if some of the good stuff happens to be in fantasy and horror, I do them.
7 (On appearing on the new TV show "The Marshall"): "All my buddies over the years, like Kevin Costner and the guys -- I see 'em go here, I see 'em go there -- but I just do my work. And now this. People say it's going to change your life. I tell them that it's always changing anyway."
8 Eventually, I'll build a ranch and raise horses.
9 (Making so many movies at once on a regular basis): "I got used to it quickly, because it's an easier job than what I was doing. I was making four or five films a year, mostly independent films, around the world. Out of the 41 films I've done, maybe seven of them have been studio films, I had an easy gig. So I would go from film to film. And there would be a new crew, new actors, new directors, new producers, new locations, some much worse than others. I'm not complaining about the work; I'm just saying that having a nice trailer on the set, a nice hotel, and a studio and a network behind your show is a lot easier than wondering why your tent is leaking."


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Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2010 Gold Derby TV Award Gold Derby Awards Ensemble of the Year Lost (2004) Naveen Andrews

Nestor Carbonell

Henry Ian Cusick

Alan Dale

Emilie de Ravin

Michael Emerson

Matthew Fox

Jorge Garcia

Josh Holloway

Daniel Dae Kim

Yunjin Kim

Ken Leung

Evangeline Lilly

Terry O'Quinn

Zuleikha Robinson
2010 Golden Nymph Monte-Carlo TV Festival Outstanding Actor - Drama Series Lost (2004)
1992 Chainsaw Award Fangoria Chainsaw Awards Best Actor The Lawnmower Man (1992)
1986 Gemini Gemini Awards Best Performance by a Lead Actor in a Single Dramatic Program The Execution of Raymond Graham (1985)



Crossing Jordan 2004 TV Series Bounty Hunter
Ghost Rock 2003 Moses Logan
Fallen Angels 2002 Prof. Richard Leighton
Unspeakable 2002 Governor
Inferno 2002/I Robert 'Jake' Wheeler
Choosing Matthias 2001 Charlie
Outlaw 2001 Jim Moran
Maniacts 2001 Joe Spinelli
Blind Heat 2001 Paul Burke
Arli$$ 2001 TV Series
Nash Bridges 2001 TV Series Nelson Collins
Cold Heart 2001 Phil
Out There 2001 Short Agent Gary Booth
Wolf Lake 2001 TV Series Russell Kelly
Spin Cycle 2000 Tall Vinnie
The Sculptress 2000 Matthew Dobie
Epicenter 2000 FBI Agent Moore
The Newcomers 2000 Mack Weatherton
Dazzle 1999 The Collector
When Justice Fails 1999 Tom Chaney
Hijack 1999 Eddie Lyman
Time Served 1999 TV Movie Patrick Berlington
No Tomorrow 1999 Davis
The Seventh Scroll 1999 TV Mini-Series Nick Harper
Revelation 1999 Thorold Stone
The Contract 1999/II Detective Tucci
Detour 1998 Video Danny Devlin
Extramarital 1998 Griffin
Johnny 2.0 1997 TV Movie Johnny Dalton
Time Under Fire 1997 Alan / John Deakins
The Underground 1997 Brian Donnegan
Catherine's Grove 1997 Jack Doyle
On the Line 1997 TV Movie Det. Dan Collins
Perversions of Science 1997 TV Series The Bearded Man
Operation Delta Force 1997 TV Movie Captain Lang
Lethal Tender 1997 Det. David Chase
Small Time 1996/I The Dutchman
Every Woman's Dream 1996 TV Movie Mitch Parker
Darkman III: Die Darkman Die 1996 Video Peter Rooker
The Sweeper 1996 Video Dale Goddard
The Marshal 1995 TV Series Deputy Marshal Winston MacBride
Serpent's Lair 1995 Tom Bennett
Virtual Seduction 1995 TV Movie Liam Bass
Sketch Artist II: Hands That See 1995 TV Movie Jack
Aventures dans le Grand Nord 1994-1995 TV Series Paul Weyman Paul
Temptation 1994/I Eddie Lanarsky
Wyatt Earp 1994 Ike Clanton
Freefall 1994 Dex Dellum
Woman of Desire 1994 Jack Lynch
Quick 1993 Muncie
Blindsided 1993 TV Movie Frank McKenna
The Hit List 1993 Charlie Pike
In the Company of Darkness 1993 TV Movie Will McCaid
Sketch Artist 1992 TV Movie Det. Jack Whitfield
The Lawnmower Man 1992 Jobe Smith
L'Amérique en otage 1991 TV Movie Hamilton Jordan
Body Parts 1991 Bill Chrushank
Iron Maze 1991 Barry Mikowski
The Serpent of Death 1990 Jake Bonner
Parker Kane 1990 TV Movie Parker Kane
Curiosity Kills 1990 TV Movie Matthew Manus
White Hunter Black Heart 1990 Pete Verrill
Impulse 1990 Stan
The Last of the Finest 1990 Ricky Rodriguez
Outback 1989 Ben Creed
True Blood 1989 Raymond Trueblood
Split Decisions 1988 Ray McGuinn
Backfire 1988 Donnie McAndrew
Riot on 42nd St. 1987 Frank Tackler
Miami Vice 1986 TV Series Eddie Kaye
Psycho III 1986 Duane
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1986 TV Series Ray Lee
The Execution of Raymond Graham 1985 TV Movie Raymond Graham
Silverado 1985 Tyree
One Life to Live 1984 TV Series Gary Corelli
American Dresser 2016 post-production Calhoun
Legends of Tomorrow 2016 TV Series Quentin Turnbull
Atomic Shark 2016 TV Movie Rottger
The Hollow 2016 Darryl Everett
Hell on Wheels 2016 TV Series
Urge 2016 Gerald
Scorpion 2016 TV Series Kenneth Dodd
The Player 2015 TV Series Jack Fuller
The Librarians 2015 TV Series Isaac Stone
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series 2015 TV Series Uncle Eddie
Falling Skies 2015 TV Series Enos Ellis
Texas Rising 2015 TV Mini-Series Thomas Rusk
Too Late 2015/I Roger
Grimm 2015 TV Series Elder Bowden
Justified 2015 TV Series Zachariah
Skin Traffik 2015 Jacob Andries
Dawn Patrol 2014/III Trick
The Last Light 2014 Harold
Beneath 2013/V George Marsh
Rewind 2013 TV Movie Ellis
Under the Dome 2013 TV Series Sheriff Howard 'Duke' Perkins
100 Degrees Below Zero 2013 Steve Foster
Hawaii Five-0 2013 TV Series Dr. Brian Stevens
The Sacred 2012 George
Revolution 2012 TV Series Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson
Guns, Girls and Gambling 2012 The Cowboy
Femme Fatales 2012 TV Series Detective McAllister
Common Law 2012 TV Series Dan Noone
Sushi Girl 2012 Morris
Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood 2012 Devil Anse Hatfield
Lake Effects 2012 TV Movie Ray
Tornado Warning 2012 TV Movie Judd Walker
Easy Rider 2: The Ride Home 2012 Wes Coast
Eldorado 2012 Video Doc Martin
Dadgum, Texas 2011 Robert E Lee Magee
Workaholics 2011 TV Series Doug
Chuck 2011 TV Series Karl Sneijder
Law & Order: LA 2011 TV Series Terry Briggs
Blacktino 2011 Cooter
Marriage Retreat 2011 Craig Sullivan
Terror Trap 2010 Cleveland
Machete 2010 Booth
Lost 2008-2010 TV Series Frank Lapidus
CSI: Miami 2009 TV Series Allen Pierce
The Miraculous Tale of the Children Dubois 2009 Short Narrator
Cold Case 2009 TV Series Darren Malloy '09
Criminal Minds 2008 TV Series Kane
Matchmaker Mary 2008 Cameron Banks
The Cleaner 2008 TV Series Quinn
Psych 2008 TV Series Dutch the Clutch
Planet Terror 2007 J.T.
Messages 2007 Dr. Richard Murray
Grindhouse 2007 JT (segment "Planet Terror")
Diablita 2007 Bill Rockwell
The Eden Formula 2006 TV Movie Dr. Harrison Parker
Scorpius Gigantus 2006 Major Nick Reynolds
The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point 2006 Video Colonel Halloran
Absolute Zero 2006 TV Movie Dr. David Kotzman
Only the Brave 2006 Lt. William Terry
Split Second 2005 Mr. Kudis
Manticore 2005 TV Movie Kramer
Locusts: The 8th Plague 2005 TV Movie Russ Snow
Killing Cupid 2005 The Trainer
Crimson Force 2005 TV Movie Older Man
Icon 2005 TV Movie Harvey Blackledge
Day of Redemption 2004 Frank Everly
American Dreams 2004 TV Series Stevens
Blue Demon 2004 Video General Remora
Corpses 2004 Video Captain Winston
Darkhunters 2004 Mr. Barlow
Close Call 2004 Elliot Krasner
No Witness 2004 Senator Gene Haskell


Close Call 2004 producer
Choosing Matthias 2001 co-producer
Extramarital 1998 associate producer
The Underground 1997 associate producer
The Sweeper 1996 Video associate producer


Brothers 2009/I stock footage: Thought Equity, Inc.


Red Wing 2013 special thanks
Lost: The Final Journey 2010 TV Movie documentary special thanks
Lost: Final Chapter 2010 TV Movie special thanks
The Miraculous Tale of the Children Dubois 2009 Short special thanks


Texas Rising: Capturing the Revolution - Filming Texas Rising 2015 Video short Himself
Texas Rising: Sam Houston - A Man of the Revolution 2015 Video short Himself
Watch the Guitar with Jeff Fahey 2013 Video short Himself
Sushi Girl: A Documentary 2013 Video documentary Himself
The Psycho Legacy 2010 Video documentary Himself
Perdidos unplugged: Temporada final 2010 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Horrorhound 2007 Video documentary Himself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2007 TV Series Himself
A DVD History of the U.S. Constitution 2005 Video Himself - Host
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1995 TV Series Himself
The 9th Annual Genesis Awards 1995 TV Special Himself - Presenter

Archive Footage

Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2010 TV Series Frank Lapidus
Lost: Final Chapter 2010 TV Movie Frank Lapidus
Lost: A Journey in Time 2009 TV Movie Frank Lapidus (uncredited)
Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6 2009 TV Movie Frank Lapidus (uncredited)
Lost: Destiny Calls 2009 TV Movie Frank Lapidus (uncredited)
The Lawnmower Man 1993 Video Game Jobe Smith
Miami Vice 1988 TV Series Eddie Kaye

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