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Personal Lifestyle: He started dating Mike Jerry in mid-2013. Interesting Facts: His clients skyrocketed from 17,000 to 50,000 in under 8 weeks after posting his 1st official video along with his boyfriend. Early Existence (Childhood): He was created and elevated in England before shifting to Washington, D.C. as a kid. The two became involved in early 2016. He created many unsuccessful YouTube channels beginning in 2006 before finally getting a channel that worked well in 2011. He’s a favorite YouTuber known for his channel xJamie1x who articles about his sexuality and his encounters growing up. His 1st video on the channel was about developing as gay, a video that was received positively and seen thousands of instances within weeks.Who’s Jamie Pine: Jamie can be an Youtube filmmaker, web developer, entrepreneur and creator. He has young sisters called Olivia and Lily and his parents are Jane and Paul Pine. Jamie Pine is definitely twenty years old and presently resides along with his partner in Plymouth, England.


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