Jason Patric Net Worth

Jason Patric Net Worth is
$3 Million

Jason Patric Biography

Heading towards his personal lifestyle, He previously an affair along with his Denial co-celebrity Robin Wright. It’s been stated that the existing quantity of Jason Patric net well worth gets to 3 million dollars. Jason Patric is most likely mainly known from his function in some popular films, including “The Lost Males”, “The Losers”, “Rush”, “Rate 2: Cruise Control”, “FRIENDS AND FAMILY & Neighbors”, “Sleepers” and “Narc”. The next 12 months, Patric was cast in Solarbabies alongside Peter DeLuise, Lukas Haas, James LeGros, Jami Gertz and Adrian Pasdar. His dad was an actor and playwright called Jason Miller, and his mom was an celebrity Linda Miller. At this time in 2017 he’s earning $5 million annual as per reviews. Jason Patric was created in 1966 in Queens, NY. Jason Patric grew up in NJ. He started to come in stage displays like Dracula and Grease, when he was a boy and today he has developed an effective career in the world of performing/film. There, he made an appearance in some school has, such as for example “Grease” and “Dracula”. When he graduated from senior high school, Jason Patric immediately began to are an actor, a profession, which ultimately became the main way to obtain Jason Patric net value, aswell. The first Television series where he appeared were known as “Toughlove”, where he caused Bruce Dern. Within the next calendar year, Jason Patric made an appearance in “Solarbabies” with such actors as Peter DeLuise, James LeGros, Lukas Haas, Adrian Pasdar and Jami Gertz. In 2002, the actor made an appearance in the film known as “Narc” and his function in it had been praised a whole lot by film critics. He, unfortunately, rejected the lead function in The Firm (1993), which in turn visited Tom Cruise. In 1993, he made an appearance in the film Geronimo: An American Legend. Charles B. Gatewood. Jason Patric after that got a job in “The Thin Crimson Line”, however, most of his moments had been deleted from the film before it might even be released. These were hardly ever married but acquired a boy through in vitro fertilization through the romantic relationship. The film was shot in 2001 but premiered just after six years and the name of it was transformed to “Shortcut to Pleasure”. Jason Patric was provided a job in “The Company”, but didn’t appear in it. Hence, the role after that was presented with to Tom Cruise. A couple of years from then on, Jason Patric made an appearance in two even more productions with a number of the talked about actors, such as for example “AT NIGHT, My Lovely” with Bruce Dern, and “The Lost Males” with Jami Gertz. As a result, most of these appearances produced him a favorite actor and in addition increased the full total size of Jason Patric net well worth. In 2005, Jason Patric made an appearance in a Broadway play known as “Cat on a Sizzling Tin Roof” as Brick. Another Broadway play, where he made an appearance, was a production created by his dad, called “That Championship Time of year”. The creation itself became successful of some awards, like a Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize. After graduation, he started his lifelong wish to become an actor. Nevertheless, the directors of the film weren’t satisfied with his function and, thus, his part was presented with to Billy Campbell. A global known Actor Jason Patric Miller Jr. born on Fri, June 17, 1966

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Quick Facts

Full NameJason Patric
Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthJune 17, 1966
Height1.78 m
EducationDon Bosco Preparatory High School, Saint Monica Catholic High School
ChildrenGus Patric
ParentsLinda Miller, Jason Miller
SiblingsJoshua John Miller, Jennifer Miller, Jordan Miller
NominationsSatellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Drama
MoviesThe Lost Boys, Speed 2: Cruise Control, The Prince, Narc, My Sister's Keeper, The Losers, Your Friends & Neighbors, Geronimo: An American Legend, Sleepers, Solarbabies, In the Valley of Elah, After Dark, My Sweet, The Abandoned, The Alamo, Downloading Nancy, Rush, The Outsider, The Journey of August King, The Beast, Frankenstein Unbound, Keyhole, Walker Payne, Incognito, Shortcut to Happiness, Cavemen, Expired, The Weight of Blood and Bones, Denial, Lost and Found, Teach 109, Rise of the Lonestar Ranger, Tilda, Quality Time, Last Call
TV ShowsWayward Pines, Binky

Interesting Facts

1 Attended Saint Monica Catholic High School in Santa Monica, California.
2 Played on Broadway the role of Brick in Tennessee Williams's "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" with Ned Beatty as Big Daddy (2003).
3 He is of Irish, and smaller amounts of German, English, Scottish, and Dutch, ancestry.
4 Is very good friends with Laura Dern.
5 Downed shots of Tabasco sauce between takes of his death scene in The Alamo (2004) to make it as realistic as possible.
6 Attended Don Bosco Prep, a prestigious all-boys school in northern New Jersey.
7 Turned down the role of Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ (2004).
8 Ex-stepson of actress Sue Bernard.
9 Turned down the lead role of Mitch Mcdeere in The Firm (1993), the role then went to Tom Cruise.
10 When his best friend Kiefer Sutherland broke off his engagement with Julia Roberts in the early '90s, Julia ran off to Europe with Jason, and the two were eventually a couple.
11 His mother's name is Linda Miller, sister's name is Jennifer, brother's name is Jordan and half-brother's name is Joshua John Miller, who is an actor and author.
12 His first film job was as a production assistant in the 1982 film version of That Championship Season (1982).
13 Owns a 90lb. Vietnamese potbellied pig named Fergus.
14 Son of actor-playwright Jason Miller and actress Linda Miller.
15 Grandson of legendary actor Jackie Gleason, and of his wife, dancer Genevieve Halford.

Net Worth & Salary

Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) $4,500,000
Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) $1,500,000


1 (2011, on Jackie Gleason) I didn't grow up with him. It's just one of those things. I never talked about my dad growing up and I never talked about my grandfather growing up, certainly as a young actor because I wanted no nepotism, whatsoever. I just didn't want a paragraph written about me that had nothing to do with who I was; it was just genetic circumstance. I only saw him a handful of times in my life. He's had as much effect on me as he's had on you. He has nothing to do with me or my bloodline; I'm not a thoroughbred or purebred dog or something. Really, it has no bearing whatsoever but really it looks good in US magazine. He was just more of a hermit.
2 (2011, on fame) I'm not addicted to it like 99 percent of every actor in Hollywood, even our 65-year-old so-called legends are so addicted to remaining stars that they're in the kind of movies that would not be toilet paper in their classics. I don't have to name them.
3 (2011, on the rumors that he turned down The Firm (1993)) I turned down some incarnation of "The Firm" years ago, but that would make it seem like I turned down the big hit movie. No, the movie's a hit because Tom Cruise is in it. The shitty script that I got was not going to be a hit with me in it. Trust me.
4 (2011) Before I did Narc (2002), I hadn't worked in three years. I just didn't find things I wanted to do. I had just produced Your Friends & Neighbors (1998), which was exhausting and good, and I didn't find anything worth working on for three years. That's suicide in this business because you have to remain in the forefront of people's minds and certainly on-screen, but I didn't care about that. Early, the movies I was interested in, people's work is what propelled their career. That has changed vastly, immeasurably. It started to change when I started and now it absolutely makes no sense of difference, whatsoever. Doesn't matter if you have talent. Doesn't matter what you've done before and, frankly, the people with a lot of talent don't give a shit if they make crappy movies for money because it's actually more respected than their better movies.
5 I made three movies in one year, I think 1995, and I was unhappy with all of them. Sleepers (1996), Incognito (1997) and Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997). I didn't like making them or the end product. "Sleepers" was a little bloated and removed. When I got it, it didn't have a lot of people attached. Ultimately, when we were filming it, I didn't buy the story, either. Incognito, they fired the director. Before "Speed 2", I had been offered a lot of action movies. They're all sequels, in my opinion. I did "Speed 2" because I was told it was foolproof. Jan de Bont's first two movies had made a billion dollars. It had a billion dollars. They wanted me for some form of acting that I was not able to do. I wanted to make it sexy. I like Sandy [Sandra Bullock], but I think she was in a different world.
6 Growing up, I was always called Jason Patric, especially when I was bad. It's also mildly Oedipal. You have to kill the parents in order to become yourself. - on why he dropped his last name
7 It's a joke. These young guys - they become famous for having filthy mouths, bad habits, saying really unique things like, 'I like to drink, smoke and have sex.' Oh really? Shouldn't you get back to the frat house? - on Hollywood
8 "We all want to be loved. If we can't find love in a relationship we try to find it in our work. No matter how many times you get burned or how many of your relationships go sour, no one's ever going to give up on relationships," - On love.
9 "I knew dating (Roberts) would be trouble. I just didn't know how much of an impact it would have on my privacy. Because I'm such a private person, what happened was the ultimate nightmare. I had worked for the first six years of my career to be as anonymous as possible and, in the space of a few weeks, I was one of the most public people in the world just because I was dating a famous person who liked to be in the press and who courted the press." - On dating Julia Roberts.
10 "I wanted to skim into the global marketplace so that I could make small movies like Your Friends & Neighbors (1998). There was enough hype around Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) that I was able to get the funding for Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)" - On why he did Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997).
11 "My grandfather was a very talented man but he was never part of my emotional life so I refuse to make him part of my professional life." -On his grandfather, Jackie Gleason.
12 "I'm 32. When I look back on my career, I like that I was so brazen in my 20s. I only wish there had been more of those kinds of hard-edged scripts available to me." - On his career (1998).
13 "He's so secure in himself that he's not afraid to reveal anything about himself. As a rule, guys don't talk to other people about their real feelings. That's what's makes the sauna scene in Your Friends & Neighbors (1998) so shocking." - On his controversial film character.
14 "I'm willing to take less money and fourth billing and do interesting roles. I hate putting Limitations on myself. I don't set out to sell popcorn or make money for the major studios. What I'd like is for my work to have meaning." - On his career choices (1987).


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2007 Best Actor Stockholm Film Festival Expired (2007)
1998 Sierra Award Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards Best Supporting Actor Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)
1994 Bronze Wrangler Western Heritage Awards Theatrical Motion Picture Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) Walter Hill (director/producer)

Neil Canton (producer)

John Milius (screenplay)

Larry Gross (screenplay)

Michael S. Glick (executive producer)

Lloyd Ahern II (director of photography)

Gene Hackman (actor)

Robert Duvall (actor)

Wes Studi (actor)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2003 Prism Award Prism Awards Performance in a Theatrical Feature Film Narc (2002)
1999 OFCS Award Online Film Critics Society Awards Best Supporting Actor Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)
1999 Golden Satellite Award Satellite Awards Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture, Drama Your Friends & Neighbors (1998)
1998 Razzie Award Razzie Awards Worst Screen Couple Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) Sandra Bullock
1991 CFCA Award Chicago Film Critics Association Awards Most Promising Actor After Dark, My Sweet (1990)



Denial 1990 Michael
The Beast of War 1988 Konstantin Koverchenko
The Lost Boys 1987 Michael
Solarbabies 1986 Jason
Toughlove 1985 TV Movie Gary Charters
Burning at Both Ends post-production Andre
The Yellow Birds 2017 Captain Anderson
Wayward Pines 2016 TV Series Dr. Theo Yedlin
Lost & Found 2016/III Trent Walton
Home Invasion 2016 Video Mike
The Weight of Blood and Bones 2015 Short Kip Duane
The Abandoned 2015 Cooper
The Outsider 2014 Detective Klein
The Prince 2014/I Paul
Ten X Ten 2014 TV Mini-Series Man 40s
Cavemen 2013 Jack Bartlett
Last Call 2012/IX Short Brad
Tilda 2011 TV Movie Andrew Brown
Keyhole 2011 Ulysses Pick
Quality Time 2010/I Short Father
The Losers 2010/I Max
My Sister's Keeper 2009 Brian Fitzgerald
Downloading Nancy 2008 Louis Farley
In the Valley of Elah 2007 Lt. Kirklander
Expired 2007 Jay Caswell
Walker Payne 2006 Walker Payne
The Alamo 2004 James Bowie
Shortcut to Happiness 2003 Ray (uncredited)
Three Days of Rain 2002 uncredited
Narc 2002 Nick Tellis
Your Friends & Neighbors 1998 Cary
Incognito 1997 Harry Donovan
Speed 2: Cruise Control 1997 Officer Alex Shaw
Sleepers 1996 Shakes
The Journey of August King 1995 August King
Geronimo: An American Legend 1993 Lt. Charles Gatewood
Rush 1991 Jim Raynor
Teach 109 1990 TV Short Teach 109
Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound 1990 Lord Byron
After Dark, My Sweet 1990 Kevin 'kid' Collins


Your Friends & Neighbors 1998 producer


Narc: Shooting Up 2003 Video documentary short special thanks
The Thin Red Line 1998 thanks


Access Hollywood Live 2016 TV Series Himself
The Show 2014 TV Series Himself
Hannity 2014 TV Series Himself
The View 2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
On the Record w/ Brit Hume 2013 TV Series Himself
CBS News Sunday Morning 2011 TV Series Himself - Guest
Live with Kelly and Ryan 2011 TV Series Himself - Guest
Entertainment Tonight 2009 TV Series Himself
Entourage 2008 TV Series Himself
Saturday Night Live: The Best of David Spade 2005 TV Special Kevin
Corazón de... 2005 TV Series Himself
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 2004 TV Series Himself - Guest
Return of the Legend: The Making of 'The Alamo' 2004 Video documentary short Himself
Larry King Live 2004 TV Series Himself - Guest
Noin 2003 Himself
Narc: Making the Deal 2003 Video documentary short Himself / Nick Tellis
Narc: Shooting Up 2003 Video documentary short Himself / Nick Tellis
Charlie Rose 1998-2003 TV Series Himself - Guest
E! News Live 2002 TV Series Himself
Filming 'Rush' 2002 Video documentary short Himself
Back in the U.S. 2002 TV Special documentary Himself
Anatomy of a Scene 2001 TV Series documentary Himself
Scene Smoking: Cigarettes, Cinema & the Myth of Cool 2001 Documentary Himself
Late Show with David Letterman 1998 TV Series Himself
The Making of 'Speed 2: Cruise Control' 1997 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Rosie O'Donnell Show 1997 TV Series Himself - Guest
HBO First Look 1997 TV Series documentary short Himself
Saturday Night Live 1994 TV Series Himself - Host / Various / Luke Perry

Archive Footage

Irak-Afganistán, la guerra llega al cine 2008 TV Movie documentary Lt. Kirklander
Cámara negra. Teatro Victoria Eugenia 2007 TV Short documentary Himself

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